High School Futa Ch. 06


Note: All characters are above the age of 18.

Second Note: I tried to make this chapter extra-sweet. I hope your teeth don’t fall off.


The weekend was over. Pacing through the halls of her school, a part of Emma felt like it had been months since she’d last been here. So much had happened and so much had changed.

Something she was reminded of every time she locked eyes with any of the passing students. The responses were usually the following:

1. The girls would blush furiously.

2. Some guys would give her a respectful nod.

3. Others would scowl at her. Maybe they were jealous?

As soon as she found out about that video, she texted Gabriella about it. Not an hour later, the cheerleader had sent her the video in question. Just thinking about it had Emma’s blood rushing to her head. It looked like something out of a porno.

She wasn’t exactly aware of how hard she was going in the moment, but anyone watching the video would probably first question how Gabriella could even move, followed by wondering why Emma was an amateur and not already starring in most adult films.

“Hey.” A voice sent Emma out of her thoughts. She looked to her side to see Lindsey walking up to her with a smile, dressed in a black sweater, black boots, and skinny jeans. Considering the recent places Emma had seen her, she’d forgotten Lindsey was kind of a geeky type.

“Hi.” Emma looked away nervously. Would Lindsey even want to associate herself with someone famous? Well, not just famous, but famous in the way she was famous.

As if in response, Lindsey walked up to her, stood on the tips of her toes, and pressed a light kiss to Emma’s lips.

“You okay?” She asked quietly.

“Y-Yeah… It’s just,” the two started walking towards their next class, “I can’t believe any of that happened. When I was seeing myself on screen, it felt like I was watching someone else’s memories.”

“Are… Do you regret it?” Lindsey asked. Emma immediately understood she didn’t just mean the stuff with Gabriella, her own time with Emma was included.

“No, of course not.” Emma waved her off with a chuckle. “It’s just… Surreal.”

“I see… How’s Gabriella taking it?”

“Hey, where and how Gabriella takes it is none of your concern.” Emma winked. Lindsey slapped her shoulder.

“You dumbass, you know what I mean.” Lindsey looked away laughing, a small blush covering her cheeks. Emma couldn’t help but admire how effortlessly adorable this girl was.

And she was hers. They were dating. “Holy shit.” Emma thought. They were dating.

“Hm, well I don’t know. She sent me the video, but when I asked if she was alright, she didn’t respond. I guess I’ll find out at lunch.”

They entered math class, moving to their seats in the middle of the classroom. Instantly, the murmurs began.

“Oh my god, that’s her!” A girl whisper-yelled.

Emma groaned, planting her head in her arms. A hand stroked her head, and Emma quickly recognized it as Lindsey’s, just based on its softness. The perks of dating! She smiled into her arms.

In a few minutes, as more students filled the room, the door opened and closed a final time. In stepped Emma’s favorite teacher.

Ms. Cara Leblanc was a french-American, twenty-six-year-old woman, with braided blonde hair, a slim, but tall body, and the kind of smile that could melt even the coldest of hearts.

“Bonjour everyone!” She called out, the students all replied in kind.

She only just started last year, and in just two semesters, she quickly topped the popularity polls the students often made up on Twitter. The boys loved her because, well, she wasn’t istanbul escort exactly tough to look at, and the girls adored and admired her because she exuded that “kind, but fierce” look that was hard to pull off.

Crossing one elegant leg over the other as she sat behind her desk, she placed her hands on her chin.

“Well, I trust everyone had an eventful weekend. For the singles-no-longer-single, I applaud you! For the singles-still-single, I pray for you! For the couples, we, the singles, plot your downfall!”

Her voice, her accent was like chocolate for the ears. She was certain this was the only reason she was even doing well in math right now because she could listen to Ms. Cara talk about equations all day.

“I will now be handing out last week’s exam grades. I worked extra hard this weekend to get them back to you as soon as possible, can’t have you feeling too happy after all.” She winked, and Emma swore her heart disintegrated. This class was dangerous to her health.

“As I call your name, stand and recover your fate. Ralph!”

One by one, the students went and grabbed their papers. Soon enough, it was Emma’s turn.


The futanari stood, each of the student’s eyes tracing her figure for a brief moment before going back to their own affairs. Emma sighed and walked forwards.

“How’d I do?” Emma asked as she got to the desk. Ms. Cara was one of the few teachers Emma felt she could talk to, and not feel like she was being lectured all the time.

“Wonderful, Emma. I’m very impressed.” Ms. Cara replied with a bright smile.

Emma smiled back. As she went to pick the paper up, Ms. Cara placed her hand over hers, giving her a reassuring squeeze. That said, she lingered just a second too long, prompting Emma to look up, finding her kind eyes gazing back into hers. Emma gulped.

That was… Strange. Well, no big deal.

Emma sat back down and nearly yelped when she saw a red “92%” staring back at her. She quickly patted Lindsey’s shoulder next to her, grinning widely at the shorter girl, and proudly showed the paper off.

Lindsey shook her head with a smile, half-closing her eyes as she looked back at Emma with an expression that read “my girlfriend is such a puppy”.

The class ended soon, and Emma stood to walk out, but as she passed Ms. Cara’s desk, the teacher called out to her.

“Emma, can I see you after school?” The French woman asked sweetly. “It’s nothing bad, I’d just like to discuss your progress.”

“Sure!” Emma quickly replied, waving at her as she walked out of the class.

With Lindsey by her side, Emma decided to make a bold move. She reached down and grabbed Lindsey’s hand. The smaller girl turned away, but she was smiling as she held Emma’s hand as well.

Goddamn, this felt too good. That said, the situation with Gabriella was still on her mind.

So, later, as she walked into the cafeteria and saw Gabriella with a very angry man standing next to her, looking down, Emma stopped Lindsey and turned to her.

“Hey, I’m gonna go help her out. Catch you later?”

“Yeah, don’t worry.” Lindsey said as she saw what was happening in front of them. “I’ll go hang out with Karly for a bit. Protect your woman.” Lindsey leaned in and kissed Emma’s cheek.

Emma couldn’t resist. As Lindsey turned to walk away, she graced her ass with a light smack. Lindsey yelped and looked back with a pout. Emma shrugged.

Okay, time to get serious.

She walked forwards, and her eyes widened when she recognized the man bothering her best friend. It was Kyle.

“We had something!” Kyle yelled. Sure enough, many of the Escort Anadolu Yakası students in the cafeteria stopped what they were doing to stare at the escalating conversation. “And you’re just gonna turn me down for that freak?”

“Go away, Kyle.” Gabriella hissed out. “I already said everything I needed to say.”

“I think she was pretty clear,” Emma spoke as she neared them. Kyle turned his outraged eyes to her, but Emma wasn’t shaken.

“You.” Kyle spat out, before quickly turning back to Gabriella. “You’re actually telling me you like her?” He asked Gabriella, pointing at Emma.

“Yeah.” Gabriella looked up at him with a bored expression. “She’s not a huge prick, unlike someone else I know. She’s not a scumbag, unlike someone else I know.”

“Scumbag?” Kyle asked with raised eyebrows. “If this is about me cheating on her, bitch, you’re the one I cheated on her with.”

“Except,” Emma quickly stepped in, “she apologized. We talked it out. You haven’t texted me or called me since it happened. Your priorities don’t exactly include me.”

“Shut the fuck up, you freak.” Kyle didn’t even look at Emma as she said it. Instead, he leaned in closer to Gabriella. “Listen,” his tone changed. His scowl was replaced by a sly smile that was trying to be charming. “You can have that if you want, but if you want a real dick, you know, from an actual man, you have my number.”

“No thanks,” Gabriella replied. “Oh, and forget about prom, by the way. If that wasn’t already clear.”

“What?” Kyle, who had started to leave, turned around. “B-But, Gab, you can’t say no! We’re the two most popular people in school, we have to go together!”

“Seems to me like she’s made her mind up already,” Emma stated. Kyle turned towards her, his eyes burning with rage.

“Shut. The fuck. Up!” He stomped towards her, a hand raised.

Emma quickly realized he was going to hit her. If she was any other girl, she’d have backed away, but she wasn’t. She was Emma fucking Heart.

“Look out!” Gabriella screamed.

As he threw his punch forwards, Emma ducked underneath and let his momentum swing him above her. With a quick pull, Emma flipped him on his back. He landed right on one of the tables, his back covered in today’s food.

The students “oohed” and “ahhed”. Emma smirked.

“What the, what the fuck!?” Kyle cried as he stood and checked his shirt.

“Wanna try me again?” Emma asked.

“You fucking whore…”

“This whore was your girlfriend. Biggest mistake of my life. Well, maybe not, it did lead me to this beauty. And guess what? We’re going to prom together.” Choosing to put the final nail in the coffin that was Kyle’s dignity, Emma leaned down and planted a kiss on Gabriella’s lips.

The cheerleader was startled, but the kiss didn’t last long enough to make her truly uncomfortable, Emma hoped.

Regardless, the message was sent. Kyle babbled some insults, but quickly turned and left, stomping out of the cafeteria.

A beat of silence passed, and soon the cafeteria erupted in applause.

Emma had forgotten there were even people around. A blush covered her face as she grabbed Gabriella by the hand and led her out of the public eye. Outside, she placed her hands on the sides of Gabriella’s face.

“You okay?” Emma asked softly. Gabriella though still looked like a deer in headlights.

“Y-Yeah.” She replied. “Way to go. I wouldn’t be shocked if he transfers out of here or something.” Gabriella’s usual cheekiness was slipping into her voice gradually.

“Well, I had to do something. Couldn’t have him messing with my girl like that.” She ran her hand through Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort Gabriella’s hair.

“Wait, your girl?” Gabriella asked.


“So… Did Lindsey…?”

“Yup.” Emma nodded with a warm smile. “She said she was fine with me seeing other people. Like, definitively this time.”

Gabriella’s eyes were shining, was she tearing up?

“I’m…” Yep, she wiped away a tear. “I’m so fucking happy.”

Emma laughed.

“That’s one way to put it.” With that, she leaned in and kissed Gabriella again. Instead of the startled reaction from earlier, Gabriella placed her arms around Emma’s neck and reciprocated.

They made out lightly for a minute. No tongue, but the kiss was still as intimate as any Emma has had so far.

“By the way,” Gabriella started, pulling away, “were you serious?”


“Prom.” Emma was confused for a moment, but her own words passed through her mind.

“Oh, shit.” She said. “That was… Kind of a spur of the moment thing.”

“Yeah,” Gabriella laughed, “I was shocked. I thought you were for sure going with Lindsey. I mean, she’s your girlfriend. I’m just your cocksleeve.”

“WHOA!” Emma blushed. “Come on, what’s with that!?”


“That… That word!”

“You mean ‘cocksleeve’?” Gabriella grinned. “Is there something wrong with it?”

Oh, she was doing this on purpose.

“S-Stop.” Emma lightly pushed Gabriella away, blushing even harder.

“Why? I mean it.” Gabriella walked forwards. “I’m not a picnics and walks on the beach, kind of girl. I’ll gladly leave that shit for Lindsey, or anyone else you get with.”

“Anyone else?”

“Yeah, have you seen the girls today? They can’t keep their eyes off you, ever since the video came out.”

“Oh, about that.” Emma turned serious. “Are you okay? That video was posted without our permission, if you’re feeling bad, tell me about it.”

“Y-Yeah…” Gabriella leaned against the wall behind her. “I wasn’t okay with it at first. That’s why I wasn’t talking to you at night, and today. Sorry about that, by the way.”

“No worries.”

“I just, I don’t know. I didn’t know how to feel. But, seeing how I think it’s going to help you out, I’m fine with it.”

“Help me out?”

“Yeah, Emma…” Gabriella leaned closer. “I’m glad Lindsey said she was okay with you dating other people. You’re going to have girls lining up after that. Did you see yourself? Those abs, glistening with sweat, the beastly look on your face. You were a fucking goddess.” She whispered.

“I-I see…”

“Anyway…” Gabriella cast her eyes towards the empty hall they were in. “I’m gonna talk with Lindsey later. This whole prom thing… It gave me a good idea.”

“Okay, nice.” Emma smiled. “I want you guys to get along. I… I think it would make me happy to see you become friends with her.”

Gabriella looked at her curiously.

“Well, for you, I’ll try. She seems cool from what little I know of her.”

“Oh, by the way, I won’t be able to meet up after school. Gotta talk with Ms. Cara.”

“Ms. Cara?” Gabriella asked. “Why?”

“Dunno, she asked me to stay after my classes. Nothing bad though, that’s what she told me.” Emma smiled.

“… You are so horny for her, it’s not even funny.” Gabriella snickered.

“W-What?” Emma stuttered. “She’s my teacher! I just think she’s cool, and she’s always super nice!”

“Okay, okay.” Gabriella laughed. “Good luck. See you later, babe.”

Author Note: Yeah, hint hint, in case it wasn’t clear, this is going to be a harem/polyamory story. I feel what’s made this so (relative to how I thought this would do) popular, is the feelings involved and romance mixed in with the sex, so that’s not going away on this harem journey. Instead, I’m going to try to make the feelings aspect of this series EVEN STRONGER while maintaining the heart-stopping sex we all come here for. Enjoy!

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