Her Mouth


He loved her mouth. He absolutely loved everything about her hot, wet mouth. He loved when she smiled with her full lips. He loved when she pouted because she hadn’t gotten her way. He loved when she was with lipstick and without it. He loved when she talked, her southern accent wrapping around him like warm, smooth honey. He loved when she offered her mouth up for his kiss, open and willing and full of intimacy.

He sucked in a breath.

And he loved her mouth surrounding his cock.

He looked at her, down between his legs and slid his hand through her hair. Oh yes, he most especially loved her mouth when she was sucking and licking and drinking him as though his cream was the only thing that could satisfy her. As though she craved the taste and feel of him against her tongue, as though she hungered and salivated at the very scent of him…his bitch in heat.

She moaned and the sound vibrated in sensations along his flesh. Her pleasure in giving head never failed to amaze him. Her eyes lit up and her lips, if it were possible became even more lush when she was told to get on her knees and suck him off. She never hesitated, never refused, never gave less than was expected.

The lyrics of a song from his past skipped their way through his mind while he watched her mouth work up and down on flesh as hard as steel. ‘Start at the bottom and lick it to the top’ kuşadası escort And oh, her wicked tongue did just that…swirling, licking, teasing, tempting, lighting him on fire from the inside out. His seed simmered and bubbled waiting for just the right moment to explode into her waiting and greedy mouth, down her throat, and into her very soul.

Her position shifted slightly as her knees spread. She was a needy little thing like this, needing to spread her thighs, needing anything to touch her, to play with her, to fondle her, to stroke her. She was shameless in her cravings for sexual pleasure…both his and her own. He knew her slit would be drenched, that she would be oozing juices, and that he couldn’t let her suffer.

A wicked smile crossed his lips.

He nudged her thighs wider with his booted foot and turned it slightly until the toe rested against her sweet puss. She sighed and purred around his dick and settled down against the hard, unrelenting leather.

His fingers caressed her cheeks and teased the corners of her mouth before sliding into her hair and holding her head steady. His hips lifted and immediately she knew what he wanted…her mouth as a hole for him to fuck. Her jaws relaxed and she just held her mouth open for his pounding.

“Hump, girl,” he growled. “Ride my boot. Fuck yourself on it, go crazy on it, make it shine kuşadası escort bayan with your cunt cream.”

And she did…without mercy. Her hips rocked and she ground her crotch all over the black boot. She made guttural sounds deep in her throat and her tits bounced with each move of her body. Her breath was labored and she would soon struggle for breath, caught between his pleasure and her undying need for her own rush of orgasm. He relished the power, the control, the knowing that no matter what, she would sacrifice herself before letting his pleasure come second to her own.

He stood which caused her to have to tilt her head up and gave his cock a downward angle into her throat. Oh yeah! She worked her throat on him, constricting and releasing, holding the head, massaging it, coaxing it to let loose inside her precious mouth. And through it all, her movements on his boot never ceased…back and forth, back and forth…harder and faster, short, jerky motions. She was close. She was so very, very close.

“That’s it, girl. Work for it.”

His fingers tightened in her hair and his body fucked against her face.

‘All of the day
All of the night
Lick of those lips
Do you up right…’

‘She goes down’

He couldn’t get the explicit words out of his head, the images unfolding in his mind urging him deeper…harder…faster. He escort kuşadası glanced her over, studying her, steadily moving within her lovely slut mouth, holding his leg still as she writhed on him

‘She goes down’

She was his slave and he cherished her surrender and submission to his will and his pleasure.

‘She goes down’

She was his beloved and he adored her with every beat of his heart.

‘Down, down, down’

She was his slut and his whore and he was more blessed than he’d ever imagined being.

“Stop.” The word was short and harshly uttered. All her movement ceased as her eyes lifted up to his face, need and obedience shining brightly from dazed pools of green. So damned beautiful. “Swallow, girl,” he ground out, pushing his cock down her throat, hearing the small gag, felt the acceptance, and let go.

He pulled her head tight against his body and jerked between her lips, streams of heated come being swallowed, gulped, and savored.

“Come,” he growled.

And she shattered, her body quivering and quaking, her snatch releasing a torrent of juices that ran in rivulets across the top and side of his boot. Her nipples danced as she worked her slit over the slippery leather, wringing every last glittering shiver from her orgasm.

When she finally quieted and stilled, he angled his booted foot up, pressing against the bottom curve of her ass cheeks and tilted her forward to rest against his leg. He carefully resumed his seat, rested his head against the back of the chair and closed his eyes.

Yes, he thought, he totally and completely loved her mouth.

Song lyrics ‘She Goes Down’ Motley Crue

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