He Begs Me to Choke Him Pt. 03


The Domme

I see his cats in his office as we are walking down the hall to his room. They look at me curiously, but then fall back to sleep when we pass. I enter his room behind him, and he sits on the edge of his king sized four poster bed as I wander into the center of his room, looking around. There are books on his nightstand, a cat collar with a bell on top of the book pile, a hanger full of ties hanging from the knob of his closet, some cat toys in a basket under a wooden desk, amongst a variety of other things a book loving cat dad would own.

“So, uh…” he begins, playing with the corner of the quilt on his bed, “you like BDSM? Is there… anything I could do…? Or anything we can use? What should I call you?”

I go over to the ties hanging from the closet door, feeling the silk. I pick out a few. When I turn around, he is standing right behind me. This startles me but I try not to show it.

“Are these ok to use?” I say, holding the ties up.

“Um, yes,” he says, hesitating slightly. I put them on the end of his bed.

“You may call me Mistress. Pick out which ties you are ok with me using as a binding, and let me know what you are comfortable with me doing to you. Know that at any time, if you become uncomfortable, let me know and I will stop.

“Anything you wanna do- slapping, biting, scratching, spanking… please and especially choking…” he says as he turns around separate the ties.

“Ok, and you do exactly as I say. If you disobey me, I will slap or spank you. For example- if you open your eyes when I tell you to close them, before I give you permission, or if you stop pleasuring me before I say it is ok to stop, I will slap you. If you have any needs or requests, refer to me as Goddess and I will consider what you say or do and may withhold punishment,” I say to him as I slide out of my dress and let it drop to the floor while his back is turned. I am still wearing thigh-high sheer black stockings, my heels, a lacy bra and thin lacy panties. My hard nipples are obvious behind the lace of the bra.

“Yes mistress,” he turns around and his eyes widen when he notices my dress is off.

I unbutton his shirt, kissing the hollow between his collarbones and licking a stripe up his throat. I pull his shirt off of his arms and throw it onto his desk.

“Strip naked,” I command, and he almost trips twice taking his pants off as fast as he can. I pick a tie that he has chosen, and also pick up the collar by his bed. It is a brand new black breakaway collar with a small black bell.

“Ah yes, my cats refuse to wear collars. I got that one but quickly gave up trying to put it on one of them…” he pauses for a second, and then quickly adds, “uh, Mistress.”

“Good, kuşadası escort it will be yours now!” I say as I lead him to sit on the edge of the bed and bind his wrists behind his back. I notice his cock is standing firm, pointing at the ceiling as he sits. His body his long and lean; his cock is long and thicker than I would have imagined. He is circumcised, and as I tie his wrists, I imagine for a moment what it would feel like against my tongue.

With his hands firmly tied behind his back, I straddle his knees with my legs and stand over him while I fit the collar. I extend the collar to it’s full size, and then measure the length around his neck at the point right above his Adam’s apple. He patiently holds still as I work, but he is staring at me with a half-smile on his face.

“What?” I say, as I adjust the collar so its as tight as possible around his throat. I snap the clip closed right above his apple.

“You are just so beautiful…” he says softly. The movement of his throat causes the bell to chime.

“And you are so sexy… especially with this collar,” I say, holding his face still and kiss him passionately. My nipples are painful throbbing points behind black lace and the air feels cool through my lingerie around my hot wet cunt. I could feel the tip of his cock brushing against my lower belly. I pull away from his face slowly, with one hand holding the back of his head which is tilted to look up to me. His eyes are still closed and his lips are slightly parted.

“I want you to swallow,” I say, looking at his throat. He obediently tries to swallow but his huge Adam’s apple strains against the collar, which causes the break-away clasp to pop open so his apple can travel to the top of his throat. I laugh, but I am so turned on. I am going to need relief soon. I add some space to the length of the collar, so there is more room for him to swallow without it popping off.

“Do you want to touch me?” I ask him, stroking his cheekbones with my thumbs while I hold his face. He nods quickly.

“Yes mistress, please!”

“But how are you going to, with your hands tied?” I ask, taking a step back. He looks confused.

“I don’t know, Mistress,” he says, looking pained. He watches as my hands slide up the sides of my body, to my breasts.

He swallows as I pull the lace down, exposing my pert double Ds and extremely erect nipples. I slowly begin to stimulate my buds with my index fingers. I see his cock twitch and precum begin to ooze out of his slit.

“Do you want to touch my tits?” I ask.

“Yes, Mistress,” he says weakly.

“Close your eyes,” I command and he obeys immediately.

I walk back and straddle his lap while standing kuşadası escort bayan over him, again. The glistening head of his cock bumps against the flesh under my naval, with my bush brushing the underside of his shaft. I sway my hips slightly a few times so my skin and hair rubs against his member. He moans and more pre-cum dribbles out.

“I want you to pleasure me,” I say softly. His eyes flit open to look up at me, and I smack him sharply on the cheek. He shuts his eyes again.

“I’m sorry Mistress… “

“An honest mistake. Now hold still, and stick out your tongue. I’m going to show you where to start.”

He eagerly sticks out his tongue and I press my right nipple onto the tip.

“Pleasure me,” I say, and he starts to gingerly stroke his tongue around my aching nipple, and when he realizes what it is, he works his tongue faster. He knows to circle the outside of the nipple first, and then lightly flick his tongue over the tip. I reach down with my other hand and massage the head of his cock, spreading the precum across it. I grip his shaft and feel it pulsing, and lightly massage the underside with my fingers. I press my breast up against his mouth and he puts his lips around my nipple and alternates between sucking and massaging it with his tongue.

“This is practice for my clit…” I moan, barely aware that I said it out loud. He moans back.

I use both hands to push up my breasts against each other, pointing the nipples forward, eliciting a small whimper when I take my hand of his cock. I switch sides and he eagerly takes my left nipple into his mouth. I let my breasts rest on the tops of my forearms and push them together with my biceps. I wrap my hands around his neck so I could feel his throat and Adam’s apple with my thumbs. My nipples are on fire with sensation and I feel like I could cum if we kept this up, but my cunt is aching and I decide it’s time for it to get attention. I pull away and tell him that he can open his eyes.

“Oh, fuuuck,” he gasps, looking at my breasts glistening with his saliva, “Mistress, you are… so divine…”

“So, get on your knees and worship me,” I say, sliding my legs out of my lace panties. I crawl up onto the bed and sit on the edge with my legs spread open. I lean back but keep myself propped up on my elbows. He is already between my legs and pressing his lips into the lips of my cunt, moaning. His tongue slips out to explore into my cunt. I am so wet, he begins to lick up all of my juices, looking up at me submissively.

“Mistress, thank you for dessert,” he says, grinning mischievously as his head pops up to look at me. I nod benevolently at him, not bothering to suppress a bemused smile. His mouth and escort kuşadası chin are slick from his worshipping and I notice the collar slips down below his Adam’s apple when he swallows. I can fix that later.

He goes back down between my legs, and what follows is a wonderful combination of his sensual kissing of my cunt and eagerly massaging my clit with his tongue. I don’t even have to tell him to just circle around it instead of direct contact, so I am immediately able to relax into the pleasure. I lower myself down onto my back and squeeze my breasts and use my fingers to stimulate my buds as he works on my cunt. I am in ecstasy. He continues to glance up at me, sucking softly on my clit and taking in the visual of my fingers tracing my nipples. Knowing that his hands are still bound behind his back gives me a rush, too. We continue like this until he needs to take a quick break.

“My Goddess, may I pause?” He asks, to which I acquiesce. I prop myself back up on my elbows again, as he rests his chin on my mound, his throat pressed against my wet cunt. I reach out and rub his cheek affectionately with one hand.

“You are proving yourself to be an excellent devotee,” I say.

“I am eager to serve you, Mistress. Your pleasure is my pleasure,” and as he speaks, I feel his Adam’s apple bob against the lips of my cunt. I bite my lip and shudder. He then swallows, and his apple slides up and down against my clit. I gasp and my whole body twitches. He takes notice and his eyes widen with understanding. He presses his throat further against my cunt and starts purposefully bobbing his huge apple on my clit; I moan and quickly reach out and grab the back of his head so he doesn’t pull away. He works his throat in a way that makes gulping sounds and it drives me to grind against his throat with my hips, in the reverse direction as his apple, and I feel pleasure spread across my body.

“Don’t stop…” I manage to moan. I’m gasping in ecstasy and my eyes roll back and he starts to work his throat faster. Even with the blood pounding in my ears, I think I can hear him moaning, he chokes slightly every time I grind my cunt into his Adam’s apple. I feel the nectar of my cunt release in spurts against his throat as I am brought to an orgasm- wave after wave shudders through my body. He ducks his head back down and starts lapping up my cum, also gently working his tongue against my clit in order to wring out as much pleasure as he can. I let go of his head and fall back down against the bed, savoring the last few twitches of my body, feeling my satisfied cunt throbbing. I’m panting.

“Luke, you can stop now, come here with me on the bed,” I say, and he obeys. I reach behind him and untie the binding on his hands. I take pleasure in seeing his whole neck, mouth, and chin are wet with my juices; I also take pleasure in seeing that his cock is still erect and oozing precum.

“Now, it will be your turn,” I say as I grab his cock and start stroking with one hand and lean forward to kiss him.

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