Girlie Girl’s Benefactor


I lay on my new king-sized bed and satin sheets. Oh, this was lovely! The tempurpedic mattress arrived just this morning, and it was exactly what I asked for. Well, I didn’t really ask. I just mentioned one lazy afternoon while I was lying on my back with my legs spread, and Mr. Smith – he’s Sweet Fuck, to me – was sucking and kissing on my clit, that I would love to have a bigger, firmer bed.

He raised his head from between my thighs and smiled broadly. “Whatcha want, Girlie Girl? That’s how he asked me about everything — “Whatcha want?” And I told him about the three days I luxuriated in a motel room in Mississippi on an over-sized king mattress, not wanting to get out of bed because it was so big and fabulously comfortable.

“That’s what you need,” he said, raising his head again. To lie in bed all the time! It’s where you are the happiest, and where I love to keep you!” He didn’t say anything else, just went back to softly sucking my clit and tongue-fucking my cunt. I’d already cum about four times, and was close to falling asleep, but he so loved the taste of my cunt nectar, and he was just the best tongue-fucker I’ve ever had between my thighs.

Before the week was out, the bed had arrived – and was all set up and made by the time I came home from work, wrapped in a huge red bow. I squealed with delight!

When Officer Perkins had first started coming over to fuck me with his friends, he met Mr. Smith outside my apartment door one morning. I guess Mr. Smith wanted to know what intentions Officer Perkins had with me. Officer Perkins was very direct. “I aim to fuck that girlie girl as often as I possibly can – and bring other men over to fuck her, too! She loves fucking more than any woman I’ve ever known, and she needs it! I aim to help her out all I can.”

“Girlie Girl? Is that what you call her?” Mr. Smith asked. “That isn’t her name, you know.”

“Don’t care what her name is. She’s Girlie Girl to all of us that fuck her all hours of the night in her bed. Damn! That woman can fuck! And she sucks cock like she’s afraid there won’t be any left tomorrow! She absolutely loves the taste of cum. I don’t care how many men tuzla eve gelen escort I bring to her bed, or how often, they all get to fuck her — and they love the freedom she expresses to them with her perfectly beautiful cunt. Girlie Girl loves being fucked Girlie Girl style, too — that’s a huge turn-on for the men I bring over.”

“Girlie Girl Styel? What’s that?” Asked Mr. Smith.

“Well, we used to call it doggie style fucking — coming at her cunt from behind, with big hands on her ass, her titties being sucked by one guy, while another guy fucks her cunt. But she didn’t like that ‘doggie style’ phrase. Says she ain’t no dog. And it’s for damned sure she ain’t no dog! So we fuck her Girlie Girl Style every chance we get. I tell you, the juices just flow fast and free out of her beautiful cunt!”

“Sure would like to get me some of that cunt juice,” Mr. Smith told him. “But my Johnson here ain’t much good to no one anymore. And his shoulders sagged.

“Why, I bet she’d love to let you lick and suck on her clit! You don’t got to fuck her to keep her happy. She’s told us all that there’s – how’d she put it? – Oh, yeah, that there’s ‘myriad ways to keep me happy for days and days.’ She’s quite the poet, you know. She don’t care how young or how old you are. She just loves to spread her legs!”

Mr. Smith’s shoulders perked up and his eyes smiled. “Maybe you’ll drop a good word about me from time to time? She flirts with me every time I see her…even let me play with her titties…but Marie – the wife, you know – she’s around all the time. Can’t get hardly a minute’s peace from that woman.

Officer Perkins told me about their conversation when little gifts – wrapped in pretty packages with exquisite bows — started showing up in my apartment. There were no name tags, but I was certain they were not from my midnight marauders, who left cash on my bedstand. A beautiful diamond bracelet, open-tittie bras, sheer nightgowns, crotchless silk panties. Several times I found gift certificates to my favorite clothing store (a place I could not always afford to shop!).

“Oh, it’s probably your landlord, tuzla otele gelen escort Girlie Girl,” Officer Perkins said. “He’s got a key, right? Probably watches when you leave, and plants the gifts where he knows you will find them.”

“Wow! What a sweet, sweet man. I knew he liked me. He seems to always be around when I am sunbathing out by the pool with my top off. His wife hates that! He tells her, ‘Marie, if you don’t like her titties, stop looking!’ He loves to stare at my titties, Officer Perkins. He likes to stand really close to me when we talk, and I let him brush up close to me and peek down my blouse.”

“It’s them open tittie bras you wear, Girlie Girl. Damn! They’re hot, just like you!”

I grinned.

“Mr. Smith even asked me once what size bra I wear. I opened my blouse so he could look at them up close. He stretched his fingers, trying to cover the whole breast and said, ‘Wow, child. These are fine, big titties!” And I let him suck for a few minutes…I guess that’s why these new bras I found in the gift box fit so well. And these are so very expensive.”

“Maybe we can do something really nice for the old guy – if he’ll pay for it, I mean. I don’t have that kind of money – and it’s really going to cost big – but your permission to let him do it is the best gift you can give to the old man,” Officer Perkins said. “I’ve got this friend on the force who does hidden camera work. Bet you would love to let your Mr. Smith watch while all us guys fuck you, wouldn’t you, Girlie Girl?”

“Oh! What a wonderfully marvelous idea! Like a TV camera!”

“Yes, but hidden. I don’t know that all the guys would like the idea of being scoped out on camera while they fuck you and suck your clit. But we don’t need to tell ’em. I’m sure your Mr. Smith ain’t gonna be doing no bragging to anyone. I’ve seen his wife – and she sure keeps him on a short leash.”

Well, there was no problem at all getting Mr. Smith to pay for the set-up. Officer Perkins said he whipped out a wad of cash from his billfold that would make your jaw drop.

“How much you need, Sonny?” he asked Officer Perkins. “Whatever tuzla sınırsız escort it takes! I got a little room upstairs where I keep my computer and the like. Do you suppose we could hook the camera up to my monitor?”

“I reckon we can do whatever you like, Mr. Smith,” Officer Perkins said. “But how ’bout you just let me bring you the bill. This fella I know will do it right for you – you want sound, too? Yes, of course — you’ll want to hear her moan and scream when she cums. You’ll have a great time with this, Mr. Smith. And when she’s ready for you, I’m sure you’ll have all the cunt cream you can lick off your lips.”

The flow of gifts from Mr. Smith does not seem to be impeded by anything. He is the most generous man I’ve ever known. When he gave me gifts at the start of every tour of the Girlie Girl Fuck Bus, I noticed that other men wanted to do the same the next time they signed up – till it was taking up so much time opening all the gifts that I added a day to the tour, free of charge. All the guests on the bus were trying to out-do Mr. Smith…but no one is as generous as he is.

Sweet Fuck opened up the apartment next to me through a wall in my apartment, to give me more room for all the gifts I was receiving, and included it in my lease for the same price. I paid my rent because we did not want Marie to get too suspicious…even though the money passed from Sweet Fuck to me, to my checking account, and back to him.

It’s no wonder, then, that he has access to my luscious big titties and my wet and swollen cunt at a moment’s notice. Sometimes when I am out washing my car, bent across the hood to reach the windows, he will come out side and slide his hands up my shorts and finger my clit. He’s so fast, too. He’s there before I realize it. Ohhh! I love how he fingers my clit and plays with my wet cunt. And he loves to stroke my bare ass down the back of my shorts.

“My, God, Girlie Girl!” he will say, “This is the wettest cunt I’ve ever seen! It’s always wet and ready for playing. Must be why you love to fuck so damned much. You’re ‘on’ 24/7. Got to have some of that nectar on my chin when Marie takes her nap. So, when you get done washing your car, pretty please go lie on your big bed and spread your legs for me.”

And I heard him singing a little tune as he walked away.

“Sweet Fuck! I am Girlie Girl’s Sweet Fuck, and I love it! I lick her clit and tongue-fuck her cunt – and I love it! I love it! I love it!”

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