Getting The Builders In Ch. 03


Alison is renovating her house and has got off to a rocky start with her new neighbour. The morning after a regretful evening she thinks about what might have been…

I’d woken up that morning with a terrible headache and that familiar ‘oh my God what did I do last night?’ feeling. I spent the morning mooching round my half renovated house, cringing as flashbacks to the night before kept coming to mind.

I’d ended up knocking back far too much wine and somehow had invited in Tom, the neighbour I thought had been spying on my and who I’d accused of being a pervert. Then, in my tired and drunken state, I’d attempted unsuccessfully and embarrassingly to seduce him.

It had seemed a good idea at the time. Deciding he wasn’t that bad after all, and that he was actually quite cute, I’d moved up the sofa to him and began to unbutton his jeans and pull down his shorts. Before I (or he!) knew what I was doing, I was sucking and licking desperately on his growing cock. What had I been thinking? I wished I’d remembered much less about that night. As I slumped onto the sofa, nursing my headache, I thought about what I’d done.

On my own, in a new house in a new town, maybe it had all got too much and the wine and exhaustion from a hard day had got the better of me. It all made sense at the time. All seemed ‘right’. Last night, as I sat astride his legs with his now throbbing cock in my mouth, I just knew he was going to reach round me. He’d feel my firm butt(I love working out), massage my buttocks with his big builder’s hands. Then he’d hook his fingers inside the waistband of my jogging pants and knickers and pull them down my legs. I’d moan and suck harder on his cock as his fingers followed the cleft between my buttocks, lightly touching my anus before he found my moistening pussy. I’d gasp as a thick finger parted my wet lips, pushing inside me.

I’d rock back çatalca escort and forwards on his fingers in time as I sucked on his cock, taking as much into my mouth as I could, nearly gagging. My hands would explore his strong chest, feel his ribs, then grasp his hips tightly as I felt him get ready to come. He’d have his two fingers pushing hard inside my aching cunt. I’d feel butterflies in my stomach, my cunt lips hot, wet and swollen.

I’d feel him tense. I’d hold him tighter as I also began to come. Then, as I whimpered and moaned, his big cock would flinch and twitch before his hot spunk shot into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. He’d come and come, as would I, as I writhed against his fingers in my cunt. His hot, sticky cum would be on my teeth, my tongue, oozing from my lips as I milked his cock, sucking licking and swallowing it all down.

At last he’d be finished and I’d collapse on to him, orgasming as his thick fingers worked inside me. When he’d made me moan and cry as much as I could take he’d slip his wet fingers from my cunt. Taking his hand I’d look in to his eyes and slip his fingers into my mouth. I’d take a long, hard suck, tasting my own cum on him.

Then… who knows? I’d imagined we’d go to bed. He’d lie me back and begin to trail kisses from my mouth, down my neck. His hands would explore my body, feeling my firm breasts, his fingers pinching gently on my nipples. He’d take them in turn in his mouth, flicking his tongue over my erect buds, suckling gently.

As I ran my fingers through his hair, he’d continue to move down. And God I wanted him to. I wouldn’t be able to help but lift my knees and open my legs as he placed kisses on my belly while his hands kneaded my breasts. I’d feel his warm breath on my skin, moving lower. At last I’d feel the warmth between my legs, then his tongue touch against esenyurt escort my cunt lips. My head would tip back as I felt his tongue lap my cunt, softly at first then hungrily. I’d press him closer, urging him on. His tongue would find the parting between my lips and start to lick inside me. I’d want to help him, reaching down and parting my lips for him to probe his tongue deeper inside me.

Then, a hand would move from my breasts while the continued to knead and fondle with the other. I’d feel him slip his hand between my legs and suddenly I’d feel his finger briefly touch my ass hole. He’d slip his finger into my gushing cunt, pushing right up to the knuckle, stroking inside. Then another finger, and another. I’d be so wet that his fingers would have no trouble moving in and out of me.

Then, his fingers would be replaced with his hot, probing tongue again. As the licking started again, a lubricated finger would be pressing at my ass hole. He’d seem to sense my reluctance but he’d press his moistened finger firmly at my entrance. I’d have to try to relax my muscles and then his finger would begin to penetrate my ass. I’d feel the sensation of his tongue on my cunt and his finger pushing in and out of my ass as my breasts were squeezed and pulled.

I would feel my stomach knotting again, my whimpers growing to long moans. But I’d want to come with him properly inside me this time. I’d pull him to me and we’d kiss passionately, tasting and smelling each other’s cum. As we kissed, I’d feel his fat cock pressing against me. Even though I’d be so wet, so ready for him, he’d still need to push at my cunt. I’d reach a hand between my legs, my fingers feeling my moist cunt and his cock as it entered me. God it would be big, making me gasp.

Eventually his full length would be inside me, my cunt stretching around him. He would feel etiler escort so good inside me as he began to move back and forth. Slowly at first, then gathering pace. He’d withdraw till he was nearly right out of me, then push back in till his balls slapped against me. Then he’d move slowly for a while, then push quickly, forcefully, pushing me into the bed, fucking me hard till I moaned and moaned. For what seemed an age he would pound my hot cunt with his big fat cock. I’d wrap my legs around him, pushing up in time with his thrusts. It would feel like his cock was right up inside my stomach.

I’d sense he was going to cum. But I wouldn’t ready yet. I’d need more. I’d push him away, desperate to get his cock back inside me as soon as possible. I’d turn over on to all fours, then lean into the bed, grasping the edge as I waited for him to enter me again. He’d move between my legs, no doubt getting a full view of my ass hole. Thick fingers would saw into my cunt to make sure I was still slickly wet, then they’d guide his cock to my entrance. He’d push straight in, all his cock inside me in an instant, pushing my face into the pillows. I’d feel my nipples brush the cotton bedclothes as my breasts rippled with each thrust.

I’d begin to cum as he bucked into me. I’d feel his strong hands on my buttocks, spreading them so he could see my little ass hole. Then a lubricated finger would gently circle my ring before pushing inside me. He’d push deeper this time, his finger making circular motions inside me.

I’d be delirious, cumming again and again, my juices dribbling down my pussy lips and thighs. Then the finger in my ass hole would be withdrawn and I’d feel him grasp my hips tightly with both hands. As I orgasmed I’d feel an even stronger, deeper thrust as his cock buried itself deep inside and began to shoot hot sperm into me. He’d stay hard for a long time, pumping cum in to me till it combined with my own juices and leaked from my cunt. At last he’d finish thrusting. With him still inside me we’d collapse on to the bed, hot, sweating and exhausted. Then we’d fall in to a satisfied sleep, waking later to do it all again.

At least that’s what I imagined, anyway.

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