Fun with a Mature Taxi Driver – a True Story


Fun with a Mature Taxi Driver – a True StorySo I had a very interesting night last night, and thought I’d share it with you guys. This is my first story so please be gentle with me :)I’m 22 years old and I’ve only ever had 2 sexual partners, that is until I discovered recently, playing with strangers is a real turn on, especially when I initiate it.I’m in a relationship but my sex drive is much, much higher than my partner, so I sometimes end up playing with other guys. I have a few rules though, which make me feel a little less guilty about cheating – no kissing, no oral and no intercourse. Basically, hands only and lots of dirty talk.So, last night, after a night out with friends and feeling tipsy and horny, I was in the back of a cab and started steering the conversation towards sex, saying that sometimes drivers are pushy and want something instead of paying for the fare, I said I had to be in the mood to do something like that. The driver then asked how many times I’d done it (2 times in the last 6 months), getting more and more curious.I told him my rules and he asked what mood I was in right now – I said I was in a good mood 🙂 He said he was getting turned on so I took off my jacket and lifted my shirt and bra and showed him my big tits, which he loved. You can see what he saw on my profile :)I live on a side street, which is dark and deserted at night, and because my partner was asleep in the apartment, the driver got into the back of the cab with me.He was sexy – a mature, canlı bahis big built, black man. I love older men, I have daddy issues and love to roleplay, so I was really turned on when he said ‘hey there little girl’. My tits were still out and his big strong hands grabbed them hungrily, rubbing and squeezing them, getting my nipples really hard. I reached for the big bulge in his trousers and started rubbing, feeling my pussy getting so wet at the thought of his cock getting hard underneath.He kissed my neck and I told him not to be too nice to me, and that I liked being called names. ‘Ok then you little bitch’ he said, in the sexiest deep voice, and pushed me back on the seat.‘Play with your tits then you fucking slut’ he growled.Which I did, rubbing my pussy through my skirt on his leg, making it wet.Kneeling over me he undid his jeans and pulled out his cock, a big black throbbing cock, and started wanking.‘Is this what you want slut, you want to see this big black cock getting hard for you?’‘Fuck yeah!’ I replied, my breathing getting heavier as I watch him work his cock. He lifts my skirt and yanks down my knickers. My pussy is smooth and dripping wet. ‘Spread your legs bitch, and finger that little cunt’. I did as I was told, opening my legs wide so he could see my swollen clit and wet pussy hole, aching for his big strong hands to touch it. I slide a finger deep inside my hole and start working it, in and out, round and round, getting wetter with every stroke. ‘Can I bahis siteleri touch your cock please?’ I asked.‘You’re desperate aren’t you, a dirty little slag so horny she offers herself up to strangers.’ ‘I am desperate, desperate for your big cock.’ I moaned.‘You like black cocks? Little white sluts like you always like big black cocks.’‘I love them, please let me touch yours.’He puts his knees either side of me, so his cock is near my face, and continues wanking, pulling on his cock really hard. He rubs it all over my tits, slapping them with his thick shaft, then slapping my face. I was aching to put his cock in my mouth, even to just stick out my tongue and lick it, but I had to remember my rules.‘Take it then bitch, wank my big cock like a fucking dirty slut.’I took it in my hand, my other still working my throbbing pussy. Sliding my fingers up and down his cock, his precum dripped onto my face. His balls were close to my mouth, if I opened up I could suck on them, but no. Remember my rules.I’m on the verge of cumming already, and so is he.‘You can’t cum yet, I’m making your cunt cum not you.’He moves down and pulls my hand away from my pussy, and pushes my lips open.‘Look how fucking wet you are, you love this don’t you, a real fucking whore.’‘I do love it, please touch me’ I beg.‘You need my cock bitch, that’s what a slut like you needs.’‘Oh fuck I do but no, I can’t, remember my rules.’He lies on top of me, his weight pinning me to the seat, and starts rubbing his cock güvenilir bahis on my pussy. Oh fuck it feels good, but is it breaking my rules? I don’t care at this point, it feels too good, his big throbbing black cock sliding up and down my aching wet pussy.He holds my hands down above my head.‘Look at you, you dirty little cunt, look how turned on you are, you don’t even know my name.’I can only moan in reply, my pussy aches to cum, my pussy desperately wants his cock inside it but I must resist. I wrap my legs around him, grinding my clit on his cock, listening as he calls me a slut and a whore, then his dirty little girl.‘Cum then you bitch, cum all over my cock.’My pussy begins to spasm and then a rush to my swollen clit as I cum so fucking hard. I scream, I can’t help it, it’s huge and it doesn’t stop for several seconds, my whole body jerking and squirming beneath his weight.‘Good girl’ he says, then gets on his knees and puts my hand on his cock.‘Make me cum now you dirty little cunt.’I wank his big cock, squeezing his balls as he rubs my milky tits. He pushes forward so his cock is near my face.‘Ah, I’m gonna cum on your face you dirty white slut.’And there it is, hot cum exploding from his cock all over my face. It doesn’t stop, he keeps cumming, pulling my hair and calling me his little whore.I was ready to go again but he had to get home to his wife.So that was that, well I thought it was, but after cleaning up and getting out of the cab, I was still so horny. I wanted more strangers, I wanted to be that dirty little slut again.So, instead of going home I went to a late bar a few streets away, always full of old men who love to grope and proposition girls.But that’s another story…

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