Fuck Doll

Alexis Grace

The large man grabs my legs and wraps them around him. I keep them there because I know I’m supposed to. Fuck dolls are supposed to stay as they’re put, and as the permanent marker scrawled across my exposed stomach reads, I am a “fuck doll,” at least for the night. The stranger unzips his pants and roughly shoves himself inside of me. I actually love the way he feels inside of me, but manage to resist the urge to gasp and moan.

“This one doesn’t feel too bad,” he calls to one of his friend nearby, as he pounds in and out of me, making my pussy wetter and wetter. He doesn’t even look at me while he makes me feel amazing. A fuck doll doesn’t deserved to be looked at. Still, I’m aware that a couple other people at Master’s party are looking at me right now, as I silently fight not to move and not to cum, a task this man is making harder and harder. He’s big and he keeps pounding into me even deeper, until finally my pussy is filled with a hot stream of his seed, and he immediately tosses my legs down and leaves me on the ground, wanting to moan and beg him for more. But I know my place.

“You should try her,” he advises his friend before departing to get food, or mingle, or be with a worthier girl. I know Master has private rooms where his better girls are allowed, girls who are allowed to do more things. But tonight, I’m just a fuck doll.

It feels like mere seconds before this next man is on top of me, and attempting to fill me with his rather small dick. He doesn’t look attractive, and part of me just wants him to get away, but I willingly take his dick all the same. After all, it gives me a chance to recover from how hard the previous man had been on my poor pussy. I know tonight will be a lot of harsh, nonstop fucking, and my mind wearies on the thought of not being able to move or cum the whole night. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to last. Even this man is starting to push me to the edge. I bite my tongue to keep from shouting out when he cums inside me. For a small man, he came a lot, the powerful streams almost eliciting my own climax, but I know I mustn’t.

Next, an attractive middle-aged man decides to play with me. He actually looks at me and smiles, calming me down a little, before he disgustedly looks away. I wish I could ask him if I’ve done something wrong, but before I can worry about it for too long, he’s ravishingly biting and sucking my right nipple while he roughly gropes my left breast and runs özbek escort his thumbnail in circles over my left nipple. It feels so fucking good. I can’t help it. I moan. Quietly, but its loud enough for him to hear. He chuckles a little, and stops, releasing my now-burning nipples, and stares at me. He winks, and then continues his assault on my breasts. I know he knows how much trouble I would be in if Master finds out I was making sounds, but I trust him, and I can’t really help it, so I keep quietly moaning.

When my breasts begin to ache to the point I can’t bear, he graciously stops. He looks my whole body up and down; I am completely naked except for the writing on my stomach. He slowly reaches his hand up my thigh, teasing me, knowing how much I want him, and lightly passes his finger over my slit, where my own juices are mixed with the other two mans’, and I’m pathetically soaked.

“My, my, aren’t you just begging to be fucked,” he soothingly says as he wipes his finger off on my stomach in delicate swirls. He takes my lack of response as a yes, and soon undoes his pants and starting fucking me, slowly at first. I think he is still just teasing me. He plays in my entrance, and slowly enters me just a little more at a time, but I know I’m not allowed to move. I’m not allowed to push myself closer no matter how much I want him fully inside me. Finally he’s inside me, and he starts fucking me hard, steadily increasing his speed. I feel an orgasm building inside of me, and I don’t know what to do. I can’t ask him to stop: not only can fuck dolls not speak, but I don’t want him to stop at all. I can’t cum either though. Master would be furious.

As I start to lose control, he whispers in my ear “You can cum. Master won’t know.” That’s all the encouragement I need as I let my orgasm come, doing my best to hide it so anyone else watching won’t know how bad of a slut I am. The man continues to fuck me deep and hard, prolonging my orgasm and my chances of getting caught. It’s not until after I finish completely that the man pulls out. I am surprised he hasn’t cum inside me, until he stands above me and smirks before letting jets of his hot, amazing seed cover my body. I can’t help but smile, even though his gaze has now shifted elsewhere, and he soon walks away.

The next hour or so goes similarly, with man after man just using me, and treating me like the worthless toy I am, and me being azeri escort a good little fuck doll, following all my rules, even when some guys make me want to cum more than anything. Of course, some make me want to run away and hide more than anything. But I don’t. I am a good fuck doll.

Except for when that man uses me again. Thank god he does, because I’m desperate to cum, and I do cum on him again, grateful for the escape from my punishment. After he’s done, it is time for dinner, and all the guests sit at elegant tables covered in splendid white tableclothes. I lay on the floor with my legs spread apart, as I know Master wants.

I find myself surprised at how wet I’m getting during dinner, and I want to wipe away the numerous juices that are now flowing down my thigh, my wetness adding to their movement. But I’m not allowed to move.

After dinner, I get fucked by guy after guy again. At one point, I see Master walking across the room, and I look at him, trying to tell him with my eyes that I want this to end, trying to beg him to not let these strangers do this to me anymore. I only want him.

Master sees me staring and angrily walks over, while some guy continues to fuck my pussy. Master roughly grabs my hair and jerks my head to the side, so I’m not facing him. “Fuck dolls aren’t good enough to look at Master,” He whispers before walking away for the night.

Two more times before the night ends, the man that agreed not to tell Master comes back, and I get to cum like the naughty slut I am. He doesn’t say anything anymore, doesn’t bother teasing my nipples, or even looking at me. But I need to come so badly by the time he shows up, that he barely has time to fuck me at all before I climax.

When everyone leaves, I am still on the floor. I wait for Master. After what feels like an eternity, He comes into the room and looks at me.

“You are a mess,” He announces, shaking his head and leaving the room. Moments later he comes back with a naked young man. I recognize him as one of Master’s subs, but I don’t know his name.

“Sebastian, clean my fuck doll,” Master states, as the young man gets on the floor next to me, and starts licking up my thigh, sucking some of the cum that coats my filthy body. His tongue feels amazing, especially as he starts licking up the juices from my sopping pussy, and flicking his tongue around my sensitive clit. I manage not to kazank escort cum, though, and soon the man moves on to the rest of my body, licking me completely clean as Master watches.

Once my entire body is cleaned, Master brings me into his bedroom to “speak privately” with me. I see he is fully hard as he talks, which admittedly distracts me. “How did you enjoy being a filthy fuck doll?” he asks with a sweetness in his eyes.

I hesitate with my answer, but then decide it’s best to be honest with Master. “Not very much, Sir. I only want You.”

“Is that so?” He starts to stroke himself. “And I bet you’re tired of not getting to move?”

“Yes, sir,”

“Would you like to move?”

“Yes, sir,” I smile widely as he gives me a nod, and I start sucking his enormous cock. I swirl my tongue around, enjoying His taste, and then take him even deeper. He’s not like the others at the party. Everyone else was a stranger, but He means the world to me. I start to fuck him with the back of my throat until I gag, but I push through it and deepthroat him hard, my pussy getting soaking wet again. He moans a little, and I delight greatly in His pleasure.

“Do you remember why I made you a fuck doll tonight, slut?”

I release his cock so I can answer, but he grabs my head and shoves his cock back into my throat, fucking me even harder and deeper. Tears stream down my eyes as I gag and struggle to breath, but I feel more and more turned on.

“Did I say you could stop?!” He barks. Even though he’s not even touching my pussy, I still feel all the fucking from that day, and Master down my throat, and I start to need release again.

“I made you a fuck doll because when I told you to cum, you didn’t. You tried to fake it, you whore.” He fucks my throat even harder as I keep crying and start getting dizzy. “This time, when I say to cum, you better fucking cum, my bitch.” He’s merciless to my throat, and I’m just begging he’ll tell me to cum already.

“Cum for me, whore,” he demands, and I let myself cum, screaming out with pleasure as I do. It feels nice to be loud again. Master cums into me, and this sends me cuming again, a feeling of eurphia completely consuming me. Master deeply kisses me and I kiss him back. His lips are strong, but gentle, and I know he’s done torturing me for now.

Or so I thought. “You’ll be a fuck doll at my next party too,” He says to my surprise.

“What? But I came! I did everything you said!”

“Did you? My little spy says you came for him four times tonight.”

I look down, ashamed.

He lightly kisses me on the cheek. “It’s okay, doll. Just don’t let it happen at all next time and you won’t have to be a fuck doll again.”

“Yes, Sir.”

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