Fucked by daddy’s friend

Fucked by daddy’s friendThis story was a fantasy of mine from when I was about 11yrs and still think of it happening now even tho the guy in question, is in his mid 60’sI’d be at home from school alone as my parents were at work. This is when I would go through my mums sexy underwear draw. I picked out a black suspender belt, matching bra and see through panties and some black seamed stockings. Luckily I was young enough to have a hair free body and was the same dress and shoe size as my mum. So I picked out a dress theat finished half way up my thighs but covering my stocking tops and a gorgeous pair of black 4″ high suede pumps. It’s morning and I was planning to spend the whole day dressed up as Annie. I started by painting my fingers and toes in slut red nail polish and then I slowly got dressed feeling so horny as I pulled on the stockings and placed my painted stocking toes in the heels. My cock was hard as I sat there in my mums underwear and heels but I didn’t want to cum so early and mess up her clothes yet so I just fingered my arsehole with 2 fingers and never touched my cock. Now my arse had some lube and was pretty much ready for anything I could put inside me. I put on the dress and went walking downstairs. I felt so fucking slutty and sissy dressed as Annie, I still had my boy face but I didn’t care as I just felt like girl and wanted to be a girl all day. I sat on the sofa and lite up one of ataşehir escort my mums cigarettes and fuck that turned me on even more. I felt like a real whore sat there waiting for my client. I was in a world of my own as I hadn’t heard the door being knocked as I puffed away smoking.That was when I seen my dads best friend looking through the front window to see who was home. I just sat there frozen to the spot shaking and scared that I’d been seen and that now he would tell my dad and I’d get the shit beaten out of me. To my surprise my dads mate just smiled and beckoned me to the door, I opened it said it’s not what it looks like, his comment was ‘well it looks to me as if I have a young sissy gayboy 12 yr old in front of me who wants to treated as a girl’All I could say was ‘yeah your right’He replied ‘right about what?’I said ‘that I’m a 12yr old sissy that wants to be treated as girl, but not any girl. I wanted to be treated like my mum!’Now I knew that my dads mate and my mum had fucked each other a few times. So he knew what I meant by being treated like my mum. He just said ‘your mum likes to be fucked like a real slut and really hard’ my reply was just ‘good! So do I!’ And smiled.He moved forward and kissed me strongly pushing his tongue deep in my mouth. God I love being in this strong older mans arms, feeling his cock getting hard in his jeans and knowing that he was going to fuck my young göztepe escort virgin boy pussy.I sunk to my knees and pull down his jeans and out popped his hard 7″ cut cock. It looked so tasty. I just stared at for what felt like hours but was just seconds before he pushed his purple bell end past my lips. I just opened my mouth and sucked like I’d sucked a thousand cocks before. He held my head and moaned as he began to start to fuck my face. As I wasn’t use to sucking big male clocks I couldn’t take much but he kept on pushing it down my throat making me gag and wretch and making my eyes run. He apologised and tried to pull out his cock but I grabbed his arse cheeks and pulled his cock down my throat and held it there, he now knew that I was his sissy slut who needed his big cock so bad! He kept saying that I looked so much better as a girl and I was a pathetic excuse of a boy, I fucking loved being spoken to like that by my dads best friend. Even though I was 12 we both knew that he would be fucking me where ever and whenever he said.That’s when he lifted me up and turned me round, he lifted my dress and yanked down my panties. My hard cock was free and dribbling pre cum and he slapped my arse and I let out a scream Andean to let him know I liked it. He pulled my arse cheeks apart, noticed I was already lubed from my earlier fingering and just spat on my arsehole. He then stood up and just pumped his ümraniye escort cock straight up my arse. Shit it felt liked I was being ****d but loving it. It hurt like fuck but I didn’t want him to stop. He asked if it hurt and when I said yes he said ‘GOOD, cus ur a sissy now and will be my sissy forever’ All I could say was ‘don’t stop, please don’t stop. I’ve wanted your cock so much now fuck me like a bitch and don’t stop until I’m full of cum!!’He smashed my arse so hard, slapping my arse making it red and sting but I kept begging to be fucked harder. He was sweating and moaning and he fucked me harder shouting what a good fuck Annie is and that he was cumming. I said ‘cum in my arse please breed my virgin sissy arse please make me a real girl, I hate being a boy. I’m a slut a true slut’He came in my arse and pulled out his cock with a pop leaving my arse burning and gaping but fuck I felt good. It felt so natural being dressed as a slut and full up with cum. I pulled on my panties, pulled down my dress. Sat on the sofa and cud feel his cum trying to squeeze out of my abused arse. He then gave me a cigarette and we both sat there in silence smoking. He then got up and said he would be back tomorrow, so I’d better have another day of school and wear a different outfit. I asked if he wanted me to put on make up but he said no and that he loved seeing my young boy face in such pleasure as he fucked me like a girl. So from then on I just wore slutty clothes for him everyday for a week and he fucked me and used me all week for hours aday. Annie was well and truly broken in and would be a slutty sissy gayboy for the rest of her days xxx

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