Fun and Fornication Ch. 03


Mr Blackwood became the most popular man in the eyes of the young ladies of the district when he announced the second ball in as many weeks was to be held at Morton Hall. The Hannard family were, of course, invited, which pleased each in their own way. Anne was pleased to be able to meet her friends without travelling further than Morton Hall, while Mrs Hannard had noticed the warmth shown by Mr Blackwood to her elder daughter and hoped that there might be the prospect of marriage on the horizon. Indeed, in her own mind she went so far as to suggest that Katherine might be the true reason for Mr Blackwood’s extraordinary hospitality. Mr Blackwood, while he grumbled about ‘frivolity’ and ‘inconsequential occupation’ was clearly delighted to see his family’s collective mood elevated. As for Katherine, she was thinking about what kind of private entertainment might be found for herself and Mr Blackwood behind the scenes of the more public entertainment of the ball.

The ball was held on Saturday evening, and at first it seemed that Mrs Blackwood and Katherine were to be disappointed in their hopes of Mr Blackwood, as his company was demanded by many of the other young ladies of the neighbourhood thanking him for his generosity and demanding, in the subtle but unopposable manner unique to young single ladies, his partnership in a dance. As his appreciative flock began to tire and dispersed to enjoy the other attractions present at the ball, Mr Blackwood was able to elude the last few of his admirers and present himself to Katherine as her mother discreetly retired to leave the two alone.

“Miss Hannard, I hope you don’t feel I have been negligent of you this evening?”

“Not at all, Mr Blackwood.” Katherine smiled, “Anyone could see that you had your time filled for you both pleasantly and persistently.”

Mrs Hannard watched, not entirely approvingly, but unable to entirely condemn, as Katherine and Mr Blackwood slipped out of the main hall to be alone together. Walking quickly, Mr Blackwood led Katherine to the library where they had first become intimately acquainted just a week before. Once inside, with the door closed behind them, Mr Blackwood threw off his jacket and pushed Katherine against a wall, crushing her against the bookshelves, feeling the warmth and softness of her body as his lips attacked hers, his hands already exploring the gentle curves and firm mounds that burned in his mind and drew him to her.

Katherine broke the kiss. “I hope there’s no ill-will concerning our lat encounter?” she whispered, softly but teasingly.

“How could I hold a grudge against one so beautiful?” responded Mr Blackwood. “I will, however, be more careful in future with regard to whom I allow to immobilise me.”

“You mean I can’t tie you up again?” Katherine pouted playfully, “I feel hurt that you don’t trust me.”

“Not for a while, at least,” Mr Blackwood remembered far too freshly the abuse his fundament had suffered while he was helplessly trussed to Katherine’s bed. “In fact, I believe it’s my turn to tie you up.”

Katherine resisted, more for the sake of form than through fear of what Mr Blackwood might do to her. After all, as he proved, his strength was too great for her to successfully defy him in any equal match of physical strength. He forced her arms over her head, holding both wrists in one hand while with the other he produced a silk scarf from one of the shelves and tied a quick but tight knot, fastening her hands together. The soft smoothness of the silk, light against her skin contrasted with the constricting tightness. Katherine felt her heart racing, combining the thrill of the situation with the anxiety of not knowing what was to come.

Mr Blackwood, with one arm around her waist, the other still holding her hands, lifted Katherine in the air. She felt his hot cheek next to hers and saw his neck just inches from her face. She leant closer and kissed the warm skin, then lowering her mouth to his shoulder, bit sharply through his shirt. Katherine smiled with satisfaction as Mr Blackwood suppressed a cry of pain, and she returned to nuzzling his neck. He pushed her bound hands up and over a hook that was attached to the wall and let her go. Her body was stretched out, and though her toes touched the floor, she was unable to move herself other than turning slightly from one side to the other.

Mr Blackwood stepped back to admire his quarry, rubbing his injured shoulder. “Very nice,” he said, unclear as to whether he meant Katherine herself or the situation into which he had placed her. He reached out a hand and tuzla escort roughly caressed one soft breast through Katherine’s dress. He felt the hardness of the erect nipple and laughed. “So you don’t mind which of us is tied up, it seems. Shall we see if you’re as agitated by the situation as I am?”

He bent down and reached under the seam of Katherine’s dress, his hands lightly grasping her ankles. Katherine felt his hands slowly ease their way upwards, the skin on them almost as soft as the skin on her legs, his touch warm and provoking. She tried not to become aroused by his delicate touch, but she knew her efforts were in vain, that when he reached his target he would have the satisfaction of knowing he had inflamed her desires. As his hands rose higher, her dress was lifted by his arms, exposing more and more of her to his ravenous view. By the time his touch had reached above her knees and worked their way to the tender inner thighs, almost imperceptibly pulling them apart, Mr Blackwood was kneeling in front of her, his lips delicately kissing the smooth skin as his fingers stroked it.

“Maybe I should return that nip you gave me,” he whispered, taking a pinch of white skin between his teeth. But he held it gently for a moment before releasing it and resuming his upward exploration. He allowed her dress to fall, enveloping him in his own private paradise. Holding her legs with both hands, he buried his nose into her most secret place, breathing in her damp scent with delight before allowing himself a quick taste, his tongue surveying the wetness, causing Katherine to shudder with pleasure.

“You really are a wicked and depraved young woman,” he murmured, sliding a finger into the tight opening, revelling in the firm softness, the wetness of her, “I really should punish you for your wickedness.”

He slowly pulled his finger out, letting it slide up her velvet lips. “Of course, that bite isn’t the only personal reason I have to punish you.” He pushed his hands between her legs and pushed his moistened finger at her other hole. After a momentary resistance, it slipped in, the muscle gripping it, but the wetness allowing him to slide it right in before beginning to ease it back and forth. “Maybe I should do to you what you did to me when you had me tied up. What say you to that?”

He licked her soaking wet fissure again. As he did so, he felt her grip on his finger tighten, and he thought he heard her moan faintly.

“But time is short, and we will be missed if we do not return soon to the ball. I think we should save full retribution for another time when I can enjoy myself without feeling hurried. For now, I have a better idea. He removed his teasing finger and stepped out from beneath Katherine’s dress.

“An uncle of mine went off exploring the Far East, and he returned with many fascinating items. He gave me this, and I have been waiting for an opportunity to assess its capabilities.”

He removed an object from behind a row of books. As he unwrapped it, it became clear what it was. It was a large wooden phallus similar to that with which Katherine had violated Mr Blackwood, except that this one, still attached to a leather belt, was on the inside rather than the outside. Also, the surface of it, though smooth, was not flat, being elaborately carved into a series of interconnecting ridges in spirals around the full length of the thing. He rocked it gently backwards and forwards in front of Katherine’s face, and it shook in his grip. “Cunning fellows, those Cathays. It has a system of weights inside it which mean that as it is moved around it trembles. I hope you don’t mind trying it out for me.” Katherine gave no sign of objecting. “Good. Of course, you were going to test it for me whether you minded or not.”

Mr Blackwood kneeled again and lifted Katherine’s dress. With one hand gently but firmly holding her legs, he gradually, teasingly, pushed the wooden member into her welcoming honey pot. As it went deeper, he reached his hand around to the plump swelling of her enchanting behind to prevent the agitated squirming that was already presenting itself as she felt the delightful thrill of being filled.

Once fully inside, Mr Blackwood took the straps that connected to the phallus and attached them between her legs and around her waist. Katherine felt the leather tighten, first on her sensitive and engorged vulva, then around her narrow waist. Once Mr Blackwood had carefully checked the straps, running his fingers lovingly over her skin as much as the leather, causing little darts of fire to shoot through her skin, pendik escort Katherine heard a little click, and Mr Blackwood emerged from beneath her dress.

Reaching an arm behind her back, he kissed her again, his mouth exploring hers, breathing in her breath when she gasped as his free hand reached between her legs and pressed the end of his toy even deeper inside her. He drew back no more than an inch or two and looked into her beautiful eyes. “Shall we get back to the ball?”

Once untied, Katherine found it hard to remain upright. It was not just having been on tiptoes for so long, it was that she could feel the dildo titillating her. As she walked, the thing trembled against the sensitive walls of her temple and seemed even to rock in and out a little, traitorously causing her pleasure enough to prevent her legs from performing their normal function. If she stood still, the teasing presence was a constant reminder of her permanent arousal, mocking her, daring her to make just that slightest movement which would send pleasure pulsing through her body. It was not just the toy itself that caused her arousal, for every time it moved, the leather strap pressed a little more or a little less against her stiffened bud; every time it shook, the vibrations were carried along the leather to it. It was hard to tell, but Katherine also thought the situation of being forced into arousal in front of her family and friends was also adding to the stimulation.

Mr Blackwood took her hand and led her back to the ballroom, her body slightly hunched and tense in a vain attempt to control the sensation that was being relentlessly built inside her. She sat down beside her mother. Even the act of sitting, pushing the instrument of her delicious torture deeper inside her, was almost unendurable, exquisite bliss.

“Will you excuse me?” said Mr Blackwood. “There is something I really must attend to.” He kissed Katherine’s unnoticing hand, bowed to her mother and left, disappearing into the throng of dancers.

“He is a very charming man,” observed Mrs Hannard. Unphased by her daughter’s lack of response, she continued to discuss the virtues of the man she barely knew but was already considering a son-in-law. After a few minutes she broke off and stared at her daughter. “Are you feeling quite well?” she asked.

Katherine looked up, shocked out of her reverie by this direct interrogation. “Quite well, thank you mother.”

“It’s just you were rocking back and forth in your seat.”

Katherine realised that her mother was right. She had unconsciously been moving the toy inside her to build her pleasure. She immediately sat upright, though the sudden movement set off a whole new chain of vibration that made it hard for her to control her voice when she answered her mother. “I was just thinking.”

“And I’m sure I know what you were thinking about.” Mrs Hannard returned to her tribute of the fine qualities of Mr Blackwood, interrupted only when one of the lieutenants of the local regiment came to ask Katherine for a dance.

“I’m not sure that I…” Katherine’s excuses caught in her throat.

“Oh don’t be silly,” Mrs Hannard virtually dragged Katherine to her feet and handed her to the officer. “I’m sure Mr Blackwood wouldn’t mind you dancing with another gentleman.”

Katherine accompanied the young lieutenant onto the floor, her legs trembling once more as the phallus once more began to move and quiver with more freedom. She saw Mr Blackwood’s smiling, taunting face as he watched her, stepping closer. Once the dance started, she lost sight of him as she began to lose control over her body. The energetic movements of her body were mirrored inside her and she began to lose what control she had managed to keep until then. She felt the fire inside her raging, and she could not keep inside the cries of pleasure that forced their way out of her throat. Soon, it was too much and she screamed in ecstasy and fell to the floor, twitching with the bliss she had tried to fight, but which had overcome her anyway. Her fingernails dug into her palms as her hands gripped into tight fists, leaving half-moon wounds, but Katherine was oblivious to the pain as her body throbbed with the overwhelming sensation which started in her belly but filled her whole being.

Her partner picked her up and carried her to a chair, the rocking of her body as he carried her rocking the mechanism inside of her to stimulate the now hypersensitive tissue. She withstood this torment with only some more sighs and was able to recover some degree of composure once she sat down aydınlı escort still. She realised that everyone in the room was watching her while the lieutenant apologised profusely for making her dance when she was clearly unwell. Her mother, fighting her way through the onlookers also apologised, saying how she knew Katherine must have been ill, being so quiet and pale and calling immediately for their coach to be brought round.

Katherine recovered enough to reassure her dance partner that she bore him no malice, and that he could not be blamed for her collapse, before exiting, supported on her mother’s arm, moaning with the pleasure that she was glad to note others took for sickness.

The coach ride home was a frenzied agony of rapture for Katherine. The rocking of the coach caused untold movement in the weights, shaking the toy even more than it had when she was dancing. Moreover, every time the coach hit a bump, the weights drove it deep inside, as if it were right at the heart of her being. Mrs Hannard protested to the driver constantly during the journey, as Katherine sighed, moaned and whimpered all the way home, Mr Blackwood’s toy raising her again to her ultimate pleasure, and keeping her there, with a series of climaxes that seemed like they would never end.

Once home, Katherine was sent immediately to bed, where she lay as still as possible, but unable to control the subtle trembling of the dildo which kept her on the edges of anguished pleasure. Her mother sent for the doctor who fortunately did not examine Katherine too closely and accepted her explanation of having eaten something that disagreed with her. He told her to rest and promised to return the next day if she were still indisposed.

Happily for Katherine, the doctor had seen no cause to examine her too closely. As soon as she was permitted the leisure of solitude, she examined the contraption Mr Blackwood had fastened to her. It was her first chance to do so after the crowded ball and the close attentions of her mother when she supposed her daughter to be unwell.

Katherine’s trembling hands lifted the skirt of her shift, carefully avoiding unnecessarily sharp movement. Even so, the slight movement combined with the tension of her internal muscles against the hard wood set her body quivering again. She saw that the belt was locked tightly around her waist. Her efforts to loosen the bonds, to force the belt over her hips were in vain, and simply set the device in motion again, its throbbing indistinguishable from the throbbing of her over stimulated loins. She gave up with a moan which an observer may have struggled to identify, pleasure or pain.

It may have been minutes later, though it seemed like hours of delectable ordeal to Katherine, when she heard someone clambering through her open window. Twisting her head, she saw the grinning visage of the architect of her current situation. Her language in requesting the removal of his toy was by no means as ladylike as might be expected of someone in Katherine’s social position, but it did not seem to affect Mr Blackwood’s good humour. Indeed his smile seemed to broaden in response.

“Don’t you like it?” he enquired. “It seemed to be acting according to its creator’s intention.”

Katherine responded with a violent movement which set off more movements inside her fatigued vulva, and she fell back onto her bed, unable to defend her honour as Mr Blackwood examined her with an impudent intimacy. He ran his finger between her legs, luxuriating in the nectar that had been pouring from her for what had seemed an eternity. He licked his finger mockingly.

“Please,” moaned Katherine, “Please take it out.”

“I don’t know.”

“Please. I’ll do anything, just take it out.”

“Anything?” Mr Blackwood raised an eyebrow with interest.

“Anything. I swear.”

“Very well.” Mr Blackwood pulled a key from around his neck on a silver chain with deliberate slowness. He turned it in the lock, unfastening the belt, and slowly drawing the whole contrivance from its comfortable harbour with a wet, sucking noise and a gasp from Katherine. The wood shone with Katherine’s sweet dew.

Katherine, lying back with relief, suddenly released from her rapture, was surprised to be presented with the drenched wooden cock as Mr Blackwood pushed it between her lips, but she obediently sucked her own juices from it as he gently worked it in and out of her whimpering mouth.

Mr Blackwood stroked the soft, hot, sopping flesh between Katherine’s legs one last time, causing her to spasm and groan before standing up. “Rest now,” he told her, “I’ll be back to collect on your promise.”

With a backward glance at Katherine, already asleep with exhaustion, Mr Blackwood slipped out of the window, already planning the next stage of his revenge.

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