Her Little Secret


Yes it is true that after 8 years of marriage you have to start getting a bit creative in bed to keep things “fresh”. You see my wife, Jenny, is a great lover, but recently she has started wanting it less and less. She says that the kids ware her down during the day and she just doesn’t have the energy. I can understand that, but at the same time there are days when I just must take care of myself or I feel like I could explode.

To cope with her lack of desire I have begun taping erotic shows on tv and if she is not in the mood, well, I can always flip on the TV. A couple weeks ago I turned on a show and it was already part of the way through. I had not remembered watching this one so I thought that she must have watched. This intrigued me and so I asked her and she said that she does not watch that smut. So I dropped it. Then, last week it happened again and this time I was positive that I did not watch it.

And then I had an idea: A horrible, awful, perfect idea. Last year I had purchased a small camera to have for when we have babysitters and we have used it on occasion, but lately it has just been to big of a hassle. However, I thought that it would be perfect to see what she was up to while I was at work. kırşehir escort So I spent quite a bit of time setting it up so that it could not be seen. And as I left for work the next day, I turned on the cam.

I rushed in the door after work that night knowing I couldn’t check the cam until she went to bed. I was on edge all evening but tried my best to hide it. Finally, she went to bed for the night and I quickly inserted the tape to watch. Nothing but hours and hours of she and the kids walking past the cam. I checked daily for a week and still nothing. I was about to give in and believe that she did not watch my films. And then I saw something.

On the last night I noticed a couple of things. First, she walked by the came on more than one occasion naked. Not so out of the ordinary, but it seemed to be hours apart as if she had spent the day walking around naked. She ha a wonderful body. Tall, slender full breasts, and nice round ass. But as quick as my excitement started, it ended. Soon she was fully clothed and getting ready to go out. I had finally given in until she walked by the tv and picked up the remote.

I could not see what was on the tv as the camera kocaeli escort was directed toward the couch and chairs in the room. She stood there for several minutes probably watching a talk show of some sort. But then she moved to the couch as if she planned to stay for a bit. Maybe this was not a talk show. Maybe it was what I was hoping for. I started to grow in my jeans as I anticipated what would happen next. I noticed movements, but no touching. Her legs kept shifting and she seemed unsettled. Maybe this was all in my mind.

You see I think one of the sexiest things in the world is to see a woman masturbate. The thought of my wife pleasuring herself during the day aroused me to no end. As I watched with anticipation I felt my own hand reach for my crotch. Grabbing the front of my jeans aggressively. And then, finally, she moved her hand down as well.

Reaching into her sweatpants she explored her pussy appearing to enjoy every minute of it. Before long she had slipped her pants off of one leg and exposed her panty less shave pussy. Mmmm I loved that pussy and I wanted it more than anything right then.

Using her middle two fingers she vigorously rubbed her swollen konya escort clit. She pulled up her shirt and bra and began to pinch her nipples while I release my cock from my restraining jeans. I had not been this aroused in some time. But then she got up. It seemed the phone rang and she went away. And so I waited. Hoping she would come back soon. And she did. This time with her toy. Not the vibrating toy. The large rubber dildo that she said she never uses because it is too big.

She reclined on the couch and resumed masturbating her engorged clit. I could see that she was getting close. She took her thick dildo and plunged it into her pussy. And her face… well her face said it all. I watched this part over and over as I too was very close to shooting my load all over myself. At this pint I was laying in the exact same spot she had been earlier that day and I thought that I could even smell her sex lingering on the couch. As she continuously plunged the rubber cock into her sopping cunt, she continued to work her wonderful clit. And soon it came.. it appeared to rush through her body in waves as she started to open and close her legs in the familiar way she does when she cums hard. It seemed to go on for minutes although I lost track as the site of her climax made me lose control as well. My load shot straight up my belly and a bit on my chin. I lay there “with her” for a few more minutes before going to bed.

The next day I took down the camera as I was satisfied to let it go as “her little secret”.

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