Games SOME People Play! Ch. 16


“Do you think that getting totally trashed that way by a guy can cause a girl switch from guys to other girls?” asked Sandra. I was thinking that that was a rather academic question, considering the rest of the story, but mostly glad that Sandra, and maybe Stephanie, weren’t grilling me about my distinctly dishonorable role in the story. Then, Susan asked the question that I might have asked.

“That’s your first comment on my whole story?” she asked. “I mean, I just told you that Tommy blackmailed his beautiful girlfriend into being the fraternity whore, fucked me in the same room, and gave her up for me!

Susan was raising her voice by now, and speaking much more rapidly: “And your virgin daughter gets her first experience with intercourse by being serially banged by 15 ice-hockey jocks?” Susan had begun to lean forward on the sofa, staring at her mom.

“And Tommy, her future husband, being about thirteenth in line, falls in love with her and drops his fucked-over girlfriend?” By this time, Susan’s cheeks were red, her hands spread with palms up in a gesture of disbelief.

She concluded: “And your first question is: Did being treated like a Bowery hooker by Tommy turn his girlfriend into a lesbian?”

Sandra had heard her out, attentive, nodding occasionally, never interrupting. She paused for a few moment, now, her focus distant, as though seeking an answer. At last, she said: “Well, I was sad, I think, to hear that you lost your virginity in a gang bang, although it was a gang bang that you freely chose—and you came how many times?”

Susan looked a little bombed out; she only shrugged.

“I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of any guy, at any age, handing his girlfriend, especially one as young and beautiful as you say Karla was, over to service all his buddies. I mean, just because he felt he had to join some nasty fraternity…”

Sandra, Susan, and Stephanie all had turned to me, naturally. Stephanie said brightly: “What do you say we strip Tommy right now and do him in the asshole 15 times with the big strap on—belated justice for Susan and Karla?”

I could not tell if she was serious. Everything considered, probably she was.

“An attractive proposal, Steph,” said Susan, without enthusiasm. “But right now, I’m waiting for Mom’s answer to my question.”

“I am of course intensely interested in anything that has to do with my daughters,” said Sandra, resuming her orderly defense. “But in the story you told, Karla allows herself to be such a victim, you know? Tommy whores her to his fraternity, then Tommy drops her for you. She gets exactly nothing but gang banged, screwed over-literally. I tried to imagine what that would do to someone.”

“I guess that’s right,” said Susan, nodding slowly. “That’s the way I set up the story, didn’t I? My dream comes true meeting Tommy, even if it is lying in frat house bedroom with my legs apart to help Karla process all the brothers. And Tommy, after he dunks his prick once, blithely flits from Karla to me. Karla is fucked and forgotten…”

You might imagine that listening to this my mind would be preoccupied with preparing my defense. I would have been well within my right to demand legal counsel. I had lost track of how many counts were in the indictment. But I had been getting horny again for some time with my wife, her sister, and their mother all talking about pussy and legs spread… and recalling that night at the fraternity when I met Susan.

“But still, you felt that Tommy…?”

“Mom! I felt awful for Karla, but I had been dreaming about Tommy! I figured I had won him, fair and square, pussy against pussy beside Karla.”

“Except, it was all just a screw-up by the guy assigning the lines,” said Stephanie wearily.

“Okay, that’s how I got my chance,” said Susan, “but once he put it in me, and looked into my eyes, I had a lock on Tommy.”

“And such a discriminating man, too,” said Stephanie with a very high acid content in her tone. She glanced at me, shook her head, and looked away.

She added, “I’d like to see how much reaming he can take before he blubbers like a baby.”

“How are you taking all this, Tommy?” asked Sandra, with no noticeable warmth in her voice. But she did add, “I don’t for one moment mean this has changed my great affection for you as a son-in-law. You have been a wonderful member of our family. And, after all, my daughter did choose you, right there, on the spot… so to speak. Even having had a dozen or so previous guys…”

Until that last crack, I had been about to thank my mother-in-law, from my heart—perhaps not the bottom of my heart… But that dozen guys. I began to draw a breath, preparing some kind of riposte…

But Susan was saying, with a painful frown, “I hadn’t thought about it like this… I mean, not exactly like this.” She shook her head and her tone became remote, as though addressed to one not present: “But what about me? Just narcissistic beyond belief… I win Tommy! The loser creeps off, after washing cum of canlı bahis about 15 frat guys out of her cunt, and becomes a lesbian…”

“So you do think…”

“Mom, I have no idea. She got right into a relationship with Professor Betancourt at RISD… Pretty soon, she moved in with her. I didn’t get a new roommate. Karla and I said maybe ‘hi,’ if we saw each other over the next two years.”

“Oh! But you had been so taken with Karla,” said Stephanie. “Dumped her when you took Tommy, I guess.”

I have a special faculty for sensing seismic events in my wife. I sensed one now. Susan turned to Stephanie. I suppose I could say ‘whirled’ on her. But then, something intervened. Stephanie stared right back at her; Susan paused, lips open to remonstrate… Instead, she said: “Yeah… yeah, I guess… fair enough, Steph…”

“Tommy is the only one who sailed through this,” pronounced Stephanie.

“Wait a minute,” I said, with no idea what I might say after that. But Stephanie jumped in. She said, “I challenge you, Tommy. Get your fucking pants off. Want to see what you put Susan and Karla through?”

Crazy Stephanie, again! Everyone saw right through her, now, I figured. A woman ruled by her clit. She had said as much herself. I smiled at her, broadly, affectionately, waiting for the other two women to get the show back on track.

Except neither of them spoke. They seemed to be looking at me, waiting.

I shook my head, still smiling. “Now, how is that going to clarify anything, Stephanie?”

STILL no interruption from my wife and mother in law? Suddenly, my hot little crazy sister-in-law was on her feet, her fingers racing down her blouse buttons. She shrugged off the blouse, flipped away her bra, whipped open her belt, and shoved down her shorts and thong… Stark naked in under 20 seconds, some kind of Olympic record.

“Come on, Tommy! I challenge you… Let’s have some fun!”

I turned quickly to the two level-headed Lorraine women, forgetting for a moment that yesterday had changed everything-and I mean, everything…

“Want to take a trip back in time, lover?” This from my own wife’s exceptionally beautiful, wide and generous mouth, now smiling at me.

My last hope. I said: “But your Mom wants to hear…”

“What happened to that stiff prick I met outside, Tommy?” This from my mother-in-law! Life after 30 would not be what it was before 30.

I felt myself begin to sweat. Stephanie was scary. She stood naked now, fists on hips, arms akimbo, wide green eyes on me and very predatory.

“Oh, I’m hot,” I said coolly (I hope). “But what do you have in mind?”

“That’s it!” said Susan, excitedly, as though having a revelation. “The woman usually has no idea! Take off your shit, woman, I want to do you! And we peel, but we have no idea what you’ll actually do to us. You’re always the stronger sex, that way. We know you can take whatever you want…”

She concluded: “So strip, Tommy, and this time, we’ll decide.”

Stephanie, so perfect with those lean legs of a girl that just make you stare, the flared hips, the abrupt patch of light-brown hair low on the smooth belly’s triangle, and above, the tight torso rising to the exquisitely conical breasts and rigid nipples…

Susan stood up and took my hand, pulling me up from the sofa. She turned to her mother and sister with a smile. “May I present my husband, Thomas Graham, the third?”

Her fingers were opening my belt. I was still enjoying Stephanie. I couldn’t believe my ravishing sister-in-law had ripped off her clothes, thrust her tits and shoved out her cunt, and looked at me with some eternal hunger.

My trousers and underwear were sliding down at the same time, with a brief stop to hike them over my stiffening dick. Sandra and Stephanie gazed, smiles on the faces. Susan said, taking my prick in two fingers, “Thomas is not yet fully exposed. Let me show you his meat, at which point she drew back my foreskin so roughly that I gasped. That stings, you know!

“Notice how his cock is so stiff it is arching back toward his belly button. It’s ready to jam into the first attainable pussy and of course that’s all he cares about…”

“Wow,” said Stephanie, suddenly kneeling in front of me. Her fingers took my dick and she inspected it. Then, with her forefinger, she swiped a clear drop that whelmed from my slit and spread it round and round on the little tab of flesh on the underside of my dick’s head. I felt myself begin to throb with demand.

Abruptly, her head bent and the tip of her tongue took the next drop and spread it so that my dick kicked back, shuddering.

Sandra rose from her chair and said, not taking her eyes away from my titillation, “You girls have this well under control.” She shrugged off her blouse, tossed it on the sofa, curled her arms behind her for just a moment, and her lacy black bra slipped forward till I saw the full pale gourds, swollen as though to bursting, tipped with wide round aureoles that had gone stiff and bahis siteleri crinkled. The knockers wagged slightly as they slipped free.

Looking into my eyes, she reached up and took her nipples, fingers picking each like a berry, and she stretched herself, cruelly. She had them out an inch, but then gave them a brutal jerk to elongate them more; she barely winced, holding my gaze.

Then she moved around behind me, full hips swaying. After a moment, I felt the tickling curl of her belly hair on my ass. One hand had taken my butt and was squeezing; it felt good. But then, quickly, the other hand slipped between my legs and took my balls, a full, firm handful. I caught my breath. Next?

“Ah! No!” I gasped. “Stop, Sandra! Oh, fuck!” Her hand was rolling my nuts against each other, hard, pain lancing from them in waves. My own hands shot down, seizing hers, but what could I do?

“Stop her!” I cried. “Sandra, no! Please! Susan!”

“Mom…” said Susan tentatively. “They’re only testicles… What are you doing?”

The hands retreated and next I felt her breasts, nipples rubbery, drawing lines across my skin, back and forth…

“Where can we tie his wrists?” asked Stephanie. The answer was found. I stood behind the sofa, facing it, and cords were run from each of my wrists over the sofa and down to its front legs. They pulled the cords tighter till I bent far forward, my ass stuck out.

“Now, his ankles to the sofa legs on this side,” said Stephanie. “Right, his ankles way apart. Okay, good! I can see right between the cheeks of his butt. I love it when their dick and balls hang free like this.”

They did. In a triangle that the apex of the V of my legs made with the top of the sofa. They hung filling the triangle, my balls just brushing the fabric of sofa, my dick angled forward stiffly rising from my belly.

“It’s a classic!” said Stephanie. “Goes way, way back. God knows how far! Very popular in Victorian times. A kid at a school. Ass stuck out. Can’t straighten up. Can’t bend farther. Can’t bring his legs—I mean his or some girl’s legs—together. A belt or a birch or flogger right across the ass. And NO getting away! All they could do was tighten their ass, and that made it hurt more.”

Sister-in-law Stephanie was in her element. She said, “Look, Mom, let me ask you. You squeezed Tommy’s nuts. Why?”

Sandra said absolutely nothing.

“Mom,” said Susan, at last. “It’s okay, really, Tommy’s the toy, today. But why did you want to roll his nuts for him?”

“Because they’re so big,” said Stephanie with supreme assurance. “Most guys have balls about as big as pecans, maybe not even. But look at Tommy!”

She suddenly reached under and had me, yanking back my package. “Look! They’re almost as big as walnuts! Women can’t keep their hands off. These things just say…”

“Well, right, they’re so big,” said Sandra. “It’s just the weirdest power experience to have that stuff in your hand. You’re got the guy right there. You squeeze, he jumps. Guys I knew in the Marines said having their nuts rolled against each other was like no other pain—utterly disconcerting.”

Now, I felt Stephanie’s hands on my ass, sensually, stroking. Then the wiggling tickle of her belly hair. And she said, “Most men are really scared of penetration. I mean, straight guys. It’s like rape.”

Well, we were back to the games and I was liking it, a little apprehensive with all the fascination with my wholly helpless nuts. By now, Susan had peeled, and three Lorraine women, totally bare ass, were all focused on me.

“Watch!” said Stephanie. I yelped, squeezing my butt tight, jerking forward, because Stephanie had shoved two fingers into my asshole, without benefit of lube. And now, she was twisting them.

“It’s instinctive,” she was saying, still reaming hard.

“No, no, no!” I could not help the high pitch. They had me tied me to perfection. I couldn’t pull away, close myself. What if I really couldn’t stand this? What then? Would Susan stop them?

“Okay, Steph,” said Sandra. She tentatively reached for Stephanie’s arm.

“He never thought about it when 15 dicks were pumping into Susan’s pussy, which never had had a man!” proclaimed Stephanie. “All those horny young hockey players. You think they thought of anything but getting off? Hah! You think they wondered for one second if Susan’s pussy hurt?”

“Okay, Steph,” said Susan. Then repeated, “Okay! You made your point!”

The slim fingers slid out.

Suddenly, I said, “Susan, just untie me! Enough!”

“Really, that’s all you can take, Tommy?”

It was Stephanie’s voice, supremely condescending.

“I mean, it is true that you didn’t think of me, at all, Tommy?” asked Susan. “I mean you were in line for Karla or for me…”

“I don’t think it’s the same,” I said. It was ridiculous, I was bent over, naked, totally helpless, negotiating with three nude women.

“Oh, really?” asked Susan. “Your ass and my cunt?”

“Let’s strap on,” said Stephanie. bahis şirketleri “When he starts blubbering, or peeing himself out, we can stop…”

“Hey!” I said. “Susan, can you tell me what’s happening?”

“Sure,” said Susan, and suddenly she was kneeling on the sofa, her face lifted, her mouth taking my prick. She raised her gaze to me. Sucked faster. My eyes closed. “Oh, fuck, yes…”

I heard Sandra, of all people. “See! He’s good to go.”

“Strap on?” It was Stephanie.

“Sure,” said Sandra. “Give me the biggest one.”

“There IS only one,” said Stephanie, heading for the powder room door. “Just the one Butchie left. I mean she already did Tommy once…

“I washed it,” she said, exiting the powder room. The black leather straps and silver buckles dangled and swung. Her hand enclosed the dildo, like a handle, a good 10 inches of black plastic cock, two inches in diameter, the raised imitation of veins snaking up it.

I glanced up at it and recalled when Butch had used it to take my virginity-back there. Could I take this? What if I could? What a victory! Hey, cock’s great! But it seems that girls can bitch and moan at anything. They want dick; they don’t want big dick. Come in; oh, don’t hurt me! Give it to me; oh, too much! Nothing’s right!

You know? On and on! So what’s the big deal? It hurts for a while. So what?

“You start, Susan,” I heard Stephanie say. “Tommy’s your bitch.”

“You know what, Steph?” said Susan angrily. “What if I start with your pretty little asshole. How about that?”

Sandra said quickly, “I think if we’re going to get angry, here…”

“No Mom, it’s fine,” said Stephanie. “Here,” she said, turning to Susan, “let me get you strapped on.”

In few moments, Susan was swaying her hips and saying, “Oh, perfect, Steph! It feels as though it’s part of me! Wow! All but the nerve connections! I’ve got a dick!”

Without answering, Stephanie knelt on the sofa, facing me. She thrust back her flawless ass, arching her back to emphasize it, but she also managed to lift her face and look at me. She asked, her voice a caress, “Tommy, you want to watch my face while Susan splits my asshole open and stuffs my whole belly with that huge dick?”

I could look nowhere but right down; the view of Stephanie’s face close to mine made me almost dizzy with her loveliness. I said, idiotically, “Not if it hurts you.”

“What?” the precise pink lips snapped at me. “If it doesn’t hurt to get 10 inches by 2 inches of black plastic shoved up my asshole?” Suddenly, her slim hand came up between my legs and became a madly ricocheting paddle that banged the sack of my balls back and forth 200 times a minute, flailing my balls into pain that clutched my belly, shot down my legs, stiffened my back, and made my mouth open for…how long…before I even could manage a high-pitched shriek of terror, a squeal like a siren.

“Stop!” yelled Susan and her hands grabbed Stephanie’s hips and hauled her onto the floor.

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Sandra.

“He’s an idiot,” I heard Stephanie protesting. “I’m getting a nightstick up my ass, but only if it doesn’t hurt…”

I moaned, my head bent far over: “My fucking balls! Oh…”

I identified the hand as Sandra’s, delicate, supporting and soothing. I almost let myself weep. I heard her: “Poor Tommy! Are you all right? Oh, your poor, poor things!”

Warm, stroking. Held like a small bald nestling, with infinite solicitation.

“Let’s just stop,” said Sandra.

I didn’t even think out what came next. “No, it’s all right,” I managed to say without whining. “I’m still game”-said with too sharp an intake of breath. “I just panicked. Don’t know why.”

Exquisite Stephanie, again, kneeling, face raised to me within inches of a kiss. She was ordering, “Just do me, Susan! Do it! So Tommy can watch me getting it.”

I glanced over Stephanie’s head. Susan was advancing, the laughably jumbo dick launching from her bed of pussy hair, a black lance from her belly, soulless, indifferent to its target.

The lips of my pixie sister-in-law rose to close with mine, the jacked-wide green eyes so close to my eyes, and then the searching, demanding kiss and tongue that sucked at my soul. Just when I thought I could soar no higher, somewhere below me my yearning prick was touched. Touched with two real fingers, and Stephanie whispered near to me: “Shall I suck you, Tommy, when she’s hammering my ass?”

It was a gasp. But what I saw before my eyes were the yielding wide green eyes of Stephanie, and they swam with tears in which I almost saw my reflection. She moaned, “Oh, God! I never quite remember how much that thing tears my rectum. Oh! Oh! I’m such a tight bitch that I bleed.”

While this was said, the small sculpted face, unafraid of being seen, was raised to mine. “No, oh fuck! No!” came her cry next. Her face inches from my projecting hard-on, she was breathing hard, lips wide, blowing out her breath in softly whistling pants. “Oh, Jesus, Tommy! You can’t see that it’s tearing my asshole! Oh! My belly is burning, Tommy!”

“She really slamming you,” I said. “Is it making you come?”

“No!” A scream. “No! Oh, it just hurts! Tommy? Tommy?”

“Stephanie, what?”

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