Good For The Skin


“I’m not going to be walking around with a cupful of cum.” I smiled calmly at my cousin.

“But she said it had to be fresh….” My cousin Sue was the unfortunate victim of juvenile acne – really bad acne. Evidently a friend of hers had told her about a unique cure involving male ejaculate, which had led her to me.

“I’m afraid the only way to get it is straight from the source, so to speak.” Sue and I had grown up together and shared just about everything in our lives with each other – except for this.

“Oh, that’s gross!” At least those were Sue’s words; her expression suggested she thought otherwise. “You expect me to use it right after you, you – do it?”

I watched as two nipple shadows developed on her t-shirt. “Me do it? I think not – you want it, you squeeze it.” To short circuit the argument I began to unzip my jeans. Her eyes flared wide but she wasn’t backing away or turning around. With my zipper down and button undone I looked down at her. “Well?”

This was it. The seconds ticked bye slowly. Sue touched the red acne bumps on her face with her fingertips. In a barely audible voice I heard her decide, “OK. I’ll try it.” She slowly knelt before me and tugged my jeans to the floor. With her hands on my boxers she looked up at me, “If this is some kind of joke I’m going to make you pay big time.” She pulled my boxers down and looked at my rock hard cock. “What do I do?”

I rolled my eyes but gave her the benefit of the doubt and explained how to give a guy a hand job. She started to stroke me up and down. “Hey. Easy there. It’s not a bell rope to pull on. Spit in your hand or something.”


“Lubricate your hand – it’ll make it easier.” She spit into her hand and rubbed it onto my cock. She began to methodically slide her hand up and down my shaft. I was getting real close real fast. “OK. Get ready I’m about to cum.” Sue placed her free hand below the tip of my cock parallel to the floor as she continued to stroke me. I guess she thought it was going to dribble out – she’d learn soon enough.

“Ah. Ah. Ahhhhh!” I came. God I came. My cock swelled in her hand and then spasmed. The first spurt flew over her hand to landing on the floor. She squealed in surprise and moved to hand in front angled vertically. The second spurt splattered into her hand. “Oh shit.” She tried to keep it from dripping off when the third spurt missed her hand entirely. She caught the rest. She stared at the puddle of cum in her hand. She stood and walked into her bathroom. I pulled my pants back up.

“It’s not rubbing in. Shouldn’t this soak into my skin?” She walked out and her face was a masque of white cream. I barely managed to keep a straight face.

“How should I know? I don’t go around rubbing my cum on myself. What did your friend tell you?”

“She said rub it on, you’ll see results in a week or two.”

“Well, maybe it’s supposed to be like a masque – you know one of those things you sleep in?” The thought of Sue sleeping with my cum slathered on her face completed the re-engorgement of my cock, I was again painfully erect. I figured that it was best for me to leave so I headed to the window and started to climb through. “Do you want me to come over tomorrow night?”

“Might as well give it a good try. Sure, see you about eleven?”

For the next couple of weeks I popped in regularly right before bedtime. It didn’t take long for Sue to develop a great manual technique. She could drain me in a couple of minutes – it was becoming kind of clinical. Then I had a great idea and I jacked off just before I climbed through her window.

She held my limp cock. “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you hard?” Her face was definitely clearing up, she wanted more cum.

“I guess I need a little inspiration. You need to do something.” I paused for a moment, oh what the fuck nothing ventured nothing gained. “You know show some skin or use your mouth – something like that.”

“I am not going to give you a blowjob -uh uh no way.” She clenched her jaw tight then sighed. “Well we did play doctor all those times growing up.” She quickly pulled her t-shirt and sweat pants off standing in her simple bra and panties.

“Sue, no offense, but I’ve seen you in bikinis more revealing.” Which was true, except that bras and panties are, after all, bras and panties and therefore definite hard on material. If she ümraniye escort paused long enough I knew that I’d start to get hard. Thank God she didn’t pause. She unclasped her bra and stood before me topless. She had great tits. They weren’t big – but they were just about perfect. Two orange-sized hemispheres of pure white flesh without the slightest sign of sagging. Her areolas were puffed out like little Mt Fuji’s with the actual nipples standing proudly erect.

“I didn’t realize that you were turned on by all this.” I smiled my best “I’m just teasing you smile” and it worked, she smiled back.

“Well duh.” She crewed her lower lip.

“The panties might help.” But I felt a stirring, DAMN, I was getting hard. She noticed the movement. “You look inspired to me.” Ah man, and just as I was thinking that I had gotten so close. “But you’ve been a good sport.” And with those words she pushed her panties down and stood there in her naked glory. I groaned in appreciation.

She looked incredible. But, man, she smelled even better, her scent filled the room and caused my cock to throb and bob. A large drop of precum bubbled out the tip. She reached out with her finger and slowly massaged the lubricant around the head of my cock. When she started to stroke me she seemed a little distracted I wondered if it was from embarrassment, arousal, or some combination of the two.

It took a good five minutes of slow steady work to get the sap rising. When I came Sue was surprise at the modest quantity of cum in her hand. “Wow this is the least amount you’ve ever had.”

I confessed to having cleared the pipes earlier. Sue was pissed at first but when I went on o tell her about how turned on I was and how hard this is on me because she was so hot and sexy looking she forgave me. She smeared the semen on her face and reached for her panties.

I asked her not to put them back on which precipitated a quiet but brief argument between us. She was making some good points but had still not put her panties back on. I went for it all and told her I wanted to taste her. I said that it was really messing with my mind being used this way and not being able to do something in return. The argument continued with her still naked. It ended when I said that I haven’t licked a girl’s pussy in a long time and I wanted to lick hers.

OK now I’d gone down a lot with my last girlfriend. She had been very into mutual oral sex. This turned out to be pretty much whenever I wanted it – or just about every day. My girlfriend had been fearful of getting knocked up – so she would rather suck than fuck. But God could she suck cum right out of me.

I could see that Sue was wavering and I offered to put my pants back on if she was afraid I might try and take advantage of her. Her defenses crumbled with a warning. If I tried anything she’d find someone else to be the daily donor – I crossed my heart and pulled on my pants.

Sue crawled up her bed and turned over on her back. Her crawl had been just slow enough to give a good view of her bare bottom and visibly wet lips. On her back she held her legs and arms tight together. I flashed on the fact that this was how we had always started out our Doctor play.

“Is ze patient ready to be examined?” I even dredged up the old accent I used. “Yes Doctor, I feel funny – I don’t know where the problem is?

“Vell, Miss Sue, I vill just have to examine you thoroughly, von’t I?” She rolled her eyes as I began to touch her head, “Is it here?” “No.” “Is it here?” “No.” I slowly touched her head neck shoulders arms and hands. With each touch I spent longer lightly rubbing or stroking her skin. I went to her toes and moved slowly up her legs. Her breathing was becoming more labored and shallow.

At her hips I came close to her pubic hair but never touched it. Her stomach, navel and lower ribs got a lot of attention. Her breath was a series of soft sharp inhalations. As I neared the bottom of her breasts I noticed that her nipples were so hard the skin around them was wrinkled in tension. I had last touched her breasts and nipples many years ago. Actually at the time she had nipples but had yet to develop real breasts.

Her breasts rose and fell with her breathing as I slowly circled the base of them. My movements were clockwise and counterclockwise as I spiraled slowly toward her hard nipples. pendik escort She arched her back upward and I rewarded her by twirling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. Her nipples were apparently very sensitive because she began to wiggle about on the bed. I increased the pressure on her tits and she began to moan and whimper, “Too much. Too much.”

I immediately released them and she sagged back onto the bed. “I’m zo sorry vas dat too much? Or vas dis too much?” She sighed and I quickly bent forward and clamped my lips down on the closest nipple “OH” I sucked more of it into my mouth “AH” and then swirled my tongue around it “SHIT”. I quickly released it and did the same to the other. “Vell, everything here looks tit top, and I do mean tip top.” We both started to laugh.

“Excuse me Doctor but you forgot a spot.” “OH really? Vere did I miss?” I looked up at Sue and saw that she was pretty far gone in the lust. Her eyes were glazed, her face and shoulders her flush and her fingers were absentmindedly circling her swollen nipples.

“Down there.”

I touched the bottom of her sternum “Here?” I touched and circled her navel “Here?” I touched the skin of her pelvis just above her pubic hair “Here?” I didn’t lift my finger this time but moved it slowly southward. I could just see the cleft of her cunt beneath her soft blonde hair. I kept my finger in contact as it slid easily between her moist outer lips.

“Yes. Yes.”

“Vell, vell, vhat have ve here?” I hooked my finger between her lips and thighs and felt the moist heat of her cunt. I pulled my finger out, to the sound of an audible gasp and took hold of both her ankles I maneuvered around to the foot of her bed and straightened her legs out. Maybe it’s me, but I think one of the most erotic and enticing sights is to be able to look down a pair of legs from the back and see where they meet. I really get off on that little split muffin of paradise. It’s like standing outside Disneyland here is this little opening and oh the treasure and pleasure that waits inside.

Sue had done a lot of gymnastics so I was sure that what I was about to do was possible. I slowly separated her legs until I had then pressed to the bed in a complete “splits” position. Her cunt was in full view now in all of its youthful ripeness. The light blond hair that covered her mons became very sparse between her legs. Her outer lips were smooth and swollen a natural void glistened before me. At the bottom of her slit a bit of smooth skin then the soft pink pucker of her asshole. A single drop of her juice had trickled down from cunt to crack. I slowly stroked her outer lips with my fingers. “Oh God.”

I slowly spread her apart and worked my finger slowly inside her. I knew that Sue was still a virgin but I wasn’t surprised to not encounter her hymen. Gymnasts often lose it at a fairly young age. As I finger fucked her I bent forward until I was positioned between her legs. I extended my tongue and began to lick just inside her outer labia. “OH GOD. OH GOD”

As I licked my way to the top of her cunt I moved my finger down until it was pressing on the bottom of her cunt as I continued to saw in and out with it. I circled her clit with my tongue. She was beginning to thrash about. I pursed my lips together over her clit and sucked it in. “OH FUCK.” I drug my tongue over her clit “AHHHH!” I did it again “AHHH!” And again “AHHHHH!” Her hands were on my head hold me in place but ready to push me away. I wanted to try and finger fuck her ass but thought I’d better not chance it. I wanted something more, I wanted to fuck. Period.

The thought grew in my mind as I licked away at her. I suddenly stopped licking and looked up. “Don’t stop! Please! Don’t stop!” I resumed my oral ministrations and added a second finger inside her. I turned my hand palm up to spread her wider inside. “OHHHHH! Don’t stop. Don’t stop. I’m getting close. Ohhh!” I pulled my fingers out and increased speed on her clit. I reached down to my pants and pushed them down to my knees. Timing would be every thing. I knew because this was why my last girlfriend and I had broken up.

The last time I was with her I was going down on her, which I truly loved to do. She had been so horny that she insisted on being first. She wouldn’t even go for a little “69” action. I was a little bit suspicious bostancı escort because the last time we had sex also started and then ended with ladies first and only. When she got her orgasm she suddenly remembered an appointment and she left. She came, she got up and she walked out the door (we usually fooled around at my house). Not that day though, no way.

As she was getting close to coming I was able to slip out of my shorts. Then I worked a couple of fingers into her to widen her entrance, she didn’t seem to have clue as to what was coming. She was a real thrasher during her orgasm and from all appearances this was a good one. Her eyes were squeezed shut as I positioned my cock just outside her incredibly wet cunt. I thrust forward and was instantly buried to my hips. She screamed in surprise and pleasure. I started to fuck her fast and furious I wasn’t going to give her a moment to think clearly.

I was so primed that I knew I wasn’t going to last long and I didn’t. There was a part of my mind that kept telling me that I was going to pull out just before coming and I actually thought I would. I didn’t. As I got closer to coming Jenny (I guess I should have introduced her earlier) got more vocal also. “Oh it feels so good! Oh yeah baby fuck me hard. Come on baby.”

I came with a roar and I stayed inside her. This was my first unprotected ejaculation into a girl’s cunt. It was mind blowing. I kept fucking her as I came and she seemed to have a small orgasm also. I slowed until I stopped with my cock deep inside her. She looked up at me and smiled that satisfied smile. “WOW!” I smile back, “Yeah, wow!”

Then her expression changed to one of curious puzzlement. “SHIT! I’m leaking. Get out. Hurry!” And in a flash I felt as guilty as I’ve ever felt. I pulled out and stood. She looked at my semi-erect covered in cum cock and then her eyes went wide and she looked down at her just fucked cunt. As she bent forward to see a large flow of semen gushed out. She freaked. She swore. She hit me a couple of times and she left. Thank God she didn’t get pregnant but she never let me fool around with her again –I didn’t blame her.

I couldn’t believe I was about to do the same to Sue but I was. Sue began to moan and wail and then she came. She wasn’t much of a thrasher but she did shake a lot. She had her eyes squeezed shut too. I quickly debated whether to pull her down to the edge of the bed so I could power fuck her or move up between her legs and do her missionary style. I decided on missionary and crawled up between her legs.

My first stab at her cunt missed high. So did the second but she was now aware that something was going on. “What are you doing?” She pushed her hands on my chest and scooted out from under me. “Are you trying to fuck me?” The obvious answer was “YES” but I quickly recovered my wits and lied, “Are you crazy? I wanted to hug you I just seemed to get caught between your legs.” Thank god she bought it. I rolled off of her and we lay side by side.

Nothing was said for quite a while. The Sue spoke, “You know, there’s a part of me that wishes you had gotten inside. I’d like to get past the whole virgin thing. But then there’s another part that is pretty pissed that you even tried to fuck me. You were trying weren’t you?”

I considered lying but didn’t. “I’m sorry. Yeah, I was trying. But I’m glad I didn’t. I mean I’d like to be your first and everything. You know that the whole cousin thing doesn’t bother me at all. I really like you, I mean in some ways I love you but…”

Sue rolled towards me and stroked my arm. “I know what you mean. We’ve always had this attraction for each other but I don’t want to have to hide the fact that my cousin was my first, do you know what I mean?”

I did. I ended up leaving after we talked for about a hour or so and that was it for the daily milkings – we didn’t say anything, but we both knew. While Sue and I never got sexually intimate again we never regretted what we had done. We had just gotten too close, too intimate. Sue would always be my cousin and my friend – she would never be my lover. That’s how we wanted it, and we were both comfortable with it.

Except that this was not the end of the story. One of Sue’s friends had noticed how clear Sue’s skin had become and Sue asked me if I was interested in helping her out. A week later found me on the doorstep of a girl named Cynthia. I knocked, she let me in. We stayed together through that summer, separated through college and hooked up again after graduation. We’ve been married 6 years and have two great kids. Oh one other thing – her skin in flawless.

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