Helping Mom Move Ch. 02


Second chapter, big thank you to akeyesx for giving me a hand with some editing and I appreciate the previous comments, I hadn’t realized how difficult it is to objectively analyze one’s own work. Future recommendations will always be considered!


My head was spinning as my sons cum oozed out of my used pussy. His meaty cock and talented mouth had given me more pleasure than I could have ever imagined. A few hours ago I had been a caring and proper mom, doing everything to make sure my son was raised right. Now I felt the complete opposite, as we lay naked, our bodies covered in sweat – I had taken advantage of him, and although he assured me that he truly wanted this, I was afraid of the repercussions of my actions. As my son rolled off of me and gently spooned my naked body, we drifted to sleep as I recounted the events that had led to this moment.

The divorce was much more difficult than I had ever let on. I never lost my temper, never acted irrationally, always had my son’s best interests in mind – ensuring that his father would help pay for his college and expenses that coupled that whole process. When we met in Med School, his father was a tall, handsome and well-built man. Now he was paunchy, drank too much beer, and was more interested in spending time at the strip club than with his wife or son. Divorce meant that I wouldn’t have to feel jealous whenever he snuck out on the pretense of ‘going to the bar.’

It also meant that our combined income would no longer cover the mortgage. We had afforded our son, Jeffrey, a very privileged lifestyle and I was afraid that moving from the well-above average size house with a pool and an enormous yard to a more middle class dwelling might leave him bitter regarding my decision to leave. Alas, boys will always surprise you and mine was no exception. His interest in looking at houses and excitement about starting over eased my mind. It also made me look at him in a more mature light. And I suppose that was the beginning of my descent into depravity.

When I woke up the next morning, Jeff’s arm was still draped across my naked body, his hand gently clutching my breast. I decided to let him sleep in a bit while I wriggled out from beneath him. As I turned to look at him laying naked, I couldn’t help but salivate over his exposed manhood. I gently brushed my fingers over my clit, and was reminded with soreness of how hard he had fucked me last night. I put on some lounge sweats and a T-shirt and went to the kitchen to make some breakfast. Coffee, bacon, eggs and toast would be the plan for that morning. I felt like a well-prepared meal may indicate – before saying – that I was OK with lasts nights events.

Jeff wandered down to the smell of bacon as it wafted throughout the house.

“That smells so good! Thanks for making breakfast” he said as he poured himself a cup of coffee, grabbed me around the waist with his free hand and kissed me on the cheek. I blushed like a schoolgirl.

“You’re too sweet to your old mom” I said. “Sit down, I want to talk to you.”

A look of dread crossed his face.

“It’s nothing bad” I assured him, “I just want to make sure you’re OK.”

We sat across from each other and began eating. He didn’t say anything.

“Last night got pretty crazy” I finally said.

He smirked. “Yea.”

“I just want you to know that I still love you, nothing has to change between us. I had a lot of fun though” I said as I reached my leg under the table and ran my foot along the inside of his thigh. He looked up and I gave him a wink.

“I thought maybe you’d have changed your mind”he replied.

“I would love to do that again but only if you feel OK about it. And, for obvious reasons, this has to be our secret.”

“I love you, I would never do anything to hurt you, and I won’t say anything to anyone” he replied

I stood up and walked around the table and kissed him. “I’m all in if you’re all in, baby boy.”

“I love that idea, mommy”

The sound of him calling me ‘mommy’ made my pussy gush. I kissed him again, deeper this time as I pulled his face towards mine. He responded by grabbing my butt and pulling me towards him. I straddled his leg while continuing to kiss and caress his face. He reached up with one hand and gave my breast a gently squeeze, found my achingly hard nipple and rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. I broke the kiss and arched my back, pressing my body into his.

“Yessss!” I hissed as he continued to play with my nipples.

I backed up from his embrace. Smiling at him I said “I need to take a shower, care to join?”

“Absolutely, wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

He followed me out of the kitchen, up the stairs and into the master bathroom. I could feel his eyes on me and I purposefully swayed my hips with each step to tease him a bit. The master bathroom had an enormous shower stall that my husband and I used to share. It was complete with two showerheads and a bench that was convenient for denizli escort shaving my legs. I reached in and turned the water on as I seductively shimmied out of my sweat pants. I pulled my T-shirt over my head and turned to him. He looked to be hard as a rock already and his erection was straining against his shorts. I reached out, gave his delicious cock a gentle squeeze then turned back to get into the shower. He quickly shed his clothes and joined me.

I lathered up some soap and began massaging his chest and abs. Getting achingly close to his hard cock before moving back up his chest. After teasing him for a bit, I reached down and began to stroke him. He felt so hot and hard in my hand. I pumped his length back and forth, letting my hands travel over the ridges of his cock, I could feel every pulsing vein. I loved the feeling as I ran my fingers down his shaft and over the crown of his engorged head. God, he was so swollen and hard that it felt like a doorknob in my little hand.

“Oh mommy it feels so good when you wash me.”

“Well a good mommy should always make sure her baby boy is clean.”

His cock looked as if it would explode at any second so I released him and turned to rinse the soap off of my hands.

“Will you clean mommy now?”

Facing him, he began caressing my breasts with his soapy hands. He was paying close attention to my nipples, which sent electricity through my body as he playfully squeezed them. He alternated between massaging my breasts in circles and pinching my nipples gently between his fingers.

After working my breasts with his strong hands he pulled and turned me so that I faced the water and began rinsing my breasts. With the soap gone, he leaned his head down and took the nipple closest to him into his mouth. His lips felt so good locked around my nipple I shivered with delight.

“Oh baby, that feels incredible. I love when you suck mommies nipples.”

He reached down and rubbed his fingers across my swollen clit. My legs buckled and I almost collapsed. He placed his free hand on my lower back and braced me from falling. He eased the pressure and gently worked my clit in circles with his fingers as he continued to suck on my breast. The water cascaded down on us and I was in heaven. Every time his fingers glanced across my clit I was close to seeing stars. I was so horny I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came.

“Baby, keep touching me like that.” I managed to say between labored breaths.

The hand that was on my lower back had moved to my ass and he was squeezing it in sequence with the circular motions he was rubbing into my clit. I could feel his hand moving closer towards my asshole and the feeling of his tongue there the previous night flashed through my head. His approach was slow and uncertain but I desperately wanted that sensation again. I reached back and spread my ass to offer encouragement and felt his fingers brush across my anus.

“Ohhhhhh yes, keep doing that, mommy’s going to cum soon” I moaned.

He moved his hand off my clit, which took me away from the edge, but he brought me right back as he began pumping two fingers in and out of my pussy. Even as the water sprayed over our naked bodies I could feel how wet my pussy was and how well it lubricated his fingers. I was standing with the side of my body facing him as he continued to circle my tight ass with his index finger while his other hand was finger fucking me. I reached down and grabbed his throbbing cock as his hands worked their magic on me. With each stroke of his cock, my wrist would graze my swollen clit. I adjusted the position of my hand and was able to rub his plum sized cock head up and down over my erect clit. I wished that I could make him cum right then, spray his load all over my clit and let it ooze down so that his fingers could push it deep inside me.

I was beginning to see stars as the pressure on my asshole increased. With the head of his cock pressed against my clit I felt his finger slide into my tight little asshole. The sensation was incredible and as soon as he was buried to the first knuckle I came in a torrent.

“Agghhhhhhhh!” I moaned as my legs shook, my eyes rolled back in my head and I was barely able to handle the orgasm my son was giving me.

As my orgasm subsided, I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him deeply. We made out passionately, tongues deep in each other’s mouths. I turned him so that his back was towards the bench and pushed him down on it. With him sitting on the bench, I stepped up on the seat and straddled his legs. While looking him in the eye, I slowly squatted down, one hand reached around the back of his neck for balance while I wrapped the fingers of my other hand around his swollen cock and guided him inside my needy pussy.

“Oh mommy that feels so good!” he gasped as I slowly sank down on his member.

God I couldn’t believe how big he felt inside me. It felt like the head of his cock was behind my denizli escort bayan belly button as I sat all the way down on his monster. My sensitive, swollen clit ground into his pubic bone every time I bottomed out. With both of my hands holding on to his neck and shoulders, he reached under me and grabbed my ass, guiding me up and down his cock. I felt so small on top of him, like a fuck toy that was his to do with as he pleased. The idea made my pussy spasm.

I picked up the pace as he thrust his hips to meet my pussy. The wet slapping of our bodies echoed throughout the bathroom. I felt his cock throb inside of me and wanted to coax him.

“Oh baby, fuck mommy with your big cock! I want you to fill my pussy with your hot cum! I need to feel it spray deep inside of me; cum inside mommy!”

He groaned and thrust deep inside of me. I felt him explode as he filled me with hot semen. The sensation pushed me over the edge and I came with him.

He thrust his hips up, almost bucking me off his lap while his cock erupted inside of me. “Ohhhh fuck mommy!” he grunted as his body tensed against mine.

As the cum stopped spewing from his cock, I sat there, legs spent, still enveloping his cock with my pussy, I kissed him deeply.

“That was so good, baby. I’m so glad we did this.”

“Me too, I’ve never felt anything so good in my life.”

I raised my body up and his semi hard cock fell from my pussy, followed by a trail of our mutual juices.

We finished the shower, beaming smiles at one another. We both got dressed and I looked at the clock.

“It’s only 11AM! Still a full day ahead of us” I said. “What do you have planned?”

Jeff grabbed me around the waist and gave my neck a quick kiss. “I can think of a few things.”

“Haha, teenage boys! I need a minute to recover mister. How about we lay around by the pool for a bit? If you’re a good boy I’ll let you put some tanning oil on me?”

“Absolutely, that sounds like the perfect afternoon” he responded.

“Ok, well why don’t you put on a suit and I’ll meet you out there.


I was shell-shocked. When I woke up this morning I thought for sure I’d be subjected to a slew of regrets from mom, along with an uncomfortable lecture on how wrong this was. The passionate shower session was evidence that last nights lovemaking wasn’t a one-time deal. I couldn’t believe that I was fucking my own mom. It still felt totally surreal and as I walked back to my room, I felt like I was walking in a cloud.

I grabbed a swimsuit, threw it on and made my way downstairs. I could hear the blow drier in moms room and figured she had just planned on sun bathing, never being a fan of getting chlorine in her hair. So, while she was taking her time, I decided to swim for a bit.

I dove into the deep end and swam the length of the pool underwater. It felt good to be weightless, the cool water rushing past me. I surfaced on the other side then swam a few laps. After about ten minutes, I stopped swimming and made my way to the steps in the shallow end. I sat facing the patio door waiting patiently for mom to make her way out.

Finally she appeared through the doorway. She was wearing the smallest bathing suit I had ever seen – I was honestly surprised she even owned anything like this. It was a metallic-black string bikini that left very little to the imagination. The top strings pressed into the sides of her breasts and the shiny black material barely covered her nipples. The bottom strings rode high on her hips and dipped to cover her pussy. Being so high on her hips, the material hugged her mound tightly and I could see the contour of her meaty clit and camel toe as she walked towards me. As she got closer she pirouetted to show off the back, and I saw the black string disappear between her delicious cheeks.

“You like?” she asked playfully.

‘I’ve gotta pick my jaw up off the bottom of the pool!” I said. “I can’t believe you have a bikini like that!” My cock was hard as a rock and strained against the bathing suit.

“Oh your aunt bought it for me when we went to Acapulco last summer. She bought it as a joke. She must have known I wasn’t getting much action at home and wanted me to strut my stuff on the beach while we were away from our families.”

“Remind me to thank her next time I see her!” I replied.

“Haha, don’t you even think about it. I’m sure she thinks I threw it away!”

Mom walked over to the lounge chair, placed a towel and a bottle of suntan oil on the table next to her and laid down on her back. She tipped her sunglasses down and looked at me over the tops.

“Well, are you going to help me put this oil on or should I do it myself?”

I jumped out of the pool and made my way over to her. My cock was aching against the confines of my shorts. When I got to her lounge chair, she took the bottle of oil and began pouring it over her chest and stomach. I folded the escort denizli towel, placed it on the ground and knelt beside her as I watched the oil cover her bronzed skin. She looked so busty in the tight, tiny bikini that I couldn’t keep my hands off her any longer. I reached out and began to massage the oil into her skin. I started with her shoulders, then the sides of her breasts, then moving down and rubbing it into her stomach. My hands glided across her lubricated skin effortlessly. I rubbed the oil into her toned legs as well. Starting near her pussy, I worked down her thighs, then calves, then rubbed it into her feet for a while.

“Mmmm that feels nice.” she moaned as my hands massaged her dainty feet. I worked back up her legs, slowly, massaging deep into her muscles. When I got to the tops of her thighs I turned my hand and cupped her pussy. She gasped and I could feel her swollen clit under the fabric of the bikini. I moved back up to her chest and massaged beneath her breasts, and then above them getting underneath the strings of her bikini. She reached up and pulled the top off her breasts.

“I kind of hate tan lines.” she said with a smile.

I poured more oil on her chest and rubbed it into her exposed breasts. I continued, gently pinching her nipples between my fingers, applying more oil and repeating the process.

“God that feels so good.” she said with a moan. “You look a little uncomfortable in those shorts, why don’t you take them off?”

I stood up and pulled down my shorts. My cock sprung out in front of my mom’s face and I could tell, despite her wearing sunglasses, that she was captivated by it. She took the oil and poured it along the length of my member. Then she wrapped her fingers around me and began to pump back and forth. The warm oil felt incredible as she worked my lubed up cock.

“Oh mommy that feels so good. Keep stroking me.”

“I love stroking you baby, your big cock feels so good in my hand” she replied. “I want you to put some oil on my back first, will you do that?”

“Yes of course mommy.”

She released her grip on my cock and flipped over to her stomach. I poured the oil onto the back and shoulders and began to massage her skin.

“Oh baby, you’ve got such strong hands, it makes mommy feel so relaxed.”

I continued to work the oil into her muscles, kneading deeply and concentrating pressure with my thumbs in areas where her muscles were tight, then alternating with a more dispersed pressure with the heels of my hands. I massaged her shoulders to her lower back before getting up and positioning myself over the lower half of her body.

The tight thong from the bikini dug into her cheeks as I stared at her luscious ass and toned legs. I poured a generous amount of oil on each leg and began to rub it into the back of her thighs, down to her calves and then back up, teasing her and never getting too close to her pussy. I released my grip on her legs and pulled her thong off her butt. She giggled as I drizzled the oil on her naked ass.

I began kneading each cheek, spreading her ass open in the process and stealing glimpses of her perfect little rosebud and her puffy lips. Occasionally I would rub my hand between her legs with my fingers spread outside of her lips, then bringing my fingers together as they crossed her tight asshole.

She moaned in appreciation. I took this as a sign of encouragement and took the bottle in one hand, while pulling her ass apart with my other hand squirted the oil directly onto her anus.

“Mmmmhhhmm, that feels so wicked baby.”

I began to rub the oil in circles around her asshole with my thumb and she continued to moan with pleasure. I moved two fingers between her legs and began rubbing her pussy and ass at the same time.

“Oh mommy wants your finger inside her” she said with a moan.

I applied pressure with my thumb and eased it inside of her ass.

“Ohhhhhh yesssss.” She was writhing under the pleasure I was giving her.

I pushed my thumb deeper and then withdrew it as her tight little asshole tried to hold on to it. I began pumping my thumb in and out of her ass, going deeper and faster as the oil spread to coat the inside of her anus. With my thumb in her ass, my fingers began to rub her wet pussy.

“Ohhh baby, that feels so good, don’t stop, make mommy cum!”

I felt her ass cheeks squeeze my thumb as it was buried in her ass and she came.

“Aghhhhhhhhhh” she moaned as her whole body flexed and her toes pushed against the bottom rung of the lounge chair, pushing her ass up towards my hand. As her orgasm subsided, I continued to move my thumb in and out, gently, while with my opposite hand pouring more oil from the bottle onto her ass as well as my cock. I put the bottle down and stroked myself to coat my member in the warm oily lubricant.

I pulled my thumb out of her ass and stepped behind her, straddling her ass as she lay face down on the lounger.

“Get on your knees” I said. And she willingly did so, looking back with a tentative smile.

I squatted behind her round, oiled ass and pressed the length of my cock between her cheeks thrusting back and forth letting her beautiful ass stroke me. I backed up and pushed the head of my swollen monster against her tight asshole just gently enough to let her know what I wanted.

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