Good Morning


It’s morning

Imagine me lying next to you, asleep after our first incredible session of lovemaking the previous night. You woke with your pussy still burning deliciously from the pounding you enjoyed before you totally exhausted me. As you lay there, slowly waking up, you can still feel the hardness of my cock deep between your thighs, the heat of my cum as it splashed the walls of your pussy, the firmness of my body as I lay supremely satisfied on top of you after you squeezed the sixth orgasm from me.

Not surprisingly, you feel your body responding to your thoughts, especially as you feel my warmth next to you. You gently reach out one hand to touch me and you shiver uncontrollably as your fingers encounter my soft warm skin. You feel your pussy juicing up immediately, your body remembering the exquisite pleasure from the previous evening and night. You and I are naked still, having not wanted to destroy the intense pleasure we felt from lying in post-orgasmic bliss after our tenth session of lovemaking that night. Your fingers run over my body slowly, exploring to see whether I am actually awake. There is no response and you decide to push back the covers to look at me again. You enjoyed looking at me so much while we were making love, you want to see more while I’m in repose.

As you slowly uncover my sleeping form, you are again surprised by the tightness of my skin, the shaven nature of my chest, the strength that seems to lurk in my arms. You feel your nipples becoming firmly erect as your body is further aroused by your playful thoughts. Traveling down my body, your hands stroke across my belly, dropping teasingly lower into the matt of hair around my navel – but who is it really teasing? You encounter the tip of my cock and gasp that it is still erect after so much delicious punishment that evening. Not just erect, fixbet but still weeping clear pre-cum that you want to lick up and enjoy yet again. Your fingers close around the hard shaft and you giggle softly as you remember how good it felt inside you. Your pussy responds to your thoughts with a mini-orgasm and you wet the bed with your juices, just slightly. You moan as bolts of exquisite pleasure shoot through your body, radiating outwards from your pussy to consume the whole of you.

You feel my cock actually becoming firmer as your hand slides along the hard shaft. You start to stroke my shaft gently, savoring the feel and look of the object that gave you so much pleasure just a few hours before.

You lie back beside me, pressing your body tight against my still-sleeping form. Your breasts push against my side and your legs hold firmly to mine as you continue to slowly stroke the throbbing hardness of my cock. You push your butt against me and you gasp when you fell that your clit is aroused more strongly than anything you’ve ever imagined. You try to push even harder against my hip, which is pressing in just the right place. Even after my tongue and fingers have given you so many orgasms the previous evening, you still feel ready for more. In fact, your clit is on fire and a wicked bolt of electricity shoots from it to your brain. You know that a couple more wriggles will give you a big orgasm, so you ease away a little, relieving the ache just fractionally.

You sit up and bend your face towards my belly enjoying the aroma of my manhood. You hold tightly to my hard cock now, aware that a copious amount of pre-cum is ready to be licked from the tip. Instead, you first trace your finger over the hole and rub my own juices into my cock head. You purr with satisfaction as my cock tip becomes shiny in fixbet giriş the morning sunlight. As you stroke slowly, more and more pre-cum oozes out. You realize that I am extremely aroused – again!

You put out your tongue, sliding it from the base of my cock upwards. When you reach the bulging head, you slowly lick up all the pre-cum you’ve just generated and you moan with pleasure. The taste is exactly to your liking and you wish there was more. You open your mouth and gently ease my hard cock upright so that you can lick more of the head. You concentrate on the hole that’s oozing the tasty juice. Then your mouth slides over the head, taking it inside and teasing it with your warm tongue.

You are so close to cumming yourself that, if I woke up, you would just orgasm. Somehow you hold yourself back, feeling the delicious ache building strongly inside you. You push my cock further inside your mouth, sucking and teasing so that it hardens even further. The ecstasy of what you are doing is turning your mind into one of total lust and desire. My hard cock touches the back of your throat and you relax, just enjoying the pulsations of my shaft.

You wonder how I can still be asleep, but at that moment, I call out, “Ahhhhhhh, Christy!”. Your name! You giggle even with a mouthful of my cock. But I am still asleep, perhaps dreaming of our earlier erotic encounter.

You wonder whether there is any way you could slide my cock inside your pussy and ride it without waking me up. But you realize that even the touch of my cock against your pussy would send you into a huge orgasm and you would squirt copiously, undoubtedly waking me. Your dilemma is not helped by the fact that suddenly my cock throbs and gushes a small amount of sweet hot cum into your mouth. This is one of my common mini-orgasms during sex, you realize. You swallow the tasty fluid and smile, still keeping my cock firmly inside your mouth.

Your pussy also feels your excitement and soon gushes itself with another mini-orgasm. Your hands are still firmly clasped around my throbbing shaft and you feel that I am getting close to a really big orgasm. Should you continue and let me spurt or should you wake me and let us enjoy each other?

In fact, you have never seen me just cum in your hands. Each time you have stroked my cock in the past, it has been firmly inside your mouth and you have wanted me to spurt inside. This time, you decide to let it happen ‘before your very eyes’.

You release my cock shaft from the confines of your lips, letting go at the same time with your hands, and you enjoy watching it spring free. Then your hands grasp it again and begin a slow rhythmic stroking that you’ve watched me do before. In my sleep I groan and my cock throbs wickedly in your hand. You are close to cumming yourself and press against my hip once more. Your clit is inflamed, sensitive and causing your pussy to go wild.

In my sleep, I cry out and my cock pulsates madly in your hands. You know I am going to cum, and cum hard. You press your clit harder against me, rubbing it against my hip as you watch my cock in total fascination. My cock head swells enormously and then the first big spurt shoots out of the tip and onto my belly. More and more cum spurts out, but you lose it. Your orgasm bursts and your pussy gushes and spasms, making you almost blind with ecstasy. When you are able to see clearly again, you giggle at the large pool of my hot cum on my belly. You also feel the sheets wet between us where your orgasm caused you to soak us both.

I then quietly whisper to you, “Thanks, lover. That was awesome.”

You realize I have probably been awake for a long while. You giggle helplessly and we kiss passionately, falling asleep again in each others arms, with your hand idly sliding across my belly in a deliciously slippery film of my cum.

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