Her Secret Crush


“Andrew, why don’t you take Katie with you to the beach?”

Katie almost sprayed her orange juice over her cereal as she swung around on the kitchen stool to glare at her mum.

“Mum!” she cried, giving her mother an agonised look, which was blatantly ignored.

“What?” replied Patty. “It’s a lovely day, and I don’t think your brother or Adam would mind you tagging along.”

Katie had never told anyone about her crush on Adam, who at twenty-two, was dark haired, tanned and gorgeous. He and her stepbrother Drew often worked out together at the uni gym after classes, and she would hang around the house after college hoping to catch sight of them in their sweats. All her friends told her Drew was the cutest of the pair with his tousled blonde hair and devilish green eyes, and even though she secretly agreed, the fact that their parents have been married for four years put him firmly in the unobtainable category.

Drew gave Katie a considering look, crossing his arms over his broad chest as he looked her up and down. Katie knew she must look a sight, sitting in her tight pink singlet and PJ bottoms with her golden hair caught up in a ponytail. She stuck out her tongue at him, but he merely smiled in that cool way that made her feel like a five-year-old.

“Nah,” he said after a casual inspection that sent a strange shiver through her. “I doubt Katie would like the beach where we’re going.”

“Aren’t I cool enough to hang out with you guys?” she asked with raised eyebrow, and caught her breath as he leaned across her to grab the cereal box before her, his tanned forearm brushing against her breast. She couldn’t help blushing as she felt the rosy tip tighten as she jerked back from him. She gulped down another bite of cereal, praying he or her mum hadn’t noticed.

He tugged gently on her ponytail as he sat down on the kitchen stool beside her and took a handful of cereal from the box and munched on it. He was close enough that she felt crowded and uncomfortable, and she squirmed on her stool.

“Gross,” she mouthed to him before turning back and giving her soggy cereal all her attention. She hated the effect he seemed to have on her without him realising it, his playful caresses or casual touches that either made her belly clench or make her long to hit him.

“She can come if she wants, Patty. I doubt Adam would mind. But she has to do what we say, and not ask to come home early. We plan on spending most of the day there.”

“You can manage that, can’t you, honey?” Patty smiled as she put the forgotten milk carton back in the fridge. “You could take a book or your mp3 player.”

She knew when her mum wanted something, there was no stopping her. She would nag and nag until she got it. Katie turned narrowed blue eyes on Drew. He merely returned her filthy look with a half-smile, a challenge in his dark green eyes.

“Fine,” Katie said, turning away from him and sliding off her stool to take her bowl to the sink. She stumbled on the hem off her PJ bottoms, but Drew’s swift response as his warm hands spanning her tiny waist as he steadied her saved her from falling. She was unable to speak, her body reacting to the feel of his thumbs brushing the undersides of her breasts. Her lips parted as he gently squeezed her waist before finally letting her go, and she swiftly dumped her plate in the sink before heading for the stairs, unable to meet his eyes.

“I’m leaving in ten, meet you outside,” he called out after her.


Katie had a lightening fast shower, pulled on her favourite blue bikini and shimmied into tiny white shorts. She slipped on a striped t-shirt that had a habit of slipping off her shoulder, slid her feet into a pair of sandals and grabbed the essentials.

Drew was leaning against the passenger door when she made it outside, and she felt a shiver race through her as he gazed at her up and down, his expression hidden by a pair of dark shades. He opened the door for her and she climbed in, tossing her satchel onto the back seat.

They didn’t speak as he drove over to Adam’s place, and she gazed unseeing out the window as familiar scenery flashed by. Black Betty blasted out of the radio as they drew to a halt outside of Adam’s two story townhouse that he shared with a bunch of uni students, and Drew put his hand on the horn.

“In the back.” Drew motioned with his thumb to Katie as Adam strode casually down the path, wearing nothing but a pair of board shorts. Katie’s tummy fluttered as she climbed through the middle of the seats, unaware of how the sight of her cute butt wiggling between the seats had on the men as Adam climbed into the car.

“Hey, Katie,” was all Adam said, before gazing across at Drew with a raised eyebrow. “Change of plans?”

“Hi,” she replied shyly, buckling up her seat belt.

“Patty’s suggestion, and no,” was all Drew said, and Adam laughed.

Katie ignored them, and they drove on in silence, listening to the blaring of the radio.

After what seemed an age, she mersin escort uncapped the lid of her water bottle and took a sip. They were passing all the turn-offs for the northern beaches she usually hung out at with her friends, and she wondered where they were heading. “Which beach are we going to?”

“I doubt you’ve heard of it,” Drew replied, and Katie pouted.

“I’m not a kid, Drew. I’m eighteen. So stop treating me like one.”

“We’ll see.”

Katie rolled her eyes at him, hoping he saw it in the rear view mirror before turning to gaze out the window with a show of cool disinterest.

They eventually turned onto a bumpy narrow road that seemed to go on forever. She was glad when they finally reached a wide sandy clearing that passed as a carpark. She was surprised to see so many cars, thinking they were taking her to a secluded beach so that could smoke or something. Then her lips parted on a silent gasp as she saw a couple walk up a sandy path that Katie guessed led to the beach. They were naked. Completely, absolutely, without a doubt, starkas.

“You brought me to a nudist beach?” she exclaimed, hastily dragged her eyes from the nude couple as a blush stained her cheeks. Her eyes clashed with Drew’s in the rear-view mirror.

“Like you said, you’re not a kid anymore.” She was the first to look away, swallowing hard.

Adam got out of the car and stretched, as if unaware of the tension in the car.

“Fine,” was all she said after the silence seemed to stretch out endlessly.

Drew nodded, a small smile curling up the corner of his lips. “Atta girl.”

She felt a strange burst of pleasure at the thought of Drew being impressed that she refused to whine. She told herself then and there not to let them see it bothered her. But that was before she realised they were stepping out of their board shorts and tossing them in the car before grabbing their bags and heading for the beach.

“Lock up when you come down,” was all Adam said as they turned and left.

She sat in the car, thankful that he was giving her a few moments to compose herself. Or perhaps he expected she would sit in the car all day? She bit her lip as she watched them walk down the sandy track before disappearing around the corner, her blue eyes eating up the way their tanned butts moved with their easy strides, even as she berated herself for staring.

She had seen Pete, boyfriend, mostly naked, although she had never really had a good look at him. Things had cooled between them in the last few weeks because she refused to sleep with him again. They had finally gone all the way, and even though he thought it was wonderful, she had felt really let down. It had hurt at first, and the next few times it had been uncomfortable when he jerked inside of her painfully tight pussy, and she was thankful it didn’t last long. She wasn’t too eager to try it again, and was annoyed at the pressure he put on her to give it another go.

Pushing all thoughts of Pete out of her mind, she opened the car door and swung her legs around and stood up, gazing about her. She was alone with about twenty cars, with nothing but the sound of the sea and the cry of birds to be heard.

Mustering up all her courage, she tugged of her top and slipped off her shorts before gazing down at her blue bikini consideringly. Could she?

Taking a deep breath, she reached for the ties at her neck and tugged on the ends so that the material slid softly over her tiny breasts, exposing the white triangle marking her firm curves and the rosy crowns. They thrust forward as she struggled with the string across her back before tossing it onto the back seat of the car.

Katie felt strange at having her breasts unbound in a public place. Pete had described her breasts as gorgeous little bee stings as he played with them beneath her shirt one time. So even though she didn’t need a bra, she loved wearing lacy frippery beneath her clothes, and it felt strange to bare her breasts in a public place, in broad daylight. Yet she couldn’t deny that the heat of the and the gentle sea breeze was strangely pleasurable against her skin.

She played hesitantly with her bikini briefs, running her fingers under the seam, the soft blonde curls tickling the tips of her fingers. She slipped her hand beneath the skimpy fabric and fluffed up her curls, running her fingers down the valley of her lips. Could she? A picture of her strolling down the beach, her long blonde hair flying out behind her, feeling the eyes drawn to the thatch between her legs, flicked through her mind’s eye, and she blushed at the wanton, confident image of herself. No!

Grabbing her towel, she wound it around her body and tucked it beneath her arms. As she reached for her bag, she hesitated, gazing down at herself. Slowly she unwrapped the towel and wound it loosely around her hips. Tucking in the corner of the towel, she grabbed her bag, locked her door and headed for the path.

Taking deep breaths kocaeli escort and ignoring the butterflies in her tummy, she strode down the path, shoulders back.

Katie sucked in her breath as she saw two women coming towards her, one with her mound shaven and large swaying breasts with large dark nipples, the other small and voluptuous. They smiled casually at Katie as she stepped aside for them, and Katie half turned, watching them make there way up the path, completely unconcerned with their nudity.

Breathing out slowly, she continued along the path until it opened up into sweeping curve of soft white sand that seemed to stretch for eternity, it’s edges lapped at by the gentle dark blue sparkling sea.

Her eyes widened behind her sunglasses as she gazed along both ways, looking for her brother and Adam, careful not to stare at the men and women stretched out on the sand, their skin drinking up the sun rays, some in groups, some alone. No one paid her much attention as she made her way along the beach, feeling her toes sink into the sand pleasurably.

Finally she spied Adam partially hidden by a small dune, laying on his side, his thigh drawn up, waving an arm. Katie headed in their direction, conscious of his eyes on the jiggle of her breasts, their tips teased into hardness by the slightly cool sea breeze as she made her way toward the fairly secluded spot. She felt a throb of pleasure between her thighs at the knowledge that his gaze never left her as she made steady progress along the beach. Perhaps finally he saw her as something other than his friend’s kid sister. She knew Adam probably thought of her as a sister as well, and secretly loved the way he would drag her down onto his lap while watching TV and tickling her. In a very unsisterly way. She would blush when he accidentally brushed her breasts or his palm closed over one by mistake as she fought to get free of him, which made him tickle her harder. She remembered how once she had caught Drew gazing at her she struggled to get free of Adam’s hold as she giggled and blushed, a strange look on his face.

Her heart almost stopped as she spied Drew coming out of the water, her fingers clutching at her towel as though it were a life line. His powerful lithe body was muscled and tanned, making her throat dry as her eyes without thought dipped down over his rippling stomach to the thatch of dark curls and the thick heavy shaft along his thigh. She moistened her lips as she dragged her gaze away, feeling shameful at the tiny throb of pleasure she felt between her thighs.

She and Pete had dated for almost a year, but never had she felt even remotely close to what she was feeling now at the mere sight of Pete.

She could have groaned when Drew reached Adam and spread himself out on his towel, knowing she would have to remove her towel beneath both their watchful gazes.

She approached them with lowered lashes, feeling shy and nervous, and rested her bag on the sand. With trembling fingers she loosened her towel and flapped it in the air before letting it float to the ground. Then taking a deep breath, her back to them, she slid her hands down over her hips beneath the thin side straps of her bikini bottom.

“Turn around, Katie,” Drew ordered huskily. Her heart racing, she obeyed him, her hands resting beneath the sides of her bikini bottom as she briefly met his gaze where he lay beside Adam, his hands tucked beneath his head. Her eyes of their own accord drifted down to the part of him that intrigued her, her stomach clenching at the size of him before skittering away.

Breathless, she slowly peeled them down, easing the thin fabric over her thighs and exposing the soft curls between her thighs. She lifted one knee, then the other as she tugged them over her ankles before tossing them near her towel.

She felt their tense silence as she kneeled gracefully on the towel and lay belly down, wiggling her bottom slightly as she got comfortable. She lay with her face turned away from them, biting her lip to hide her smile as she heard Adam, who lay closest to her, swallow hard.

She didn’t know how long she lay like that, trailing her fingers through the sand as she lay naked on a beach with her brother and Adam. Slowly her body relaxed, and she drifted off into a dreamless sleep, lulled by the pounding of the waves and the warmth of the sun on her bare skin. She felt warm and sensual as the air move over her, caressing her gently in secret places as she napped. She moaned softly as she shifted, easing her thighs wider apart as though in invitation to the breeze.

She felt lax and heady as she felt fingers trail lightly over her skin, up over her back to gently massage her shoulders.

“Just relax, Katie. You’ll burn if we don’t rub some suncream into your soft skin.” She barely registered the husky as she warm damp hands smooth cream over the skin of her back in gentle circles, and a soft moan of pleasure escaped her lips.

Fingers samsun escort skimmed over the sides of her breasts and up over her arms, drawing her wrists together far above her head before sliding back down over her skin to her back.

The hands moved lower, kneading the cream into her bottom, the gentle motions tugging her cheeks apart and allowing the cool breeze to touch her there.

She breathed deeply as hands trailed down over her thighs and calves before returning to her bottom, never touching the melting folds between her slightly parted thighs.

She was boneless when then rolled her over onto her back, a hand supporting her head, fingers clasping her wrists. The cool sea breeze stirred her tingling nipples, the slight dampness between her thighs.

She sucked in her stomach a thin trail of creamed was squeezed out along the valley between her breasts, down over her belly to trickle in the curls between her thighs.

“Oh,” she murmured languidly as she felt fingers everywhere, smoothing the cream into her skin, working in tormenting circles over the mounds of her breasts, never touching the aching peaks before moving lower. “Please…”

“Soon,” a voice breathed against her ear as fingers slid down over her belly to run a teasing finger along the edge of her curls.

She moaned in frustration as the fingers glided down over her soft thighs, working in the cream with a gentleness that left her panting. She whimpered as fingers trailed up her inner thighs, softly teasing, before skating away from her melting core to skim over her hips.

“Please, I need…”

“We know what you need, little one,” a voice murmured before lips gently closed over hers. She moaned softly against him as his mouth moved gently over hers in a slow exploration.

Katie arched off of the sand as a hot mouth closed over an aching nipple, sucking it into the moist cavern of his mouth, tormenting her with its sweet pressure. She felt a trickle of moisture between her thighs, and she was beyond caring who spoke, who caressed her, simply glorying in the feel of both their hands on her nude body beneath the hot sun.

She mewed in frustration as lips slid down over her neck, down across her chest. Her whole body shuddered as she them close over her nipple, feeling as though she was drowning beneath the sensations of having both her young breasts lavished by two hot mouths.

Her legs scissored on the towel, her toes digging into the sand as she felt the tension build between her thighs, coiling tighter and tighter as their lips and teeth and tongues tormented her quivering breasts until she felt as though she might snap.

“Easy,” a voice murmured against her damp nipple as her body bucked at the feel of a hand sliding down over her flat belly to cup her mound.

“Oh,” she moaned as fingers gently parted her lush pink lips, letting the cool breeze tease her hot, melting flesh. She felt her other nipple released as the warmth at her side shifted, felt hands spreading her unresisting thighs wide.

Her lashes lifted slightly, gazing down over her trembling body, taking in the sight of the two of them focused on her splayed lips with an intensity that send a quiver racing through her.

“So beautiful,” a voice said huskily.

A whimper escaped her as a finger explored her pink flesh, delving into her dewy folds and lazily circling her nub.

“So tight,” another voice murmured as a finger slid up inside of her, massaging her slick tight walls. Another finger joined her there, and it was too much, her young body shuddering against the fingers of both men penetrating her as she climaxed sweetly, her head rolling side to side as she arched off of the sand.

“That’s it.” Fingers coaxed her young body on, drawing out the waves of pleasure until it was almost unbearable.

She lay panting and pliant, little tremours racing through her when she felt warm air stirring the damp curls at the apex of her thighs. Her eyes widened and her whole body arched off the ground as she felt a tongue dart out, licking her dewy folds, running over her sensitive flesh. She almost screamed at the exquisiteness of feeling a tongue sliding along her pink channel, teasing, tormenting, feeling the sensations curl low in her belly.

Her whole face was pink as she felt the thick tongue push up hard into her snug tunnel, licking up every last drop as though she were an ice-cream melting in the hot sun. She tried to rise, to protest at the sweet intrusion, but strong hands guided her back down, pinning her wrists to the sand. She was squirming, writhing at the hands holding her thighs apart as his tongue thrust up into her, her body clenching and unclenching around it.

“Oh,” she cried as a mouth latched onto her nipple as fingers tugged and rolled it’s mate. Soon she was almost undone, her body taut with need.

“She’s ready,” a voice said as though from far away.

She was almost incoherent with need as the dark head lapping at her breast relinquished her nipple. He lay down beside her, and she was unresisting as she was guided to lay on top of him, feeling his shaft hard and throbbing against her belly as her knees slipped to rest on the sand on either side of his thighs. Her sensitive breasts were crushed against the solid wall of his chest, her mound splayed over his belly.

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