Giving in to Desire

Double Penetration

I’ve read Vikram’s account of what he thought happened, but I’m sure you’ll find my account a little more exciting.

If you’ve read the first part, you’d know that I wasn’t conservative and although I hadn’t given up my virginity to some jock in college, I wasn’t a prude either. I had taken good care of my body and was proud of it. I am 5’ 6”. I have a swarthy complexion that looks like it has a permanent tan. My hair is black silky straight. It falls just up to my shoulder. I keep my body toned with some exercise and yoga. My best assets were my breast. I had a small built and my breast though a modest 36C looked a few sizes too big to be natural for my frame. I had the look that drove men wild and to top it of, I knew how to put in on display. There had been plenty of opportunities for me to loose my virginity, but I guess I was just looking for the right guy to come along.

When I met Vikram, it wasn’t instant attraction but we hit it off and the rest as they say is history. We were dating pretty soon and he was the guy who stole my virginity. Sex was a wonderful experience and I loved getting fucked. I hadn’t been with anyone else but from what I’d heard, I knew Vikram was an excellent lover and he shook my world almost every time. I love him dearly but the fact that I had only been with one man bothered me at times. I didn’t want to fuck recklessly now that I had tasted what sex felt like, but at the same time my curiosity had been constantly on the rise. I wanted to fuck another man just to see how it felt.

I didn’t know how Vikram felt about this. I had never discussed it with him because I didn’t want to ruin something perfect. I knew he loved me and was very tolerant of the little brushes against my ass and breast, or the sexual innuendoes that my friends would throw my way. We both knew that it was the price to pay for being hot and young, and we both accepted it. To fuck another man or woman was something we hadn’t discussed.

In any case, after the idea came into my head, I couldn’t get it out. I hadn’t decided to act on it but that was until the night of the party.

One of my classmates was throwing a bachelor party. It wasn’t the conventional bachelor party but a get together of college friends who now had their own lives. It was just an excuse for old friends to meet up. Vikram wasn’t coming. He wasn’t invited and I didn’t want him to be a tag-along either. The party was at a club in Delhi. It was a week day and that would ensure that most people at the club would belong to my college. I was going to get a ride back to my place but Vikram insisted that he would pick me up. He was really sweet that way.

The night of the party, I shaved my pussy and made sure that I looked good. I liked the feeling of being well groomed. I put on a tight white skirt that Vikram had bought me. It didn’t leave much room for a thong and I had gotten into the habit of going without one since it turned Vikram on if he found out that I was naked under the skirt. I wore a top and my 36C breast stood out like they had been augmented to look like I was a playboy bunny with breast too large for her body. Nothing was further from the truth. I wore a pair of red pumps. On my way to the party I stopped at Vikrams place to say hi.

He liked what he saw and I told him to call me before he left to pick me up. I didn’t want to leave too early if the party was in full swing.

As I reached the club, I checked myself again. I liked the attention ataşehir escort that my body got especially from men who I knew wanted me, but could never have me. There were a lot of those in college. As I entered the club, I realized it was more packed than I had expected it to be. A whole lot more guys than girls but I wasn’t complaining. I didn’t care. I went to the bar and fixed myself a drink. I met the host and he told me to feel free, the drink were on him and to make sure I tore up the dance floor like I usually did at these parties. The rest of the evening went by really quickly. I had had three drinks in the next half hour and was feeling rather high before I decided to slow down a little. I hadn’t made my way to the dance floor yet.

As soon as I took the last sip of my third drink, I felt a hand on the small of my back just above my ass push me along to the dance floor. I realized that it was Avni. He had been a class mate of mine. He had the reputation for being quite the stud and had sampled every and any woman that he had wanted in college. I didn’t particularly like him. He was arrogant and had tried to get me into bed a number of times in college. The last day when we left college, he promised me that he would fuck me one day. I loved dancing and Avni’s one redeeming quality was that he was hot and a great dancer.

The music was fast and in my drunken stupor I enjoyed dancing with Avni. On top of that the promise/threat that he had made along with alcohol had made me feel even sexier and more in control. He danced with me for one song and then disappeared. I knew a lot of the guys there and there was always someone to dance with. Although I had slowed down on the alcohol, it still kept pouring. The guys took advantage and occasionally a hand would brush against my breast or cup my ass. Each touch would get me hotter but then I had a boyfriend who loved me very much and I wasn’t looking for any action.

Somewhere in the evening, while I was on the dance floor. At the beginning of one of my favorite songs, someone came and put his hands around my waist from behind. His body stuck to mine. His hold was powerful and at the same time gentle. I could feel his erect cock and all the alcohol and touching during the previous dances had made me very horny.

I didn’t care who it was. His body moved in unison with mine. His one hand remained in front but slid a little lower and was just below the top of my skirt (which I wore very low anyway) and just inches from my pussy. His other hand had slid down to my thigh and was gently sliding up and down all the time dancing. I was enjoying his touch and I rubbed my ass against his hard on. For the time being, I was lost in my perversion. I needed some cock and I was getting it. The stranger slid his hands up from my thigh along the contour of my body. He touched my breast as he brought his hand up to my neck. He pushed my head to one side and started kissing my neck. Without knowing what I was doing, I placed my hands on his cock and started rubbing it. The song had come to an end and before I could see who it was, my mystery man had disappeared. I looked around to see who it could be but it was crowded. It was then I realized that I had let some strange guy feel up my body. Instead of being embarrassed I was even more turned on.

I was really horny by then .I knew I should have but I didn’t want to leave the dance floor. For the next few dances, I was more of a slut than a dancer. I kadıköy escort was bending over more to give them a better look at my cleavage, moving in a little more, I even told a few that all this dancing was getting me hot. I was hoping that my mystery man would be one of them and reveal himself. Some of them did advantage and had their hands on my ass while the other roamed my breast, but none of them had his touch. I finally gave up and to calm myself I moved off the dance floor and was chatting with a few friends. It was 15 minutes before Avni came up to me and asked me if I had enjoyed my last dance with him.

I realized that he was my mystery man. Nothing needed to be said, he knew I wanted another dance and he knew he didn’t need to ask. It was much later in the evening now. Close to 12 but I hadn’t noticed that. I was looking to get…. now that I think about it; I was looking to get laid, although it hadn’t occurred to me at the time.

As Avni led me to the dance floor, my pussy was dripping wet. My nipples were harder than I had ever known them to be and I longed to release them from my bra. I needed to be fucked and I cursed that I was in such a public place.

He looked at me before dancing. In a moment of lucid thinking. I realized that I was beyond control and tried to dance with a little bit of dignity but the alcohol had done its bit. I couldn’t stand and ended up resting against Avni. He moved in and I could feel my nipples against his chest. His hands went down to my ass and he whispered into my ear – “Don’t try to act like you don’t want me to touch you and fuck you… I know what a slut you are.” Normally I would have been pissed and would have slapped his face, but not today.

He led me to the corner and my only act of hesitation was a small sigh. He led me to a corner and I didn’t hesitate as he pulled me in close so that my large breasts were mashed against his. He put his hands on my thigh and lifted up my skirt. I’m sure people could see but that didn’t matter. I was enjoying being treated like a common slut. I liked the effect that my body would be having on the other men.

His hands rose further up till my entire ass was in his palm. Even from a distance, anyone could see my bare ass and know that I hadn’t worn any panties. Avni whispered into my ears again “I’m going to make you cum tonight baby, but I promise I’ll fuck you later.” I tried to stand straight, but Avni wouldn’t have it and he spun me around.

My ass was now over his crotch again and it pushed me over the edge. He started to pull up my top and was feeling my skin and had almost reached my breast before I stopped him. I didn’t want that. In the mean while his other hand had reached up to the top of my thigh, only inches from my pussy. “I want everyone to see your lovely tits.” As he said that he licked my ear lobe. I loved that and it sent me over the edge. I moaned, whispered back and said “Make me cum.”

Avni moved his other hand to my skirt and his right hand reached my mound. I realized that with his left hand, he was holding up my skirt so that people could see exactly where his fingers were. I didn’t care. I needed to cum, cum badly or I’d explode. He was an expert and he knew what he was doing.

His fingers gently glided over my mound, just brushing my clit. Each time he did that, my body jumped. His other hand was still holding my skirt up. I needed his hands on my breast, I had had one hand around his neck and the other bostancı escort on his crotch. I let one hand down onto the skirt to replace his hands that were holding the skirt. Here I was, a woman in love with another man, holding up my own skirt, so that a guy I usually despised could use his hands to touch my body while he fucked my dripping cunt with his fingers. The thought drove me further and I couldn’t control myself.

I took my other hand and placed it on top of his and guided his fingers into my dripping cunt. I needed that. I needed his cock but not right now. It would waste time. I used his fingers as a dildo and started sliding up and down on them. He reciprocated and I was literally fucking his fingers. I don’t know how long we had been at it, it seemed like eternity, though it was probably a few minutes. I was cumming harder than I had ever cum. I wanted to scream, I wanted my nipples in his mouth, and I wanted a huge dick in my cunt but the agony of not having any of that just made me cum harder. I had to bite my lips to keep from shouting and even then a moan escaped my lips.

I could sense Avni’s smile. I had cum and for the time being that would have to do. I needed a cock and who knows if Vikram hadn’t shown up, I might have even gotten some of that. As a parting gift, I rubbed my hands over his crotch as a promise to return the favour some time and then arranged my skirt.

Vikram walked up to me a few seconds later. I was surprised and wondered how long he had been there and how much had he seen. I didn’t care. I just wanted to go home. I decided I wanted to leave.

As we sat in the car and drove back, I was thinking about what had happened tonight. It was hard to concentrate on what Vikram was asking. Even when he made some mention of Avni, I couldn’t stop thinking about my actions and what they meant. All I could think about was how I loved being exhibited like I had been tonight. I knew instantly, that I was going to fuck another man. Not for any other reason but because of the high it gave me. I needed cock. I had been used as a sex toy. My intellect, my mind, my thoughts didn’t matter, only my body had mattered tonight. I wondered if I’d like to be gang banged. I needed cock right now. My pussy hadn’t stopped dripping.

As we reached home. I need to be fucked. We hadn’t even entered Vikram’s place when I put my purse on his corner table and bend over. There was a huge mirror over the table. I hiked up my skirt and I begged Vikram to fuck me with his huge cock. I guess he wasn’t surprised at my horniness as he knew what alcohol did for me. I looked gorgeous bend over the table, with my skirt hitched up, standing in my 6 inch heels begging for some cock. Vikram obliged and he continued my treatment as a slut by fucking me right there. This wasn’t even sex, it was a pure animal fuck.

I was thankful for his larger dick, which filled every little bit of my pussy. I came thrice in 5 minutes and I was in heaven. Just for a second while getting fucked I had regret for my actions, but then I came and all that regret was washed away.

I hadn’t had enough and I needed some more. I kept Vikram up all night fucking him over and over again. He was unselfish that night and we fucked like we had never fucked before. By the time the sun rose, we were both exhausted and at risk from suffering from dehydration from all the sweating.

As I dozed off to sleep, I smiled about the fact that being treated like a slut by a stranger made me realize what a great lover Vikram was and made me fall even more in love with him. The irony of the situation was perverse. Now all I had to do was tell my husband to be that I wanted to fuck another man. But that is another story to tell…..

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