Her Claim to a Slave


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All characters are over eighteen and clearly written to be so, as in all of my stories.


The eagle came around slowly, blinking back to full wakefulness as he groaned, every muscle in his body aching. Yet it was a good kind of ache, his shaft pulsating, though it no longer felt all that much like he had enjoyed a reward and a release the night before, not after so much had gone on. His cock was sore, even if it had been allowed to relax again, and he breathed as slowly and as evenly as he could as the dragoness beside him rose.

Aquilan stilled. He could not move until his mistress, the dragoness who had come to dominate his life in so many ways even though he was submissive to all there, deemed that he could. Sairsyn was as seductive in her blue scales as she always had been, though the tribe of dominant dragons had forced the ex-knight (he couldn’t call himself that anymore) to reconsider his position in the world. The eagle licked the edge of his beak, although his mouth was too dry to allow too much moisture to ease forth. Even then he could not help but stare at and adore her body, breath catching in his throat.

Perhaps other knights and even the king too would have mocked him for how far he’d fallen. Yet Aquilan, in a way, was right where he should have always been.


He scrambled upright in an instant, though his knees automatically wanted to buckle. He didn’t know what to do, his conditioning training him to kneel while Sairsyn gave him different instructions. Yet he could only do what he was instructed as the dragoness prepared him for the day, a smile on her lips and a glint in her eye. He could have done so much of it herself but, well, there was something especially demeaning about being treated as if he was not capable of doing things for himself, when the simple fact of the matter was that he was no longer permitted to do things. That was the cause and case of being a slave, his red tail-feathers trembling faintly where the slice of colour was visible, wrists obediently crossed behind his back before even being asked.

“Let’s get you ready…”

She washed off his cock with a dirty-looking rag as if he was not worth anything between, even pushing it up and between his backside, feathers darkening with water. Aquilan shuddered from the cold but stayed in place as he was prepared, his shaft forced hard with a cock ring, though he knew that that was not for his pleasure. Sairsyn said she had something special in mind for him but he had learned to tune things like that as the muscular dragoness took charge. She always had something planned for him and, truth be told, even as a slave, he knew that he had not disliked everything that had been done. It had only turned his entire world upside down, forced him to look at things in a different way than he ever had before.

But that was okay. Things weren’t meant to stay the same forever and, despite everything, the day felt like one of change.

His ankles were locked in suitable manacles, hobbled with a short length of metal, so that he was more restricted than if chain or rope was used. Aquilan shivered but his wrists were locked behind his back too so that his winged arms could not be used to cover his shaft — not that his training would have allowed him to do that anyway. The instinct and the desire, however deep down it was, was still there, either way.

A leather harness was secured around his torso, cutting below his chest and leaving the feathered abdominals exposed, showing him off in a new way, though Sairsyn had one more piece for him. He had not worn any kind of clothes since he had come to the tribe and submitted to them, but the harness for his lower half, around his buttocks and no higher than his hips, could have counted as such, at a push. It left more of his feathers on show, however, than it hid and perfectly framed his cock as the dragoness deftly buckled it in place.

“There… And now you’re ready. You must look your best today, after all, for the ceremony.”

Tapping his cock, she ran a claw down the length, sending a shiver down his spine that could have been pleasure or strain. Sometimes, with Sairsyn, it was both.

He stiffened but it should not have been anything all that much of a surprise to Aquilan that his cock was to remain on pride of place, his need tingling through him, for the course of the day. It was just another humiliation for him as he was forced to accompany Sairsyn to the quarters of the dragonesses in charge (did they call them commanders there? He had not paid much attention while going through training), discussing the ceremony that was to take place. He heard his name and perked up, though a paw pushed his head back down a moment later, a short, sharp green dragoness clicking her tongue disapprovingly kuşadası escort against the roof of her mouth.

“Sairsyn… This one needs to fall into line.”

Leaning back in her wooden seat, the dragoness grinned and raised an eyebrow.

“He’s already right where I need him to be.”

She didn’t have to prove herself to anyone but there would forever be plays of power and dominance amongst the dragons as she shoved her slave to the ground right before the breakfast table. Aquilan grunted as his beak bounced off the stone but it was on his chest that he was forced to balance, his backside raised and, humiliatingly, in the perfect position for her clawed feet to be propped up on it, showing off just how low he was in the status quo of the tribe.

He slipped into a softer, deeper state of submission there beside the table, something that he would never have been able to do in times before coming to the tribe. He had been a top then, an eagle that had loved ladies for all that they could offer him, but all the tables had turned so that he was there to serve them instead. It was a simpler way of being and one, truly, that he had never before considered, though a knight could never have been asked to consider such a thing — not with the position in itself that he had been in.

It was hard to work through: too much of a slave. It was easier to let his mind drift, to sink down and down and down, to do nothing more than to act as her footstool, her feet up on his arse. No one thought anything the more of it in such company as he rocked his weight gently, relieving the pressure on his knees, yet Aquilan knew well enough that he would be there to server her regardless of how much his body ached. That was just the way it had to be for a slave.

“Come now.”

The collar around his neck never moved but she yanked the leash attached to it, drawing it tight against his throat. He may have hacked and gagged and coughed but the eagle was more concerned with scrambling up, however difficult that was with his hobble still in place.

The day moved on without him, though he was but a passive player in it. He oversaw the building of a stage in the main area, away from the canvas tents of the dragons that preferred a place to reside outside the stone of the rudimentary castle. Although the castle was a smaller affair than what he may have been used to in his corner of the world, it had become more elaborate and extravagant during his time together, the armoury better ordered due to his influence. Sairsyn, after all, was all for using her slaves and those under her command to the best of their ability and she had seen something in him that they could continue to make use of there. He just did not realise how much as yet.


The day had worn on and the eagle started at being asked to mount the steps to the staging area, more and more dragons flooding in. He wondered if they were inducting a new slave that day, for he remembered a stage just like that on which he had been bound and displayed not long after he had arrived there too, although it was in a different location. No, that one was in the castle dungeons, dry and fresh despite typically being a dank, dark sort of place, the walls lined with flickering, dancing torchlight.

Slowly, carefully. The shadows taunted him, making him miss a step with his hobbles on and crash to his knees. Yet Mistress Sairsyn was there to assist him, hefting him up by his harness and depositing him on the stage on his knees. It was still humiliating to be handled like that but there was nothing that Aquilan could do about it as the dungeon packed with dragons, everyone whispering and hissing, some jests and jeers reaching his ears.

“How much will he scream?”

“No, he knows his place.”

“An example to all slaves here.”

“A cock that I want to try out one day…”

“You’ll never get by Sairsyn.”

Aquilan shivered. He had been whored out, so to speak, by Sairsyn before and that was not the strangest thing that had happened to him so far, not by far. He knew that that was a possibility and he was more than well trained enough by that point to serve absolutely anyone there in any way that they could have needed. That was his work there, his place, knees more comfortable with kneeling than they were with standing, and he knew that that was his right too. Maybe it was a right that he had been born with even though he had not realised it before.

“Dear slave…” Sairsyn called his attention back to her, clad in ceremonial armour that showed off the curves of her breasts in such a way that could not have been practical in battle. “Are you aware of what is going on yet?”

Aquilan blinked. What did she mean? Alas, he had not been permitted to speak even though she was directly addressing him, chest tight with something that the eagle could not put words to.

She snapped her fingers, eyes suddenly blazing intensely.


He scrambled to her, though he had to awkwardly pushing himself to his feet with his hands, struggling kuşadası escort bayan to get up with the hobbles. Yet those were soon to come off as she unlocked first his ankle manacles and the ones around his wrists, letting them all drop to the floor, one after the other. The clank of metal on wood echoed forth and he caught his breath.

All eyes were on him. How could he have missed that?

But it was something that he could not be held accountable for missing, oh no, not at all. He didn’t see them looking at him because he was just a slave, a lowly slave, and his only purpose in being there was to serve. Sairsyn smirked, allowing herself a moment, yet a dragoness like her could do as she willed, her armour gleaming but, as he finally realised, fastened in such a way that it could easily slip away from her perfect, well-oiled scales. He should know that they were oiled to perfection after he had spent so long that very day, earlier that day, stroking the oil into the.

She left, however, the heaviest collar of all around his neck, a metal ring that was soldered shut at the back. He’d thought that that was his mark of being a slave there but he was yet to see what was there for him, his cock jutting out on show still even though he wished to let it slip down and away. Everything about him was in prime position for the ladies to use and abuse, to admire as they pleased, and the thing about it was, being a slave, that Aquilan didn’t have a damn thing he could do or say about it.


Sairsyn cried, ignoring him as she turned to the crowd, a grin on her lips and tail flicking back and forth lightly. It was not for him to step forward and, so, Aquilan stood there as if being a slave was something that he had been doing his whole life, as natural to him as breathing.

“We are gathered for the ceremony of slavery, the claiming of a slave who has shown promise! As much as slaves can, that is…”

The dragonesses rippled with laughter but it was a good-natured kind of laughter, light and lilting. After all, they all knew and acknowledged that there was a difference, indeed, between the males that they took as slaves and the ladies that ruled, a set difference that could not be overcome in any way. Even Aquilan accepted it as the order of the day — how could he not?

“For this ceremony, I, myself, will be taking this eagle to forever be bound into my service!”

Aquilan started, eyes wide. That was what she’d meant? Wasn’t he already bound to her service? What did that mean for him? His heart pounded, the stamping of so many feet setting the stage vibrating under his feet, the dungeon taking on a darker, more foreboding air than before. Yet the fear within him was not for the sense of being bound to her forever but to leave her, something in him already tied to the dragoness in a way that he simply could not explain.

He didn’t want to go. He took a breath. He wanted to be there, only there, with her, forever.

Was a ceremony to make it official, in the way of the tribe, so bad?

Sairsyn rounded on him and he gulped, quailing before her as much as his heart pounded for her. With his legs free, his knees could buckle, though the eagle still kept his feet close together, swaying as if he was still hobbled. The indoctrination rang deep.

“First… We will test your flexibility, your ability to be bound.”

That was not for him to have any hand in as Sairsyn took pride in her abilities, showing off her personal slave and putting him on display in the best of ways.

“You don’t need this.”

It was almost a shame to allow his cock to soften, although he remained half-hard with his fleshy length aching for what could not be explained, panting and heaving, his chest rising and falling more sharply than ever with every breath. There were two pillars on the stage and the first stage of his bondage saw him stretched between them, spread-eagled, though that was not the difficult part of the bondage. No… No, the strain was in having his harnesses unbuckled and replaced with rope bondage, a harness that crisscrossed his chest and down to his hips in an intricate fashion. The rope was silver to off-set his brown feathers perfectly, a subtle look and one that was more royal than a slave deserved.

“Breathe out…”

He had to obey, beak parted obediently for the ball gag that was fitted and designed especially for his beak-shape, shoved in to the back of his mouth so that any manner of speech was stolen from him. There were no cuffs for him that time and Sairsyn demonstrated her skills aptly in looping and wrapping the rope skilfully to distribute the weight well, avoiding them cutting in across veins and bones. There was an art to that and there was no one, even in the tribe, that could match up to her. That was, however, a biased view from Aquilan, the eagle who had fallen well and truly under her spell during his time there.

Aquilan’s chest rose and fell sharply, the rope harness winding down his thighs, though the pattern that Sairsyn made pointed to his cock, the main escort kuşadası event — for toying with and abusive of course, using him as a slave was due, always to be used. For flexibility to take place…one had to first stretch.

He was drawn taut, so spread-eagled that it felt as if his limbs were going to pop out of their sockets, ankles strained wide. That was just the way she wanted him to be, shifting his weight but only barely, wanting more, fearing what was to come next and yet leaning into it hungrily all the same.

He didn’t know why. He didn’t have to know why.

Aquilan whimpered, twisting his head back and forth, beak parted as he tried to breathe through it instead of his nares. But the dragoness was there before him, fondling a bullwhip, smirking as the long tail ran through her fingers repeatedly.

“Slave… You must prove yourself to me first.”

The dragons roared for the main event but he did not know quite yet everything that was to come. All the poor eagle slave could do in the middle of the stage was grunt and groan, trying to hang his head and finding that even that was taken from him as a posture collar, cruelly, was slipped around his neck. It eased under even the metal of the heavy one that was still in place, pulling his head and neck forward, though he could not bend, could not twist, forced through the ache in his neck to bear through it all.

The whip whistled through the air, the crisscross of rope meaning that she had to employ greater delicacy and tact in striking his feathered hide. That, of course, was not a problem to Sairsyn who knew more than just how to treat a slave like him, breathing slowly and evenly, the crack of the whip’s tail as she sliced it back through the air perfectly striking his buttocks.

The eagle howled through the gag but even that cry was muffled as he hopped and danced, tail-feathers fanning out to expose the crimson, for that was one of the few parts of his body that he could still move and was under his control. It was a small victory for him even as the pain of the whipping exploded though him, the long, six-foot whip giving him plenty of time to think about how much the last lash had hurt before the next struck true. It was a deep bite and a sting that rose to a burn as she played the whip between each diamond in the ropes, a stray feather stripped away where it had been halfway on its way to shedding.

“See how he dances? You do not cage a bird like this but put it on show.”

Aquilan may have begged to differ there but his half-hard cock told a different tale, half-swollen and only not completely swollen as the pain took charge of his mind. That didn’t stop the stream of pre-cum from flowing forth, even his body and holding back climax no longer under his control as Sairsyn played his body so beautifully, toying with him as if it was nothing at all.

And then her paw was on him, raking her nails over the painful spots, where she had struck him, bringing a burning flare of viciousness in the wake of the strokes of her whip. Her claws bit deeper than even the whip as she pressed them in, careful not to catch the ropes, for, after all, she wouldn’t have wanted to disturb her handiwork. Even through the gag, the bird could still be heard, a minute frown tugging at Sairsyn’s lips, grunting softly in the back of her throat.

“Tsk… Such a noisy slave.”

There may have been a note of playfulness in her tone but that didn’t stop Aquilan from shuddering, whimpering and trying to turn his head back and forth again. The strain in his shoulders was unbelievable and all he wanted to do was to bring his legs together again, to relieve just a little of the pressure on his body. However, that was not for him to do when the dragoness was engaged in dominating him, looming over him so easily despite the muscle beneath his feathers. The eagle trembled as she nipped and sank her teeth into the junction between his shoulder and neck, biting deep, the touch of blood enough to make her moan and the bird stiffen further.

His cock throbbed. She marked him with a mating bite, the scent of her need thick in the air, yet all he could do was grunt into the gag as she pressed up behind him, rocking and grinding her hips as if she was wearing a strap-on. He’d felt that buried up under his tail many times before already but his mind jumped from one thing to another as his cock throbbed, not sure if it wanted to be hard or not with that cock ring having been removed. The eagle, however, could only stand there, trembling as she drew a falconry hood over his head, the smooth leather blocking out his view of the dragons shouting for more.

His shoulder burned. His ankles ached. Was it all his fate, his test and his trial to stand and bow before his mistress?

Aquilan could not tell, did not know, his cries better muffled under the hood and the gag combined. It was a good position to be in even as she ground against him, the burning in his buttocks increasing. Had she rubbed something into them? He could not tell, the bite in his neck aching, everything tinted with pain in a way that made the eroticism of it all even more confusing. His hips rocked of his own accord as she eased around, barely allowing him any personal space at all, to tease his cock, walking her claws down to the tip of it, tempting the half-hard surface with the touch of a seductress.

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