Fuck Halloween


Jack was sat watching TV, as the time approached 11pm, and thinking of going to bed, when the phone rang. It was Mike, the manager at the leisure club.

“Hello Jack,” Mike said, “I am sorry to disturb you so late, but you left something very personal in the gym this morning, and I thought you should know about it.”

“Oh shit, I didn’t did I?” said Jack, wracking his brains, trying to figure out what it was he might have left. He had gone to the club this morning, rather than his usual evening, because it was Halloween. They always had a party, and to be honest, hew was not really in a party mood.

“OK Mikey, I will come now, you are still open I take it?”

“No problem Jack, just locking up, but I will hang on for you.”

Jack had been sat watching TV wearing only his boxers, so he quickly grabbed his sweat suit and running shoes, and left for the club. Driving the short distance, he was still trying to figure out what he might have left there, then he remembered, he had been looking at his old photographs, and one was missing.

“Holy fuck” he thought “surely not that one, of me shooting my load all over Suzanne’s face, and her wearing that silly smile, just before we split up. Jesus H Christ, I hope not.”

As soon as he arrived, Jack dashed into the club; Mike was waiting for him, the party over, all the guests gone home.

“Hi Jack, go straight on in bud, I left it open for you, it is by the rowing machine.”

Jack quickly went down the steps, and through the doorway into the gym, walking towards the rowing machine. He was about halfway there, when the lights went out, he stopped. Then, he heard the door slam, a bolt slide across, and the sound of gentle laughter.

“OK, what the fuck is this?” He asked

“This Jack?” he heard a female voice say, “This is Halloween Jack, when we witches have our night. Take our just desserts, that’s what this is Jack.”

As she finished speaking, the lights came on again; Jack blinked at the brightness, and was just about to speak, when he heard Mike.

“Have fun girls, and don’t forget to lock up.” Laughing as he walked away.

Jack looked to the door, standing there were two witches, their hats pulled low, and their cloaks wrapped around them, each carrying a whip.

“OK, OK the joke is over, now just who the hell are you?”

“Sorry Jack, the joke is not over, Oh no, it is only just beginning Jack.” For the past six months you have been at it, teasing us, saying how you wanted us together in your bed. Wanted to tie us up, and fuck our brains out, but never following it up. Well Jack, we have had enough, and tonight it is our turn, and you, tonight you are ours, body and soul.” As she finished speaking, they both removed their hats, revealing two faces he knew so wee, the club barmaids.

“Oh shit, Mandy and Sandy, it’s you, holy fuck, I would never have guessed.” He smiled at them, “OK, let’s all have a drink in the bar, and then call it a night, what do you say?”

Mandy spoke. Say! We say be silent weak little man, you stand before the witch of Halloween, and the whore of Halloween, you have no say in the matter, we are in charge here, GOT IT?”

Then she dropped her cloak, and Jack’s mouth opened in total astonishment, Mandy was wearing thigh high boots, with 4-inch heels, a leather corset, and a leather choker around her neck, he gasped.

“Mandy spoke again, “Show him whore.” She rasped. Sandy let her cloak fall, Jack nearly fainted, and she was wearing a pink peephole bra, trimmed with black, her nipples taut and erect as the pushed through the gap. Her panties matched the bra; her shaved mound and pink pussy open to his eyes.

“Jesus fucking Christ.” Jack started to say, but bakırköy escort he was interrupted by Mandy.

“Silence Jack, just get naked, NOW.”

“Aw come on girls.”

They both took a step closer, raising their whips; Jack made a quick decision, and kicked off his shoes. Then slipped of the sweatshirt and pants, but not his boxers. They both glared at him

“Not good enough Jack, the boxers, drop em, now.”

Deciding that resistance was futile, he hooked his thumbs in the waistband, and, sliding his boxers over his hips, let them fall to the floor.

Mandy smiled as she approached him, “That is better Jack, now you are learning.” Standing in front of him, placing the whip handle behind his now tumescent cock, and lifting it.

“What do you think Sandy?” asked Mandy.

“Sandy chuckled excitedly, “I think we could be in for a long HARD night Sandy.”

“Jack, lie down on the bench, with your hands and feet on the floor.”

He did as ordered, watching in amazement at how quickly they secured his limbs, no matter how he tried, he could not move from the bench. They stood over him, smiling, one either side, then leaned to kiss each other, with open mouths, licking and sucking. Mandy dropped her hand to stroke his cock. He was hard in an instant, like a flagpole, twitching in her fingers as they gripped him.

Breaking from the kiss, Mandy asked, “ Do you like that Jack, having your cock stroked?”

“Oh fuck yes Mandy, don’t stop, please.”

He hardly stopped speaking when she dropped his cock, “I am sorry Jack, but you will just have to wait. We have other matters to attend to, we witches are very busy on All Hallows Eve Jack.”


She turned, and walked to the toning table, patting it as she looked at Sandy. Sandy wasted no time in climbing onto the table, facing away from Jack, and squatting on her hands and knees. Exposing all of her pussy to him, reaching back to slowly finger her slit.

“Oh God, I want some of that,” he cried out, then gasped in astonishment, as Mandy suddenly raised the whip, lashing it, not to hard across his cock.

“Fuck Mandy, what was that for?” he asked.

“You will be silent, and watch, I will tell you when, and if you may talk. Do as I say, or you will be gagged? Got it Jack?”

Jack nodded, his cock still stinging slightly, he knew when he could not win, and he certainly couldn’t now, trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Mandy stood to the side of the table, not wanting to obscure Jack’s view, and taking Sandy’s hand in hers, started to lick her wet fingers. She smiled at Jack,

“Know something Jack, she tastes delicious, the sweetest little cunt in the club she has. Did you know that Jack, it is true? And now Jack, you are going to watch as I eat it, lick it and then fuck it, and you wont say a word, not a fucking whisper, OK Jack?” He lay there, mesmerised, and nodding at Mandy.

She leaned closer, her tongue snaking out, as she freed Sandy’s clit, and licked the tip, then swirled her tongue slowly around it. Her hand rising up to Sandy’s slit, fingertip gently sliding up and down the wet chasm. The only sound in the room was Sandy moaning in delight, as Mandy pleasured her. Gasping as two lips closed around her clit, and started to suck her, pulling at her body. Jack lay there, desperately trying to break free, but these two knew what they were doing, he had no chance of escape. His cock was so hard, so needing attention; he wanted to cum and cum again, in their mouths, cunts, assholes, any fucking where. But he had no chance, he could only lie, enjoy and suffer. He watched as Mandy inserted two fingers into Sandy’s pussy, hearing her cry out,

“Yes, beşiktaş escort that’s it, my G spot, fuck yes, make me cum Mandy, make me fucking cum.”

He watched as her fingers slid in and out, a slow controlled rhythm, building imperceptibly, as Sandy’s hips rocked back and forth.

“Oh fuck,” she cried out, “I am going to cum.”

Mandy quickly pulled her fingers free, and rammed the whip handle into Sandy’s cunt, fucking her with it, as hard as she could. Sandy let out a piercing scream, as her body started shaking, spasms rippling through her, unchecked, as she came in a torrent of passion. Mandy removed the whip, and started to lick at the wet dripping cunt, savouring the nectar that had flowed freely. Lapping at this fountain of desire. Jack almost had tears in his eyes, this torture was too much, he wanted to cum so much, to explode in the desperate release he now needed.

Mandy turned to look at Jack,

“Good isn’t she Jack,” she said to him, he nodded, afraid to do otherwise, as Mandy smiled

“Good boy Jack, you are learning fast.”

She walked across to where he lay, holding the whip by the lashes, and laying the handle across his lips.

“You want to taste her Jack, taste the little whore of Halloween? Be my guest Jack, lick and taste the bitches sweet cunt juices.”

He didn’t need asking twice, straining to lift his head, to lick the wet sticky handle. Mandy smiling as she watched, while Sandy climbed off the table, coming to join them. The two witches smiled at each other, then knelt down, one either side of Jack. They kissed, slowly and seductively, as Sandy took his cock in her hand. Breaking from the kiss, they both lowered their heads, to lick the length of Jack’s hard cock. Both their tongues meeting occasionally, and playing, Mandy stopped licking, and looked at Jack, saying to him,

“I bet you want us to suck you till you cum, don’t you?”

“Oh fuck, yes,” groaned Jack,

Mandy just smiled, shaking her head and mouthing, ”No, not yet” and tapping Sandy on the shoulder. Sandy released the throbbing cock reluctantly, and walked to where she had dropped her cloak, retrieving something from inside it. She knelt down again, looking at his cock as she fondled it, and Jack heard Mandy whisper “Go for it hun.”

Straining his neck, he looked, to see what was happening, and realised, Sandy was holding a cock ring. They were going to stop him cumming, “the bitches” he thought, as his head flopped back down.

Then he felt the pain, as Sandy forced the ring over the head of his cock, it was excruciating, and he screamed out loud,

“It is OK Jack” Mandy whispered “in his ear, just a few seconds while she fits it on you.”

He could feel it, as she pushed and pulled it further down his cock, to the base.

“That’s a good boy Jack, now then, would you like her to suck it for you?”

“Do you really need to ask, of course I want it sucking, for fucks sake Mandy, just do it.” She nodded at Sandy, who opened her mouth, wrapping her lips around the head, and slowly, in one continuous movement, took all of him, deep into her throat. Jack lay there groaning,

“Oh fuck yes, at last, suck me Sandy, and suck my fucking cock please.”

She raised her up, just the head in her mouth, her fingers wrapping around his shaft, working up and down, faster and faster, as Jack lay there.

Desperate to cum, but restricted by the cock ring, tears filling his eyes, tears of pleasure and pain.

“That’s enough” Mandy said, and told Sandy to get the cucumber from her cloak.

“A fucking cucumber, Jesus, what the fuck are you gonna do with that? Not me I hope, oh fuck no, beylikdüzü escort not me?”

Mandy smiled, ”have no fear Jack, you will like this very much, very much indeed.”

Sandy appeared beside them, a medium sized cucumber in her hand, quite long, but not too fat, and she smiled at them both. Mandy walked to the end of the bench, then placing one leg each side; she shuffled along, until her pussy was directly over Jacks face.

“That’s it,” said Sandy, “perfect” and she squatted down, her mouth next to Jack’s head. Mandy slid one of her hands underneath herself, opening her lips, as Sandy slowly inserted the cucumber, inch by inch, pushing it as far up her friends cunt as she could. Jack was transfixed, watching the green vegetable, sliding slowly up Mandy’s cunt. Then Sandy started to fuck her with it, sliding it in and out, building up speed, as Mandy rubbed her clit.

Jack could hear her moaning, as her juices dripped from Sandy’s hand onto his face, her cunt was literally dripping, the she screamed out,

“Cumming, oh fuck yes, yes ,yesssssssssss” Sandy pulled away with the cucumber, as a stream of hot sticky cum squirted out from Mandy, splashing Jacks face, and entering his mouth. He licked his lips, tasting the sweetness of her, Sandy saw this, and taking hold of Mandy, pressed her down by her shoulders. She covered Jack’s face, as he licked, and tried to suck on the delight above him.

“Oh Jesus, this is fucking awesome” he thought to himself, then, almost in a flash, she was off him. Standing next to him, kissing deeply with Sandy, each fingering the other.

He could take no more, and cried out

“Am I gonna get fucked tonight or what?”

Breaking from the kiss, they both smiled at him, and Mandy whispered,

“Of course you are Jack, You were our trick, and now, we are your treat.”

Sandy unfastened the restraints, and helped Jack to his feet, as Mandy unlocked the door, and entered the club lounge, and they followed her.

“Jack, you must leave the ring on while you fuck each of us, and then you can take it off, and give us both a cum bath, OK?”

Ok indeed, he couldn’t wait, grabbing Sandy; he quickly bent her over one of the couches, and slammed his cock into her, holding onto her hips as he fucked her. Slamming his cock deeper and deeper, he shouted at Mandy,

“Pull on her tits as I fuck her Mandy, make her fucking scream.” Scream she did, loud and long as her inner muscles grabbed at his cock, squeezing it as she came, her juices flowing all around him. Even before she had finished, he was out of her, and pushing Mandy back onto a table, lifting her legs to his neck. Grabbing at her tits he hissed at her

“Ok witch, tell me what you want, go one, and tell me how to fuck you”

“Hard Jack, as hard as you fucking can, hurt me Jack, hurt me and fuck ne NOW”

He grabbed her tits, both hands pulling on her flesh, almost lifting her off the table, as his hard dick pounded into her. Fucking her like an animal, just raw passion, fucking her hot wet cunt like there was no tomorrow. Then she too screamed, coming again with the torrent she had released on his face, her cunt trying to squeeze the life from him.

He pulled out of her too, and shouted at them.

“On the fucking couch now you two, before I fucking explode.”

Giggling they sat on the couch, side by side, watching Jack as he struggled with the cock ring, eventually it dropped free, as Jack cried out, and, stroking his cock once or twice only, he closed his eyes, and let fly. Streams of steaming white creamy cum, flying out from his cock. Splashing on their tits, faces, both with open mouths trying to catch it. Poor Jack was almost bent double with the pain and ecstasy, and as he finished, collapsed onto the floor. Watching as Mandy and Sandy licked his cum from their bodies, then kissed deeply, tasting him.

“God”, he said, “I am fucking exhausted now.”

Then he smiled at them, and said softly

“By the way girls, have you any plans made for Thanksgiving?”

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