Good Bye Promise Ch. 01


Hello everyone! This is my very first story that I am submitting. This chapter doesn’t have sex in it. It’s really just an introduction to the main characters, Colette (a black twenty-year-old female who also goes by the name of Colee) and Tyler (Colette’s white boyfriend who has just turned twenty-five and who Colette has decided to give herself to for his birthday). The idea is that Colette and Tyler are in a kind of abstinent relationship, which I hope to explain a little later on. The first part of the chapter is supposed to take place in the present at Tyler’s apartment, and the second half takes place two years before when Colette and Tyler first met on their college campus. I may be going back and forth between the two settings. But, I hope everyone enjoys this and I hope to get feedback (hopefully positive!), because this is my first story and I am still trying to get a real good hang of this whole thing! 🙂


“Well don’t you just look positively handsome,” I said, my voice echoing through Tyler’s bathroom. “Hm. I tr…” Tyler began to say but was stopped short. He bit his lip, trying to hold back a primitive growl, an action that was only done in vain as it escaped his mouth and linger within my own body.

I winked at him. Tyler took one long stride towards me, closing the small gap between us. “You know, Colee, you keep looking like this, I’m going to have to break that little promise that we made a while back. It’s starting to make me a little impatient. My hand and I don’t want to be such good friends anymore.” I laughed at his comment, slightly pushing his chest.

“Well, dirty boy, I know you wouldn’t do such a thing. That’s just not in the character of Mister Tyler Ryan Leon, no matter how impatient he gets. At least not when it comes to his girl.” I giggled at the way my voice had an underlying growl in it that seemed to make Tyler’s hips lurch forward. He gave me his trademark devilish grin as he leaned down to meet his lips with mine. His arms began to wrap around me and pull me closer to him. “Mmm. You’re right. I’d never break that promise. But I can always think about it, can’t I? No matter how many nights have been spent without being inside of you.”

Tyler brushed his lips against my neck and I giggled. His hand began to trace an invisible line from the top of my back down to the small of my back where it Anadolu Yakası Sınırsız Escort lingered there a moment, and then down to my ass, giving it a squeeze. “I’ve got an idea, actually. How about we ditch this little party that we’re supposed to be going to so we can have our own private party. The place is my room. And the dress code? The dress code is no clothing. And yes, the dress code is highly enforced.” I laughed at his suggestion, which he only drowned out by fiercely grabbing my lips with his.

Tyler slipped his tongue into my mouth, wrestling with my own tongue. Our hand explored each others bodies. A tug here, a pinch there, a rub, a scratch. I pulled away from Tyler. “Ah ah ah, birthday boy. You have people waiting for you. We should be heading out soon, or Lena’s going to kill us.”

Tyler simply shrugged as I pushed in front of him to look at myself in the mirror. I tugges down my a-bit-above-the-knee black dress and brushed invisible dust off of it. I poofed out my already too-poofy dark brown hair, the curls falling at my shoulders. My make-up was very natural, just as Tyler liked. I noticed Tyler was watching me in the mirror.

“What big boy?” I said. “See somethin’ you like?” My extremely dark brown eyes met with his piercing green ones as one of his black eyebrows raised. “Like? How about… love? Want? Need?”

I turned around to face my man. I looked him up and down, admiring him, taking all of him in with my eyes. Tyler, since the day I first laid eyes on him two years before, was always handsome to me. And not just any kind of handsome. Tyler Ryan Leon was devastatingly handsome.

His emerald eyes could burn a hole in any one. I remember the first time I’d met eyes with him. ————————————————– It was my first week on the college campus. Brand new school. Brand new state. And I was a freshman, just turned eighteen. I didn’t know anybody and was literally completely vulnerable.

I was on my way to the library to check out a few reference books for an upcoming project in one of my classes. And than I saw him. My Tyler. He was hanging out with his soccer friends, laughing, talking, shouting out to all the pretty girls that passed by. And then suddenly, it was like his eyes sought me out. They found their target- me. I literally froze. I was mesmerized by this… man? Was he even a man? Anadolu Yakası Suriyeli Escort Because no man had ever made me feel like he had. And as my body was frozen, I could feel Jake undressing me with his eyes. I knew he was. And I loved it.

His eyebrow raised and that devilish grin crossed his face. And that was when I knew I’d be Tyler Leon’s girl. It was a weird feeling, one that I can’t explain, even one that I can’t recall too well, but I knew what it meant. That he was mine and I was his.

I’d dropped the belongings I was carrying in my hands and was suddenly snapped back into reality. I lunged to the ground in a panic, gathering up my things. I saw a shadow come by my side and a hand grab my things. “Well here you go, beautiful.” I looked up and there he was. Tyler. Those green eyes staring down at me, one hand holding out my things and the other hand reaching for me to help me up off of the ground. I lightly put my hand into his and was swiftly raised up off the ground. “T… thanks,” I stuttered, grabbing my things from him. “No problem. I’m Tyler, by the way. Tyler Leon.” He held out his again to give a formal handshake.

I again put my small, mocha-colored hand into his larger, fair-colored one. “I… I’m Colette Gregson.” I kept my head down. I couldn’t look at this gorgeous man. I didn’t deserve it. I heard him chuckle. “You know, Colette, I know I’m not much of a looker. My friends tell me all the time. But you could at least look at me so I get to see your gorgeous face.”

A lump seemed to develop in my throat. Did he just call me beautiful and gorgeous, all within a matter of minutes?

I looked at him and was greeted with a big, gorgeous smile. I damn near melted… maybe it was the New York heat? No, it was definitely Tyler. I got a good, full look at him. His black hair was kind of grown out, a result from neglecting to cut it during the summer months. He had a nice, even tan that disappeared into his shirt and shorts, hinting me at what was awaiting me underneath his clothing. Tyler also had a bit of a scruff developing from not shaving for a few days. I wanted him. I absolutely wanted Tyler Ryan Leon.

“So, you new here? Haven’t seen you around. I know a lot of the returning students and a few of the new. But you… you’re definitely a new face.” I was still in shock that he would take time out to talk to Anadolu Yakası İranlı Escort me- plain old me. “Y… yeah. I’m new. I’m a freshman. I’m actually from California. So I’m definitely new here.” I tried to give a smile, one that must have been painfully awkward.

“Oh really? California? Well, what made you want to come here, all the way to New York?”

“Well, I’ve wanted to go to this school since I was like, fourteen. I’ve also wanted to visit New York for as long as I can remember, too. And so here I am. Finally here.”

“Well? How are you liking it so far? Not just the school, but New York in general?”

“It’s wonderful. I don’t know if it’s just the trial period, but I feel like this is definitely the school that I belong to. And from what I’ve seen of the state so far, it’s beautiful. I haven’t gone into the city, yet, though. “

“Well, I guess you’ll have to make a trip of that soon. Do you have a tour guide that could help you out, you know, show you around the city?”

I laughed. “Well, no. The tuition and fees didn’t come with a tour guide, I don’t believe.”

“Well, if you give me your number, I can be your tour guide. I mean, I’ve lived here my whole life, and I’ve been all around New York and know this state like the back of my hand. Well, you know, that is if you want a tour guide.” I smiled. I didn’t know how he was able to put me at ease so quickly, but I had relaxed and was willingly looking him in the eye.

“Yeah, sure. Um… let me get a piece of paper and a pen…” Tyler offered to hold my things while I got out a piece of paper and a pen and jotted down my mobile number.

“This is my mobile number so, yeah. You can pretty much reach me on this any time… if you want. Text.. call, you know.” We traded off things, me giving him my phone number and he giving me back my school things. “So uh, yeah. I’ll definitely call you… text you… or something… later.” He said, twirling the piece of paper in his hand. I smiled at him, he in turn gave me that trademark smirk of his.

And it wasn’t but ten minutes later, while I was looking for books in the library, that Tyler texted me.

Hey, it’s Tyler.

Ha ha. Hello Tyler. So soon?

Just making sure you didn’t give me a fake number.

Now why would I do that?

You just seem like a heartbreaker. So I figured you were prone to those type of things. You know, like giving me a fake number.

Never 🙂

So, you wanna make that trip into the city sometime soon?

How soon?

Like this weekend, soon.

Like this weekend, which is two days away?

Yeah, like that weekend 🙂

Ha ha. Yeah. Sure.

Cool. So I’ll talk to you later?

Ha ha. Okay then. Talk to you later.

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