Granny Dominates Ch. 07


Agnes dismounted her pony-slave pleased in the fact she had forced this girl to carry her around the room 4 times that was a new record. She could see that girl was exhausted and covered in sweat but Agnes wanted to hear the girl thank her.

“Keel up slave”, she ordered the girl, as Ciara moved to sit on her knees,

Agnes yelled, “up erect slave”

Ciara did as she was told.

Agnes bent down and began to remove the straps that held her knickers and gag in place. When the straps were off she pulled the ball gag from Ciara’s mouth. But left the knickers over her slave’s head

Ciara gasped for air and filled her lungs to capacity sweat ran down her face and her blond hair was matted in sweat. The knickers again clung to her face but she need to get air.

She moved her hands behind her head and clasped them her small firm breast stood out the nipples were still erect.

“Yes” Agnes thought she even knew to take the slave position without a prompt.

“Legs apart slave” instructed Agnes. “Did you enjoy carrying me your owner on your back slave.”

Ciara looked up into the face of her tormenter and now her owner who looked as clam as could be no stress at all not a hair out of place, and why wouldn’t she, thought Ciara, she just sat on my back as I carried her around the room?

“Yes” replied Ciara

Agnes dropped the straps on the floor and looked down at what was now her slave. She turned her back and bent a slight bit forward presenting her ass to Ciara’s face, and just said

“Kiss the cheeks of my ass slave.”

Ciara leaned forward and planted a kiss on each of the wrinkled ass cheeks in front of her.

“Stand legs apart” Agnes ordered and Ciara stood, she was slightly taller than Agnes.

Agnes walked across the room took a house coat from a hook on the porno izle wall and put it on as she walked out of the room, just as she left she called out,

“Stay as you are slave my house staff will be here to look after you for a while” and walked out of the door.

Ciara felt ill, she thought she was finished but now the two women she met when she first got here were going to do something with her. She thought what fucking time is it.

The door opened and the two house staff walked in. Both dressed the same, white short sleeve blouse and grey pleated dresses to below their knees and flat black shoes

Zoe was transfixed to the spot the McGraths were in on this fucking hell she thought, how sick. But Zoe realised that her knickers were soaking from watching her nan ride a girl as a pony, what was happening to her. She had stopped using her camera at this stage but now she clicked it back onto video.

Ciara had been introduced to these women when she arrived and now the young one, a skinny scrawny looking small little thing, was walking towards her carrying something in her hand, her name was Bridget and she was followed by the older one Mary.

Both women were in the 60s and now Bridget the youngest was reaching up to Ciara’s neck and fitting a collar around it to which she attached a leash. Mary walked around Ciara eating her body with her eyes she ran her hands over the marks on Ciara’s ass and said,

“Nice very nice I can add to them”.

Bridget bark at Ciara “open your legs wider slave” she did as order, and Bridget had a good feel and look at Ciara’s waxed pussy.

“Very nice” she said with a glint in her eyes and a hand on the exposed pussy.

“Put everything into the bag slave” ordered Bridget.

Ciara collected the stuff that Agnes had used on her and put it into amatör porno the bag and stood waiting.

Suddenly a buzzer went off and Mary took a small kind of phone from her pocket and put it to her ear. She listened for a few seconds and then said.

“take her to room 4 I need to go and see Miss C straight away” and she walked towards the door, Bridget pulled on the leash and Ciara followed her out of the room.

Mary went through a doorway to the left and Bridget lead Ciara straight ahead and down a small set of stairs. The stairs lead to a long hall way with doors on the left hand side, each numbered, this gave Ciara a chance to have a look at the woman holding her leash.

She was small and very scrawny, a tuff of black dyed hair in curls sat on her head with side locks down to her ear with some grey showing. She knew she had a skinny narrow face but her neck seen to hold her head up extra high above her skinny bony shoulders. She walked in short fast steps but with purpose and with an air of confidence about her, why not thought Ciara, she had collared me and was now leading me stark naked on a leash to god knows where.

Bridget stopped at a door with a number plate on it,4, and told Ciara

“In slave”

Ciara opened the door and walked into the room she stopped in her tracks as she took in the room. It had what looked like an array of objects and it did not take her long to figure out they were all for a sexual nature.

Suddenly a push from Bridget sent her forward into the room.

“get fucking in when your told slave and put the bag down slave”

Ciara did so. Bridget now pulled her towards a chair it was more like a bar stool and as they approached it Ciara seen there was an oval shape cut out into front of the leather padded seat there was anal porno no doubt this was to hold a head in place, she knew what this was. She had never seen a real one but had seen photos it was a Pussy Chair and Ciara knew whose head was going to be locked in to do the pussy licking. The chair was fixed to the floor and had a high back for the comfort of the person sitting in it, there were rings on each of the legs with straps attached.

When she was in front of it Bridget pointed to a padded foot stool in front of the chair and said “kneel”.

Bridget now took then took the knickers from Ciara’s head and smelt them.

“Ugh fuckin really bad she must like you” she grimaced.

In this position Ciara’s head was above the level of the curve to fit the neck, and Bridget went to the side and adjusted the seat until it was level with Ciara’s neck.

She then went behind Ciara and moved her head forward onto the seat of the chair and this menthe her neck was in the oval cut out, then Bridget fitted a wooden holder to the back of Ciara’s neck and locked it in place. Her face was now locked secure in the padded block and was now in such a position that whoever sat in the chair had full access to her face and mouth and she was at their mercy.

Bridger continued with preparing the slave. She pinched each of Ciara’s nipple and fitted clamps to each and adjusted them until they hurt, small leads were attached to the clamps and the lead to a battery and her hands were secured to the legs of the chair by straps and her thighs were help wide open with more straps to the padded stool she knelt on she was totally helpless.

Bridget had done this many times before and was very fast at fitting the “victim” in place.

It was obvious how this worked, any woman who wanted her pussy adore just took her place on the seat and the slave had no option but to do as she was told, the battery attached to the wires leading to the nipples ensure this. She was not looking forward to the full grey bush of Agnes in her mouth in this position but knew she would do as she was told.

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