Getting to Know Me Pt. 03


Now I debated which would be the appropriate category. Whether to place this in transgender or Incest, I chose incest at the last.

I followed Mrs. Peterson into their bedroom where mother lay spread eagle waiting for Mr. Butch to fuck her.

“Come here johnnie,” he said poised over mother. “Put my cock in this bitch. Put it where you came from.”

I couldn’t move. Fear and excitement washed over me. I’d never seen anyone have sex before and certainly not mother. Now I was instructed to put Mr. Butch’s cock in her pussy.

“Go on baby. Pussies don’t bite and it won’t be the first time you’ve handled Butch’s cock.” Mrs. Peterson nudged me toward the waiting couple.

I crawled up on the bed beside Mr. Butch. He took my hand and put it on his cock. I was staring at mother’s pussy. Like Mrs. Peterson she was also shaved. I could see the moisture of her excitement shining in the dim light.

“Okay sissy. You’re in for a treat. Get up on your knees slut. johnnie, you lay under this bitch mother of yours. I want your head at her cunt.”

Mother and I got into position as Mr. Butch knelt behind her generous ass. I could feel mother’s breath through my underpants and my hard dick was leaking. Looking back I saw Mr. Butch’s balls hanging just above my face.

“Kiss my cock johnnie, then kiss my slut’s cunt.”

Mother looked down between us as I opened my mouth and took Mr. Butch’s cock in. I slurped and licked. Then I pushed my face into his balls and kissed them as well.

“Go on now sissy. Kiss that cunt.”

I hesitated but mother would not have it. She lowered her wet pussy on my face.

It’s funny, the ironies of life. The first pussy I tasted just happened to be the one from which I emerged 22 years earlier. I kissed it, decided I liked it and pushed my face into mother’s pussy.

“Look at that incestuous sissy,” Mrs. Peterson said. I could tell she was happy seeing me like this.

“Okay johnnie. Put my cock in this bitch and kiss it and her cunt while I fuck her. Who knows, maybe I’ll give you a little brother.”

I placed the head of his large cock at my mother open pussy and watched as Mr. Butch pushed in.

“Oh God sir,” mother growled. “I just love your cock.”

I planted my mouth where Mr. Butch’s cock and mother’s pussy met and licked and kissed enjoying the taste of their fuck.

Mr. Butch fucked in and out slowly building his tempo. Mother groaned and moaned through countless orgasms telling Mr. Butch that it’s his pussy, that father would never get his tiny clit dick close to it ever again.

“You better not let that cock sucker you married fuck my cunt,” Mr. Butch warned. “If I hear he has, I’ll never fuck you again.”

I felt something going on by my waist. I looked down between mother and I and saw that Mrs. Peterson slide close, offering mother her pussy.

Mother, at first didn’t partake but Mrs. Peterson took a handful of mother’s hair and pulled her face into her crotch.

I heard Mr. Butch say, “I should have let that faggot stay. He could eat my ass and make this a real family affair.

Mother’s muffled moans of pleasure came from Mrs. Peterson’s pussy as Mr. Butch sped up his fucking.

I licked the thrusting cock then opened my mouth wide trying to take Mr. Butch’s balls in.

I felt them tighten as he announced his immanent orgasm. “I’m cumming bitch. Gonna put a baby up in your whore belly.”

“Yes Butch, fuck your whore babe. Fuck this bitch and put a bastard in her. Oh God, I gonna cum bitch suck my cunt. Oh yeah. Oh that’s so gaa, mumph. Good Christ ahhh. Yeah.”

Everyone calmed down and Mr. Butch started to pull out. “Catch my cock in your mouth sissy. Suck it like your old man was.”

I opened wide and did catch his softening cock. I licked and sucked him clean savoring the combined flavors of mother’s juices and Mr. Butch’s spunk.

“Good job faggot. Now clean your mother’s cunt. Get my cum out of the whore. Do a good job or you and your daddy will be changing diapers in a few months.”

Both he and Mrs. Peterson laughed out loud at his last remark. I had to snicker too. I mean, funny is funny, right?

Mother made drink for everyone, including me and resumed her position on the floor at Mr. Butch’s cock.

Mrs. Peterson had me sit beside her on the love seat. “Poor thing. You haven’t cum yet have you baby?”

She reached into my underpants and took my little dick between her thumb and index finger.

“Take these off,” she told me snapping the elastic waistband.

My little boner stood out almost two inches of fury as I stood there in only my nightie. “Now beat yourself off johnnie, Mr. Butch demanded. Jack that tiny little dick that will never, ever see the inside of a pussy. Let me know when you’re close boi.”

I closed my eyes too embarrassed to masturbate in front of these people. I knew I promised Mr. Butch I’d always do as he told me. So, while this was something I never expected him to ask of me. I willed myself to do his bidding.

“Step over here to mommy,” he instructed. “Cum on her tits. Show your mommy how her big boi can cum.”

“Oh Gosh Mr. Butch, I’m close.”

“Do it. Cum on the bitch.”

“Oh Butch, do you really want him to do that?” Mrs. Peterson asked.

“Hell yes I do. We own him, his mother and his father. I expect each of them to do as they’re told.”

“Ugh umph. I blew my little load all over mother’s breasts like Mr. Butch wanted me to. So intense was my orgasm that my knees weakened. By the time I finished I was on my knees in front of mother, a puddle of cum formed beneath my little dick.

Mr. Butch didn’t let me enjoy my cum for long. “Now lick that shit off my whore sissy. Don’t be shy. You sucked those titties years ago and just sucked my cum out of her cunt. You can do this boi.”

I leaned forward sticking out my tongue to perform the humiliating task. Mother cradled my head in her hands and guided me to her breasts. My sperm tasted nothing like the potent seed of Mr. Butch and I hurried to finish.

“Get it all baby boi,” mother cooed. “Get all of that nasty shit off mommy.”

Even with my face nestled between mother’s breasts, I hear Mrs. Peterson tell Mr. Butch, “If either his or his father’s dick were long enough, I’d have them fuck each other.”

All three laughed with mother adding that father wouldn’t last long enough to enter me before he spurted his watery sperm.

More laughter. “His spooge ain’t any good anyhow,” Mr. Butch guffawed. “Look at the little cock sucker it made. Sure fucked up that egg.”

I think he was talking about me. My faced burned with embarrassment as all three of them laughed.

I finished my chore and looked up at mother who mouthed, “I love you.”

I did the same and turned to Mr. Butch and Mrs. Peterson. “Thank you for including me tonight, ma’am and sir.”

“Noon tomorrow cock sucker. Now take that whore mother of yours and get the fuck out of here.”

“Can we dress first?” mother asked.

“Go now my pets,” Mrs. Peterson said showing us to the door still naked but gracious enough to hand us our clothes. “See you tomorrow johnnie. We’ll go shopping, you, your mommy, and I. Mr. Butch will call your father and tell him to give you a credit card.”

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