Generational Taboo Ch. 03


Disclaimer: All characters are fictional and are adults consenting in sex. Any names, locations, or likeness is coincidental as this is a work of fiction.

This is the final chapter of the series. I hope you enjoyed.


I am holding the most precious thing in my arms. Her light reddish hair, small pouty lips, her blue eyes barely open. All her toes and fingers are perfect, and she looked so much like her mother Elizabeth, my wife. We had decided to call her Meghan after my mom’s middle name. As Liz slept, I couldn’t help but think back of the last few years of my life. My thoughts went back to my parents, the ones that raised me. How much I missed them right now. I know they would be so proud of this child in my arms. I think they would be proud of the man I had become, especially dad since I kept the farm going without quitting. As I looked at my daughter yawn, and close her eyes fully, my thoughts went to my biological parents. Since Deena had given me oral, I have purposely stayed away from her. I want to tell Liz, but I couldn’t until the baby was born due to the stress. My thoughts then went to my real father. What he must have been like to abandon Deena, Liz and myself. I looked at my daughter and whispered, “I will never leave you princess. I will protect you until the day I die.” I kissed her forehead when I suddenly heard someone clear their throat at the door.

It was Suzanne, smiling at me. In a soft voice, “She is so beautiful, takes after her mama thank God!” Then she walked over toward me sitting in a chair opposite of me. I had been in love with Suzanne in high school, Liz was right, I just didn’t know at the time. I was so hurt when she went back to her old boyfriend, but she always told me she never meant to hurt me and would explain one day.

I raised up being careful with my bundle of love, walking over toward her. “Want to hold her?” Without waiting for her to answer, I lowered her into Suzanne’s arms. She didn’t say anything just looked at my child with loving eyes. We were silent for several minutes until a nurse came in and said she needed to take the baby and put her into the nursery for awhile so they could do some checkups. Suzanne reluctantly released her to the nurse’s arms.

As she walked out, Suzanne looked up at me like she wanted to say something. I knew something was wrong, so I asked her. “What’s going on Suz? You know you can tell me anything.”

“I was hoping to tell you and Liz together” Looking over at Liz again seeing her still sleeping. “I’m getting married.” She smiled with her face, but her eyes were in turmoil.

Being glad that she found somebody at the same time slightly jealous I said, “Who has tamed this wild woman I know.” Touching her knee as I said that, chuckling under my breath.

She looked down at my hand and a single tear came out from her right eye down her cheek. “His name is Jimmy, and he is a good guy. I met him at school, and he will make a great husband and father.”

My jaw dropped and my hand withdrew from her knee. “What did you say Suz?”

She started to cry more, “You’re a big ox, you still don’t get me, do you? I’m pregnant, with your child. Jimmy doesn’t know, and I don’t want Liz to know either.” She pulled out some tissues and dabbed her cheeks with it.

I sat back in my chair looking at her thinking about the conversation Liz and I had the night Suzanne and I made love. “Suz, Liz and I will be alright with this. She was the one who said it was ok, remember.”

She shook her head, “I know, but Brad women are different then men. We don’t want to share our men. That was a one-time thing, and my baby would be a reminder of that night. Please I am begging you, don’t tell her.” Her eyes were pleading me as much as her voice.

Looking over at Liz, then back at Suz I asked. “What are you going to do?”

“Jimmy and I had sex as soon as I returned to school. He thinks it is his, but I know without any doubt it’s yours.” She stopped crying, pulling a small makeup mirror out of her purse, checking her eye makeup. “Besides Brad, I know you. You love Liz as much as I love you. I would do anything for you, and you would do anything for her. It’s kind of ironic isn’t it?” She stood up and turned to leave.

I stood up myself and stride over to her grabbing her arm, spinning her around. As she came close to me, her breathing quickened and her left arm came up to my chest. “Suz don’t just leave like this. I will always be there for you and the baby. Make sure this is exactly what you want to do before you finalize things.”

She looked into my eyes and stood on her tip toes, putting her lips on mine kissing me. The kiss was not long, or short, but meaningful to both of us. “I am sure Brad. You have your life and I have mine. Besides, we won’t be too far from each other. My parents are moving to Florida, so they gave me their ranch. I move in after I get married next month.” She hugged me tightly, turned and left me standing there once again, just like in high school.

When xslot Yeni Giriş I turned, I seen that Liz was awake. I wondered how long she had been awake and if she had heard the entire conversation. Sleepily she asked, “Was that Suzanne?”

“Yeah it was” I said as I walked over to the bed, sitting on the side of it. I leaned down and kissed her, trying to be careful of her stitches as she had a c-section.

“What was she saying about getting married?” Her face was made of concern as her eyebrows were furrowed together.

“She met a guy named Jimmy in school, and she is getting married next month.” She smiled at me and told me she was happy for her. I also told her she was moving into her parent’s ranch after she was married. Liz didn’t seem as excited about that as much as her getting married. I didn’t have time to ask her about it as the nurse came back in the room with our baby stating it was feeding time and wanted to know if mama was up to it. As she got out of bed and walked over to a chair so she could breastfeed, I went to the window and looked out. My life has really changed, and I had no idea how I was going to get through it. I didn’t tell Liz about her being pregnant either.


We returned home two days later with baby Meghan in arms. Deena was happy to see her and held her as I could get Liz settled in the bedroom. Deena brought Meghan up and sat her in the bassinet beside out bed and kissed my wife on her forehead. I just stood there on the other side of the room, as far as I could from Deena. Liz looked from her to me and I could tell she knew something was going on.

“Are you two going to tell me what’s been going on between you for the last month?” She asked as she patted the bed for me to sit beside her. I walked over sitting beside her on the bed, as Deena stood by the dresser, leaning against it.

Deena was the first to speak. “Liz, I am to blame because I did something that was very wrong to you and Brad.” She hung her head low as she spoke. “I miss your father terribly. Not David but my brother, your real father.”

Liz brings herself into a sitting position on the bed, and I could tell her eyes were getting very deep blue. Her neck and face were getting rosy red, meaning she was getting angry. “What in the hell did you do Brad?” As she looked over at me.

I was about to say something when Deena interrupted me, “It wasn’t him; it was me. I seen him in the guest room that night, and his cock looked so much like your fathers, and I couldn’t help it.”

Liz pulled the covers back and stood up, “YOU FUCKED HIM?”

“No, no dear, I would never do that. I simply gave him a blow job.” Deena explained very matter of fact.

Liz looked at me and glared daggers into me, “I will talk to you when I cool down,” then she looked at Deena. “You on the other hand can get your shit and move on for all I care. You tried ruining my life when I was younger, when I found the love of my life, and now this. Never again will I allow you to ruin anything for me.” She pointed toward the doorway, “Get out Slut!”

Deena ran out the door and into her room to pack. I could hear her cries and sobbing but felt no feelings for her. The night it happened, I was entirely confused, and in the moment, I enjoyed the act. When it was over though, I hated myself and her even more. Liz walked over to the doorway watching across the hall, as Deena came out of the room with two suitcases. She looked at Liz and said, “For what it’s worth, I am sorry.” Liz saying nothing, Deena turned and went downstairs, and out the door. She must have called someone, because within ten minutes I heard a car come up and then leave again.

As Liz watched the car leave, she turned and looked at me. Some of her flush was gone, but her eyes were still like daggers. “Explain Brad, right now why you would keep this a secret? We told each other we would never keep secrets. NEVER.” She was shaking now as she spoke. I was about to get off the bed and come to her, but she said no.

“Liz with all the stress of the pregnancy, I didn’t want to put more on you. I was honestly worried about you and Meghan.” I was saying with pleading eyes. “I was going to tell you tonight honestly. I was just trying to get you settled in.”

She looked at me with reluctance, “Any more secrets you keeping from me? Better tell me now, or I swear I will cut your balls off.” She gave me a half smile as she said that.

“You might cut my balls off anyway.” I said half joking and half serious. She raised an eyebrow, bit her lip and walked over to the bassinet, checking on Meghan. She sat beside me on the bed putting her head on my shoulder and her hand on my chest. I had to tell her, and it just came out. “Suzanne is pregnant, and it’s mine.”

She didn’t say anything, but her body tensed up. Her hand started to creep down my stomach, making her way to my crotch. “She told me Jimmy thinks it’s his, and that’s the way she wants it. She didn’t want me to tell you, but…” xslot Gir At that moment her hand grabbed my crotch, and she squeezed.

She lifted her head and looked me in the eyes. As she squeezed my cock again making it rise in my pants, she whispered softly. “This belongs to me, and only me for now on. We will not discuss anymore of what happened then.” I simply nodded, then she added, as her fingers worked on my jeans. “Suzanne will figure out how to work this out, she knew what she was getting into, and so did I.” She fished my cock out and started to stroke it.

Then she asked me something that almost made my cock deflate. “Do you love her Brad?”

I lifted her head and looked at her eyes and lips. Her eyes were tearing up a little, and her lips was being bitten in anticipation. “Liz, I might have at one time.” I lifted her chin as she tried to lower her face. “You have my heart and always will. I promise.”

She smiled and kissed me as her hand started to stroke my cock. She then got on her knees by the bed and told me to sit on the side. I did and she took my member into her mouth. “God, I missed this Brad,” she said as she plopped it out of her mouth. I hadn’t had any female companionship for over a month, so I was about to cum already as her mouth went the length to the back of her throat. Her hands caressed my balls, as her tongue moved around the head. She was bobbing as fast as she could, and knew I was about to burst into her mouth. I held onto her red hair and pulled on it toward my groin, and she moaned causing the vibration against the underside of my cock.

As I felt my balls drive upward and my member enlarge more in her mouth, she took just the head in her mouth and her hand was stroking me fast with a turn with each up stroke. “Oh, fuck Liz, I’m…” Not getting the words out, I felt the first spurts enter her mouth as she started to swallow with each spurt. She did not stop sucking or jacking my member until I was done dripping in her mouth.

Licking her lips and running her fingers around the corners of her mouth to catch any cum that might have escaped her mouth. She looked up at me and smiled. “Am I still better than the others?”

Not even thinking about it, “Liz, there is no competition.”

“Good answer big ox.” She stood and changed her shirt as she seen some cum on hers. As she did so, Meghan woke up, most likely hungry, so Liz just took her bra off, and picked Meg up, laid down on the bed and put her to her right breast. I was a bit curious, so I leaned over and latched onto her left breast and started to suckle on her nipple. The sweet taste of milk hit my tongue and she smacked the back of my head. “That’s for your daughter babe.”

Smiling I stood up and went downstairs to tend to the animals and the farm.


“Liz are you ready yet?” I said yelling upstairs as the babysitter was standing holding Meghan. She was now 2 months old and was getting so big. This was going to be the first time Liz and I would be out by ourselves. The babysitter was Tim’s daughter, and was a junior in high school, we trusted her, and she was good with Meghan. I adjusted my tie again as I looked in the mirror when I heard heels coming down the stairs.

I turned in time to see her calves looking very good as she wore green 6-inch-high heels. Her dress was 4 inches above her knee and had only one strap over her right shoulder. It was also emerald green, which was a great contrast to her hair. She had very light makeup on, as she never really wore much. I met her at the stairs landing, holding out my hands to her.

“You look amazing” I was able to say as I gained my composure.

She looked at me up and down, “You clean up pretty good too handsome.”

We kissed and I heard Tim’s daughter laugh and tell us to get a room. “You know you aren’t supposed to be prettier than the bride.”

She just smiled at me with a twinkle in her eyes. Whispering in my ear, “Flattery will get you laid tonight.”

We walked out hand to hand, and I opened her car door for her. As she got in, she spread her legs slightly and I see a glimpse of her green lacy thong. She smiled knowingly to me as I closed the door. As we drove, she would open her legs far enough for her dress to slide further up her thighs, making me so hard by the time we arrived at the church. As I stepped out, I looked around making sure nobody could see me readjusting myself as I walked around to open her door. As she stepped out, she was more modest as I took her hand and helped her out. We walked up to the steps hand to hand through the doors and to the third row of pews, sitting by the aisle.

Suzanne had asked Liz to be in her wedding, but she politely declined. She never really told her the real reason, but said it was because of Meghan and she didn’t have the time. I knew it was due to the baby she was carrying was mine, and Suzanne was keeping it from her. She had become distant from us, and we were fine with this, as we were now a family and quite busy xslot Sitesi with a little one. My wife’s hand was on my thigh as I thought about the last couple of months. She had given me a blow job every night. She said it was making up for all the times she couldn’t give me one. I was remembering the one from last night as she let me touch her pussy as she had me in her mouth.

The music ripped my thoughts out of my head, as the wedding party came down the aisle. I didn’t know anyone and seen for the first time her soon to be husband. He was tall about 6’2, but thin. He was blonde and had glasses. I thought to myself that I hoped the baby came out with Suzanne’s features or I would be in trouble. About that time ‘Here Comes the Bride’ started playing, and we all stood. Suzanne looked pretty in her dress, as her breasts were wanting to spill out on top. Her dress was strapless, and the bottom was mermaid type with lace all around. She wore no veil; her bouquet was made of lilies and I seen a slight hint of her baby bump. Most wouldn’t notice because they didn’t know her as well as I did. Some might think she just has gained some weight. Liz looked at me with a knowing look, meaning we both seen it and thought the same thing.

The wedding went by in a blur, as we sat there watching we held hands squeezing each other’s at pivotal times. As they kissed and walked down the aisle together, Suzanne seen us and smiled, I smiled back but Liz just gave a half smile. As we were released row by row, the bride and groom had a reception line greeting their guests. When it came to our turn, I hugged Suzanne briefly, as she introduced us to Jimmy. He shook my hand and tried to squeeze it hard, but I clamped down even more making him wince. Liz was not cold to them, but she was very clear she wasn’t happy with Suzanne about the circumstances. I grabbed Liz’s hand and we walked into the reception area thinking women are strange creatures.

While dinner started, we were seated with her parents. I was happy about that, as they knew both Liz and I. We had great conversations throughout dinner, and the alcohol was flowing fluently. As the dancing started, Liz grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the dance floor. I felt like I had two left feet, but copied what Liz was doing. This went on for a while until a slow song came on. I pulled Liz in tight as her arms circled around my neck. My hands were on her back, moving up and down. It felt like we were the only people here in this moment.

She took her left hand and brought it down to my shoulder and started to lightly run her index finger up and down my neck. I felt my member start to waken in my slacks. In response I put my right hand on the top of her ass and started to rub from the center to her hips in a small circular motion. That’s when I noticed she wasn’t wearing her panties anymore. I looked at her, and she had a mischievous smile on her face, as she whispered, “You’ll have to check your jacket pocket stud.” I leaned down and kissed her very passionately, not caring if we were seen by anyone at this moment. Our hips started to grind together making both of us breathless.

When the song ended, she turned, grabbed my hand and pulled me off the dance floor and out one of the venues doors. We were in a hallway and Liz put me against the wall practically climbing my body as her hands brought my head down to kiss me. We were interrupted by a drunk older woman coming out looking for the restroom. Liz held onto me and pointed in a direction for the restrooms, then grabbed my hand and led me the other way. We came to rom where the door was unlocked. She led me in, and it had makeup, clothes, garment bags, and I noticed purses in the corner. She smiled and pulled me in, closing the door.

She pushed me into a chair close to the door on the opposite side of the room unzipping my pants. My cock sprang upwards hitting my stomach with a loud plop. She smiled and gave a hiss like a possessed woman. She hiked her dress up and climbed on top of me, positioning my cock at her entrance and lowering herself without hesitation.

“Oh, fuck Brad, it feels so good.” She moaned loudly.

I grabbed onto her ass cheeks and held onto her guiding her hips up and town my pole. She leaned in and kissed me with hunger, inserting her tongue into my mouth deeply. Then she bit my bottom lip as she held my face. Her hips were going so fast, I knew I was not going to last. I felt her pussy tightening up on me, as she moaned my name over and over.

“I’m going to cum Brad, cum with me pleeeaassee, “she screamed in a growl.

I just stared into her eyes nodding my head watching my wife being possessed on my cock, needing me to fill her. Her motions were getting more aggressive as she was now pushing her hips backward and forward rubbing her clit against my pubic area. As she did this, she tightened her cunt muscles and I felt I was on the brink. Suddenly her head went back, and her legs started to shake as her hips were like a blur on my legs. She grabbed my head and put her forehead against mine and started crying out. At the same time, I felt my release enter inside her warm wetness rope after rope. I held onto her as she rode her orgasm out, emptying my cock as she did. That’s when I heard someone at the door clapping.

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