Helping Amanda and Tessa – Melissa comes to grips.


Helping Amanda and Tessa – Melissa comes to grips.This is the third installment of my story of helping Amanda and Tessa, a Mom / daughter home that needed some help. They head off to the shower leaving Melissa, my daughter and I alone and naked in the bedroom…~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Amanda and Tessa both got up off of the bed after recovering from their shared pleasure. Melissa and I barely stirred. We were all rather tired and spent and even with the tight bindings on my privates, I was starting to lose some of my arousal as my mind tried to comprehend what had happened.While Tessa took off her belt and toy, Amanda collected the other toys and playfully slapped my cock a few times before mockingly saying, “Ohhh, you poor man! You did not get to fire off that second huge load of spunk that you loaded up down there!!! You poor thing!! She slapped my cock again and followed her daughter to the door before adding. “Tessa and I are going to go clean up the toys and ourselves. I am sure there are some things the two of you need to talk about.” Tessa laughed and Amanda smacked her ass and then pulled the door closed behind them as she stepped out into the hall.Melissa just laid there face down on the bed next to me. I rolled over onto my side and started slowly letting my fingers move gently, lovingly over her beautiful feminine back. I did not have a clue how I was supposed to feel, but I knew I had never felt closer to my daughter, or more afraid of her for what I had done to her. She did not move as my fingers roamed from her perfectly round ass to the concave small of her back and then up to her shoulder blades and strong, square shoulders. She was indeed a beautiful woman.“I did not know you were a lesbian.” I said quietly.There was no response for a moment and I was afraid I had said the wrong thing. Then she mumbled something into the bed, but it was completely unintelligible to my ears. I asked her to repeat it and she pushed herself up and lifted her head and looked at the far wall. “I said, I’m not certain that I am one.” Her voice was quiet and full of what might have been fear.“What do you mean?”“I mean, I like the feelings that Tessa and her Mom cause me to have when we touch and play and… I guess have sex. But… I don’t know how to say it. I mean, they give me orgasms that leave me breathless for what seems like hours and I love touching them….But.. I just don’t know.”I let the words hang in the air. Honestly, I did not know what to say. I had known Melissa had had some boyfriends and a couple of them had even stuck around for about six months. I had always hoped she was still a virgin. Now I could not believe how naïve I had been! k**s today did so much more, knew so much more than I had at their age! “Have the boys you dated made you feel that way too?” I asked so quietly that I wondered and almost hoped she had not heard me. We both just lay there for a few moments and then she rolled over away from me and walked to the side window and peered out through the curtains. I was struck by how beautiful a woman Melissa had become. The sunshine in her hair made her look almost angelic! Her features, even now when filled with questions were classically graceful. My eyes moved lower and slid over the smooth curves that blossomed into her breasts and then flowed so smoothly into the hips of lovely woman. When had all of this happened? When had my little girl become a woman?“I have never slept with any guys.” I watched her eyes look up higher into the sky as if into the past. “A couple of them wanted to, but I was always too scared. I was scared I would do it wrong. I was scared I’d get pregnant. I was afraid it would hurt or they would throw me away or….” She bit her lip as if she were weighing if she had said too much and fearing she had. I flipped over on my back and rolled so canlı bahis my feet swung to the same side of the bed as where she stood. I sat up and looked at her as she turned and looked at me. I could tell just by looking at her that what I said was going to change both of our lives for one way or the other. So I drew a deep breath and let it out before saying quietly, “its okay dear. So you are telling me you’ve never had sex with a guy?”Her eyes were awash in tears and she crossed her arms under her breasts and held them close to her. She shook her head but kept her eyes locked on my face. I offered her a smile and then said, “Well that’s okay, my dear. It will happen at the right time and trust me; no man will ever be disappointed in making love with you!”I could not say those things and just sit tit there as tears began to spill from the corners of her eyes. I wrapped my arms around her and rocked her as I felt her tears on my chest. I stroked her hair and held her as I felt the tension in her body begin to fade. She kissed my chest and I kissed the top of her head and I thought to myself, “Yes!!! I said the right thing!”I was truly just congratulating her when I heard her say very quietly into my chest without looking up, “Daddy, will you be the one? Please?” I stopped rocking and almost stopped breathing! Had I really heard and understood her right? Did she really want me to….?“Be the one to do .. what?”“Will you be the first man to have sex with me? Please?” She raised her head this time as she said the last and looked up at me with wet eyes and tenuous hope. I will never understand how she could look so vulnerable and yet so certain at the same time. She was both little girl and full blown woman. She was ready and unsure, willing and yet scared, needing and yet wanting to give….Wrapping my hands around her shoulders I held her away from me and locked our eyes together. “Are you sure about this Missy? There is only ever one first time and you have saved yourself until now. I don’t want you to choose to do something with me and then regret it in the years to come.”“I have always dreamed and imagined you being the one, Daddy. I know that you and Mom… she told me once that now that she is dry she only has sex because you want it. Otherwise she would be glad to live without it. I almost told her then that I would take on those duties for her. And now, after this afternoon, I am more sure than ever. Daddy, I want you to be the first guy to put his cock deep inside of me!”The tears had stopped and there was a solidifying of will that took place as she spoke. There was no doubt left that she understood exactly what she wanted and what she was saying! I smiled back at her and said, “I did say that any man would be lucky to get to be your first, and I am a man… You and Amanda and Tessa have reminded me of that fact today! So… yes, my dear. I would love to be your fist!”She smiled at me and almost as if by magic, the space between us evaporated and she was once again leaning against my body only this time her face was turned up to me and her lips tasted so sweet as we tentatively kissed. She pulled back just slightly and I kissed each of her closed eyes and saw my own smile reflected in hers.She was not the only one to have dreamt of this moment! Since those first years when her body started changing and developing until right that moment I had wondered what it would be like to touch her and hold her and explore her. Every time she had climbed onto my lap, fallen asleep and her night clothes revealed more than she knew and every time she leaned over to give me a kiss and inadvertently flashed me he breasts, I had dreamed of this moment. Now it was really happening and it felt so damn good!!!Her tongue quickly began exploring my mouth and my hands set on their own missions of discovery as they squeezed, bahis siteleri caressed and fingered her form. When I pinched the pink nipples of her breast she moaned unexpectedly into my mouth and the affect was immediate! I felt my cock rise and poke against her belly Her fingers aimed the bulbous head up toward the bottom of her breasts and then she pressed her body tight against mine. I cannot begin to describe how decadent and wonderful it felt!!My hands went down to the sweet round muscles of her ass and pulled her against me. Our embrace broke for us both to breath and she looked up into my eyes and said, “Yes, Daddy, God yes take me and make into the woman you need me to be!”I needed no other instructions and I lifted her up off of the floor. Automatically her legs rose and wrapped around my hips and raised her even higher. With one hand behind my head with a firm grip in my hair, she reached down between us and grabbed my resurrected cock and aimed it at her pink slit and lowered herself slowly down to be impaled upon me!For the first time that day I was thankful that Amanda had tied off my nut sack so it was going to take an earth shattering orgasm for me to climax. Melissa felt so good as she lowered herself just a bit at a time onto me. Had it not been for the bonds I am certain I would have exploded before she finally got my full length wedged into her! It was perfect, she was so wet and yet so tight, so hot and so soft. Imagine your dream fuck and I will tell you Melissa and her slow reception of my mature cock into her far vagina exceeds what you imagine!She controlled her rate of descent and my pleasure by squeezing and relaxing her thighs as she rode me. She shuddered as she accepted the thick head of my rod deeper into her womb and felt me fill her insides in a way no toy could ever match. She began rising back up and then sliding forward a little more, over and over again. With each thrust she fell closer to the root of my penis. Deeper and deeper I sank into her until at long last I felt her greedy lower lips try to engulf my torso as well and my cock head hit the tight hard ring at the top of her love canal. She shuddered and I did my best just to hold her. By now, my hands were beginning to tire and so I turned and stepped to the side of the window and put her back against the wall. Melissa looked at me and smiled and said, “Oh my God. I have never felt so full down there!! I did not think I could take all of you, but I did!! Oh my God this feels so fucking good!” I backed up half a step and pulled about 4 inches of my shaft out of her stretched pussy and she looked up at me in fear and confusion and then without waiting for her to say anything, I slammed my thick cock all the way back into her so hard and fast that I felt the bound and tied set of balls swing hard and slap into the bottom of my lover. Her eyes flew open and she let out a little cry of surprise and then I slowly began to build my cadence. The slapping of our bodies together increased in both sound and tempo as I thrust harder and harder into Melissa and making her breasts bounce between us.At some point it was bound to happen. I slipped out of her wet and slippery passage and Melissa immediately slid from my hands to land with her feet on the floor. From there, it was as if gravity pulled her on down to her knees and she was kneeling before my stiff cock and aching balls. She licked the string of cum that dangled lewdly from the purple tip as she smiled up at me and I groaned. She then concentrated on the problem at hand and soon was unwinding and wrapping the leather string from my sore and needful privates! Occasionally she would take my throbbing member into her warm mouth and remind me that sweet relief was on the near horizon. Finally, the last knot was undone and if I thought the pain had feelings had güvenilir bahis been intense before, the sudden flush of vital fluids into and out of my penis sent my head swirling in a horrendous blend of relief, pleasure and pain! I leaned against the wall for support and closed my eyes as my vision swam for a minute. When all of the sensations died down enough, I felt Melissa’s wonderful lips sucking and loving on my organ in a way that spoke volumes of her training with Tessa’s rubber phallus. She was none too gentle and yet exactly what I needed at that moment. But it was not what I wanted.Gently I separated her from my cock and she looked up at me with a look in her eyes that reminded me of the times I had scolded her for things that she had done as a youngster without knowing they were wrong.. She was afraid that in some way she was doing it wrong when that could not have been further from the truth! Offering her my hand I said, “Here, you want me to be your first, let’s do it right.”I laid her back on the bed and climbed between her legs. She raised her knees up and wide and I knelt between those sweet soft thighs and kissed my way up over her flat belly. As I passed over her ribs I could feel how tentative and shallow each breath was. I smiled up into her face and simply said “Breathe!” and then lowered my lips onto her right nipple. She did more than breathe, she gasped in delight and I felt her hips rise up off of the bed and push up against my belly. The need that I felt obviously filled her as well, so I did not delay.I slid on up and we kissed. There was nothing tentative about any of it now. Need fanned the flames of lust and lust burst into flame that consumed everything but the urgency to be one! I felt her hand grab the root of my cock and slide up to the head of it and then she was guiding me to the vestibule of her cathedral. Rocking back a little as a good supplicant, I prayed, “Oh God,” and slid my member into her sacred place!It happened so smoothly, so easily that for a moment we each were content to just lay there. Leaning a little forward over her as she looked up into my eyes with such trust, I wanted to give her the ride of her life. And then her back arched up and the contractions from within her pulled on me like a velvet vice! I found myself falling foreword over her and just stopping myself from smashing my body into hers. I suddenly had to have as much of me inside of her as I could squeeze. The feeling was so unbelievable.Then I pulled back and I began to fuck her honestly. I began to make her a woman. At first only an inch slid out before sliding back and then it was two. The power of our thrusts began to climb as more and more of me slid in and out of her. I felt her nails on my back dragging trails of scratches as she sought to pull me into being hers! Over and over, faster and faster, deeper and deeper we went at it. I was sweating and her flesh flushed.Then I slammed into her hard, buried balls deep and I heard a cry that added a perverse harmony to the roar that ripped my throat! She was thrashing beneath me as my balls spilled load after load deep into her hot sex. Her gyrations only served to heighten my own need and lust as she milked me dry then continued to tremble as the subsequent waves of pleasure rebounded between the two of us.I finally collapsed to her side and she rolled over on top of me, our combined cum spilling out of her and across my thing and onto the bed. We were kissing and laughing and trying to catch our wind when we heard clapping and looked toward the doorway. Amanda and Tessa were standing there, smiling as they watched us. “I guess the two of you could use a shower now?” I heard Amanda say with a laugh. I looked down and kissed Melissa on the lips and then said, “I think you are right!”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Is this something you like, enjoy? If so, please take just a moment to let me know by clicking a thumbs up or leaving me a comment. I don’t get paid for this. My only reward is to see your approval.Thanks in advance for your encouragement!

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