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Howdy, folks. The name is Damon Jacques Etienne. I’m a tall, good-looking young black man of Haitian descent. Yeah, there are a lot of Haitians in America. We’re taking over the world. Pretty soon, Haitian men and Haitian women are going to outnumber African-American men and women in America. Haitians are becoming the dominant black group on College and University Campuses across the United States. Unlike African-Americans, and any other racial or ethnic group in America for that matter, including white folks, Haitians send both their sons and their daughters to college. Parents in America seemed to have followed the man-hating political correctness path and given up on their sons education. This is the betrayal of the American man. Makes me glad I’m Haitian. In Haiti, men matter just as much as women do. That’s the way the world should be. My folks sent me to Middle New England University straight from Virginia so I could attend college and get myself an education. I was fortunate enough to win an academic scholarship which covers room and board for the next four years as long as I maintain the right GPA. That’s cool with me because I’m a certified genius. I was the first Black Male Valedictorian my school had seen in centuries.

Currently, I’m living in the city of Boston, also known as Bean Town. I attend Middle New England University and I’m a member of the Men’s Rugby Team. Middle New England University is one of the biggest schools in the region. It’s a private school with about ten thousand undergrad students, and twelve hundred graduate students. They have several Campus, notably in Boston, Cape Cod, Plymouth and Dudley. Middle New England University is one of the best colleges in the region but it’s also one of local athletic powerhouses. They offer a wide variety of sports. Why, when I joined, I was amazed by the size of it all. Middle New England University’s Department of Athletics offers Men’s Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Football, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Bowling, Swimming, Sailing, Volleyball, Skiing, Wrestling, Track, Tennis, Golf, Rifle, Pistol, Badminton and Cycling. They also offer Women’s Intercollegiate Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Badminton, Swimming, Skiing, Sailing, Volleyball, Rugby, Tennis, Golf, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Equestrian, Lacrosse, Bowling, Rifle, Pistol, Squash and Cycling. All of these sports operate in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s top tier, Division One A. All of their athletes receive scholarships. This makes Middle New England University one of the most expensive schools in the nation. Tuition goes up to thirty grand a year. The school has an annual endowment of over one billion dollars and is canlı bahis owned by a conglomerate of corporations. You’ve got to be rich to even consider going there. I lucked out with my scholarship. Word. The school year was tough but I did alright. I had a 3.89 GPA, which was cool. I always took upper-level classes. My scholarship comes with a contract. I’ve got to maintain a GPA of 3.7 or more, otherwise I lose it. Yeah, I’ve got to watch my ass. The school year was murderous, to tell you the truth. Way too stressful. Thank Heaven it’s summer time!

These days, I’m on vacation. Life in the big city can be hectic but I don’t care. The more wicked fun, the better. I am a world-class sexual adventurer who rolls with it. Whatever it happens to be. I am a man who gets bored very easily and must seek extreme entertainment to satisfy himself. I’ve always been that way. Some might call me a thrill seeker but I don’t care. It’s a want and it’s a need of mine which I absolutely must fulfill. No ifs, ands or buts about it. To that end, I’ve been hitting the bar scene, to see if I could find something interesting to bring home. Anything to kill the boredom, you know.

I was at this bar when these two chicks walked in. A tall, athletic blonde Irishwoman who looked like a centerfold and her gal pal, a pretty-faced plump black woman with a thick body, wide hips and big bottom. Why is it that hot women always walk around with a friend who’s less pretty than themselves? I don’t know. It is a mystery. I knew both of these women. Sort of. I’d seen them on the Middle New England University’s Boston Campus. The centerfold was Michelle Areole, daughter of a rich businessman. Her curvy girlfriend was Marisa Rosy, a nursing student. Unlike every other man at the bar, I found the curvy young black woman far more appealing than her supermodel-like companion. So, I approached her and ignored the centerfold. I could tell that the blonde was surprised that I was feeling her friend instead of her. The curvy black chick seemed delightfully surprised. We chatted away, and her blonde friend accepted a drink from some tall muscular type and ignored us.

Marisa Rosy was an interesting gal. She was a scholarship student at Middle New England University as well. Originally, she came from Brockton, Massachusetts. Me, I’m not from Massachusetts at all. I’m originally from Virginia. I used to attend Saint Paul Military Academy, an all-male boarding school located in rural Virginia. The Academy combined rigorous academia with military training and a strong tradition of athleticism. Saint Paul Military Academy sportsmen, known as the Daring Rogues, competed in Men’s Interscholastic Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Ice Hockey, bahis siteleri Wrestling, Lacrosse, Golf, Tennis, Rifle, Swimming, Track and Volleyball. Yeah, we took sports very seriously over there. As we talked, I discovered that Marisa and I had a lot in common. At her old high school, she played volleyball and soccer. I played Football and Basketball all my years at the academy. For a while, I was on the Wrestling team as well. Wrestling has since become my favorite sport. Well, before I discovered Men’s Rugby anyway. Marisa didn’t play any sports at the University. She was more focused on academia these days. That’s cool. She leaned closer to me and told me that it had been ages since she got properly fucked. I grinned, and told her I could help her with that. She smiled, and we left the bar together.

It’s a good thing it was nighttime, folks. In the darkness of the parking lot, Marisa and I got our freak on. Man, this chick was frisky. We found a secluded spot between a Hummer and a Porsche. There, we did our thing. Marisa knelt before me and unzipped my pants. Out came my cock. Twelve inches of long and thick, uncircumcised Black Man Power. They came with balls the size of apples. She gasped when she saw my equipment. I grinned. I was used to women staring at my cock. They’re always gawking at its length, girth and sheer size. It’s a marvel of nature that’s been known to make women of all races, sizes and body types squeal in delight. And I wasn’t done doing that yet. Hell, I pray I never tire of doing that. Marisa took my dick into her mouth and began eagerly sucking on my noble tool. I thrust my dick down her throat. I must say this woman was a grade A cock sucker.

I mean, she knew just how to work up my cock. Not all females can suck a cock as long and thick as mine properly. Marisa is to be commended for her oral sex technique and resilience. She licked the dick head and flicked her tongue over my big black balls. Man, I was loving this. Big-time. While sucking my long and thick black cock, Marisa fingered her pussy. I looked down and noticed that she was quite wet down there. No doubt she was getting off from sucking me. I told you she was a freak. Do I know how to pick them or what? Marisa continued sucking my dick and licking my balls until I couldn’t take it anymore. I came, splattering my hot manly cum all over her pretty face. She was a bit surprised by this but began to eagerly suck the cum out of me. In no time she had my cock and balls drained. I sighed in sheer pleasure and complimented her on her talents. This female was definitely something else.

Marisa was a seriously horny chick. And she had the biggest ass I’d seen in a long time. I like big women, especially those with bahis şirketleri big butts. Guess what we did next? I bent her over and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. I slid a finger inside her asshole. It felt warm and tight. Good. I like a good tight anus. Pussies can be too sloppy at times. They’re not tight enough. The ass is better. That’s why I’m often called an Ass Fucker. Asshole Penetration Expert. Butt Hole Invader. Yeah, I’ve got so many names and titles. All of them well-deserved, I’m sure. Marisa was on all fours, shaking her cute little plump ass at me. I like big women, especially those who are into anal sex. I cannot emphasize this enough. I spat and rubbed it on my cock. I also rubbed it against Marisa’s puckered asshole. Then, I pressed my dick against her asshole, and pushed. Marisa grunted when my thick cock penetrated her asshole. That’s good. A lot of chicks will scream their lungs out the moment my dick goes into their assholes. Not this woman. She was a strong woman who took it up the ass without complaining. Good for her. And more fun for me!

I placed my hands on Marisa’s hips and thrust my cock into her asshole. Man, I was loving Marisa’s ass. Not only was her ass big and plump, it was also very nice to the touch. She was bucking wildly underneath me. I read somewhere that the bigger the woman, the tighter her asshole. I long ago discovered that to be true. How come? Because I’m an anal sex connoisseur with a preference for big women. That’s me. Enough talking, seriously. I held onto Marisa’s hips tightly and began thrusting into her hole like anal sex was going out of style. She finally screamed as I came close to reaching bottom. I gleefully rammed my dick deeper inside her. She was liking this big-time and let me know by backing up her fat ass and grinding it against my groin. This drove my dick deeper into her asshole. Man, I gave her all the cock I had to give, and then some. We continued to happily romp away until I came for the second time that night. our screams of pleasure mounted in the night. A couple exited the bar and saw us. The man had a puzzled look on his face while the woman looked positively thrilled. I smiled and gave them the middle finger. Both Marisa and I laughed as the man and his woman got into their car and left. Screeching tires and all. I pulled out of her, and we took a few moments to catch our breath. This had been fun. We fixed up our clothes, and went our separate ways. She went back to her car, having long forgotten about her centerfold friend. As for me, I exited the parking lot and walked back into the city. I found myself whistling. Man, this was so much fun. Just picking up a hot and sexually adventurous chick at a bar and doing her right in the parking lot. I nailed Marisa’s sweet ass good. She’s going to remember me. The night was young, and I had plenty of other trendy night spots to check out. Wish me luck. Not that I usually need it but you never know.

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