Guess Who


We had been sipping lots of wine over the past few hours, and so the conversation had gotten more intimate, and more risqué. She leaned close to me asked, “So… have you ever wanted to be blindfolded and tied up, and then had wild sex?”

“No.” I said.

“So… would you ever WANT to be blindfolded, tied up, and then have wild sex?”

“Sure.” I said.

“When?” she asked.

“Whenever you feel like it”, I said.

Then she changed the subject, and asked me about how I liked different positions, or something like that. After all, we had been drinking an awful lot of wine. We fell asleep together in the big hammock, and slept through until the morning sun warmed us enough to wake us up. She had to go to work, and so did I, so we hustled to get ready.

“See you Friday evening, and remember, you promised to cook this time.” she said. And with that, she waved good-bye, and drove off. There was something about the look in her eye, some sparkle, that got me thinking she was up to no good, but Friday was several days away, and so I didn’t think much more about it.

On Friday, midday, a package was delivered to my office, with an envelope inside. I opened it and read the following: Go straight home after work. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. When you get home, remove all your clothing, sit in your leather chair in the den. Wait patiently. DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES FOR ANY REASON! That sounded like fun, so I figured I’d play along.

The afternoon seemed to drag forever until finally it was 5:00pm. I headed straight home, stripped down, showered, and then went and sat in my chair. I closed my eyes and waited. And waited. And waited.

I heard the front door open, and footsteps approaching. “Are your eyes closed?” she asked.

“Yes.” I answered.

She came closer to me, leaned down next to my face, softly brushed my nose and lips with her lips. I could smell her perfume. She told me not to speak, and just do as I was told.

“Come with me.” She said. She led me into the living room, and had me sit down. It was a new chair; one I didn’t recognize. As I sat, I realized that the seat of the chair had an open seat, not unlike a toilet seat. I sat down, and she slipped a blindfold görükle escort over my eyes.

“I had it made custom- just for you.” she said. I leaned back, and as I did, I felt her slip some cloth around my wrist, and then heard that distinct sound of Velcro. Suddenly, my right hand was firmly attached to the right arm of the chair. Before I could even react, she managed to do the same with my left arm. Both wrists were snugly attached to the arms of the chair.

Then, she reached down and grabbed my left ankle, and quickly “Velcro-ed” my ankle to the leg of the chair. I figured that she was going to have her way with me, so thought that might be fun. I played along as she attached my other foot to the other leg of the chair. I was pretty sure that I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. She stood behind me, and then leaned down and whispered into my ear. “You’re now mine for the weekend. Mine.”

Then I felt another cloth belt wrap around my waist, and it pulled me tightly against the back of the chair. I wasn’t able to move at all now. This was getting interesting.

I heard her footsteps leave the room, and some music begin to play on the stereo in my den. It drowned out any other noises. I relaxed and tried to “sense” anything else I could, but I was pretty well unable to hear or see much, so decided to wait patiently.

I never heard her return, but jumped suddenly as a very soft feather caressed by balls. It was just a soft whisper, but my cock tingled and began to thicken. She continued to run that feather all over me, under and around my balls, up and down the length of my now hard cock, and then up and to the tips of my nipples. It was so subtle, and yet so intense. Just when I thought I was going to explode, she simply stopped. I sat there, throbbing and aching, but sensed no movement and no sound.

Then I felt a warm liquid pour onto my cock, and with that, her hand gripped me and firmly ran up and down my shaft. I was going crazy with the sensation of that, and once again, just as I was ready to cum, she stopped.

The next thing I knew, she was sitting down on my legs, facing me, as I felt her breasts press into my chest, and then she began to kiss me. This was not your Momma’s görükle escort bayan kiss; this was hot. She alternated from a light flick of her tongue to a forceful ravishing of my mouth. She tongued me deeply and groaned, then would lightly run her lips over mine, flicking her tongue quickly in and out and over my lips. It was sexy and it was hot. I had never had anyone focus so intently on kissing me before, and I was getting pretty excited.

My cock was hard and poking straight up. I could feel the insides of her thighs with the tip of my cock, and as she kissed me, she would move her ass back and forth, rubbing her wet pussy across the head. I wanted to be inside her so much. She knew it, and continued kissing me deeply, and working her pussy around my cock, but she wouldn’t sit down on it and she was driving me crazy.

Her hands grabbed my ears and pulled my head hard against her lips, still kissing me. She was fucking me with her mouth- just kissing- and it was the hottest thing I had ever experienced. I was trying to hump up into her, but the belt around my waist kept me pinned back against the chair. Her pussy began to stroke back and forth against my cock, rubbing wetly, the length of it as she pressed down on it and pinned it against my stomach. She knew exactly what she was doing.

Then she just stood up. Stopped cold. My cock was hard as steel and sticking straight up. I was so close to cumming. She knew it and she just stopped. Oh man, I was going to enjoy paying her back for this night!

Then I felt her mouth on my cock. She licked the tip of it and then worked her way down the shaft to my balls. I felt her swing underneath the chair, and then she began to work on my balls. She took each one into her mouth, humming and vibrating it in her mouth. She sucked each ball hard, rolling it around inside her mouth, then licked me all the way back to my asshole. She would lick around my rim, and then tickle the underside of my balls- that special spot between a man’s asshole and his balls. She was driving me crazy.

As my balls began to ache, she moved smoothly to kneel in front of me and once again took my cock head into her mouth. As she licked around it, she hummed again, and I bursa escort knew the end was coming soon. I wasn’t going to be able to hold on much longer. Then she stopped again!

I was thinking that homicide might be a serious consideration, when she straddled my legs and sat down squarely onto my cock. Her pussy squeezed my cock tightly as she sat there. I was finally home- inside her hot pussy. She relaxed, then squeezed again, then relaxed. It was this wet hot grip milking my cock. She leaned close, and said very softly, “Now, baby, you come NOW!”

And, with that, I exploded into her. I spurted and spurted, as her pussy continued to squeeze, then release, and then squeeze again. I thought I would blow off the top of her head with my cum. I shot hard into her again and again. Finally, there wasn’t any left in me, and slowly my cock softened, and slipped out of her. She kissed me gently, stood up, and I heard her walking away.

“You’re going to let me loose, aren’t you?” I asked. “Honey? You ARE going to let me loose, right?” But I couldn’t hear anything except the front door open and close. I thought that this was some kind of joke; she was going to come back and untie me any minute. But, she didn’t. Not for a very long time, and long after I had resigned myself to spending the night tied to a chair.

Then I heard the door open, and heard giggling. She was back- finally! She came in and sat again in my lap, grabbing my head with her hands and kissing me again, deeply and purposefully. My cock began to stiffen, when I suddenly felt a hand on my balls. Wait a minute!

Let me count again: two hands holding my head, and another holding my balls? Something didn’t add up here. Then another hand joined down below and my balls were getting a serious massage. My cock reacted immediately and hardened. Whoever was working on my balls added some warm oil to the mix, and began to fondle my asshole, too. I was getting quite a workout below, and all that time, she was still sucking and licking and kissing my face, too. I couldn’t hold back and began to cum fast, shooting all over the place, as the magic hands milked my cock and gently squeezed my balls, emptying me.

She stood up, untied my left hand, and said for me to count to 25 before I untied myself. If I peeked or tried to get loose any quicker, she said it would never happen again. So, as I began to count slowly, she and her mysterious friend left quickly. I never did find out who that was, but I have never forgotten those great hands.

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