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Hijabi bengali gets it hardThis is a true story told by Fatima to me…… names have been changed to keep identity of people hidden. I do apologise for my English and grammar in advance.Rayna and Boshir were married for over 5 years, on the outside every thing seemed blissful, everyone thought how much of a model marriage they had and were the envy of their tightknit Bengali community. They both were in there 20’s and had their own business running a saree shop with trade that was booming.On one unfaithful morning everything was about to be out in the open, the deceit and infidelity was to be finally exposed. Bashir ran the shop top to bottom, ordering stock, collecting stock and managing the finance, rayna worked as a shop assistant and was the face of the shop as she was a confident young woman who could interact with customers and was well known in the area for her outgoing nature. They also employed a young Hijabi Bengali girl named Fatima who was a family friend. On a cold winter Monday morning Boshir woke up and went to collect stock from London, he set off in the early hours of the morning planning to be back in time for mid-day trade. He told Fatima that he wont be in a all morning and that she should come in at her normal time of 11.30am and his wife would open the shop at 10am. Fatima arrived at the shop at 11.40am as always being late, when she arrived at the shop she found that the shutters were down and the shop seemed closed. She decided to call boshir who she called (chacha) un***. She told him that the shop is closed and if he decided that the shop will be closed today. His response was “what are you on about (bathizi) ni***, your sasi (aunty) should have opened the shop up this morning. He then told her let me call your sasi and she where she is.After a few minutes boshir called Fatima back and said that rayna wasn’t answering her phone and what she has to do is go to his house and pick up the spare key to the shop from his sister. The family home was a five mintes walk from the shop. Fatima decided to brave the cold and went to the house to pick up the keys, when she arrived at the house her aunty opened the door and gave the keys saying that rayna left the house about 9.30am to go open the shop and she should have already been there. Fatima told her the shop was closed and seemed like it wasn’t opened today. Fatima left the house and made her way back to the shop passing all the other businesses on the road that was packed with customers, she decided to pop into the newsagents and buy herself some snacks as she would be alone until boshir came back from London. As she approached the shop she still seen the shutters closed. The keys only opened the back doors of the shop, so she made her way through the alley şişli escort way leading to the back of the shop and opened the back door and entered the shop, The back door led to a small kitchen and once she entered she put her drinks in the fridge so they stayed cold for the rest of the day. She then took off her big coat and winter scarf and placed them in the staff room, which was next door. Fatima then preceded to the shop floor which dark as the only windows were covered by the shutters and didn’t let any sunlight in. She went behind the counter and switched on the lights. As she was settling in she heard noises coming from upstairs.Upstairs was used as a stock room and used as a ironing room for sarees and suits. A set of windng stairs led to the stock room which was closed off by a door. Fatima thought that she was just imagining the noise and her mind was playing tricks on her as she was alone, she continued to settle in and went to the kitchen to put the kettle on to make herself a cup of tea to warm herself up, she came back onto the shop floor and went to open the shutters when she heard noises coming from upstairs once again, this time she was sure there was someone up there as it seemed like someone walking around.Fatima got worried and scared thinking that the shop was getting robbed, she slowly made her way to the shop counter and picked up her phone with her hands shaking, she walked to the kitchen and called her chacha, her voice trembling and broken she said to her chahca “chacha I think the shop is getting robbed I can hear someone upstairs moving around, I don’t know what to do” boshir replied back “bathizi calm down its probably your sasi upstairs moving stock around, was the door broken when you came in?” Fatima replied back “ no chahca the door was locked as normal” Boshir then said “don’t worry we only have the keys, no one else, go and check who it is, just be careful and if youre to scared then just call the police” boshir then hung up the phone as he was driving.Fatima made her way back to the shop floor and to the door leading to the stairs, she slowly opened the pine wooden door, hoping that the door doesn’t make creaking sounds. As she opened the door she could hear sounds of movement coming from above, she started tiptoeing up the stairs very slowly trying not to make a sound. As Fatima made her way up the stairs the noises started to become more clear, she could make out two voices talking, she continued up the stairs and finally heard her Raynas voice, a sense of relief overcame her knowing that the shop was being broken into and that she was safe. To her surprise she then heard a second voice which was a male that she couldn’t recognize, the male was mecidiyeköy escort talking in Bengali with a deep strong voice. Fright overtook Fatima again wondering if her sasi had been held hostage and the shop being robbed, her hands started to shake and legs trembling from beneath her. She didn’t know what to do, phone her chacha, phone the police or carry on. What she decided was to carry on up the stairs. Once she reached the top she peaked over to see what was happening.The store room was an open plan room that covered the whole entire bottom floor in size, there was cardboard boxes everywhere and sarees lying around, she couldn’t see anyone but then looked over the to the far side of the room and she could she a man standing with his eyes closed slowing rocking forward and backwards and moaning quietly, he then spoke saying “ oh beti rayna, zeh bala lageh, aktis nah” (oh rayna it feel so good, don’t stop) then Fatima heard her sasi rayna saying “ar farsi nah, afnar boga shoktho oigehseh, amar muk bish korer” (I cant do it anymore, your cock has gone hard now, my mouth is starting to hurt). Then rayna came up from up behind the boxes. Fatima was shocked and finally realised the situation. Rayna started kissing the man affectionately and the man took hold of raynas hijab and started pushing her back down, and saying suck my cock just a bit more, you give the best blowjobs. Rayna resisted but went down eventually and Fatima could hear her sucking on the mans cock making it pop out of her mouth. Eventually after five minutes Rayna emerged from behind the boxes, she started kissing the man again but he was pushing her away while kissing till they reached the wall. Now they were perfectly visible to Fatima. The man had rayna pushed up against the wall, his trousers and boxer shorts were around his ankles and his cock was fully erect, rayna had her hand on his cock stroking it while they kissed. The man was rubbing his hands all over rayna’s body,she was wearing a shalwar kameez and a matching hijab with two inch stilettos. While kissing and groping each other the man slipped his hand under raynas shalwar, while she still was wearing it. Rayna broke away from kissing the man and said “astheh asteh, amar fundh norom” (softly, soflty, my pussy is sensitive) the man didn’t stop or slow down, the man was vigorously rubbing raynas pussy, and rayna started to moan and groan letting out ooofff off and saying “mai go mai” then the man said “thor hehtah bizigehseh” (your pussy is all wet) she said “ ooo ooo ami zani amar fundhreh athayreh zeh bala” the man then started pulling her shalwar down by her knees, she still had her kameez on. Rayna then asked the man “kitha koray thumi” (what are you şişli escort bayan doing) the man replied back “amar bogah thor biza fundor bai karaytham” (im going to shove my cock into your wet pussy). Rayna then said ( nah nah nah time nai oneh korbar, dukhan kulalagbo, manusheh shondoy korba khichu oiseh” ( no no no theres no time to do it, I have to open the shop or people will get suspicious.) what happened next shocked Fatima even more.The man looked at Rayna sternly with his eyes bulging out, rayna was still stroking his cock in a twisting motion, while she was standing there with her shalwar dropped to her ankles. Then the man suddenly with power turned rayna around and pushed her till she got to the big table which they used to iron sarees on. He then bent her over onto the table, she was “kitha koray, ami nah korsi, hayrah yo nah, time nai time nai” (what you doing, I said no, please don’t put it in, theres no time for this)The man replied back saying “thoy zanos thoy sas, amareh aktays nah or amar foisha dibehni, ethah stock magna aynah” (you know you want it, don’t stop me or are you willing to pay your debts, these stock doesn’t come free) rayna then said “aysko nah, aysko nah, time nai dukan kultham” (not today not today I need to open the shop.The man then said “dur beti, amar boga emneh shoktho nai, rusheh sudah ektah suda dimo” (damn lady, my cock is not hard for no reason, im going to give you a quicky). Without even letting Rayna reply he spat on his hard cock and then placed it on raynas pussy, with one movement he was deep inside her cunt, she let of a gasp and was holding onto the table while bent over. The man wasn’t holding back, he was smashing his cock into Rayna’s wet juicy cunt, that the noise was echoing around the store room and rayna saying fuck, fuck your stretching me out. Rayna was whimpering and moaning as her pussy got more wet with every stroke, her hijab started to come out of place because of the way the man was fucking her from the back. He reached under her kameez and exposed her breast, fondling them while fucking her, this turned her on even more and such started to push back on the mans cock, then all of a sudden the man let out a loud groan and smashed into her one last time. He withdrew his cock from her pussy and then said “koysi rusheh sudah dimo, ami misa mathi nah” (I told you id give you a quick fuck, I don’t lie) they started putting the clothes on and Rayna went over to the mirror to fix her clothes and hijab and said we cant carry this on anymore, this isn’t right. Fatima sensing that the ordeal was coming to the end, made her way back down the stairs, gathered her belongings and left the shop through the back door as the way she came in. She went for a walk and was thinking in her head that she knew the shop wasn’t making a profit but she realised that the situation has got the stage were Rayna was fucking the supplier to keep him away from collecting debt. A respectable British hijabi woman is made to fuck a freshy just to keep her husbands shop and dignity alive.

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