Griff , Georgie: An Office Romp


I must thank MrWhiteTiger who loved this and wrote a corresponding piece from Griff’s point of view. He has promised to post his version as well as soon as this is up, and I’ve edited his. So check back.

M, so glad you liked and I hope to keep working with you on the whole Griff and Georgie storyline.


“Georgia, take these papers down to Griff’s and make sure he signs all of them, ” my boss, Harvey Jameson, ordered. “Don’t come back until he’s signed all of them. Last time it took him a week to finally get them to me.”

“Right away, sir,” I replied. When Harvey wanted something done, it didn’t matter what I was in the middle of, I stopped. However, this particular order didn’t bother me. I quickly grabbed the sheaf of papers and hurried towards the elevator and Griff’s offices one floor below. My black Mary-jane heels tapped on the floor as I walked, and I was glad I had decided to wear them today. These heels made my legs look good, and if there was one thing I loved showing off, it was my legs.

I reached Griff’s office in moments, taking a second to watch him at his desk unnoticed. Griff Hawkins was gorgeous. Tall and thin, with wavy dark hair, he looked a lot like the actor Rupert Everett, only he didn’t have the British accent. He was always dressed to the nines, preferring three-piece suits and silk ties that cost a fortune. I ought to know as that was one of the things Harvey gave him every year for the annual Christmas present. And who picked them out? Me of course.

Today Griff was wearing one of the blue ones I’d picked out last year. It was a very vintage looking tie with a graphic print in dark navy that made his eyes stand out when he glanced up at the door.

“Georgie,” he murmured, using the pet name he’d given me. “And to what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you?” He set down the brief he’d been intent upon.

“Harvey needs you to sign some papers.”

“And how long do you have?” Griff asked with a wicked glint in his eye.

“He told me not to come back until you’d signed them,” I answered in all seriousness.

Griff grinned. “Shut the door, Miss Simpson,” he ordered softly. “And make sure you lock it.”

This command always made me smile. Griff’s office is unique in that if you are standing inside, almost all the walls have ‘windows’, but if you stand out in the hallway, all you see is mirrors. Griff has special two-way glass installed on two of his walls, while the other two are actual windows looking out of his corner office. He has the feel of being completely open, yet it’s very private if his door is shut. He can see people coming long before they ever reach his door. I always think it is slightly sadistic, as he can keep way too close tabs on his secretaries and associates. Plus he has a voyeuristic tendency. This just makes it so much easier for him to push my buttons, since I am unnerved by all the open space.

I shut and locked the door, then sauntered towards his desk, enjoying him watch with the sensual twist to his mouth that he always had when I flirted with him. The papers landed with a splat as I tossed them in the general direction of his desk and walked around to stand in front of him. “I like your outfit, Miss Simpson,” Griff said as he reached out and ran his hand up my outer thigh, brushing the soft fabric of my skirt. I had worn my ‘secretary’ outfit today. Black pencil skirt, white button-up blouse, and a pullover vest. My hair was piled in a very 60’s-esque style, and I knew I looked good. I knew Griff loved when I dressed so demure. He told me often.

“I like your tie,” I replied before reaching down and grabbing it, tugging Griff upwards as I leaned down. There was something so sexy about a guy wearing a tie and being able to control him by just a tug.

My mouth brushed his, but when I went to pull away, teasing him, Griff reached up and grabbed the back of my neck, holding me from leaving. His mouth was firm and demanding, and I yielded, parting my lips kurtköy escort as his tongue demanded entrance. He tasted of sin and coffee, yet I detected a hint of tobacco. I pulled back and looked down at him.

“The deal went through?”

“I closed the deal an hour ago,” he replied and inclined his head toward the desk where the stub of a very expensive cigar rested on an ashtray. “Mr. Nakamura and I toasted the signing with those Arturo Fuentes Harvey gave me recently.”

“Was it good?” I asked, going in for another taste. “Mmm, it had to be good, because you taste divine.”

Griff chuckled against my mouth. “Greedy wench. But yes, it was very good. Almost as good as you, but not quite.” He silenced me with a consuming kiss that left me breathless and slumped against him.

“Mmm, now this is how I like you,” he murmured, and pushed me to my knees between his legs. He arched a brow in a silent command to begin one of the rules he had established when this affair had started two years ago.

I laughed softly, but reached for the waist of his slacks, loosening his belt from the buckle. I made quick work of the button and zipper, finally sliding my hands into his silk boxers. He groaned as my fingers closed around his semi-aroused cock and drew him out to my gaze. My fingers wrapped around him and I stroked up and down slowly. I knew what he wanted, and it was not my slow caressing, however the motions were half the fun. Sure enough, his fingers closed around my hand, gripping and moving me faster until he was fully erect.

He looked down at me as a drop of silky precum spilled out of the tip. “Suck,” he ordered softly. His free hand cupped the back of my head, pushing me towards his glistening cock.

“Such and impatient man,” I teased, brushing the length with the slightest touch of my lips.

“You know you want it,” Griff growled.

“Of course, but this is the only time I have the upper hand and can make you beg for it.” I looked up at him as I dragged my tongue across the blunt head, savoring the salty taste. I did want to taste more, but I loved hearing him lose control. It didn’t take long with me lapping at the head like an ice cream cone.

“Georgie, please,” he groaned and his head fell back against his chair. There it was, the sound of surrender and desperation.

I stopped teasing and sank my mouth down onto the entire length of his cock. His hiss of pleasure made me hum mine. I loved sucking him. I loved the warm, musky length of him filling my mouth. The power I felt in giving into him and making him weak with lust.

I bobbed up and down, the flat of my tongue pushing against the underside, while my hand gripped and slid in tandem to my mouth. I glided up to suck just the tip of his mushroom head, the tip of my tongue dipping into his hole. I raised my eyes to Griff’s in a provocative way, as I sucked, and grinned inwardly at his dazed look.

“God I love seeing your red lips closing around my dick.” His eyes were glazed and I hummed my approval. His hands reached down and closed around my shoulders. He tugged me up away from his cock despite my protests.

I stood before him as his hands slid up my legs, pushing my skirt up to my waist. He licked his lips when he saw the satiny garter belt and stockings, the barely there scrap of satin that were my panties.

“How much do you like these?” he asked as his fingers toyed with the thin strap. Before I could answer, he spoke again. “Never mind, I’ll by you another pair.” With a quick jerk of his fingers, he snapped the fragile strap and tugged the scrap from my body.

To my amusement, he tucked the ruined panties in the pocket of his slacks.

“Souvenir. Take off your top.”

I laughed. I couldn’t help it. The singularly random information and order were so far apart, it was delectable. However, I complied with his demand and quickly tugged off the pullover and tossed it over his shoulder. My fingers fumbled a bit on the buttons of my blouse, and he reached up aydıntepe escort to help.

The shirt was similarly tossed and his hands immediately reached up to cup my lace-covered breasts. His large thumbs brushed my nipples and I arched into his touch. My fingers sought purchase on his arms and I clutched, trying to steady myself. Griff slid his hands down and gripped my hips, urging me to straddle his hips on the chair.

My thighs bracketed his as his fingers pushed down the lace that hid my breasts from his gaze. His fingers pinched the rosy crests and I vaguely heard myself moan. I loved the electric line of pleasure that shot down from my nipples to settle and build low in my belly. The more he pinched and rolled, the better.

Soon his hands were not enough and he drew me towards his lips. His mouth closed around one nipple and sucked.

“Oh god,” I moaned. His mouth was silky hot and wet and he knew how to suck and nip just right. It wasn’t long before I was shifting restlessly against him. Instead of letting up, he moved to my other breast and began the same torture, only adding to the building pressure when his fingers slipped between my legs and brushed my damp folds. His fingers were slick and shiny when he raised them to his mouth and licked.

“Mmm,” Griff hummed, looking boldly into my eyes. I couldn’t help the furious blush that heated my skin. He laughed wickedly and plunged his fingers back down. He teased my slit, playing with my juices, spreading it up to my clit. He flicked and pinched and when I cried out, he pulled me down, capturing my mouth to silence me. He set his thumb to my nub, pressing and swirling while he slid two fingers up into my slit. I couldn’t stop the sob that bubbled up, and Griff shushed . He kissed me softly, then biting, all the while continuing to thrust his fingers in deeper and harder.

I buried my face in his neck, inhaling the spicy scent of his skin and cologne. I panted and as he flicked his fingers faster, I sank my teeth into his neck.

“Come for me, Georgie girl,” he whispered. I quaked and he pressed his thumb just right against my swollen clit. I couldn’t resist him and I exploded, jerking in his arms. His fingers didn’t stop and another wave crashed through me. Before I had a chance to recover, Griff impaled me with his cock. Impatient and a little bit greedy, he worked himself into the hilt, till I was flush against him.

Still coming down from two very delicious orgasms, I couldn’t protest, instead just trembling more at the full feeling. A slither of heat coasted down my back and had I been allowed to just sit on him like that, with his hot cock filling me, I would have been quite satisfied. However, Griff had other plans.

His fingers bit into my hips as he lifted me up until just the head of him was at my entrance. Before I could catch my breath, he thrust up firmly. The air whooshed out of my lungs and I clung to him, dazed.

He lifted me up again and repeated the movement, sending the air out of my lungs in another whoosh. It was torturous. It was delightful.

My hands gripped his shoulders for dear life as he controlled the movement, his pace increasing. The rhythm jarred for a moment and I knew he was getting tired. I braced myself and picked up the rise and fall, now on my terms. Instead of keeping up with Griff’s more furious pace, I slowly lifted myself up, then sank back down on his cock just as slowly. I wanted to draw out the pleasure. I rocked my hips and squeezed him tightly with my dripping pussy. It was his turn to groan. I laughed as his head fell back. It wasn’t often I was able to get Griff to let go. Usually he was the one in control while I lost my head.

I kept up the slow rocking movement until a frisson of sensation shot up my back. I was so close that I lost the motion and slumped against Griff.

“Griff, please,” I begged in his ear.

His breath shuddered. He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me down to his kiss. His lips were insistent on mine, tuzla içmeler escort demanding and all consuming as he plundered and took. Mimicking the thrusts of his cock with his tongue. I sucked on him, distracted, and it was a moment before I felt his finger slipping between us. He brushed my clit, gathering moisture and teasing at the same time. I rocked my hips insistently and his chuckle vibrated through me. He began thrusting more firmly as he plucked and pressed my clit.

I was so close, but when I thought he would let me come quickly, he slid his finger away.

“Wretch!” I growled. His slap on my bottom had me jerking with a squeak and squeezing him firmly with my cunt.

“Slut,” Griff parried, but his tone was tender and mocking. “Be nice and behave,” he ordered. His thrusting continued as his hand rubbed where he had slapped. It felt so good and I murmured my approval. The speed of his thrusting was all him and he kissed me again, distracting me. This time his finger didn’t tease my clit. Instead, his slick finger brushed my rosebud, and I quivered again in surprise. Griff didn’t indulge in the darker sides of our play unless I was in his home.

His finger was insistent and demanding entrance. “Relax,” he whispered as I tensed. He brushed and invaded the puckered skin, finally sinking in when I let out a gasp of air and yielded for a moment. I felt so full. His cock, hot and invading, and his finger twisting and slowly thrusting. I suddenly came with a cry, my face buried in his neck as I sobbed. The explosion traveling up my back, radiating out to my fingers and beyond, seemingly unending. His muffled shout only intensified the pleasure as I felt him come in me. His hips jerked and thrust as he drew out his pleasure.


A long while later, I finally shifted in his lap and sat up. His lips had a self-satisfied twist to them as I couldn’t help the purring sound that escaped my lips.

“Mmm, now that was wickedly good.” I kissed him slowly, tasting the smoky sweetness of his mouth.

“Hmm,” was Griff’s reply as his tongue thrust into my mouth. Before I could deepen the kiss though, he lifted me off his lap and softened shaft. I growled my displeasure.

“You need to get back to work, Miss Simpson,” he ordered. He stood up and tugged my skirt back down. “Find your clothes while I sign Harvey’s papers.” Griff buckled up his belt and righted his tie.

I found my shirt and quickly shrugged into it, fumbling slightly with the buttons. I shivered as I felt a trickle of moisture run down my leg. Griff saw the shiver and stepped close to run his hand up my inner thigh until he encountered the mixture of our juices. He leered as he played with it before withdrawing his hand and brushing the moisture across my lips. I opened my mouth obediently and sucked. The musky taste of our combined juices exploded on my tongue and I was helpless to stop the moan that bubbled up from my throat.

Griff removed his fingers to disappear back under my skirt and scoop up more. This time he sucked his own fingers before grabbing me in an all consuming kiss where his tongue shared our essences. When he pulled away, I was breathless and aroused, ready for round two. Instead, he handed me my pullover and the file containing the signed papers.

“Get back to work, Miss Simpson,” he ordered. “I’ll expect you to be ready for dinner at six when I come to get you.”

I stepped to the door, but was stopped by his voice.

“Oh, and Miss Simpson?”

I turned around. He had an evil glint in his eyes.

“You had best be wet and ready for round two.”


“Georgia, what took so long?” Harvey inquired as I handed him the papers.

“Mr. Hawkins was celebrating with one of those cigars you gave him,” I fibbed.

“Ah, the deal must have gone through. And were you sampling one?” Harvey’s brow raised in question.

“Uh, why, sir?”

“Your lipstick is smudged.”

I felt a slight blush grace my cheeks. “Oh, um, yes, he did let me sample his cigar.” My lips twisted as I thought of why my lipstick was smudged and Griff’s cigar— not the one on the desk, but his other one. “It was very good.”

“Yes, they are,” Harvey agreed and I couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled in my throat.

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