Giving Her What She Wants Ch. 02


The morning after Jamie’s birthday, I woke with a jolt. Jamie had my cock in her mouth, slurping on it.

“What’s gotten into you?” I asked. The dim light of the rising sun was creeping through the windows.

“Mffmfgh,” was all she said as she continued to suck. I knew what had gotten into her. She was still horny from the day before. The worshiping of Andre’s black cock had driven her crazy with lust. I pushed her off me, spun her around, and took her from behind. All the jerking off I had been doing must have dulled my senses because I pounded her mercilessly for what seemed like an eternity. She came multiple times before I felt my orgasm approaching. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head towards my cock, shooting my cum onto her face. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I would’ve never tried that before, but now I didn’t seem to care if it pissed her off. Much to my surprise, Jamie took the cum shot smiling and then took me into her mouth, sucking the cum off my cock and swallowing it down. She even wiped what was on her face into her mouth and swallowed that as well. Going to sleep the prior night I wasn’t sure I could continue seeing Jamie, but if this is what she had turned into, I would have to reconsider.

“Fuck,” I said, laughing, “that was crazy.”

Jamie laughed as well and cuddled up next to me. She kissed me and told me she loved me. Was she feeling guilty? Not really sure I meant it, I told her I loved her. Love what a slut Andre’s black cock has made you, I thought. The rest of the week was no different. Jamie was a machine, she even came to my work where we fucked on my desk.

It wasn’t until the weekend rolled around that I realized I had never called Tim back. I wondered if his son had told him what happened. I decided to call him up.

“Hello?” Tim answered the phone. He sounded terrible.

“Tim! I’m sorry I forgot to call back and see what Andre came up with. It sounds like you’re still sick.”

“Yeah man, dealin’ with the flu or something. Dre said he thought your backyard was beautiful, but if you really wanted to add something, we could plant some palms. They grow real nice here.”

I bet Andre thought something in my backyard was beautiful. Did I want him to come back? Fuck it, I thought. Let’s see just how far down the rabbit hole this could go.

“That sounds great, Tim. When will you be able to deliver them?”

“Shit, we can bring ’em by Monday. Well, Andre will unless I start feelin’ better. We have some in stock.”

We went over the details, I gave him my credit card info, and then we ended the call. Jamie was in the other room watching tv, so I walked over and told her what had been decided. She looked excited when I told her they would be stopping by in just a couple days. She popped off the couch and came bouncing up to me, saying the pool would look so pretty. We kissed and she started to rub at my cock through my pants. The news and prospect of seeing Andre again had really excited her. I considered rejecting her advance to piss her off like I had the previous week, but I couldn’t resist. I bent her over the couch and fucked her until we both came.

Monday arrived and I was feeling very anxious. I could hardly concentrate on my work. I kept checking the clock, hoping it would be noon and Andre would be arriving at my house. Shortly before noon, I loaded up my cameras to see what Jamie was up to. She was laying in bed, completely naked, pleasuring herself with her fingers. She had completely shaved her pussy and, although I couldn’t see the TV, it sounded like she was watching porn. My god, I was grinning ear to ear, my scheme had turned her into a nymphomaniac.

In another window, a truck was backing up my driveway with four palm trees in the bed. They were about seven feet tall and looked pretty heavy. I wondered how Andre would manage to move them. Then, to my surprise, Andre exited the driver side, while another man came out of the passenger door. They grabbed a couple of shovels and walked into my backyard. Andre pointed out a spot for the new man to dig while he dug in another spot. The new guy was also black and looked to be around the same height as Andre, but was considerably more well built. They joked with each other loudly as they finished the first two holes and moved on to the last two.

Back on the bedroom cam, Jamie popped up and looked toward the balcony. It seemed she had heard them. Still naked, she walked out onto the balcony and then returned seconds later. She walked to the bed where she had some clothes waiting. A skimpy white thong slid up her legs, followed by a white mini-skirt that drove me wild when she wore it. She put on a tight gray tank top and walked to the mirror. The outlines of her nipples were easily seen sticking through the thin fabric. She gave her hair a brushing and then went downstairs.

Outside, Andre and the other man were grunting and cursing as they lowered the first tree into the freshly dug hole. They both looked up when Jamie Anadolu Yakası Olgun Escort came out the door.

“Hey Andre, it’s good to see you again! Who’s your friend?”

“This is Derek. He’s working with us over the summer before he heads off to college. He’s gonna play football at State.”

“I bet he is,” Jamie replied. She was admiring Derek’s bulging arms as he filled the hole around the tree. Probably picturing him filling another hole. “Do y’all want something to drink? Water? A cold beer?”

Before Andre could speak, Derek said “Beers would be good.”

Jamie nodded and spun around, her skirt lifting up a bit, giving them a glimpse of her round ass. I could see her smiling as she went to fetch the beers.

“Shit nigga, you see the way she lookin’ at us?” Derek said to Andre. “She thirsty.”

“Yeah she is. I hit that last week.”

Derek laughed. “You fuckin’ kiddin’ me? Goddayum son. She want more.”

Jamie bounced back out the door, carrying three bottles of beer. She handed the beers to the guys and they all took a drink. She sat in a chair by the pool while they planted the rest of the trees, occasionally making idle conversation. I could sense how wet she was getting watching them work up a sweat.

When they were almost done, she went inside and returned with fresh beers. As she set them down on a table, she said “If y’all wanna cool down and get some of that dirt off, you can jump in the pool.”

The young men looked at each other.

“We ain’t got no swimming suits,” Derek replied.

“Just go in your boxers,” Jame answered with a seductive smile. “I’ll get you some towels.”

Jamie went inside and grabbed a couple towels. When she returned, the guys were already sitting in the pool. She set the towels down on a table.

“You not comin’ in?” Derek asked.

“I don’t know. Should I, Andre?”

“Of course,” He laughed.

Jamie hurried up to my room. She tore off her clothes and grabbed a white bikini off the bed. I really liked this one. You could almost see right through it when it got wet and hardly covered any more than the black one she had stripped off for Andre last week.

“Damn, girl!” Derek shouted as Jamie stepped into the pool. Both men were transfixed on her body.

“What?” Jamie said, with a coy smile. “The water feels so nice.” She kicked her legs out across the top of the water, giving them a glimpse of her crotch. “Have y’all ever skinny dipped? It feels so cool to swim without anything on.” She wasn’t wasting any time.

“No. I don’t know about swimming naked with my boy here,” Derek answered.

“I will if you will,” Jamie shot back.

In an instant, both of their boxer shorts were off and thrown onto the deck. Jamie laughed and then turned around. With her back turned, she teased them, slowly undoing her top. She leaned over the side of the pool to drop it on the ground and then undid the bottom of her bikini, shaking her ass as she dropped it on the ground. She turned around, giving them a look at her shaven pussy. Her tits jiggled as she descended the steps of the pool towards them, her silver nipple rings sparkling.

The guys could hold themselves back no longer. They swam to her, one on each side, and stood beside her. Towering over her, they grabbed at her breasts and ass. The water was only three feet deep where they stood. It rose to Jamie’s midsection, but only to the guy’s thighs. Andre’s cock was fully hard, pointing up at Jamie. Jamie gaped when she looked at Derek’s. Not even completely hard, it was as long as Andre’s and thicker than Jamie’s wrist.

She looked as if she had just found god, looking up into Derek’s face. The black men continued manhandling her as she put a hand on their chests, feeling their strength, and then letting her hands find their cocks. She began to stroke them when Andre leaned down and kissed her neck. She turned her head to him and they started to make out.

Derek’s colossal cock stiffened in her hand. It had to be a foot long, her hand couldn’t even fit around it. With one hand he was grabbing her ass and with the other he rubbed her clit. Jamie moaned and turned to him. She kissed and licked at his muscular chest until he leaned down and they began to make out.

Standing next to the hulking black men, Jamie looked like angel. An angel jerking two immense black cocks and lusting for more. She moved back onto the bottom step of the pool, knelt down, and pulled the men towards her. She looked like a kid in a candy store as the bulging cocks were within inches of her face. She kissed the head of Derek’s first and then Andre’s, always jerking the one she wasn’t paying attention to with her mouth. She ran her tongue down Derek’s shaft. Looking up at him with burning desire in her eyes, she kissed and licked his sack.

Unable to restrain himself any longer, Derek grabbed her by the back of the head with one hand and with the other positioned his cock at her lips. Instinctively, Anadolu Yakası Sarışın Escort Jamie opened her mouth wide and took the head of Derek’s mammoth cock in. After just a couple inches, it looked as though she could fit no more in, but she was determined. She bobbed her head on it it, lubing it with her saliva so that more could slide in. He began to force it in further as Jamie gagged, but greedily did not let it out of her mouth. She was moaning in delight, drool spilling down her chin and into the pool.

Perhaps feeling left out, Andre picked Jamie up and placed her onto a higher step. She had to bend down on all fours to continue the mouthfucking she was receiving. As Andre drove his cock into her inviting pink cunt, a smothered moan escaped her cock filled mouth.

“Yea, break that pussy in fo’ me.” Derek gloated.

“Mnfff.” Jamie responded, looking up into his eyes.

Once again, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on my computer screen. My sweet white girlfriend was on all fours in my pool, a black cock pumping in her mouth and another taking her from behind. And she was loving every moment of it. Inexplicably, so was I.

Derek took her head in both hands and thrust his cock into her. She wasn’t even getting half of it in, but she was doing her best. She jerked her head back, coughing and gasping for air. Derek laughed as he slapped his cock against her face.

“Catch yo’ breath, girl,” He said.

Jamie didn’t need long, she grabbed his cock at the base and eased it into her mouth again, stroking the bottom half of his cock that couldn’t possibly fit in her mouth. Andre was smashing himself into her, a loud clapping sound erupting each time his hips slammed into her. Her pussy was oozing juices, coating his thrusting cock. Jamie’s stifled moans became constant. Her ass gyrated as Andre pounded her. She had to take Derek’s cock out of her mouth again and squealed as she came.

“Fuck! Yes! Fuck my pussy!” She yelled in between gasps of air and then returned to sucking Derek with wild abandon. Three quarters of it was now sliding past her lips. You could see a bulge in her throat each time she took it deepest.

Andre began a low moan as he started to cum. His entire cock was covered in Jamie’s white stickiness, her pussy gripping his cock as he fucked her hard. Like he had the week before, he drove himself as deep as possible into her cunt and roared. Immediately, his cum filled her up, ran down her legs, and into the pool. He moaned and twitched, each time releasing more seed into her womb. He was breathing heavy, still occasionally moaning as Jamie wiggled herself around his cock, trying to milk it for every last drop. Finally, he pulled his cock out, which made a “thwup” sound, and reveled as a flood of his cum came pouring out of Jamie’s gaping pussy.

Andre moved to sit on the edge of the pool, his cock was still hard and glistening. Jamie pulled Derek out of her mouth and looked up at him.

“Be gentle with me,” She said in a begging tone.

Jamie turned to face Andre, taking his cum covered cock in her mouth. After Derek, she seemed to have no problem instantly taking him in all the way to his balls, occasionally swallowing the cum she had collected in her mouth. When Derek got behind her, she took out Andre’s cock and pinned it against her face, bracing herself.

“Ohhhhnffffff.” She moaned as the tip of Derek’s cock pushed into her. After the first inch, even with her own wetness and Andre’s cum, Derek met resistance. Her pussy stretched and strained to accommodate his gargantuan cock. Having taken the initial shock, she resumed sucking Andre.

Derek groaned as he struggled to work himself inside her. With slow, methodical thrusts, he seemed to be going a little deeper each time. Jamie started to cum again, her moans gurgling as she continued to deepthroat Andre’s cock. Her ecstasy set off Andre, who started to grunt as he came in her mouth. Jamie gulped, her mouth filling with cum. She sucked it a little longer and then let his cock fall out of her mouth, cum dribbling down her chin. She took deep breaths and closed her eyes, now focusing solely on the pleasure of Derek fucking her.

Derek was slapping her ass with each thrust, admiring the jiggle of her perfect round ass. He was now getting half his cock in, slowly sliding in and out. It fell quiet as Andre watched from the side, the only sounds were an occasional moan from Jamie and the sound of wetness as Derek’s cock pushed inside her. The cream of her pussy had coated the first half of Derek’s cock when he began to pick up his pace. He grabbed a cheek in each hand, pulled them apart, and thrusted.

“Ohhh… ohhh…. ohhh,” Jamie moaned in rhythm with his thrusts. “Deeper… deeper… deeper,” She demanded.

Derek answered her with a grunt as he bucked harder into her. Unbelievably, nine inches of his thick, monster, black cock were disappearing inside her insatiable cunt.

“Fuuuuuck! Fuuuuck!” Jamie Anadolu Yakası Şişman Escort screamed. “Split me open! Fuuuuuck!”

Enticed by her screams, he drove his cock into her harder. Jamie was rolling her hips with each thrust, helping him get deeper. The wet sound of her cunt getting plowed was the hottest thing I had ever heard. Her body convulsed as she was racked with another mind shattering orgasm. Derek began a low chant as he was pummeling her with nearly the entirety of his cock.

“No! Don’t you dare cum yet!” Jamie yelled. She squirmed off his cock and sat on the edge of the pool, facing him.”I want to watch it,” She said as she spread her legs wide, offering her pussy to him.

Derek moved towards her, put his cock to her slit, and thrust in. He was not wasting any time being gentle this time. He grabbed onto her thighs and pounded her wildly. Jamie sat watching his cock go in and out, it looked like she was in a trance.

“Take that pussy. It is yours. Oh my god, your cock, give it to me,” She murmured, never taking her eyes off the incredibly sized black cock fucking her. “Ohhh! Yes! Give it… to…. me!” She screamed. She was cumming again as her eyes rolled into her head. She was rocking on her ass, helping him get deeper. Derek was chanting again, burying the entirety of his cock into Jamie’s beautiful pink cunt.

“Cum for me! Cum for me… my master!” She yelled.

Derek fucked her harder than ever, their moans intertwining. Jamie seemed to be having one long, continuous orgasm as Derek grunted, his entire length filled her and withdrew at lightning speed, over and over again. Every muscle in his body bulged as he exerted himself to its’ limits.

“Ahhhhhhh!” He bellowed as he started to cum, but he did not slow his pace. Cum was squirting out of Jamie’s stretched pussy as she screamed, “Yes! Fuck yes!” Her eyes were once again glued to the cock that was ravaging her.

Derek pulled out of her, still cumming. He shot rope after rope onto her stomach, her tits, her neck, finally reaching her face as Jamie opened her mouth catching what she could and swallowing it with glee. He still had not stopped, cum was splashing off her forehead and cheeks into her hair. Jamie smiled, accepting each stream as a precious gift.

“Ohhhh,” Derek moaned as his body shook. His cock still unleashing a cascade of cum every few seconds, now falling on her breasts and stomach and the last few aimed at her slit. He slid his cock back inside her, delivering the last of his seed where she wanted it most.

What a sight Jamie was. She looked to be dazed, completely bewildered by what had just happened to her. Ravenously, she pushed the cum on her face to her mouth, sucking on her fingers. She scooped what she could off her body and swallowed that, too. With one hand, she was rubbing it into her tits while with the other she pushed what was on her abdomen down to her pussy, rubbing it into her clit and into the lips of her cunt. She laid there motionless for a few moments, basking in the glory of the sex she just had.

Derek chuckled. “Master, huh?”

Andre had gotten up and was putting his clothes on. “C’mon man, we gotta go, more work to do.”

Derek looked at Jamie and she looked back at him. Her eyes begged him not to leave. She wanted more.

“You can finish without me, brotha. I ain’t finished with this bitch yet.”

“How you gonna get home? I’m your ride.”

“I’ll take him home,” Jamie quickly said.

Andre looked annoyed.


Andre gathered his things, walked to the truck, and drove off.

“What are you gonna do with me?” Jamie asked with a smile.

Derek picked her up off the ground and put her in his lap as he sat in the pool. He fondled her tits as they kissed, tugging on her piercings. He didn’t say anything, they both knew she would do whatever he asked of her. Jamie scooted away from him and fully submerged herself in the water, trying to wash off the drying cum.

“Let’s go inside,” Derek said.

Together, they got out of the pool and dried off. Jamie followed Derek inside.

“I’m kinda hungry. Make me something to eat,” He commanded of her. “And I’ll have a beer with it.”

Without hesitation, Jamie went to the fridge and started pulling some food out. I could see her on the kitchen cam and Derek on the living room cam. He walked around, looking through my house. He walked up to the book case, inspecting something curiously.

“This your man?” He asked with a laugh. He was looking at a picture of Jamie and I. “Nice place he has. Does he know you like taking nigga dick?”

Jamie didn’t answer. She finished making him a sandwich and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. She brought it to him on a plate. Derek sat on the couch and started to eat.

“You can suck my dick while I finish this.”

Her eyes lit up at the opportunity to pleasure his cock again. She hopped onto the couch next to him, got on her knees and leaned down over him. He was limp, but she stroked him as she took the cock into her mouth. It rapidly swelled with the attention she gave and soon she was again struggling with his massive girth. Derek finished his food, gulped down the beer, and set aside the plate and bottle. With one hand he worked her head on his cock and with the other he started spanking her.

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