Hanson House Ch. 06


The social event had been exciting for everyone. The women students had enjoyed every bit of attention they received from the second year boys. Alcohol had been served, under the watchful eyes of the instructors, and in some cases it had helped to loosen tongues. With their chaperones being ever present, there had been little opportunity to discuss sex. Both groups were curious about the training being given to the other. All the students felt horny and more ready than ever to give their virginity. This was a product of young hormones only, however. None of the women students felt that those mere boys would measure up to their future Doms.

At the end of the night the female students had learned a lot. Some of that was about improving their social skills. Like everything they learned at Hanson House, those skills would be required once they graduated and moved into their new life. Whether in a senior role in their career or in a submissive role at home, being able to fit in easily and to put others at ease would serve them well.

The event was considered a success by instructors and students. All the women, however, went to their rooms feeling horny. A lot of masturbation went on after everyone was in bed. Grace and Lis had been unable to restrain themselves. They’d displayed no shame at all when, in the small hours, they took turns spreading their thighs in front of their friends and fucking their cunt holes till they cried out with relief.

Everyone turned out for sport on the Saturday morning. This was another requirement of Hanson House. The women were expected to be healthy and to always take care of their bodies. Few of the students needed much encouragement. Most of them had the sexy kind of body that comes naturally at that age – long, slender limbs and just a hint of the curves they would develop in later years. A few were more round already and they had the advantage of fuller breasts and juicy butts.

All the women students were vain enough to want to preserve what nature had given them. They were determined their skills as submissives would one day secure them a worthy dominant. There chances would not be hurt at all if they were also pleasing to the eye.

Later that day Amanda was given a message to report to Mistress Candace in her office. She arrived right on time and was met by the Mistress and also Master Stuart. It seemed they would discuss something about her progress in class the previous week. Amanda was sure she had performed well and stood confidently in front of the Mistress’ desk.

“Thank you for coming Amanda. You did very well this week with your first anal training.”

“Thanks, Mistress Candace. I think you are both really good teachers.”

Candace smiled at that small flattery. “In the case of anal I will confess I do enjoy my work.” She stood and walked around the desk till she was standing next to Amanda.

“Now my dear, I need to inspect you. I know you gave it your best this week and you took a lot ‘back there’. We need to ensure that your little hole is recovering well.”

“Yes Mistress,” replied Amanda.

“If you don’t mind, I asked Master Stuart to take a look as well. He’s very experienced in this area.” Amanda was suddenly aware of how fast and shallow her breathing had become.

“No Mistress. Not at all,” Amanda replied, trembling slightly. She looked over at the male instructor and tried to smile at him.

Candace signalled to Amanda and the student stood and moved forward to the desk. The older woman took hold of Amanda and asked her to bend over the desk. When her skirt was lifted Amanda remembered this was exactly what had been done to her previously by Mistress Rose. Since she was forbidden to wear underpants, her holes were on display once more.

“Did you douche this morning my dear? No? Well never mind. Its not required for what we are gong to do here today.”

She bent Amanda over with her breasts pressed firmly against the desk and her feet on the floor. Amanda could sense the instructor bending down to peer at her anus and her cunt. It was humiliating and kind of a turn-on. Mistress Rose had been correct when she said Amanda was beginning to understand the meaning of submission.

“Please open yourself for me,” said Candace gently. Without another thought, Amanda took hold of her bare arse cheeks and pulled herself wide open. She felt joy at being able to obey so readily. Then there was the touch of Candace’s finger on her cunt lips. Amanda dared not so much as flinch as Candace began her inspection.

“Hmmmmm. Yes some wetness for sure. I detected that during class as well. See Stuart, this one gets aroused from being exposed and touched.”

The male instructor rose and walked across the room. “Yes, I noticed it too. But now, up close, I can really see how turned-on she gets. More than I expect from a second year student.”

Candace ran her fingers through the length of Amanda’s moist cunt lips. That finally made Amanda jump in surprise, her görükle escort body stiffening and her cunt producing still more wetness.

The female instructor gave a little moan and shoved two fingers right into the cunt of her student. Amanda gave up a groan of pleasure at this sudden invasion.

“Best open those legs for me, little dear,” whispered Candace in her ear. “It will give me better access to you.” Amanda complied and she felt her cunt open slightly and Candace thrust even deeper. Just like the previous week, Amanda was sure this was a serious infraction of the rules. Just as surely, she rejoiced in being used sexually by one of the instructors. The early weeks of classes had left her incredibly horny.

Amanda groaned again, louder, when Candace pressed the tip of her tongue against the young woman’s anus. She couldn’t say if she was giving service or being used by the instructors. None of the tongue fucking she had received that week could match the sensation of the Mistresses’ tongue on one hole and her fingers in the other.

This was so different to class. It seemed unnecessary to try to earn marks here. Amanda allowed herself to relax and rest fully onto the desktop. It seemed so long ago when she had thought these activities would be dirty and disgusting. That tongue felt heavenly and the fingering in her cunt was going to make her delirious. She closed her eyes and enjoyed every stroke as her cunt gushed juices all over the fingers of her instructor.

“You had better lick her too, Stuart. Tell me if you think her little poop chute withstood the rigours of this week. Do you think she can take a little more inspection?”

The young woman was stunned and excited. Both instructors were going to use her holes. She was complying so readily. She was being ordered to comply and that was why she felt such excitement. Being locked in the office, forced over the desk and giving her holes to them beat any orgasm Amanda could give herself.

Stuart’s larger tongue went deeper, probed her harder. That was a tongue fuck, Amanda knew. She was dangerously close to her climax. Her heavy panting surely would give her away. Public orgasms were no longer a barrier for her. She felt cunt begin to spasm around the Mistresses’ fingers.

Stuart lifted his head and pronounced himself satisfied. “I think her anus has coped very well this week. I would say you can continue with the rest of your inspection.”

The older woman got in behind Amanda again. She jammed her fingers hard into Amanda’s cunt. Again she whispered into the ear of her pupil. “Just relax now. I am going to make you cum. Don’t be afraid. These old offices are practically sound-proof.”

Candace curled her fingers down so she was touching Amanda just underneath her pubic bone. That was a new experience for Amanda and her loud groan was an involuntary response. It was so easy to give herself to the instructors when they seemed to know her body so well.

A moment later everything seemed to explode. The Mistress was flicking one finger over Amanda’s hard clit. Her tongue was lapping gently on her tiny brown hole. At the same time Candace began to jab those two fingers into Amanda’s soaking hole.

The first orgasm leapt through Amanda’s body. She just couldn’t stop it. The Mistress was really pounding into her cunt now. Without warning, the finger on her clit was removed and Amanda felt that familiar pressure at her anus. She tensed and then realised she had to relax. Too late, Mistress Candace pressed a long finger through Amanda’s anus and into her sweet, young rectum.

Amanda couldn’t understand it but the second intrusion made her entire body react. Her second orgasm drove through her as the female instructor stroked both her holes. Just weeks earlier her bottom had been virgin territory. Now she was holding still while an older woman thrust what felt like two digits deep into her rectum. Amanda realised that the sudden invasion hurt her a little and yet it seemed actually to heighten the pleasure.

She was most pleased about that because it meant she was able to to comply with Mistress Candace’s demands. How grateful she was for the special “anal” class. Her body felt so full. The twin fingering of her holes was providing sensations she’d never experienced before.

Amanda could hear herself crying out at each thrust, moaning incoherently as the first orgasm was followed immediately by the next and then another. She had never realised that her body could do such a thing. Now she understood the meaning of “multi-orgasmic”. Amanda somehow sensed it was wrong to allow the instructor to take advantage of her in this way. Yet she felt a strong need to give herself to Candace. if it felt like this then she never wanted Candace to stop.

The Mistress kept up her attack on the young woman. Her fingers went harder and faster. Those cries of pleasure sounded like the barking of a small animal. Candace told herself that this one really görükle escort bayan was a find, one of the rare ones. She gave Stuart a grin of filthy pleasure a she felt the spasms of the young cunt around her fingers and the heat as the student’s anus opened in response to the assault. Candace didn’t stop working on the young woman until she was sure that the flood of pleasure had passed.

No sooner did she withdraw her fingers from the panting student than Candace was on the desk next to her. She pulled her own skirt up high to expose her shapely bottom. Candace was a little older than some of the female instructors but she had always stuck to the routine of exercise and taking care of herself. Her holes were instantly exposed as well because the staff followed the same rule of “no underpants”.

Amanda needed more time to recover herself after the massive release she’d just experienced. She didn’t get it. “Do me now. Get down and make me ready,” ordered Candace.

The student almost collapsed as she got on her knees behind her instructor. Such was the shock of her explosive climax that she found it hard to control her movements. Still feeling unsteady, Amanda grabbed the Mistresses’ bum and pulled her cheeks wide. She was surprised to see cunt lips that were swollen with arousal and shining with juices.

Amanda tried gallantly to perform her task. She kept one hand on the older woman’s butt, as much to support herself. The best way to thank Candace for her wonderful orgasms was to do her best to give pleasure in return. Amanda forced two fingers into the waiting cunthole. She used the tip of her tongue to tease the Mistress’ anus.

“Yes, yes…” the instructor was gasping. “Slower… push harder… give me that tongue you little bitch.”

Amanda was still shocked by the language the instructors used when they were receiving sexual pleasure. This time, however, when Candace called her “little bitch” again, Amanda tried to jam her tongue as far as she could inside the older woman’s hole. She found that the taste was a little more acrid and decided that meant she was tongue fucking properly.

She was just getting into her stride when there was a hand on her shoulder. It was Stuart and the next thing Amanda realised was that his cock was erect, huge and pointing almost straight at the ceiling.

Trying to please, wanting to obey, feeling a little afraid, Amanda tried to get out of the way and ended up tumbling to the floor. Her eyes never left the male instructor’s weapon.

“You did a really good job,” said the naked male to her with a soft smile. “Now just watch closely while I get to finish this off.”

He drove two fingers of his right hand right into the woman’s anal opening. Amanda knew that would have hurt her hole. It looked brutal and Candace threw back her head and cried out, “oh jesus, Stuart… yes!” Clearly Stuart was trying to stretch the anus, prepping the Mistress to receive his cock. It looked much rougher than Amanda would ever hope for and yet the older woman was responding in a way that betrayed her pleasure and her lust for more.

After a few cursory thrusts with his fingers, Stuart placed one hand around his shaft and the other on Candace’s waist. “Oh, fuck me you filthy shit,” she called out. Amanda thought that her voice sounded almost desperate.

“Open up for me,” he urged. “Open up for me and I’ll give you every inch.”

It was exciting for Amanda to see the female instructor follow orders. She watched as Candace grabbed her arse cheeks and, just as she had made Amanda do, pulled herself wide. The older woman, Amanda’s instructor, looked so enticing as her holes sat in the bright light, just waiting.

Stuart stepped forward and aimed his cock straight at the wet cunt. His tool looked even better than it had in class – big, hard, pointing high, great purple veins running along its length. Amanda looked on with wide eyes as the male instructor used his cock to pierce Candace. She couldn’t see everything but she saw his cock begin to disappear inside the Mistress’ body. Amanda licked her lips, wishing it was her cunt that he was using.

She watched the way he fucked, the way his hips moved and his huge prong slammed into the instructor’s cunt. Amanda wondered if fucking needed to be so violent all the time. There was no doubt that Mistress Candace was enjoying it. Her grunts and groans sounded as if she was in pain but Amanda knew enough to understand that Candace was enjoying every single thrust.

“Fuck me, you dirty bastard,” she ordered him. “Do me properly.”

Stuart was smiling but Amada could see the way his face was distorted, too. A man could really enjoy having his own cock buried inside a willing woman. Amanda wanted so badly for it to be her cunt wrapped around Stuart’s cock. To give pleasure to cocks in that way was her future role.

The male instructor pulled his cock out of Candace’s cunt right then. He wasted no time before pressing bursa escort the big head of his shaft against the pulsing anus. Amanda got ready to watch a real cock invade the rectum of her instructor

“Yes, get your cock into me you fuck,” she panted urgently. “Screw my dirty hole.” Amanda saw how the licking and the fingering had allowed Candace to accept penetration so quickly. She also saw how Candace was able to make he anus open slightly, no doubt pushing out as she’d taught her students.

Stuart shoved the head of his cock straight into the waiting hole. He used his weight to maintain a constant pressure against the sphincter muscles. He was going in whether Candace was ready or not. Amanda could see the way the little hole expanded to fit the bulk of that hard cock. She saw how Stuart used one continuous thrust, the only lube being the student’s saliva and the woman’s own cunt juices smeared over his shaft. The thick shaft began to disappear inside the delicate anal opening.

The Mistress groaned like a wounded beast. Despite her entire body seeming to tense up, she had some way of keeping her backdoor soft and loose for the invader.

Amanda was still on her knees, close and seeing how Stuart forced all the way into the Mistress’ bumhole. She saw the way the older woman’s anus stretched around the large, hard cock. She was close enough to smell Candace’s cunt and the slightly earthy scent of her open backdoor. Amanda knew in time she’d become accustomed to the smells of anal sex.

Amazed, Amanda watched as Stuart straight away began to fuck the well-rounded arse in front of him. She winced at the thought of how that big cock would have caused her a burning pain. Yet, Candace’s rectum seemed to relax and loosen in front of her eyes. Stuart seemed to have known it would and he simply increased the force of his thrusting.

The fucking was not brutal but Amanda watched as each stroke went long and deep in the Mistresses’ anal cavity. She wondered if her anus would ever be able to accept a humping like that. There was relief when she saw Candace reach down to finger her clit. Even a more experienced woman could rely on that technique to increase her pleasure from bumfucking.

“Oh fuck,” called out Candace. “Yeah, do it, do it.” Stuart seemed to increase the power of his thrusting and Candace let out another animal noise. The instructor reached both hands out and gripped the far edge of the desk. Amanda saw that she was bracing herself, preparing for Stuart to shove himself hard into her rectum. The sounds of their flesh slapping together were so loud in that small room. Amanda wanted to help by rubbing on Mistress Candace’s clit but she dared not out her hand so close to a cock – not yet.

Amanda saw a wet film on Stuart’s shaft. She saw, just as the instructors had assured the students, that even the content’s of a woman’s arse will lubricate the man’s cock.

“Fuck me, fuck me. Don’t stop,” panted Candace as she threw her head back. Amanda saw the other woman tighten her grip on the desk as Stuart actually slowed his thrusting into her back passage. He was making sure Candace felt every little bit of his cock as it filled and reamed her “poop chute”.

Amanda had thought it nonsense to suggest a woman could orgasm from anal sex. Yet, Candace was providing the evidence in front of her own eyes. She was making almost continuous sounds as Stuart relentlessly humped her back passage. Amanda felt sure she would ever learn that particular skill.

Even when the Mistress dropped her head to the desktop and her noises abated, Stuart kept right on humping her arse. Amanda saw the older woman’s body relax as her orgasm receded but still Stuart was fucking her in her behind.

“Give me your cum,” panted Candace breathlessly. “Pump that cum in there you dirty bastard.” Stuart did just as she asked, ramming his shaft deep into her hole until Amanda could see that he, too, was cumming and she imagined his white cum flooding into the bowels of her instructor. Stuart was quiet as he exploded inside there but Amanda watched his face and she was certain he had, indeed, experienced the ultimate sexual pleasure.

“You see my dear?’ muttered Candace as she relaxed onto the top of the desk. “An anal fuck can come in handy at almost any time. When the clit gets sensitive from a regular climax it can interrupt further pleasure. But your anus can always be available.” Amanda noted that Candace’s anus showed a small opening even after Stuart’s cock had been withdrawn. She saw, too, how his cum was beginning to ooze out of that well fucked hole.

Amanda had seen anal sex on the web before. Having watched Stuart fuck and cum inside Candace’s arsehole, she was now determined that she would master this art for herself. Her strongest wish was that one day she would give the same pleasure to her Dominant.

As everyone got dressed, Amanda’s head was once more full of questions. This was the second time in a week that the young student had been taken aside by an instructor who used her sexually. This time it had been two instructors. Amanda had confirmed with Rose that such activity was forbidden by Hanson House. She had enjoyed these acts more than she could describe but she had been left confused.

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