Going To Meet My Sister




“Hey everybody! Sup? How’s it going? My name is Daniel, and have I got a story for you… But before we get to it, I’m going to tell you a little about me. I was born and raised in Russia. Though both my parents are alive and well, it’s basically just been me and my dad ever since I can remember. See, when I was really young my mother moved to California with my older sister Katie. Our family has been divided since then. That is, until I graduated high school this year and decided to travel to the USA. This story chronicles what happened.

The emotional weight of what I was doing didn’t hit me until I was on the plane. Besides a few phone calls over the years, my mom and sister were basically strangers to me. “What am I walking into here…” I thought gravely. My nerves racked me for the entire light.

When we finally landed, I immediately checked my phone’s messages. Sure enough, there was one from my sister. “Hey Daniel! Call me when you get in, we’re super excited to see you!”

I stared at my phone for a minute, taking a deep breath before returning her call. “Hey, I’m here.” I said as she answered.

“Great, I’m on my way, 15 minutes!” She replied hastily.

As I hung up, I realized the image I had saved with her contact info was really outdated. It showed a small girl, probably still in elementary school, with big blue eyes, making a sand castle on a beach. I laughed under my breath. “I don’t even know what she looks like now.” I thought passively.

After getting through Customs, I felt a familiar buzz in my pocket. “Look for a blue chevrolet.” Knowing Katie must be close, I quickly grabbed my bags from the carousel and stepped outside the airport. The amount of vehicles waiting to pick people up was daunting. It took me a minute to hectically weave through a mass of civilians, but eventually I caught sight of a blue chevrolet amongst the sea of cars.

The passenger window rolled down as I got close. “Stick your bags in the trunk,” I heard Katie say from the driver’s seat. The radio was playing some pop music in the background. I did as I was told and then opened the passenger door to get in.

“You weren’t waiting long, were you?” Katie asked, turning down the radio. I looked at her for the first time in years. “Wow…” I thought, as my eyes ogled over her. I swallowed. Gone was the child I’d seen in old pictures. Katie had grown up to become beautiful. She smiled at me. Her gorgeous, blue eyes gave me a once over. It was summer, so she was sporting a white tube top with blue shorts. With her dark black hair swept back over her shoulder, she looked really stylish. “It’s really good to see you..” I sputtered.

Despite being her brother, I couldn’t help but admire how attractive she was. Her porcelain skin was unblemished, and her sweet perfume was kicking my hormones in overdrive.

The drive home was a bit awkward. After the initial shock of seeing my sister settled, I realized I was still pretty tense being so far from home. When Katie pulled into the driveway and popped out of the car, I followed her inside the house. Once again, my eyes drifted down my sister’s provocative body. Her shorts barely covered her ass. And her legs shined in the sunlight.

“So I know you probably are really tired, but when you’re done getting settled, let’s catch up!” She said, smiling again at me with her glossy lips.

She directed me to my room. I tossed my luggage on the bed.

A few minutes later I was in a shower, trying to wash off my jet lag and the smell of an airport. I eventually exited the bathroom feeling better and in a fresh set of clothes. Walking down the hallway, I heard some pots clanging from the kitchen. I turned the corner to see Katie setting up a meal for us.

“Can I help?” I asked. She was facing the sink, and jumped at the sound of my voice. “Ha! No I’ve got everyth..” she began, but stopped mid sentence as she looked toward me. She bit her lip and raised an eyebrow. “I’ve got um… everything almost ready.” She ultimately concluded. I looked down at my shirt and noticed it was sticking to my stomach, highlighting my abs.

I sat at one of the dining table chairs and tried to make conversation. Katie talked about her friends, school, and other random teenage drama. When she finally finished preparing the meal, she sat across from me. “It’s crazy to see you all grown up.” She said. I could tell she meant it as a compliment, by her tone. I met her eyes and suddenly felt nervous, like I was on a date. “You look amazing.” I replied.

She gave a little smiled and we started our meal. Our conversation didn’t end though. We talked about movies and television shows we both liked, about our goals in life. Eventually I asked her to speak russian and it was so bad that she ended up grabbing my arm, as we both tried to stop laughing. A shock ran through me as I felt her hand. My eyes unconsciously drifted to her ample cleavage.

“Do you want to watch something?” She asked, as we xslot giriş moved to the couch. She crossed her sexy legs and scrolled through the channels. “Oh this is one of my favorites.” She turned up the volume. I told her I hadn’t seen it. It was obviously some rom-com, but I didn’t care. I was enjoying spending time around her. The movie itself didn’t even turn out to be that bad. A few minutes into watching it, a rather intense sex scene broke out between the two main characters. After 30 seconds of hollywood magic, I had to shift in my seat to conceal a full erection. I looked over at Katie, who looked flushed, but that could have just been an effect of the light from the tv screen. It was approaching 11pm by the time the movie ended. As the credits played I looked over to see Katie staring at me. A brief excitement shot through me. “Don’t judge me,” she said, laughing a little “I know it’s a corny movie.”

“I wasn’t judging you. I really liked it.” I said. She rolled her eyes as if she didn’t believe me. “Well either way, this was fun, thank you, now let’s get some sleep.” She yawned in support of her own point.

Crashing onto my bed, a million thoughts spun through my head. Most of them concerned my sister, and the unbelievably hot woman she had grown up to be. Though part of me felt wrong for thinking it, I was too turned on to feel guilty. In fact, based on the way she looked at me in the kitchen, I couldn’t be sure she even thought of me as a brother. I tossed and turned. In russia it was morning, and I wasn’t tired yet.

I got up and opened the door to my room. It was quiet. I walked to Katie’s room and knocked on the door lightly. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I didn’t want to make her upset. When she didn’t answer I quietly pushed the door open. She looked to be already asleep. Some of her black hair cascading over her face.

“Kate..” I whispered.

No response.

I walked closer to her, to the point where I could almost make out the eyelashes on her pretty face. “Katie” I repeated.

She stirred, opening her eyes. Her brows furrowed in confusion as she looked up at me.

“Dan? What are you doing?”

Immediately I felt embarrassed. Not only had I wandered into her room, I was now waking my sister up for no real reason. “I… I can’t sleep. I think my body clock is still off.”

“Oh..” She said sympathetically, sitting up, and pulling the sheets to her chest.

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have woke you.” I began to step back.

She shook her head. “No, I understand, It’s fine.” Katie reassured me. She patted her hand on the edge of her bed, signaling me to sit down.

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have woke you.” I began to fall back toward the door.

She shook her head. “No, I understand, It’s fine.” Katie reassured me. She patted her hand on the edge of the bed, signaling me to sit down.

I obeyed. She ran a hand through her luscious hair, moving it away from her face. “So you’re a night owl,” she observed.

“A night owl?” I recited. Is that an expression?

She smirked. Then crawled over to me. I held my breath, not sure what was coming. The pink chemise she wore barely contained her ample bosoms. When she got close she threw her arms around me and rested her head on my shoulder. We hugged for a few seconds. I could feel her warm soft body pressing against me. “I’m really happy you’re not some jerk.” She said, moving her head back to look me in the eyes. I didn’t know it was possible for her to smell better than she had earlier.

Impure thoughts clouded my mind. “How do you know I’m not?” I asked, feeling a little guilty.

She laughed and broke the hug. “You’re too nice to be a jerk.”

I sighed. Her skin glowed in the moonlight. She crossed her legs sexily. Neither of us spoke. After a half a minute, the silence became uncomfortable, and I decided it was best to leave. I began to stand up, but her hand shot out and grasped mine.

“You can… sleep here, if you think it would help?” She said timidly.

I looked at her. She obviously meant it as an innocent gesture. “You sure?” I replied. My heart skipped a beat. I

She nodded, and moved to the other side of the bed. I positioned myself next to her so that we were lying parallel to one another. The separation between us was only a few inches. “Goodnight.” She said softly, before turning away from me. I was left staring at the slope of her back. Something struck me about her form, it was so feminine and alluring. Part of me wickedly thought about moving the thin silk straps on her shoulders. I closed my eyes and tried to control the sinful thoughts. Eventually, I fell asleep.

When I awoke, I determined that only a little time had past, since the room was still dark. As I attempted to stretch, I noticed that Katie and I were now touching. We must have moved closer in our sleep.

I tried moving back, but as soon as I did, Katie pushed her body back at mine. I heard her lightly xslot sigh in her sleep.

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes back in pleasure as I felt her ass press against my crotch. My dick responded spontaneously with an erection. It took all my willpower not to rub it mercilessly against her ass. Breathing heavily, I tried moving my hand between our bodies. I couldn’t have her waking up with my penis prodding her. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see under the sheets, and I accidently brushed her back. Katie sighed again, but did not stir. “She’s a tease and she doesn’t even know it.” I thought. It took 30 minutes for my erection to subside, and another hour to fall back asleep.

When I woke up again it was morning. I was surprised to find Katie already dressed and ready to leave for classes.

“Morning sleepyhead,” she said, when she saw me walk into the living room.

She was wearing a pair of tight skinny jeans with a striped shirt and a thin black jacket. My eyes lingered to long on her curves.

“Ehem…” Katie murmured.

“I like your shirt.” I said apologetically.

She smiled. “I’ve got to go to school, but I’ll be back in a few hours. Feel free to explore the house or whatever. We can go out later.”

She left pretty soon after that. Still feeling a bit fatigued, I made my way back to Katie’s bed. I would have gone to the guest room, but her sheets were much more comfortable. I was resting on the bed when my eyes fell to my sister’s dresser. There was a large mirror and some makeup supplies scattered about the countertop. But my attention was focussed on a piece of fabric poking out from under the dresser. Squinting, I could tell it was a small piece of pink clothing.

I decided to investigate. I jumped off the bed and almost tripped over the sheets and onto the floor. I then looked to see what I had discovered. The second my hand touched it, I knew it was. The panties were pink, and made of lace. Swallowing, I turned them over, inspecting the sexy material. As if paranoid of getting caught, I looked around before moving them to my nose. I felt my dick twitch as the scent of my sister filled my nostrils. It smelled of her, but mixed with a musky scent, that succeeded in arousing me more than most porn I’d ever watched. I couldn’t help but move my hand to my dick. Wriggling out of my pants, and jumping back onto my sister’s bed, I began to stroke my dick with one hand, and hold her underwear to my face with the other. It felt so good. My 7 inch cock was at full mast, and my mind submitted to thinking of Katie as only a sexual beast that needed me. Just as I began to consider ejaculating right onto her bed, I heard the garage door open.

“FUCK.” I swore, leaping to my feet and diving to my pants. If I was caught like this my family would shun me. I heard Katie’s voice from the kitchen “Hey Dan, I forgot my textbook.”

Having no time, I pulled my pants on and jumped back on her bed, stuffing the panties in my hand, and placing a pillow onto my lap.

Seconds later she walked into her room and froze. “Oh… hey!” She said, clearly surprised to see me on her bed.

“Hi…” I began, realizing my face was drenched in sweat. “I was just… taking another nap… and your sheets are more comfortable than the guest rooms.”

She gave me a peculiar look and there was an awkward pause. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking. “Ok!” She finally responded, as if everything made sense. “Anyways, I just had to grab this.” She took a book from the chair by her dresser. “See you later… and don’t wear yourself out.” I smiled, not sure if she suspected anything, or if she just thought I was really tired.

As soon as she left though, I rushed to the bathroom to complete my debauchery in a safer location. I switched from smelling my sisters panties to using them to stroke my cock. I closed my eyes and imagined how Katie looked the second I first saw her in the car, to the moment when she unintentionally woke me up last night. I almost regretted not pushing my dick between her ass crack and grabbing her breasts. My cock exploded.

When Katie got back from school we decided to go out for a late lunch.

“So do you have a girl back in Russia?” She pried, while we feasted on an appetizer.

“Oh yeah, we’ve been married for 3 years and have 5 kids.” I replied jokingly.

“Ewwww…” She laughed in response. “I’m too young to be an aunt.”

I smiled. “No, I’m currently single.”

She looked around us before leaning closer. “Can I ask you something… personal?” She said mysteriously.

I nodded.

She bit her lip. She was wearing the same glossy lip shade from yesterday, and it drove me wild.

“Are you a virgin?” She uttered quickly.

My eyes widened at the question.

After a moment of reflection, I decided to be honest. “Yeah… why are we only talking about me, are you in a relationship?”

She rolled her eyes. “Well I broke up with this guy last month.”

“What was wrong with him.” I asked.

“All guys today seem to just want sex, I want a guy who actually likes me for more than my tits.” She remarked.

“Haha, I’m sure a lot of guys like you for more than your body, you’re amazing.”

Katie blushed and smirked. “Thanks Dan. I mean… It’s not like I don’t want sex, I just want a deeper connection.”

“Well are you a virgin?” I asked, not sure what to expect.

“Not if you count these,” she said openly, wiggling her fingers. It was my turn to blush. “Oh please,” she continued after noticing my reaction, “you’re not one of those people who think girls don’t masturbate, right?”

I laughed clumsily. The waiter came over and took our meal orders. After that, we began talking about different music we like. The conversation never drifted back to sex, but my hard on underneath the table prevailed anyways.

We spent the rest of the day walking around the beaches and bar hopping. By the time we got back to Katie’s place it was late, and we were semi wasted.

“Let’s just crash,” My sister said, kicking off her heels in the kitchen.

“Lightweight!,” I said, as if I wasn’t feeling dizzy myself.

“Ha, see you are learning English expressions.” She passed me a water from the fridge.

“Thanks, I guess I’ll see you in the morning.” I said, moving toward the hallway.

“I thought you said you didn’t like the sheets in the guest room.” She said in a fake, accusational manner.

“I don’t but…” I started to say.

“You can just sleep in my bed, like last night.” She interrupted.

Too drunk to think about it, I agreed and we stumbled to her room, collapsing on the bed. Unlike yesterday, it didn’t take long for me to lose consciousness.

A few hours later, I awoke with a start. My head was still groggy with beer, so it took a second to get my bearings. Katie was breathing deeply in her sleep. Our bodies were spooning together, and my arm rested around her stomach. I felt my dick harden. I needed to kick off my pants and let it free. A part of me argued, telling me it was a mistake, but I ignored it. My sister appeared completely knocked out, as I removed my pants. Only my boxers repressed my cock now. Slowly lifting the sheets, I looked down at my sister’s body. Though she was still wearing her jeans, they were low cut, and I could make out the top of her ass crack.

Driven by sin, I pulled my boxers down and began masturbating. I looked at my sleeping sister and cursed myself, all the while fantasizing about her. I realized I was no better than the guy she had dated. Sure, I loved spending time with Katie, but she was too beautiful not to want to have sex with. My hand inched closer to her jeans. Resting it on her thigh, I tilted her a bit so I could position myself at a better angle behind her. I knew I was playing with fire, and that made it hotter. I tried to pull her pants down to no avail. Placing my dick against her ass, I began to dry hump her from behind. Getting lost in the moment, I thrust my pelvis against her ass.

“Dan?” I heard my sister say.

She looked over at me a bit dazed. “What’s going on…”

Like a deer in headlights, I felt paralyzed.

“Holy shit Dan,” she said, seeing at my dick. “You’re my brother!”

Apologizing profusely, I quickly moved from the bed and ran to the guest room. There I stayed until the next morning. I remained in the room until I heard Katie get up and leave for school. I was too embarrassed to see her. I began packing my bags again. I needed to find somewhere new to live since I had royally fucked up this situation.

It took me all afternoon to approach Katie, and let her know I was leaving. Part of me just felt like leaving a note, but I decided it was best to tell her in person.

“I think it’s best I leave. I’m really sorry about last night… I was drunk and … ugh I’m sorry.”

Katie sat in the living room chair, looking sexy as always. Her yellow sundress knew how to accentuate her sexy legs and her striking blue eyes.

“You’re leaving?” She said, confused.

“Dan last night… I don’t know what happened really, I know we drank too much, and… I was shocked to wake up like that… but I don’t hate you or anything, you don’t have to go.”

I shook my head. “I’ve basically ruined this trip, and I don’t want to make it worse Katie.”

She stood up. “Jesus Dan, it was a drunken mistake, we’ll get over it. Promise me you’re not going to leave, you haven’t even been in the US but for a few days.”

I was ready to argue, but she walked up and hugged me again. Wrapping her arms hard around me until I responded the same.

A few hours later we were on the couch watching another movie, this time a horror.

Katie was scrunched up, using her knees to block her vision when something truly scary happened. She looked really cute, not like a little girl, but just someone you want to comfort.

The movie lasted 2 hours. Careful not to make things awkward, I planned to head to the guest room early that night.

“I think I’m going to turn in.” I said. “That was one crazy movie.”

Katie looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes. “Dan don’t.”

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