HIDE AND SEEKI always looked young for my age. I swear even at 22 people thought that I was 12! It was great for going to the movies, c***dren’s tickets cost less, but it made dating and going clubbing with my friends epically difficult. I usually ended up providing multiple forms of ID before I could even get into a bar, and that was with my friends vouching for me. So I was grateful for my friends who didn’t mind alternatives like drinking at home or hanging out at the bowling alley. Tonight we chose bowling!Unfortunately the way that I looked only appealed to a specific demographic. I’m 5ft 4in, and like I said, most people mistake me for a 12 year old. I had the body of adult, large breasts that I kept hidden under baggy clothes, and curves that I’m told were in all the right places. But even with that, I didn’t date much. I’d had a few boyfriends over the years, but most of them couldn’t handle the judgmental looks we got when we were out in public. So anyway, my friends and I had been bowling, and since one of them worked there I didn’t get hassled when I drank. The lanes shut down around 2am, and we were all pretty drunk, but no one wanted to go home yet, so someone had the bright idea to pay hide and seek. Of course, being pretty tipsy myself I thought it sounded fun.There was a small fenced in playground behind the bowling alley with a playhouse for little k**s. I practically had to lie down inside in order to hide because of the oversized windows. Bob, one of the guys who worked at the bowling alley must have seen me hop the fence and crawl in because I looked up to see him staring at me through the window. We’d talked a few times, and he was kind of cute, but definitely older than anyone I’d ever dated. Maybe in his mid 30’s. “What are you doing?”“SHHH! Playing hide and seek.” I explained to him what we were doing. “Now go away before someone sees you and you give away my spot!”“Can I play too?”“Sure. Fine. Just be quiet and hide! I hear someone coming!” I was taking the game far too seriously.He crawled into the playhouse with me and had to practically lay on top of me because the sarıyer escort space was so small. It was made for c***dren. It was fine for me, but Bob was well over 6ft. I admit it had been a while since I’d been that close to a man that wasn’t one of my best friends or a relative. It was nice to feel the warmth of someone so close. Who ever had been looking for me had moved on so Bob started up a conversation. “You guys do this often?”“Sometimes, it’s fun to pretend we’re k**s again.”“How old are you anyway?”I looked him dead in the eyes and asked, “How old do you think I am?” “Well I know you’re older than you look,” he said vaguely as he shifted position, laying almost completely on top of me now, only slightly raised on one elbow so that he could keep look out through the window.“Take a guess.” I said sarcastically.“OK, I’ll guess, let’s see, you’re in a playground playing hide and seek, so seven?” He chuckled. “And how old does that make you? Try again!” I said playing along.“OK, earlier you were downing pitchers of beer like a pro. 35?”“Younger!” I said pretending to be insulted. “Well, you look like a k**, but even through those baggy clothes, I can tell you’re a grown woman with curves,” he brushed a hand across my chest. “But,” he continued, trying to get a rise out of me, “are you old enough to have hair down there?” he gave a wink and trailed a finger across my stomach.I’d played this game before, and I knew exactly where it was going.“Can I check?” he asked his hand moving slightly lower.I just shrugged waiting to see what he was going to do.He reached down and unbuttoned my jeans sliding his hand inside. He stopped when he reached the junction where my legs met. I hadn’t shaved in a while so there was a smattering of sparse hair. He didn’t try to probe or explore with his fingers, he just rested his hand there for a moment before saying “This feels nice. Do you like it?” He seemed half sincere in the question.“It’s OK.” I whispered, my voice a little breathier than I had thought it would be. When was the last esenyurt escort time a man had touched me there? I don’t know if it was the alcohol or if had really been that long, but at that moment, I couldn’t remember. And I could tell by his stiffing cock pressing into my leg that he was enjoying himself. Without moving his had at all, he asked if it would be OK to kiss me and I nodded. He bent his head and kissed me gently at first, then forcing his tongue into my mouth probing and wrapping it around my own tongue before kissing first my jaw then my neck. I wrapped one arm around his waste, and pulled his head closer by tangling my fingers in his hair with the other. The hand he had resting in my pants never moved, although I thought I felt his fingers twitch with anticipation.“Do you want me to make you feel good?” He asked, as he finally moved his hand lower, not waiting for me to answer. He brushed his fingers through my pubic hair before sliding one finger up and down my slit before separating it with first one finger than another slowly rubbing them across my clit sending shocks of electricity through me. “OH, you like that do you?” He said as his fingers began to slide in and out of my hole while I bit my bottom lip.“I bet you’ve never seen a naked man before. Would you like to?” he continued roleplaying. “Never.” I said.He withdrew his hand from between my legs and licked my juices off of his fingers, “yummm” he murmured before rising up on his knees and unzipping his own pants releasing his throbbing cock. “You can touch it,” so I reached up and began to stroke the long shaft. He took a ragged breath before saying “That feels so nice. Do you know what would feel even better? If you lick it and suck on it like a lollypop.”I licked the head of his dick, tentatively at first, pretending that I’d never done it before, “Like this?” I asked. He just nodded so I took as much of his cock as I could and began alternately sucking and lick the veiny ridge along the bottom swirling my tongue around the head before taking him fully into my mouth again, bobbing avrupa yakası escort my head up and down along it’s length.After a few minutes he pushed me away, “Do you want me to kiss you like that too?” Before I could answer he grabbed the waste band of my pants and panties tugging them off. Before positioning himself between my legs he took off his clothes so that he knelt before me completely naked. I followed suit and took off my top, the cool night air causing my nipples to harden.He bent down to suck them each in turn causing me to arch my back. Finally he began kissing his way down my stomach to my still wet pussy.He spread my legs further apart inserting his fingers into me and flicking his tongue across my clit.He licked my clit while fingering my pussy and even my ass. Occasionally he would remove his fingers so that he could burry his tongue inside my pussy.I began to moan for getting that we were outside or that someone might here us. I’d also forgotten about my friends by now. Bob kissed his way back up to my tits before looking at me saying “I’m going to fuck you now.”It wasn’t a question, but I nodded my head anyway.He teased my opening with the head of his cock before thrusting forward filling my cunt with his dick, groaning as he did so. He began to move inside me slowly at first then increasing in speed.I could feel the friction on my clit and my muscles began to tighten. He rose up on his knees, grabbing my hips to lift them off the floor all the while still pumping his rock hard cock into me. I could see out the corner of my eye that in this position anyone looking into the playground may not be able to see our faces but they would definitely see us fucking!He started to fuck me harder and faster and I moaned again, this time louder. As I came he pumped through my orgasm, intensifying it. I went limp after I came and he puled his cock out seconds before he came, exploding cum all over my stomach and tits. He groaned so loudly I was sure that people driving by would be able to hear him inside their cars.He collapsed over on his side and we were met with the sound of applauds and cheering. I looked up to see my friends watching us through the windows of the clubhouse. I waved them off reaching for my clothes.It was awkward, but we managed to get dressed while still inside the clubhouse. Bob and I exchanged numbers and made plans to meet up again before crawling back outside to more cheers from my friends.

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