His Ch. 06


Soon he returned. She sat nervously waiting for him to do something. He moved to a table next to the frame, and with his back to her, he placed some things on it. She couldn’t see what he had or what he was doing.

He turned to her and motioned her to come where stood in the middle of the frame. She walked to him and stood, resigned to her immediate fate.

He tied her wrists and hoisted her arms up. This time he was rougher and he strained to reach high enough so she wouldn’t feel the cord cutting into her. He kicked her legs apart with his boots and tied cords to her ankles. She felt the cords bite into her, without the softness of the cuffs.

She suddenly realized that he planned to punish her severely. His hands were rough and he tied her impatiently. Soon he had secured the cords back to the frame, and he walked back to the table, leaving her straining against the cords. It had been only a few minutes since he started restraining her, but she was already tiring.

He came back to her and reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and slid it forward.

“Didn’t I tell you to remove your clothes?” he asked.

He didn’t wait for her reply. He was unable to remove it over her arms, so he went back to his table and returned with scissors and promptly cut her straps so he could remove the bra. Her heart was racing now, as she became more frightened. This had become very serious.

He grabbed her panties and tore them off of her. He ripped them in two and let the pieces hang on her calves above the cords. He stood back and looked at her with disdain.

“Even when you are going to be punished, you disobey me,” he said.

“I planned to remove my underwear before you started Master,” she answered.

“Just shut up.”

He held a ball gag up so she could see it clearly, and then he placed it against her lips. She had never been gagged before, but she had an idea how it worked and opened her mouth wide as he placed it in and fastened the strap in the back.

Now she was silenced.

He held his open hands before her for a moment before he slapped her breasts. His palm stung as he struck her nipples and fleshy breasts. The moaned with each blow. He breasts were flailed and knocked swaying back and forth. She braced herself as well as she could in her position, but it was difficult to keep still as he continued his assault of her breasts. She groaned from the pain, but mostly from the sadness she felt as she looked into his face and saw contempt and anger.

He looked deep into her eyes as he slapped her. His hands were pink from the slaps, but not as dark as her flesh. She was red and her nipples stood hard from the attacks. She was in pain, but was also stimulated. She wished he could not see that she was getting kuşadası escort some pleasure from this torture.

When he tired, he sat in his chair across the room and stared at her for a few minutes. Then he left the room and returned with a glass. He sat back down and drank, refreshing himself. She hung from the frame, drained and sore and hurting. Her eyes looked like those of a trapped animal, uncertain of its fate.

She saw him return to the table and watched him come to her side. He held up a cane. It was about three feet long and was limber and thin. He snapped it in the air to show its flexability. He stood behind her, and she took a deep breath, waiting.

Whap. Whap. Whap. Whap. She felt needle like stings across her legs. Screams built up deep in her lungs but were trapped by her gag, and she could only snort through her nose to release that built up burst of air. Her mind was panicked and she was begging inside for mercy…for release…for an end to his switching. But he continued, cane against her thighs and calves in the back and then the front.

And tears filled her eyes as she hung from the frame, the cords now pulling into her wrists. She was weak and unable to support herself adequately to hold her arms up high. She prayed for an end to this.

She became aware that he was no longer switching her and she looked around to see where he was. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him stretching out a bright fabric cord. he strung it out on the floor then rolled it up in a loose loop over his arm. When he had it all played out and then looped, he came to her and started to wrap it around her breasts.

He pulled the fabric tight around her breasts and then connected the loops together. Her breasts were constricted and held tightly in the strips and made to stand out from her chests in pointed cone shapes. She could feel the tightness and easily see her tits standing out in front of her in some grotesque cartoonish fashion.

When he had used all of the strips, he took his thumbs and forefingers and pulled her nipples, stretching them out. Then he pinched them, squeezing and tightly gripping them, flattening them. She closed her eyes, hoping to get lost in some memory that would take her away. But there was no escape as he abused her captive nipples.

He soon tired of the nipple game and went back to the table. He returned after a few seconds and clamped clothespins to her nipples. They were already so sensitive and tender from his pinches and pulls that they pulsed and throbbed with pain under the pressure of the clamps.

He left the room for a few minutes as she stood there, racked in misery.

She was aware of his presence next when she felt him releasing her ankles. “Stand up correctly” kuşadası escort bayan he said. She struggled to move her legs together, but was stiff and any movement brought pain. He then released the rope from the frame and undid her wrists. She staggered to gain her balance. He held her until she was steady, then took her hand and led her to his chair.

She stood there waiting for instruction. He went to the table and brought a few items which he set down beside the chair. Then he sat down, and pulled her across his lap. She lay face down, her ass up in the air, and her upper body hanging down as were her legs.

His hands felt the fullness of her ass, and then down her thighs. She started to relax a little. After a few moments of touching her, he stopped. She looked back to see him pulling on a pair of very tight leather gloves. She looked away quickly.

The first blow on her buttocks surprised her. The second blow knocked the air out of her lungs. The third blow jarred her all over. Each sucessive blow on her ass shot pain through her body. Her ass was on fire as he spanked her unmercilessly. His hands were almost orchestrated and choreographed as they slapped and spanked her ass over and over and over.

She cried uncontrollably as he spanked her naked ass. Pink welts rose on her as he continued. Her ass heaved in the air as he rained blow after blow on her. Minutes passed until he finally stopped. She had lost all sense of time and was only vaguely aware that he had ceased.

He removed his gloves and examined her ass to be certain she was not bleeding or hurt other than red bruises. His hands massaged her round buttocks and she felt him gently and tenderly caressing her, almost as if he were apologising for his spanking by those caressing touches.

His hands covered her and she felt his finger slip down between her legs, almost tentatively at first. Then she felt in move deeper and slip inside her. His finger massaged and probed in her slit and rubbed against her lips. He pulled back for a second and then returned his hand. This time inserting two, then three fingers into her pussy. She moaned as she felt them, moving in and out and touching her deep inside. She moved her legs apart as much as possible, welcoming his hand and fingers.

When he had opened her up and she was soaking wet, he stopped for a few seconds. Then she felt a semi-hard object moving between her legs and forcing her pussy open even more. He pushed the dildo further inside her until it was at least six inches inside. He stopped and left it there.

She felt his fingers now massaging around her asshole. Slow circling massages and caresses. Relaxing and soothing her muscles. And then a finger pushing against her puckered muscle. escort kuşadası Pushing slowly, then stopping for a moment and then pushing again. Soon she felt his finger in her ass. He was still, as she relaxed as much as possible.

Then he began to rub his finger in circles and stroke it in and out, and she liked that feeling and relaxed more. He removed the finger and she felt another object pressing against her hole. Smaller than the other one, but still larger than his finger. She felt a cold liquid dripping on her, lubricating the toy. Now it slipped into her ass easier. She sighed as she felt it filling her ass and pressing against the other toy deep in her pussy.

She felt his hands unfasten the gag and then pull it away from her. She stretched her jaws and bit down a few times to make them work again.

He pushed her off of his lap. She stood before him. Her tits were still bound and clamped. Her pussy and ass were filled by dildos. She was red all over from her beatings and caning and spankings. He motioned for her to kneel before him.

She knealt down between his legs and looked into his eyes. He held her face in his hands and stared back. Then she heard his zipper, as he unfastened his pants. She dared not break the eye contact, but she could see in her peripherial vision his hand reaching into his pants, and then pulling his cock out.

He took her head with one hand and pushed her down. His cock was hard and he moved her lips to it. She looked up.

“Suck my cock,” he said.

She sucked it deep into her mouth and hungrily sucked and licked and devoured it. She moaned with him as she pulled it deep into her mouth, feeling his balls against her chin and the velvety head back against her throat. She gulped air as she stroked it in and out, relishing the feeling of his hot meat filling her mouth.

Pulsing, throbbing, hot. She plyed it with her lips and sucked it with her throat and held it tight between her lips, eager to please, and desperate for his approval.

And he let her pleasure him, and soon he held her head tight in his hands and she felt him stiffen and then stop moving as he shot his hot cum into her mouth. She swallowed quickly as load after load pumped into her. And she stroked his shaft, urging the last drops out and onto her lips. He sat back and watched as she cleaned his cock off and licked the last wetness away.

She was so excited that she squirmed over the toys inside her. She started to reach down to move them for her pleasure, but he stopped her. “You have not earned the right to that pleasure”, he said. “Go lie on the bed and rest, but do not touch yourself.”

She waddled to the bed and lay down. He sat in his chair and watched her for almost an hour.

Finally he said “Go clean up and get dressed. Take those out and off and leave them on the table. I have things to do. Go home. Perhaps I will call you sometime when I feel charitable.”

She did as he said.

(next….he calls with a task for her to redeem herself) to be submitted later if requested

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