Gracie’s Club Night


“Come on Gracie, we’re going out tonight dancing. Wear a short dress and some sexy thongs,” I told her as I winked at her.

She told me okay, smiled and went to shower and get ready.

Gracie and I haven’t gone out in a while and I wanted to take her dancing for the night. We are going to a club that had 3 floors, different kinds of music on each floor and on the top floor I had reserved the balcony for the night for us. I know the head bartender and the owner and he was happy to oblige me. We haven’t been out to the clubs in a while but we needed something to do that would heighten the sexual tension all night long. And having Gracie’s body against mine after she’s had a couple of drinks; it’s going to benefit the both of us.

Gracie had long, wavy chestnut hair that flowed down her back almost to her voluptuous ass and I loved running my hands through it, it was so soft. I am 6’3″ so her 5’10” was perfect for me. I wanted a girl I didn’t have to worry about “breaking” or hurting during sex and Gracie can handle everything I give her.

Gracie came out of the room in a black skirt that was mid thigh length and flowed on her beautiful thighs. With this, she had an emerald and black blouse that had part of her arms bare, a decent neckline, seductive yet not giving everything away to venturing eyes. The blouse flowed on her body, not tight, which was perfect. I also noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra and her incredible nipples were saying hi to me.

I walked over to her, breathless, lifted her skirt up to see she was wearing her black lacy garter belt. I felt over the lace on her pussy and rubbed her slowly, loving the feel of her and then I ran my hands on her sexy ass, and felt smooth, bare cheeks. It took all I could do not to take her there.

“You look incredible baby,” I told her with a groan.

“Thank you,” she replied with a knowing sexy look, her mission was accomplished.

We got in the car and drove to the club. I was excited about tonight, my cock was already anticipating this evening, I could feel it throbbing, straining to be let free. It took about 25 minutes to drive to the club, although traffic was not as bad as I thought it would be tonight.

The conversation was nice on the way; we never had a problem with that. Even our moments of silence were heavenly. As we arrived, I parked the car towards the back of the parking lot for now.

“Come here baby, I want to feel you before we go in.”

Gracie moved over to my side as I put the seat back to give her room. I turned her around so she was facing the steering wheel, and spread her legs as best I could. I just needed to be inside of her cock now, she was too damn sexy.

I reached up, pulled her thong aside and slid her down on my thick cock. Her pussy was wet and tight as always. She had a good grip on the steering wheel and I grabbed her hips, pounding her on my cock fiercely.

I had to slow her down, “Ok baby, I don’t want to cum yet, slow down tiger,” I said as I winked at her.

“Don’t get up just yet love,” I told her as she started to move.

I reached into the middle of the car and got what I wanted. I put some lube in my fingers, ready to spread on her ass.

“Now, lean on the steering wheel Gracie and spread that sexy…fucking ass for me love. Damn!!!”

“What are you up to baby?”

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head, just giving you another additive so you can enjoy your evening so much more.”

As she spread her cheeks for me, I spread the lube on her tight hole and then got some more and put a finger slowly inside of her. Gracie was wiggling her ass, she loved this and then I put another finger in.

“Ok, almost done, keep holding that ass babe.”

I grabbed the butt plug and rubbed it on her sexy hole, rubbing slowly and started to insert it. Gracie knew what I was up to and by her moans, she was happy.

I put the butt plug in her ass a little bit and then I let it go until I heard a nice little pop and she was set.

“Don’t take this out until I say love. You should be sopping wet within a matter of minutes, especially when you start dancing.”

“By the way you’re going; they are going to have to mop up the floor because of me.”

“Well, I certainly hope so,” I told her as I gently lifted her off and to the other seat.

I drove to the front of the parking lot where my space was reserved and Gracie waited for me to open her door. I saw her watching me as I walked to her and I reached down and opened her door. I loved watching her sexy legs come out of the car, slowly; so damn beautiful.

She smiled at me as she stood up, grabbed my arm and we walked to the club. We were able to walk right in and I could feel all eyes on Gracie, how could I blame them but it made me feel good to be with the sexiest woman ever and they would never have her.

As we entered the club, it was already swarming with people. This was a well respectable club and everyone knew nothing would be tolerated by the security. I stopped by the bar to grab us a drink and Gracie tuzla escort was looking out at the crowd.

We got our drinks and sat at a table watching the dancers. This floor was the Salsa floor, nothing like watching people Salsa dancing, very hot indeed.

Gracie liked to dance more than I and I liked to watch her dance. I could watch her all night long.

She put her glass on the table, smiled at me and went to the floor. She walked to a guy whose partner just walked off the floor. He did not protest when Gracie touched him and started dancing with him. She moved on his body like she was born to do it. I bet that butt plug was doing a damn good job getting her pussy wet.

It was so erotic watching her and I know the guy she was with was enjoying every moment of it. After they danced a couple of songs, she respectively said thank you and walked back to me. My cock was hard as I saw her walking and she sat on my lap and her mouth was on mine instantly.

I peeked through one eye and saw the guy had walked away and by the looks of it, was having problems walking.

“You looked hot dancing baby,” I told her.

“Thank you. He was a damn good dancer too, and pretty hot,” she whispered in my ear. “I could feel his cock growing and he’s pretty well endowed love.”

“Umm, well, guess you won’t be dancing with him anymore,” I winked at her. I knew, that whatever Gracie said about someone, I had nothing to worry about. I never doubted her love for me.

“Let’s go to the third floor, I want to dance with you.”

The third floor was R&B music. We walked upstairs slowly, surveying everything. I found a nice table in the corner and the dance floor here was packed. This floor was usually the busiest.

Gracie and I got another drink and sat there for a little while, just watching the dancers. As we were sitting there, Gracie sat on my lap, while she was facing the crowd, slowly moving her hips on my cock. I loved it when she did that, she always knew how to touch me the right way.

I saw this one guy watching her occasionally; he had been dancing with a couple of different girls. The girl he just finished dancing with, walked off the dance floor and Gracie gave her drink to me, smiled and walked to the dance floor.

Gracie was grinding on him, rubbing her body against his, giving him the attention he wanted. I could see from my table he was enjoying it, it wasn’t hard to miss his erection.

I set my drink down, walked over to her, nodded to the guy and started dancing with Gracie. There is only so much I could take and she was driving me crazy. I know her pussy must be soaked by now and I had to find out.

When that song finished, the floor filled up more with a slow song; it was almost body to body, which was perfect for me. Gracie grabbed my neck and kissed me fiercely. I rubbed her body, bringing my hands to her ass and gently squeezing it.

I brought my right hand to the front, reached under her skirt, moved her thong aside and touched her glorious lips. I knew it, she was soaked.

She moved her body against my hand and I put my finger inside of her pussy, slowly stroking her while my thumb was on her clit. I knew it would not take her long to cum and I planned on making her cum multiple times tonight.

She started moaning against my lips and within seconds I felt her juices flowing on my hand. Damn, she was so fucking hot and my cock was throbbing for her.

The floor was so packed; I imagine no one would notice anything we did. I slowly turned her around, unzipped my pants and lifted her skirt to cover my cock. Gracie arched her body slightly and I leaned down and my cock slipped inside her pussy with no problem, it was so wet and she groaned as I filled her to the hilt.

I slowly fucked her, not wanting to cause any unwanted attention but even if I did, I really didn’t give a damn.

Gracie had reached behind her and put her hands on my head, grinding on my cock. I needed to cum but I loved fucking her here, on the dance floor, with tons of people around us. It was fucking erotic to me and made my cock throb, get even harder.

Gracie continued slowly grinding on my cock and I could feel her juices running down my cock. I couldn’t take it anymore so I took my cock out, zipped up, took Gracie’s hand and led her back to our table.

“Sit on my cock Gracie, fuck me, make me cum in your sweet pussy,” I whispered in her ear. She sat on me, facing the crowd and slid down all the way. She was moving as much as she could without making it obvious. I was helping her, meeting her thrusts and it didn’t take long at all for me to fill her pussy with my cum.

After I came, she didn’t get up; she sat on me, slowly grinding on me, keeping me inside of her.

“Damn Gracie, your pussy feels so fucking good, don’t stop baby.” All I could do was lean my head back, groan and enjoy the moment.

I was getting hard again and I wanted to eat her pussy and I knew I couldn’t do it here. I gently grabbed her hips to stop her, with much regret slipping my cock pendik escort out of her pussy and zipped it up.

Gracie got up, turned towards me and I ran my hands along her arms, and kissed her for what seemed like forever. I don’t think I could ever show her how much I love her and how beautiful and sexy she is in every aspect.

“Let’s go to the balcony, I have it reserved all night for us.”

“Mmmmm, you crafty devil you,” she said as she smiled at me.

She grabbed my hand and led the way. She was in front of me as we walked up the stairs and as she walked, she slowly swayed her hips. I knew she was doing it on purpose, she knows how much I love her ass and the way she was moving, ever so slowly, I would have followed her to Timbuktu if she wanted me to.

We made it to the top, none to sooner and I told her to go over by the balcony and watch them dance. I kneeled on the floor, lifted her skirt and dove right into her pussy.

My cum had started leaking out and I licked up every bit. My tongue dove into her sweet lips and I sucked the juices and cum that was inside and after I licked her outer lips, I slowly licked on her clit.

I grabbed it and sucked it and my fingers were rubbing her pussy. I put my middle finger in her pussy and at first I just wanted to feel her softness and then she overtook me, as usual and two more fingers joined the other.

I played with the butt plug a bit, making it more intense for her and Gracie was moving her hips, grinding on my face and my hand. I could feel her starting to tense up, she was about to cum and I was not going to miss a drop.

I flicked my tongue back and forth on her clit and then I sucked it real hard and it came and I had to move my mouth quickly to get it all.

She tasted so fucking good and some of her juices ran down my face but I sure as hell didn’t give a damn. After she slowed down from her climax, I continued slowly licking her.

I could hear her moaning and with the noise downstairs, it did not make a damn bit of a difference. As my fingers worked their magic on her pussy and the butt plug in her ass, my mouth found her clit again and I sucked hard. My mouth and tongue were not letting go and my hands were as deep as they could go inside of her.

Gracie pushed her pussy on my face, yelled she was cumming and not moving my thumb, I drank her sweet cum once again.

I licked her pussy slowly, cleaning her up and when I was done, put her thong back in place and stood up. My face was glistening with her juices, I could feel it. Gracie seeing this, smiled at me and kissed me, then licking all of her juices off of my face.

“You are amazing baby, simply amazing,” Gracie said to me as she kissed me again.

“It’s only because of you,” I told her and meant it, then kissed the tip of her nose. I told her to bend over and I took the butt plug out of her ass.

“Why don’t you go see if that guy you danced with downstairs is still here. I want to watch you suck his cock and I want him to fuck you baby. I’ll be in the corner over there, watching, stroking my cock.”

She looked at me, wondering if I was serious and as I walked to the corner, she apparently knew I was. I wanted to watch her get fucked so badly and I’d hoped she wouldn’t mind. I want her pussy to be full of cum as I fuck her again.

As I sat in the chair, I unzipped my cock and stroked it slowly. It was already hard in anticipation and precum was soaking the tip. Fuck, where was she!

I heard some heals coming up the top of the stairs and behind her, her hand was holding his gently leading him.

She brought him over near where we were and she kneeled, unzipped his pants and took his thick cock out. I heard him ask where I was and she told him not to worry, she just wanted him to fuck her.

As she took his cock in her mouth, his head leaned back while he groaned and he bucked his hips slowly towards her face. He reached down with his hand and gently pushed her into him. Her mouth was stretching to accommodate his girth and I knew she wouldn’t be able to get him all in but she was doing a damn good job.

My cock was rock fucking hard and I wanted to watch him fuck her. Gracie doesn’t know this but this guy was a long time good friend of mine. I told him about our night out together and asked him if he would dance with her and fuck her while I watched. He definitely had no problem with it and I’d been waiting for this day for quite a while now.

After she finished sucking on his cock, he told her to turn around and bend over. His hands caressed her ass, admiring it and he rubbed his cock against her pussy lips. He didn’t waste any time and quickly shoved his cock inside of her wet pussy, balls deep and Gracie moaned very loudly.

I could hear her moaning, almost yelling and I could also hear him telling her what a nice tight pussy she had. The sound of his hips and balls slapping against her sopping pussy was about to drive me over the edge.

He was fucking her hard and fast now, this was not about love, this was pure lust, aydınlı escort nice, hard, fast sex. My cock had precum running all down my shaft. He stopped her and sat on the chair and had her facing the balcony, as I had her facing the dance floor earlier and grabbed her hips and pushed her on his cock.

Gracie was moaning like crazy and he was helping her with his hands, fucking her fiercely and I heard him yell that he was going to cum. With two quick, hard slams on his cock, he shot his load inside of her and Gracie sat there with her eyes closed slowly moving on his cock.

After he finished cumming, Gracie got up, fixed her thong, turned around and smiled at him. He gave her a kiss, thanked her for a great end to his evening and walked to the stairs.

Gracie was standing there, looking at me and I walked over to her. I gently grabbed her face to kiss her and as her eyes were closed, my friend had stopped by the stairs, looked at me and all he could do was smile.

“Baby, that was so fucking hot, feel how hard my cock is. It feels like steel for real love.”

She reached down and felt my cock, which was also soaked from precum and was indeed hard as steel.

“Turn around Gracie, I need to fuck you, now!”

She turned around and I almost ripped her thong off as I plunged my cock inside of her cum filled pussy. I could feel all the cum in her pussy and I could hear it as I fucked her madly.

I don’t think I have ever fucked her so fiercely before and I could tell she loved it as I felt her juices once again running on my cock.

“Fuck me baby, don’t stop, fuck me faster damn it!!!”

I didn’t want to but I laid her on the floor, put her legs all the way back and was balls deep and slamming into her pussy. Juices were sloshing all over and I was about to add to them as I came deep inside of her.

Even as I was cumming, I couldn’t stop; it was like my cock had a mind of its own. As I finished cumming, my cock didn’t get soft. I still wanted her more and I wasn’t going to stop.

I’m glad I reserved this balcony all night because I wasn’t leaving anytime soon.

“I want to cum in your ass Gracie, can I? I’m not going to be easy about it, you are so fucking hot baby and tonight you’ve driven me over the edge.”

“Fuck my ass baby, fuck it hard and fill it with your cum.”

I took my cock out of her pussy, flipped her over and rubbed it on her asshole. It was already wet from her cumming so much and I eased my cock inside of her, going all the way, I couldn’t wait.

Gracie was already moaning and she reached back and spread her ass for me to give me better access and I told her I was giving it all to her and that I did for sure, no holding back here tonight.

“I’m sorry baby, I need you,” I told her.

“Stop talking and fuck my ass. Ohhhh, FUCK, you feel so fucking good in my ass, don’t fucking stop!!”

I pounded my cock in her ass, every single time, harder and harder.

“Play with your pussy baby.”

Gracie reached down with one hand and rubbed her clit. Her hand was moving faster on her pussy and was rubbing the cum that was leaking out on her lips as well.

“Don’t stop baby, I’m going to cum, I’m fucking cumming,” she screamed as she had a good grip with her other hand and squeezed her nipple.

As she came I leaned forward a little bit and dove into her ass again and told her I was about to fill her ass with my cum. I felt my cum filling her up and I couldn’t stop cumming. It felt like an ocean full of cum had come out of me.

As I came down from my apparent high, I leaned back to control my breathing and told Gracie to sit on my face. I needed to eat her pussy and ass; I wasn’t letting any of that go to waste.

I could tell she was spent too but when she sat on my face and the feel of my mouth on her pussy, lapping up all that cum brought her back to life.

She was rocking back and forth on my face and I had all I could do to keep up with the cum running out of her pussy and her ass.

I was moving as fast as I could, swallowing all that came to me and I couldn’t believe how much cum was in her pussy.

All of this of course was making my cock rise to life within seconds and it stood straight up with no problem, rocking back and forth in slow motions.

I licked, sucked, pulled her ass cheeks apart to get any remaining cum and then put her pussy onto my face to get my tongue inside as deep as I could go.

I wanted to feel her cum running down my tongue; I couldn’t believe how much this woman intoxicated me.

Gracie reached down and rubbed her clit and soon rewarded me and I felt it coming, flowing down my tongue. I had to quickly swallow to keep my tongue there and I was loving this feeling, it was one I would have to repeat quite frequently.

I lapped up her juices for the millionth time, licking her lips, trying to clean her up. I knew I wouldn’t get it all because of how wet she was but I was enjoying this as much as I could.

Gracie got up, with wobbly legs and sat down. My cock was still hard but I had to get her home first. After I put myself back together, Gracie put her arm around me and I helped her walk downstairs. As we got to the front door, I picked her up and carried my sleeping beauty to the car.

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