Fun at the Park


*The Tridge is a three sided foot bridge that crosses the Saginaw and Chippewa Rivers in Michigan.

Hanging out with my daughter and best friend tonight has been fun, but it’s getting to that time when they need to leave. We’ve been at the Tridge all afternoon and it’s now dark. The Tridge is lit up as usual and people are starting to leave the park. Just being near you today has kept my pussy wet. Throughout the day I have been teasing you by giving your neck a kiss as I walk by or when no one was looking lifting my shirt and showing you my tits. Kathy tells Courtney it’s time they leave so we can be alone. We say our goodbyes and watch as they drive away.

Sitting at the picnic table we’re facing each other when we start to kiss. You take your hand and slip it under my skirt feeling just how damp my panties are. As one hand moves the panties aside and starts exploring my warm wet pussy your other hand is now under my shirt playing with my nipples. As you are doing that I undo your pants and am now rubbing that big hard dick of yours. We are steady kissing each others neck and our breathing has picked up. When we go back to kissing illegal bahis you put your tongue in my mouth and I begin to suck it. At this point neither of us can take any more of this heavy petting and I tell you I want to fuck you.

I stand up, slide my panties off and sit on your waiting cock. There we are, with me facing you on your lap with your huge dick jamming my pink pussy. Both of your hands are squeezing my ass as I use this tight pussy of mine to ride you. I lift my shirt exposing my size C tits that are now in your face. You take one in your mouth and begin to nibble and suck on it. That is turning me on so much you can now feel the juices from my pussy slipping down to your balls. I am moving my pussy to the very tip of your dick so it is almost completely off and then I glide smoothly back down again. With my arms resting on your shoulders my grip tightens and I dig my nails into your shirt as the first wave of orgasms hit me. I am cumming so hard all I can do is moan your name over and over. Once my body calms down we stand up and you turn me around and push me over the table. You begin fucking me doggie style while you take hold illegal bahis siteleri of the back of my hair, pulling my head back at times.

You are fucking me hard and it is taking my breath away. I am loving every firm stroke you’re giving me. It has been a long time since this pussy has had a pounding like this and I’m glad it’s you that’s giving it to me. It doesn’t take long before you feel the snugness around your dick ripple as another set of orgasms rage through me. You give my ass a few good slaps to see if it makes your name be called out louder and yes, it does. After recovering from that set of orgasms, you tell me there’s something you want to do. When you pull out of me I turn around and look at you wondering what you’re up to. You pull down my skirt and zip your pants. Taking me by the hand you tell me to grab my bag. We walk up the ramp of the Tridge and stop in the center where all of the benches are. We stand in front of one of the benches that face the Chippewa River and lean against the railing.

Looking down at the water I see the moonlight shimmer on it. I feel you move in behind me and you wrap your arms around me. canlı bahis siteleri I begin to press my ass against you and notice you still have a massive hard on. As we’re standing there I hear the sound of your zipper going down and then feel you once again lift my skirt showing my bare ass. Under the bright lights of the Tridge you begin fucking me again. Only this time once my pussy is nice and soaked you pull out and begin to slowly start fucking my ass. Knowing that I haven’t done this very much you’re careful as you ease your big throbbing dick in me. Once I catch my breath we start moving naturally together. I am grinding my hips towards you with each stroke you give me. When people start coming towards us you keep your dick buried deep in my ass and wrap your arms around me as if we are just innocently watching the water. Once they pass us and are out of site we pick up where we left off. You keep one arm around me resting on top of my tits while your other hand is on my hip. As you are about to cum you pull out and shoot your hot load all over my lower back and my cheeks.

Reaching into my bag that I had on the bench behind us I find some tissues for clean up. Then hand and hand we walk back down to the picnic area where the car is parked. As you start up the car you smile and ask if I’m up to round two when we get home. Of course I answer as we begin the drive back home.

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