Good Boy


You want me. You stare at me on the other side of the table. The dinner is over, the lights are out. But you want dessert. As much as you can get.

Your eyes bore into me with rushes of fierce animal desire. You stand next to the corner of the table, in a full-length white dress, cut incredibly low to show off your prodigious cleavage. I stand on the other side, in a black suit and tie. Your facial expression is clear: You’re in charge here.

“Come here to me, NOW!!”

The door to the outside is open, letting in a pleasant breeze as I slowly walk towards you. I anticipate the thrill of your commands, but I dare not show it on my face. I walk up until we’re face to face on her side.

You put on a domineering voice: “I want you to give me wild, hot animal sex. No holds barred. Make me come harder than you ever thought possible!”

As soon as the last words are out of your mouth, we grasp one another and start furiously kissing, your mouth sucking the tongue out of mine. Absent-mindedly, I take a finger and move it towards your ample breasts. I start at the top of your cleavage, and move my finger down your chest to the bottom of your breasts. You shudder a little, both in ecstasy and the slight chill from the breeze.

I rush my hand to the swell of your breast through the fabric of your dress. I find your nipple, and rub it through the fabric with thumb and forefinger, working it up to its full length. I pinch your nipples just enough to make you yelp with the slightest bit of pain as you start moaning in please through our kissing.

I start kissing down your cheek and the side of your neck. I nibble your earlobe a couple of times to make you feel pleasure and pain all over. You reach down to my belt, slowly moving further until you find my cock, already hard, hot, and throbbing against my leg. You take your thumb and move it under the shaft, almost making me lose concentration.

I take one of your breasts out and start suckling at your nipple like the hungriest baby. I create suction with my mouth, rolling my tongue in circles around your nipple, running my top teeth along it as I continue to stimulate. You start gently stroking my shaft, hot pre-come already oozing from my aching pole.

I turn you around and start nibbling the back of your neck, as my hands lift up your jacket and your blouse, fixbet fumbling for your bra as I quake with urgent desire. Working carefully, I get your bra off, jerk it off your body, and fling it across the room. I turn you around, furiously taking off your jacket off and start fumbling with the buttons on your blouse, trying to get it off while occasionally sucking and biting your nipple. You’re also trembling as you take off my suit coat and tie, trying to unbutton my shirt.

Both of us start letting out gasps and light moans, barely able to physically cope with such torrid foreplay. I kiss up and down the length of your belly, as my hand floats up inside your skirt. Your underwear is already dripping from your fierce desire. I move up and find your clit through the fabric, erect and throbbing, aching for my touch. I rub it gently; your head dips low and you start letting out deep guttural tones,. expressing a level of pleasure you never expected,

I rip off your panties and put you on the edge of the table. I grab a chair and spread your legs so I can put my face right up to your essence. Your intense arousal and desire combine to create an animalistic scent of wanting, to be taken and marked as mine, your feminine core wanting me to blast my manly seed deep inside you

I take my lips and gently kiss your labia, making circles around it to tease you ever so slightly. Your moans get louder and you urge me on further. I start to penetrate you with my rolled-up tongue, getting doused in your womanly desire as it flows like a small river out of your vagina. I put two fingers on your clit and start rubbing slowly, your moaning showing immediate approval.

Your hips starting lifting off the table in extreme pleasure as I rub your clit harder and start licking your pussy randomly from one part to another, tasting your womanly fluids with each inch. You put your hands on the back on my head and push it towards your waiting feminine core with increasing force. You buck like an untamed bronco as you make low primal sounds from the back of your throat, your pleasure almost too much to bear. Suddenly, you tile back and start screaming at the top of your lungs as the waves if climax pound you harder and harder like a tidal wave each time. I keep rubbing your clit, and I can feel your vagina clenching almost violently fixbet giriş as you reach the peak of your orgasm.

Your climax slowly subsides, and I keep rubbing your clit gently to keep you wanting. You slowly catch your breath, then kneel before me in my chair, taking off my belt. You notice a wet spot in the front of my pants from the pre-come flowing out of my cock the whole time. You try to luck some of it up, then unzip my fly and take out my huge erection.

You gasp slightly and lick your lips at the site of my cock drenched in my own juice. You greedily take my cock in your mouth, gently raking both sides of my erection with your teeth as your tongue frantically zips up and down the bottom of my cock. I start uttering deep groans myself as you alternate between slow licks up and down my shaft and more urgent sucking about halfway up and down. My body starts twitching enjoying your cock worship.

After about 20 minutes, my cock is full of pleasure and aching for release. My breathing before shallow and more frequent as my orgasm approaches. Suddenly, you take my cock out of your mouth, and push me out of my chair onto my back on the floor. You straddle me and stroke my painfully hard erection for a moment. Looking in my eyes, you lift your body over my hardness and sit on my erection, my large cock going almost all the way inside you smoothly.

With a slight smile, you start bouncing up and down on my cock. You kneel down slightly and pin down my arms so I can’t move. You pick up your pace, with me trying to match your speed. Your thrusts rub my back and ass along the carpet, creating friction and causing slight irritation to my backside.

You return to a high level of arousal and stimulation, making more low moans and grunts as your pleasure builds. Suddenly, I grab you, and flip you over onto your back, my cock still piercing your hot feminine furnace. I start thrusting at a harder pace, increasing your pleasure as your head moves back and forth and your moans become louder and more primal. While I thrust harder inside you, your start growling as your ecstasy becomes unbearable.

Suddenly, you start screaming as another orgasm hits you head on. Your vagina clenches against my shaft like a vise. Your whole body shakes as you gasp and shout nonstop. A stream of warm liquid flows through your vagina against my cock and flows out of your hole. I try to thrust further as you come for a solid 30 seconds.

After you catch your breath, you pull away and command me: “Get up and bend over that table!” I do as instructed, awaiting your next move. You hover behind me and say in a low voice: “You were a naughty boy at dinner. Naughty boys are punished for their indiscretions!” You take your hand and hit my ass with a mild smack.

“You are a bad boy! You will be punished and turned into my love slave!” You spank me harder., the sound of your hand against my ass getting louder. After a moment of quiet, you spank me harder, the sound starting to echo across the room. You spank me again. And again. Your spankings get more frequent and intense. Despite my pain, I utter bot one word of protest.

After a few more minutes, you stop, stand me up, and order me: “Get on top of me on top of that table and shoot your hot man juice deep inside me!” You climb on top first and spread your legs as wide as you can.

I mount the table, approach your womanly core, and slowly insert my cock back into your anxious hole. I start thrusting slowly, picking up speed as you match your pace with mine. You start moaning softly and quietly saying, “Yeah. That’s it baby. Mark me as yours!”

I clench my teeth and start grunting deeply as my cock becomes a jackhammer, trying to break your prodigious desire into tiny pieces. My balls slam harder and harder against you as I fuck you with full force, making a smacking noise neither of us can hear as our cries of ecstasy grow to a dangerous volume.

I feel my come starting to rise in my balls as you look at me with a fierce urgency. You loudly say, “Make me come again baby! You can do it! Fill me with your liquid and make me come! We start grunting and shouting in unison as we near the crescendo of our passion.

I feel my cock about to let go as your passion suddenly rises. Your gasps get lauder every moment as I grunt like a lion and start to come. Less than a second later, you come as well. We scream and grunt in unison as our carnal fluids mix together inside of you. I feel one large spurt of semen after another flying out of my cock as you scream during another long orgasm.

When it’s all over, I flop down next to you on top of the table. We gasp for breath, recovering from the most intense passion of our lives. As my breathing becomes more normal, you cradle me in your arms. You turn my head towards you as you whisper in my ear, “Good boy.”

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