Gang Fucked


Gang Fucked”I’m coming for you…” The raspy voice on the other end told me.I hung up the phone. I was getting used to the prank calls by this time since they had been happening for at least a month or longer. Nothing ever came of it. Some nights I didn’t even get the calls. My husband wasn’t concerned either. He just figured it was teens making prank calls. Unfortunately neither of us knew at the time how wrong we were.Another month had passed another month of more prank calls, only they were getting worse. I was starting to get frightened. When my husband told me about his upcoming business trip I begged him to either take me with him or not to go at all.”Don’t be ridiculous.”He told me. “You are going to be fine.””But the calls.” I stammered.”It’s just a bunch of k**s trying to scare you. Nothing more. Now will you be grown up about this. My God woman you are 26 years old plenty old enough to stay home a few days by yourself.”I just looked at him. I just wished I could be as calm about it as he was. A few days later I asked him once again to take me with him as I helped him pack.”We’ve been over this!!” He shouted at me.” Sometimes I feel like I am babysitting a k** instead of married to a grown woman.”Quietly I left the bedroom and let him finish packing. I couldn’t shake the fear growing inside of me. If anything I hate being scared the most. I was angry at myself for feeling this way and angry at my husband for not giving a damn. That night we went to bed both of us and our own sides and neither of us touching. But that seemed to be the way it went for us anymore.The alarm went off at 5:30 am. I opened my eyes to watch as my husband dressed. Even if we are having problems I still find him very sexy.”Would you like me to make you breakfast before you leave?””Just go back to bed. I can get something on the way.””I really don’t mind.””I said no!”Sad that after only two years of marriage we were at this point.” Maybe when he gets back we can go to marriage counseling.” I said to myself as I fell back asleep. Waking up later I noticed he had left no note of goodbye and that I didn’t even get a kiss before he left.”Oh well maybe he’ll miss me and when he gets home we’ll have a great night of sex.” I said with a laugh to the empty house. I didn’t bother to dress. I didn’t see the use. I was home alone and lived in a nice neighborhood. It was daylight and I doubted if anyone could see inside my house. I guess I was wrong. Soon after 10:30 am the calls started coming. At first they were just the same old calls as before. But soon they changed and became much more terrifying. It seemed they came every twenty minutes or so. I was getting angry by the time the calls had continued throughout the day and most of the night. “Just stop fucking calling me you piece of shit! Why don’t you just go to hell!!!!!””Oh I plan on it, but I am going to take you with me.”I hung up again and starred at the phone as it rang as soon as it was on the reciever.”Leave me ALONE!!” I yelled.”We can’t now. Not after watching gaziantep escort your husband leave this morning, MARY! We know you are home all by yourself.” He laughed into the phone,” And we’ve loved the show you’ve been putting on all day for us, you little slut!!”Panicked now I ripped the phone from the wall. Shaking I walked to my bedroom and it was then that I noticed my bedroom window was opened. I knew I didn’t open it because I was running the A/C. I thought about getting out of the house right then, but quickly realized I was still naked and ran to my closet for some clothes. I should’ve just ran outside nude, because when I opened the closet door I saw him. I felt a hard blow to my head then nothing…..”Wake up, Sleeping Beauty.” The voice called to me.I struggled and finally got my eyes opened.”Did you have a nice nap?”I tryed to move my arms but they were held tight by ropes, as were my feet.”Please just let me go.” I begged.”Not until we’re done with you.”At the mention of the word WE’RE I started to panic and pull against the rope. When I looked around my bedroom I seen them. There were six of them. All of them seemed ready with their pants off and cocks in hand. None of their cocks seemed to be under seven inches the biggest at least had to ten inches and three inches thick I got even more afraid. My husband is quite small. Fully erect MAYBE five inches. They were going to kill me with their pricks I kept thinking to myself.”See we could’ve already had our fun with you. Only we wanted to wait until you were awake to be able to see, hear and feel what we are going to do to you. I assure you, Mary we wont leave one hole untouched. We are going to fuck your pussy first. When that begins to stretch out and get too filled with our cum, we are going to fuck your asshole. Ever had it in your asshole, Mary?”I shook my head “No”. I wouldn’t let my husband fuck me there. I had a boyfriend back in high school who tried it. I hated it. It hurt so bad I started crying and told him to pull it out after only the head was inside. So needless to say hearing them tell me they were going to fuck my asshole and that there was nothing I could do to stop it this time scared me worse then them r****g my pussy. “Don’t forget her mouth, Rod.” Someone from the group said.”Never. I would never forget her beautiful, sexy mouth. Before tonight is over you will have six cocks in every hole you have at least once. But knowing my group probably alot more than once.”The group laughed. I started crying even louder. He bent own and took one of my nipples in his mouth. I was ashamed to admit that if I closed my eyes and imagined he was someone else it felt really good. But then he bit down hard on it. I screamed and he laughed.”You didn’t think this was going to be gentle did you??” He laughed a vicious laugh as he started kneading my breasts hard and pinching the nipples even harder. He took his cock and rubbed it on my left tit leaving a trail of precum all over my nipple.”Yeah baby giresun escort we are gonna have fun with you. Alot of fun.” He then got up on the bed with me and positioned himself between my legs. He felt my pussy.”Oh no we can’t have fun with a dry pussy. Can we boys??”A chorus of “No’s” came from all the men.He started to open my pussy lips with his fingers and starred at my clit. I have a larger clit then most women making it easy to spot. He started to pinch and rub my clit as he worked the fingers of his other hand inside my slit. Finding my pussy hole he started to finger fuck me with first two fingers, then moved up to three. The combination of him rubbing and pinching and even biting on my clit and finger fucking me was making me wet. I could feel the wetness seep out from between his fingers.”That’s a good little slut.” He told me. I was horrified that he was able to make me wet!He repositioned himself back between my legs and I could feel him starting to push inside me with his cock head.”You ready for some major penetration, baby?””No please don’t do this.” My plee fell on deaf ears as he rammed his cock to the hilt inside my pussy. I screamed. His cock was so much bigger than my husbands that his cock hurt! He pounded in and out of my pussy several times. I was screaming so loud that one of his buddies had to cover my mouth.”Yeah Whore how does this feel?? Either your husband is really small or he doesn’t fuck you very often because your pussy is tight as hell!”The other men started stroking on their cocks. All of them getting more turned on by the sight of me spread on the bed with this man’s cock ramming inside my pussy.”Please get out of me!!” I tryed to beg but with the hand over my mouth it just sounded mumbled.”Shut her up, Pete.” Rod, who I could tell was their leader, told the man who was covering my mouth.I watched a evil smile spread across his face as he straddled my chest.”Here, Bitch.” He held his cock to my now firmly closed mouth. A strong punch to the side of my face made me cry out in pain and he used that opportunity to slide his cock deep in my mouth. I had never had two cocks inside me at once and I started to feel like a cheap slut. Pete continued to fuck my face as Rob fucked my pussy with a vengeance. I was having trouble breathing between my grunts and the cock that was now wedged deep in my throat. After a time of them tag teaming me I started to feel Rob’s balls tighten as they hit my ass. I knew he was close to cumming. Since my husband was catholic he didn’t believe in birth control and I started trying to beg him not to cum inside me. But with the huge prick inside my mouth it just sounded like more grunts. After a few more strokes I could feel Rob’s seed pouring into my battered pussy. I could feel the warmth fill me. Not long after his cock shrank up and fell out of my pussy. Pete started filling my mouth with his cum. I had no choice but to shallow his spunk since his cock was still deep in my mouth. It was either swallow escort bayan it or choke.”Nice ride baby.” Rob was saying to me as he wiped his cock on my asshole and squeezing his penis so that the last bit of his cum was lubricating the hole.Then I seen three more of his men advance towards the bed. One of them untied my feet and turned me over.”Up on all fours, Bitch.” He told me.I hesitated and was rewarded with another blow to my face from the man standing closest to me. I lifted my lower body up as far as I could since there were still roped tying down my hands. But that was soon to be corrected. Once my hands were free one of the ropes one man got under my body and lined his prick up with my pussy hole with one hard upward thrust he was inside me. I grunted as I felt his big cock fill my pussy. Then another man got in front of me and shoved his cock inside my mouth. Once again I was filled both in my pussy and mouth. I could feel another man rubbing something on my asshole. I started trying to move away as I felt his cock tearing open my anus. The burning pain I felt inside my ass obliterated the pain I felt inside my pussy and throat. At once I knew this was the owner of the ten inch cock.”I gotta break you in Slut. How do you like being fucked like the bitch you are?”Tears were running down my face and my nose began to run as it always did whenever I cried making it even harder to breathe. Before long my body was covered in sweat and I was making sounds I had never made before.”Yeah that’s right Cumslut take this big black cock deep in your asshole.”I could feel him deep deep in my bowels. The burning intense pain almost made me pass out again, but the man whose cock was in my mouth slapped me across my face.”None of that now baby. I need this cock sucked….Dry!!” He told me.The three fucked me for what seemed an eternity.Ffinally the one in my pussy started to cum and watching this the one in my mouth soon followed. But the black man in my asshole still continued with his savage thrusts in my bowels. He finally, after another ten minutes at least, filled my asshole with his sticky cum. and I felt him pull out. I sighed a relief when he was finally out of my asshole completely. Through out the rest of the night and most of the early morning hours not one of my holes wasn’t filled by cock. I could feel the cum flowing out of my pussy like a sink faucet and even my distended and open asshole couldn’t hold the cum in as I felt it continuously flowing down my legs. The men took pictures and even made a movie of me while after all this torment I actually had an orgasm.They threatend to show them to my husband if I ever said anything. They don’t have to worry I never would. I never could after I orgasmed for these savage men as many times as I did. After this experience, I know now that I am a slut. I belong to these men that visit me regularly when my husband is out of town or even sometimes while he’s at work. It has turned into something I crave. I know I need help. I know that isn’t right.Please God forgive me, but it’s the truth. My own dark truth. To make it worse as if it could get worse, now whenever my husband fucks me I have to close my eyes and pretend I am being gang fucked by the group of men who still visits me often. And only then can I cum for my husband.

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