Great in Bed


I was 20 years old and a normal guy. I did not have luck with girls. Although I was tall, I was quite skinny. I have black hair and blue eyes. However, I always loved full figured girls. I would become instantly hard if I see one. I had a once off experience with a skinny drunk girl so yes I am not a virgin but felt like one. That first experience was very unpleasant, because it felt wrong.

As I walk out of my flat one day, I saw a beautiful girl. She was full figured and wore a short black skirt. Her prominent breasts looked so wonderful; they were full, very firm and perfectly round: definitely a DD. She walks up straight and in that white blouse looked so appealing. Although she was a bit plump, the part of her legs that I could see looked just right and so sexy. She also had long red fingernails and short blond hair. Her sexy face had great features and her stunning mouth was full yet in proportion. I had to speak to her. I walk towards her and smile.

“What a nice day here in London in June, I love this time of year,” I said.

“Yes its lovely, nice time of day to walk,” she said smiling.

Just then, she got onto the bus and off she went.

That night I had a new fantasy girl in my bed as I relief myself and it felt so good. I wish I could see her again. I would want to please her.

Three weeks later, I went to a pub and there she was, all by herself, just as fabulous as I remembered. Would she remember me?

I walk up to her and said” Hi”

She smiled, “Hi, walk man. I am Samantha.”

I saw her nice white teeth and appealing blue eyes.

“I am Barry, glad you remembered me,” I said.

“Without being forward, may I get you a drink?” I asked.

She looked me straight in the eye and said, “Ok a Gordon’s gin and tonic.”

I order two of that and we sat down at a table in the corner. She wore a sexy black skirt not to short not to long and a cream coloured blouse, she really looked so good actually awesome. We start chatting and I told her I worked as a property administrator’s assistant. She told me she was a creditor’s clerk. She lived in flat about two miles from me all by herself. We chat some more and my shyness seemed to be less. I could not belief that she was actually chatting to me the normal skinny guy.

She was thinking why such a nice guy would be chatting to me an overweight plump girl.

She had to go then and as she got up she give me a sweet kiss on the cheek. I was in love and Samantha too. That night Samantha also had a new fantasy man in her room while she was touching herself. If he could be with her right now, she would love him deep in her.

Three months later, I ran a marathon and as I entered just with in the cut-off time, I notice a familiar person in the medical tent. It was Samantha. I got my Pepsi and walk over to the tent. There she was doing voluntary admin work for the race.

I said, “Hi” and smile.

She looked tired but yes still awesome.

She smile back but looked tired.

“Glad kaynarca escort to see you can’t wait to get home and relax. I’m waiting for my lift,” she said.

“Ill take you home,” I informed her.

We arrived at her home and she offered me a drink.

“My shoulders are so stiff for working all day,” she complaint

“I’ll massage them for you,” I replied, without even thinking about my tiredness.

“You not to tired?” she said looking me straight into the eye.

“No its fine,” I said looking back into those shining blue eyes.

Just to touch her would be wonderful. Who could be tired next to such beauty? I start massaging her shoulders and to be so close to her felt so good. She was lying on the bed on her stomach, still fully clothed. She looked so divine.

“You don’t have some cream that I could use it will really help for your stiff muscles,” I asked her.

She gave me some. She took her top off without showing me any breasts and lie down on her stomach again. What would I give to see those sexy breasts? I got the cream from her and start to rub it in. She unhooks her bra at the back. I concentrate on the place where the bra made a mark. She was enjoying it. Then she sat up straight still covering her breasts with her bra.

“Do you like me?” she asks, blushing a little bit.

“Of course I do,” I answered honestly.

“Why, do you think I am pretty?” she replied.

“You are really very beautiful,” I said smiling.

“Thanks,” she said blushing.

“But I think my breasts are too big and I am a bit overweight,” she continued.

“Your breasts are divine Samantha I love them and you are just the right size woman for my taste,” I said softly.

Now I was blushing too

“That’s so nice to say most guys think I am just an easy woman, whose breasts they want to touch.” she replied.

“O no I agree your breasts are something but I like the whole of you,” I said as I leant forward and kiss her on her inviting lips.

She put her arm around my neck, softly and the kiss deepens. Although we both were tired, the kiss was fantastic. I put my hands on her soft waste, as I tasted her mouths warmth, our tongues touching and our lips sucking each other. Afraid of being her fear of just a breast lover I avoid touching them until she let her bra fell down, take my hand, and put it on her breasts. Must been the best feeling touching those wonderful breasts, rolling my fingers over her nipples, feeling them becoming erect, such perfectness. I start kissing them, gently sucking, and playing with my tongue over those big nipples.

Samantha was thinking that yes this is what I was missing some real loving. She was sitting my back facing her back my fingers touching and caressing her beautiful breasts. So very often, she would twist her head and kiss me. This went on for quite a while as I then moved my one hand over her soft stomach towards her skirt. She whispered moaning sounds in my ear and I unzipped the skirt to expose a white orhanlı escort high cut panty. So incredible sexy. I played around over the panty very gentle and then slip my hand in from the top. My tongue was playing in her ear.

Samantha loved the attention. She opened her great legs for better access. This is what she wanted for so long. I then let her lie down on the couch and remove the panty. There was her pussy exposed with some blonde hair but only a small bush. What a privilege to see such a hot pussy. With my hands playing on her breasts my tongue were tracing her thighs and then her sexy pussy lips.

“You are wonderful and what a lot of men don’t realised is that my pussy also needs attention and not just my big breasts,” she whispered, not blushing anymore.

She was now in lust her pussy and hips were moving up and down. I know she was close. “Yes, yes, yes, yes oh yesssssssss I love this I need this!” she moaned.

I then stuck my tongue in here and found her gspot.

“Fuck yesssssssss mmmmmmmmm!” she moaned as she was coming long, loud and forceful.

First time ever that she came due to a man’s attention

I was coming up for air and she got up. We cuddled and she was lying in my arms.

“Wow!” she said

“I needed that,” she whispered

We felt asleep. I woke up 30 minutes later and carried her to bed, not waking her. Even asleep, she was looking so good. It was 11 o’clock at night. I got up to leave but what I did not realised was that it was raining outside; actually, it was coming down very hard. Just as I wanted to leave, there was a power failure. I decided to stay. I could manage to find a blanket and slept on the couch.

The next morning I woke up with the smell of coffee.

“Hi why did you sleep on the couch?” she was standing there in a big t-shirt.

I told her the story.

“Well if after what you have done to me, you can sleep with me any night or day,” she said smiling, seductively.

“Thanks it’s was wonderful,” she said softly.

“Only a pleasure,” I replied.

While sipping my coffee I asked her” do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, “she said.

“I would love to get to know you better. You don’t have to answer me right away but think about it,” I said blushing.

She then came and sit next to me on the couch. As being a fertile young man, I had an erection as it normally is with us men when we wake up. She cuddles up against me and then she slipped her sexy hand under the blanket, under my boxers and those long red fingernails were touching my cock.

“I am sorry, you know men it’s like that in the morning,” I said blushing again.

“Don’t worry I loved it. I would have thought it’s because of me,” she said in my ear.

“Well it is actually because of you,” I said and my cock actually grew 2 inches in her hand.

“When are you going to fuck your new girlfriend?” she continued softly in my ear.

“Samantha I take that as a yes,” I answered delighted.

The best-looking tepeören escort girl is my girl friend and calls me hers.

“Whenever you want me too. I would love to be with you. Thanks for being my girl friend,” I said softly.

She slipped off her t-shirt and she was naked. I grew another 2 inches

“I’m still so horny from last night, I promise ill suck you off later but right now I need your cock in me Barry,” she said looking as sexy as ever.

With that, she slips the blanket off and my boxers.

“Uncut, lovely!” she replied as stroke my cock.

“I always wanted a guy with an uncut cock,” she said.

This girl likes me I thought. I let her lie down on her back, I do not think I have every been so horny. Then I realised that I did not have a condom, and I told her.

“Even if you had one, I would not let you use it. I want you in me bare just like it’s intended to be,” she said smiling.

With the little control I had, I rubbed my cock up and down over her pussy lips and she was right she was ready. Rubbing her pussy lips with my cock excited both of us. I then entered her slowly, I cannot describe the feelings I had at that specific moment, inch by inch, and we fit perfect.

“Samantha I was fantasising about this, but it’s even better than my fantasies,” I whispered.

Samantha felt that this is much, yes much better than her fantasies too. We start moving together and it was what heaven should most probably be.

“You are so good in bed Samantha,” I said.

She smile broadly and said,” Nobody told me that before but it always was my fantasy to be good in bed.”

She was starting moving her hips rotating them.

“I want to ride you Barry,” she said smiling and we turned around her being on top.

I realised I was not far and said “I should take it out I am coming shortly.”

“There is no way you taking it out come in me,” she whispered in my ear.

My life flash in front of me as I start coming , a free come without a condom in the fantasy girl of my dreams and she is not a fantasy she is real. I shot my come in her, deep, very deep. This is how sex should be.

Samantha felt as if her purpose in life was fulfilled she felt awesome.

We made love again that day and said our good byes and promises to see each other again soon. She reminds me of the outstanding blowjob.

Samantha walked into her office the next day.

“Who is the man?” Amanda, one of her co-workers asked.

Amanda and Samantha were open with their feelings and always shared it.

“I can see you found someone this weekend,” Amanda continued.

“I did,” Samantha said. “Is it that obvious? “She continued.

“Oh yes and you went all the way, I know from experience, that look tells it all,” Amanda said.

“Tell me,” Amanda continued.

“All I can say when that skinny guy put his uncut cock in my pussy I was in heaven,” she said blushing.

“I really needed it,” she said softly

When Samantha got home that afternoon, there was a knock on the door and there I was.

“I’m looking for a woman who is good in bed, you know any?” I said

“Oh yes,” she said.

She said that for the next 40 years and she still is good (GREAT) in bed.

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