Harmless Fun! Ch. 02


A few weeks later the opportunity came for the two of them to meet again, it was late February and the evenings were still dark enough to take advantage of them.

They met outside her fitness club where she regularly went to work out, this evening though she thought she might vary her exercise regime a little, after all it was harmless fun wasn’t it.

He welcomed her into his warm car, the evening was still bitterly cold outside and they set off to find somewhere less obvious.

“where shall we go?” he asked, he was far away from his local surroundings so hadn’t a clue where to go for some privacy.

“oh I know a quiet back lane just outside of town, it’ll only take a couple of minutes”

They set off with her giving directions and sure enough came to a secluded single track lane with quite a lot of tree coverage, snow had started to fall gently but they weren’t worried as the 4×4 they were in would easily cope with whatever the elements could throw at them.

They parked up and killed the lights. She could sense his nervousness, he could sense hers. They were about to cross a line, but both knew the look in each others eyes and were at that point unable to turn back, they knew at that stage that it was something that they wanted and needed to do.

At the same kartal escort bayan time they leaned towards each other and their lips meet with a gentle tingle of electricity passing between them as they kissed for the first time since their initial meeting, though with that being in public it had had to be reserved and quite gentle. This kiss though was quite different. They were alone, they were together and they were filled with passion for each other. Lips opened and tongues teased each others mouths.

He moved his hands across to touch her, he touched her side and she kissed harder, he slide his hand upwards to caress the side of her breast and she grabbed the back of his head to pull him closer to her mouth. His thumb gently rubbed the side of her breast and then slowly he moved his hand to cup her full breast whilst his thumb invaded the opening of her dress and for the very first time touched her bare skin.

She shifted in her seat and reached round the back of her dress and through the material she unhitched the fastening of her bra giving more access to her future lover. It did not go unnoticed and all the while they were still engrossed in the longest and most passionate kiss that he had ever experienced.

His hand slide fully inside her dress and his index finger and yakacık escort thumb found the way to her already erect nipple, He marvelled in the size of her nipple as it was at least half an inch cubed, yet still it seemed to be growing, He simply had to suck them, but he told himself not to rush things as he could sense the best was yet to come.

His lips left her glorious mouth and slowly started to move down, gently laying kisses on her neck and slowly still they travelled further downward until they were at the top of her breast bone. His hands hadn’t been idle either, They had also started to move lower down, he caressed the curve of her hip as she sat slightly twisted in her seat facing toward him. The curve extended downwards to her shapely legs and he knew he wanted to feel the skin of her legs and much more besides.

His hand met with the hem of her dress, dare he make the move upwards now with his hand under her dress. He hesitated for a moment and as if to reassure him that it was okay, she kissed him with such tenderness that he knew he could proceed. Her hands had unbuttoned his shirt and one had gone inside to caress and tease his nipple, the sensation in itself feel wonderful to him, she stroked the small amount of hair her had on his chest and whilst hürriyet mahallesi escort not ticklish the sensations were certainly getting through to his nerves and the reaction in his trousers would have been plain to see had it been even half light. His trousers were certainly tight around his groin and he hoped that the buttons would be released soon to take the ever increasing pressure off his growing hardness.

He moved his hands up the silken covered thighs of his future lover and passed the strengthened section of her hold ups, no suspenders to get tangled up in, just a lovely elasticated section with the wonderful sensation of naked flesh above it. His hand trembled as they first touched her flesh and that was endearing him to her all the more. Here he was, this strong and handsome guy who could, she thought, captivate most women who laid eyes on him, yet here he was slightly nervous but not clumsy and he was with her….

He moved his hands to feel her sublime bottom, from their previous times in their private chatroom he knew she favoured wearing thongs, so it was no surprise to find that her cheek was uncovered. He gently kneaded her butt cheek and heard her gentle purring. He felt her legs open slightly and moved his hand round towards her front and then moved them up her inner thighs where he could feel her heat emanating from her private treasure.

His thumb moved upwards and across and then he was dumbfounded, whilst she let out a very naughty giggle…. He discovered that she wasn’t wearing any nics at all!

More to follow soon!

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