Good Experience In Life


Good Experience In LifeGood Experience In LifeBy: Londebaaz ChohanTimour Sanford; of course a little difficult name and that’s why all his friends called him Tim, while some even called him TS. Tim once again noticed that each time an applicant left; the door was left open until a voice was heard that would call the next number and then the applicant going in would go back and the door would also close behind him. The voice coming from inside was not a female but surely so high pitched to be misconstrued as almost feminine only adding the nervousness to the situation. Suddenly TS flashed back; cursing himself for the moment when he replied the ad for the audition to be working as a performer in the gay sex porn videos. Once again his thought process was broken by another shout of shrieking tone, calling for the next number as he noticed that the man coming out; just did not bother to look around at anything or anybody but only wiped the sweat off his forehead and walked very fast to get out of the office. For no particular reason, Tim started sweating a bit profusely. The men that came out quickly did stop at the desk; handed their clipboards back while the lady told them that if they did not receive a call within the next 72 hours; they should try once again instead of calling back and asking as to why he did not receive a call. This very cold attitude was making Tim even more nervous and almost edgy to think that why did he not listen to Larry; who was known in the dorm to be donating his sperm in the sperm bank of a small research center; just off campus and got a reasonable amount in cash as an income instead of choosing to be a performer in the gay movies for the whole world to watch and enjoy. Very consciously, Tim started to look at the setting of the reception area to avoid the causes of nervousness; a water cooler at one end with a small display of coffee and or tea with the disposable cups but then once again his attention was diverted to the man coming out rather quickly, another number being called and the man talking with the old receptionist at the front desk. He noticed that even his palms were sweating as he sat cold; waiting for his number and even contemplating to get up, return his clipboard back to the lady and walk out the building without completing the process making him feel like this. Some unknown fear was gripping him for no good reason at all but he sure was attentive enough; not to miss his number when it was called. Once again Tim tried his best to get absorbed in his surroundings to avoid the stupid thoughts coming in his mind. He wiped his sweaty palms on his trouser, concentrating on several other men waiting. With his head down, Tim suddenly smiled to remember that this place was not only an audition and casting set up but many varied employers were here renting the area for some hours at certain days in different rooms; without even known to them, what was happening in the next room or across the corridor. It was still all so cold, so emotionless that he wondered if he was in the right office for the auditions. His eyes looked secretly at some other men in the room and noticed how most seemed bored. A few were busy with their cell phones and others were reading some useless articles in the crappy magazines laying on the center table while others filled out the forms on their clipboard. Tim just could not explain or think any reason but he was feeling a movement in his pants and knew; he was surely developing a huge hard on. It was then that he heard his number being called and he jumped up from his chair. The lady directed Tim about taking the immediate left turn as he entered through the door at the back. He walked in and closed the door behind him as directed. Taking the immediate left turn; he was at another konak escort open door and he walked in, while the door closed shut. As his eyes got adjusted to the very high shine of the lights in the room; he noticed a large leather couch near the farther wall and a rather skinny looking young man almost spread on it and looked bored to Tim and even disinterested in anything and everything he was supposed to do. The second man in the room was a bit burly, chubby person of a really truly matured age of at least 50 years; with a beard of almost all grey hair, sitting at a much larger office table. He wore nothing more than an under shirt on his upper torso; which looked odd but the one and only thought came to Tim’s mind was that sure, it was very hot in the room due to all those high intensity lights. Another thing that grabbed the attention of the college freshman; Tim was the much larger signs on one of the walls, spelling out the information about the AIDs and also claiming that all candidates selected will have to undergo the AIDs test as a must. He noticed the man on the leather couch to hand a pen and a clipboard to TIM; asking him to read and sign before returning it. Tim kind of stumbled over some new information; not because gay sex was new to him or the subject of AIDs was new to him but he thought it was only a new fancy wording but he was assured that this company was not a fake but surely a concerned corporation, which did not intend to fold and fly by night. Tim also felt a scary feeling run all through his spine as he read that he was to sign the consent form that if selected; he may not refuse to perform bareback in the gay videos; which was the major part of this outfit plus he was to agree for being tested before being inducted in this company. Nothing was new to him; for only stupid and crazy reasons, he very well remembered to have walked into the city clinic and got tested for AIDs; about 3 or 4 months ago and he was not scared at all but the needle probes was not at all any of his favorite at all. What the fuck!! This was no reason at all but Tim felt his cock flex hard in his trousers; as he signed and returned the clipboard to the man, who signaled him to keep sitting on the couch. Tim was not at all stupid or some sex freak but it was a very noble cause for him to be able to get some money for his delaying education. The School was showing no mercy with offering him a part time job in the student work program to his benefit, not even offering him an internship and give him some economic relief in exchange. The ad; Tim answered was very specific for what they were looking for. They needed young guys, healthy, sexually fit, if not overly horny with the decent looks and decent performing pieces of the equipment and he surely thought to fit the profile for the money they offered. He knew; he was no authority on the intricacies of gay sex and particularly on what goes behind the scenes of these videos, although he had a very nice and competitive sexual package hanging between his thighs. His nerves began to crack and quiver with the thought of being all exposed and then the irony of being rejected for some other reasons. He wanted to calm down and calm his nerves when purposely, he thought of the guys sitting and waiting outside for whatever job they all came to offer their services for; even those hundreds of youngsters on the street. They all looked tantalizing and he felt the warm blood rushing to his penis assuring him that his cock could fuck each and every one of them; in their ass, to the best of their satisfaction. He just shook his head; thinking, what else would be involved in the production of a gay porn video. He came all clean, he also brought some KY sachets and different varieties of condoms gaziemir escort as well; not knowing what the producers were needing or used to. He came well prepared. The bald, bearded matured man behind the desk suddenly looked strong and formidable; checking Tim up and down from head to toes, as he took that clipboard back from him and asked him to take couple of very slow turns for his old but bright eyes to judge Tim front and back. The skinny looking, other youngster kept busy with the equipment in the room as the older man began to command most of the situation in the room. The older guy was constantly staring at Tim; making him a bit nervous still.“Hey k**, take off your pants and also the underwear; if you are wearing any and also the shirt. Let us see what you got inside”. It was a very clear command and Tim began to fondle the buttons of his pants and reaching for the waistband of his pants to hold it along with the boxer and slid the both down his body exposing a semi erect, dangerously large sized heavy leathery looking penis and his marvelous balls to the men. A very faint but obvious jumping of his shaft was visible as the blood rushed to the Tim’s youthful groin area. Abrupt 3—4 camera clicking sounds startled Tim as he realized that there were plenty of still and video recording cameras; all around him and perhaps all in recording mode already. Of course, Tim felt a sure chill all over his body for being unaware of what next. His both very sweaty hands lay on his side; as he turned around a few times to show off his naked body to the both men. His erection was diminishing gradually as he moved around slowly; to show his grandiose ass cheeks. Also a fear of the unknown was gripping him; worried of not knowing if the men were impressed or not. Tim heard the loud grunt dissolve in the room as the older man ordered the boy to make himself hard and stay hard. Tim started to jerk off and slowly playing with his foreskin and low hanging balls. There was really no reason but he got reminded of Clifford; one of his boys who loved to play with his Tim’s cock and balls in the college dorm and was also a true maestro of sucking till completion and swallowing for sure. Suddenly he was stroking himself very hard and erratic; as he got lost in the daydream of Clifford the faggot boy; his one hand gripping his balls very close to his body, making them look even larger and his eyes closed; his neck pulled back in the true ecstasy of the moment.“Stop”. There was a loud command and Tim’s hand just froze. This was the skinny, youngster guy now; camera in hand and asking Tim to sit on the back of the couch as he lowered the camera under Tim’s balls and a few rapid clicks took the pictures of hard cock between Tim’s wide open legs. Exactly then the older bearded man yelled again asking Tim to keep it hard. Tim once again brought Clifford’s image back but this time Clifford was naked for Tim. “O’ My God”, Tim whispered very softly to himself. He was feeling his faggot boy Clifford’s big, fat, solid black cock head; still semi wrapped in the loose foreskin and bubbly hot pre cum oozing from its pee hole, at his lips. Tim’s mouth rounded like a big O around the black shaft. Bearded bald man telling Tim once again to jerk it again and keep it stiff as the other man kept clicking his camera at various angles on Tim’s youthful long hard cock. Tim still imagining of how his faggot boy Clifford would stand in front of him; pointing his huge cock at Tim. It was really a big turn on for him watching the slow oozing pre cum from Clifford’s cock, sliding down onto the fiery looking huge cock head struggling to slide out of the foreskin. Tim moaned as he tasted the salty sweetness of the man cream on his lips. Soon as the image started izmir escort to get Tim hot; the bald man shouted once again to stop and make sure not to cum so rapidly. Now the bald man told Tim to get off the couch and lay down on the floor. Tim obeyed accordingly while the other man with the camera, took some more of his pictures. His cock was deflating once again and the older bald man kept yelling at him to keep it stiff, while the camera kept clicking. He was startled to see the bearded bald man got up from behind the massive desk. The mother fucking bastard was not wearing any pants; as a matter of fact, he wore nothing showing his very small but surely an obese dick; dangling from his body. This man was totally an overweight, heavy blob of meat; Tim figured, as he walked over to Tim laying on the floor. He had an extreme lust in his eyes, scaring Tim to think that he might fuck Tim. He was much relieved when the man asked him if he liked the taste of manly brew and Tim simply nodded his head. The bald man grinned while pulling down hard on his tiny fat cock and quickly straddled on Tim’s face. There was a constant clicking of camera as the bald man stroked himself harder on Tim’s face. For no good reason Tim got rock hard once again as he watched the man struggle with his excessively fat cock.As if Tim got reminded of something; he groped his hardened cock in both of his hands and started moving them up and down the throbbing shaft. The man above also got motivated and Tim could clearly see the flabby legs of the old man go stiff and his muscles tightened with the noise of the rapid breathing. The man’s huge leather looking balls sac also shrank upwards as Tim heard him growling and grunting; now hid head was also tilting backwards. The man’s purple cock head looked dangerous as Tim looked at it; making him shrink into the floor. The man made sudden, loud and painful cries while his cum came thump after thump down on Tim’s chest and face. Tim could feel the soothing warmth as he fully opened his eyes and saw the last drops being shaken off the weakening penis. The man used his cock tip and his fingers to spread the liquid fire all over the chin, lips and mouth of Tim before quickly removing himself back to his chair behind the desk. Tim could clearly see the camera pointed at his horrendous, stiff growth; of course encouraging him to finish. “Harder boy, show some vigor”, Tim heard the camera man and of course it instilled enough of the striving in Tim’s grips to massage the already excited cock in his hands. Having edged enough already, Tim could not fight the hard throbs and intensive shuddering in his cock; taking him even closer to the cascading of his orgasm. He felt his shaft swell much more and even the length exceed to where he had never felt himself before. Balls knotting and the hands in a mechanical mode moving rapidly could not last much before Tim took a very deep breath and started squirting his life producing juices. Very strong and full of zeal; 7 squirts came out one after the other to relieve all the tension in Tim’s cock, his body and even his soul. “Did you get him all”, the bald man asked the other guy who was handling the camera and after seeing a nod; he told Tim to get up and put on his pants, even offered him the roll of paper towels to wipe but wise Tim, did what he always did; used his boxer to wipe the mess he made all over his hands, body and face and pulled his pants on. Both the men smiled to see Tim proudly stuff his boxer in the front pocket of his trousers and sit on the couch to put his shoes on.The bald man made some notation on the clipboard handed back by Tim and also wrote something on a paper in front of him as Tim stood ready to leave. Finally, Tim was handed a check of $ 100/= as he heard the older man telling him that he could go now and leave the door open behind him. “We shall be calling you in couple of days to settle the final deal”, Tim heard the last word as his cock ached stiff with joy. The End. Your comments are needed. Londebaaz Chohan March 5, 2019

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