It had been two weeks since I had left the house for the eco-challenge. I risked life and limb for the thrill of pushing myself to my absolute limit. Four days of scaling rock walls, running through the woods at night, and kayaking through water that was barely above freezing. It was amazing. I got to the top of a mountain peak and peered in every direction. I was standing on top of the world and although it was only a single step in a race that seemed eternal, it was a moment that would always live in my mind. It was a moment that defines life. It was a moment that people remember on their death bed. It was a moment that meant nothing until I shared it with my love. I took the picture into my mind, closed my eyes and thought about the feelings that I felt at that moment. I soaked all the feelings of fatigue, fear, pain and love into my mind and stored it away. It wouldn’t mean anything, until I could share it with her. Nothing meant anything without sharing it with her.

I finished the race. I wasn’t first or last. It didn’t matter. I wasn’t running the race against the other people on the mountain. I was running the race for myself. Crossing the finish line a few people took pictures of me. They came over and put a silver space blanket over me. I felt no emotion except missing her and wanting her arms around me. The fatigue in my legs was seeping into my mind. The anesthetic of the chase was wearing off and my body was taking an inventory of what was damaged and what was working. My mind was focused on finding the people that took my picture coming across the finish line. I had to find them and get the pictures to show her. Nothing that I experienced in my life mattered without her.

The hotel room seemed even more empty than normal. Two weeks was too long not to feel her touch, touch her face, and kiss her lips… It was just too long. I missed her down to my soul. I called but she wasn’t home. I left a message.

“My Love… I miss you more than I can possibly express. I’m getting on a plane to come home. I love you.”

I sat in the chair and thought about the experience I just had. It was amazing. There is something deeply fulfilling about pushing my body further than I think it will go. There is something about moving past that point in my mind where I don’t think I can go on. She enjoyed doing that to me too. She loved to push me. My thoughts always came back to her. She was all that mattered.

The plane ride was spent in deep slumber and going through the airport was surreal with people rushing in constant panic to and fro. I met her coming up the ramp. We embraced and kissed. She grabbed my chin.

“God, I missed you love… two weeks is too long.” She said, staring deeply into my eyes.

“Yes Love, too long…” I replied.

We arrived at home and at first things were very normal. I moved my expedition things to the spare bedroom. The house was perfect and I knew that she was just getting home from traveling for the last ten days. The house had been empty but I left it in absolutely perfect condition and that was exactly the way that it was when we walked through the door. She smiled at me, and I smiled back. She walked into the office and started doing something that I couldn’t see. She shut the door, and I knew that was a sign that something was about to happen. She was going to reclaim her property. She wanted to establish her ownership again. We had not been together that way for quite a while and I knew that it was coming. I knew that she just couldn’t go very long without a physical reminder of who she was, and how I was… and who I belonged to. The butterflies started in my stomach.

I finished unpacking and went in and started to mentally prepare myself for what was about to happen. I knew that I had been very neglectful in my personal duties while I was gone and that would not make her happy tonight. I trimmed my hair, shaved myself very closely, and took all the hair off my body. I knew what she expected and I always tried to give it to her. Pleasing her was my only reason for existence. She was my whole world. Sitting in the tub watching the hair come off, I couldn’t help but get very aroused. My erection grew and I touched my new shaved skin. It was so soft and smooth. I imagined her fingers running over my body. I imagined her breath on my neck. I imagined her words in my ears telling me the things that I fear and love to hear. She will be so amazingly beautiful there standing over me in her leather. Looking down at me, above her property. I will be looking up at her hoping she likes what she sees. She is everything to me.

“Start dinner…. Italian.” She said from the study. I awoke from my fantasy. I quickly jumped out of the tub and dried off. Even the towel on my skin felt so sexy. I loved being this way for her. I loved being so aroused and ready to please, and I knew that she would love to have me this way.

The kitchen was perfect when I walked in. I had on a pair of athletic shorts and a t-shirt. I wasn’t sure that she wanted me to go the full route just yet. I always found it better to act totally normal, until she told me otherwise. Jumping the gun on something like this was just not very Betist smart. She did not want me to seem like I was in control. I hadn’t seen her since I came home, and I figured that she was mentally preparing herself for this evening. I knew that if I wasn’t in for something tonight, then she would have jumped on me when we walked through the door. This was a much more interesting way of getting reacquainted with each other.

Dinner didn’t take long to make. It was fun to be back in the kitchen in my apron, and it was hard for me to come to grips with the fact that one short day before I was crossing the finish line of the race, fatigued and missing her. Now she was only a few feet away and we weren’t together. This was a stage that she was setting, and setting it well. The tension would mount to a fever pitch and the intensity would make tonight something that we both would never forget.

She came out when she smelled the food. The table was already set. It was set for one. She sat down and took a sip of the wine that I had poured for her. She smiled at me. I smiled back and served her dinner. She ate in silence, never taking her eyes off me. She motioned for me to come to her. I started to walk, and she pointed a single finger at the floor. I stopped and dropped to my knees and crawled over.

“Take your clothes off pet.” She said looking down at me. I quickly disrobed and looked up at her. The words came out of her mouth like music. At that point I knew this night would be an experience that I would remember just as much as being at the top of that peak. The butterflies started in my stomach and that sweet, serene feeling of submission overwhelmed me. I loved her more than anything. She smiled down at me and put some pasta on a fork and put it in my mouth. I chewed and looked up at her. She held out her glass of wine and I held it for her at the exact height that she had left it. She kept eating bite after bite of her food. She was such a vision to watch as her beautiful fingers moved over the fork. I thought about how lucky it was to be her fork. I wanted to be her fork so much.

“God, I missed you so much my pet. You go away from me and I have no one here to worship me. I have no one to torture. I have no one to love.” She said putting another bite in my mouth.

“I’m sorry my Mistress. The only positive thing about being away from you, is being reunited my love.” I stared deeply into her eyes. She stared back and smiled. She finished eating and feeding me. It was a special meal. Without warning she rose and departed. She spoke to me without looking at me, as she departed the dining room.

“Clean up the dishes, and put on only the apron. No more clothes for you tonight.”

“Yes my Mistress…” was my reply to her back. I watched her as she walked away. Her tight thighs and legs flexed under her jeans. Her shoulders moved back and forth under her t-shirt. She truly was a Goddess to be worshipped. I loved the way she moved. Her movements were athletic and I loved the way that she carried her body across the floor. It seemed so perfect to my naked eye. So much more perfect than my lumbering manner.

I sat there on the floor for a few minutes and thought about the meal. I couldn’t believe how deeply I had fallen into her. Her love filled me with a sense of joy and passion that I just couldn’t put into words. It was such a deep emotion mixed with something that went far beyond emotion. It went far beyond anything that I could possibly describe. It was just right. I belonged to her; body, mind and soul.

I cleaned up the dishes and took pride in putting the kitchen right back the way I found it. I loved keeping the house in perfect condition always. It was a responsibility that I took very seriously. I never did anything half way and when I had agreed to wear her collar I made a sacred vow to always be her perfect submissive, her perfect pet, and her perfect wife. She paid me back by being my perfect Domme. She guided me to new heights of love, passion and submission. Every working relationship has a dominant person and a submissive person. We had a perfect relationship because of that knowledge; we eliminated all struggles from ourselves, and our love. It was a perfect love. We shared the kind of love that people write stories about.

“I love you pet… you cleaned the whole kitchen. You are such a hard worker. You work so hard to please me.” She said with a wide smile. She was wearing a black silk robe. Under the robe I could see the leather boots and heels. I wasn’t sure what I was in for tonight, but my erection was growing.

“Yes my Mistress, I always feel an obligation to put it back the way that I found it. It’s my way of showing you how much I love and worship you.” I said honestly.

“You really do worship me don’t you pet?” She said looking deeply into my eyes. Her crimson fingernail running down her neck, through her hair, and down between the two sides of her robe. The finger dipped behind the flap of her robe and moved over her breast. My imagination was running wild with the thought of what it must look like under that robe. She was such an amazing vision. The look in her eyes completely Betist Giriş melted my defenses.

“Oh God, yes my Mistress.” my mouth was open. My pupils were completely dilated, my attention completely focused on her. I didn’t even notice that she reached over and grabbed my testicles through the apron. She squeezed them with her red nails. They dug in just enough to give me a twinge of pain and make me understand that these were very much her property.

“Mmmmm… you are such a good pet. It’s been a while my pet and you need to be taken again don’t you?” She said with an evil smile, staring into my eyes like a predator.

“Oh God yes my Mistress, I do need to be taken.” I had visions of her bending me over the kitchen table and taking me hard and deep with her strap-on. God, I would have killed to have her slamming into me at that point. The arousal in my mind was building to a fever pitch. She always knew exactly what to do and what to say to drive me insane with lust and desire. She played me like a fine instrument. She always hit the notes of passion that she sought in me.

“Go wait for me in the spare bedroom. We’re not using the dungeon tonight. Strip and be hard. Come to the room in a half hour.” She said alternating squeezing my testicles and stroking what must have been her nipple. Her eyes were on fire.

“Yes my Mistress… as you wish always…” I said, my eyes half closed in the passion and slight pain that she was causing me. She walked away and left in her wake a flood of perfume and scent that filled my nostrils and my mind. It was a part of her ownership of me. Her love struck a chord in me. It was controlling. I loved that she controlled me.

I went to the room and instinctively knelt down and put my head down on the floor in the position of submission. I was waiting for what I thought was a half hour. Every second was agony. My erection raged between my legs and the waves of lust flowed through me. Those waves were quickly translated into submission when they hit my mind. I ran the memory of her face over and over in my mind. Imagining the look in her eyes, the way she smelled, and the music of her voice. It kept me hard and then some. I was getting more aroused at the thought of what might be to come. I was also afraid.

At the end of what I thought was a half hour I crawled to the door and knocked three times. It opened and I went from a very bright hallway to a dark room. The darkness engulfed me and blinded me. I was completely helpless. I could smell her and it drove into me a spike of both fear and anticipation. It was that feeling that I could taste. It was an intensity that she was building by leaving me alone for the first hours being home.

I felt hands on my shoulders. They ran over my shoulders and down the front of my chest. I smelled leather in my face and I knew that I was between her breasts. I wanted more than anything to just put out my tongue. Lick and worship the objects of my total desire. Every nerve in my body screamed to worship them. My submission to her, wouldn’t allow it. I worshipped her too much to give in to my male desires. She was in charge, as she should be.

“Mmmmm good, it’s hard…. you have been a very good pet since you’ve been home….” She said. I didn’t reply. I just stood there blind and completely at her command. Her scent filled my nostrils and I couldn’t shake the feeling of her hands running down the front of my body. It was like her hands had left a ghost trail. I felt it over and over again. Her aura was invading my mind and soul. I could feel my will slowly slipping away. In a state of total sexual arousal, I couldn’t help but lose myself in the moment.

“Do you like my boots pet? They are new.” She asked.

“I can’t see them….” I gasped, barely able to speak. She slapped me in the face hard. I was shocked.

“I can’t see them… WHAT?” She replied harshly.

“I can’t see them my Mistress… ” I replied instinctively. I was taken back by her nature. I felt like I was being sucked into her world. I was out of her world for a while but I was falling back into line. It was comfortable being back at her feet. It was like putting on a broken in pair of shoes. It felt right. I wasn’t resisting the process at all.

“Then why don’t you get down there and take a closer look… get very, very close.” She said, the harsh tone gone from her voice. Without hesitation I moved my face to her feet and got my face down very close to her boots. I could smell the leather, and when I got down to them I saw that they were thigh high black leather boots. The heels here about five inches long and they were amazingly sexy on her very hard legs. Her whole image was starting to come into view now. I could see that her hard body was inside a leather one piece with the boots and gloves with the fingers cut out of them. She had something in her hand and she walked around behind me. I was kneeling with my face down close to the ground and my ass high in the air.

“Stay just like that… freeze… mmmmmm you look so yummy down there pet…” She said and her words just filled my mind like the pleasure that I felt when she held my cock. She walked around me and I could hear the click of her heels on the hard wood floor. Her hands worked their way over my face, down my shoulders, and across my ass. My entire body felt like it was on fire. She leaned down behind me and ran her hands from my shoulders back my arms, drawing my arms behind my back. Her boots were rubbing against my ass and the feel of the leather against me was almost more than I could take.

I didn’t even notice that she had tied my arms behind my back with rope, until she walked back around to the front of me and I realized that I couldn’t move them. My eyes adjusted to my surroundings and I looked up at her with what must have been a wounded look. She loved to put me in bondage, especially when I’m so turned on that I don’t know that it’s being done. She loves the look on my face when I realize that I’m helpless, and wondering how I got there so fast. The look on her face when she sees me like that is priceless.

“Now pet, you are going to be reacquainted with my world. I expect obedience. If you do not obey you will be punished. Understand?” She asked grabbing my chin in her hands and looking deeply into my eyes.

“Yes my Mistress.” I said with my helpless look that seemed to arouse her. I couldn’t resist. The ropes were cutting into my wrists a bit and I just couldn’t resist. I couldn’t move and I had to admit to myself that I didn’t want to go anywhere. I would submit to anything that she wanted me to do, and that thought scared me more than anything. I loved her so much that I would endure anything just for her attention. I would endure the worst torture for one smile on her beautiful lips.

“Good pet, very good pet…. now that is the last that I want to hear from you for a very long time. I’m going to gag you with this nice gag. Mmmmm… I know you aren’t gay, but won’t it feel nice to suck on the head of this cock… this fake cock for me?” She said and I started to refuse but she roughly grabbed my head and shoved it into my mouth and attached it at the back. “Maybe sometime soon we can arrange for a real cock…. oooh I just know you would love that… wouldn’t you? Sorry… you can’t answer, we’ll just take that as a yes… ” She said laughing her evil laugh that sent a chill to my soul.

“God, you just look good enough to eat down there. I’ve wanted you down there for the last two weeks. This is going to be a long night and by the end of it. You’ll be mine again. You’ll be begging me to never let this night end. I want to remind you that you are mine. All mine.” She whispered in my ear softly and caressing my nipple with her nails. It was driving me crazy.

She pushed my head down to her feet. Her shoes so close to my face. I could smell the leather and her scent. It was an amazing combination.

“See these new boots. You should have seen the nice submissive boy that sold them to me. I wanted to dominate him so much. He offered to throw in a free tongue shine for free.” She was smiling and seemed to really be enjoying this thoroughly. “Oh boy, do you know how long I’ve fantasized about having you here at my feet. Do you have any idea how much I wanted you to be in that kitchen. I’ve needed my wife for the past two weeks. I had everything… but all I could think of was my desire to TAKE you… and I will… I am taking you.” She said, and she walked around to the back of me again. She reached down between my legs and pulled my cock and balls down between my legs. “Oh pet, you shaved for me. You do know how to please me.” She forced my legs apart with her feet. I felt something being placed around my cock and balls very tightly. Not so tight that it cut off the circulation to my erection but tight enough that I knew it was there. I could also feel that she was working back there for a little while. I was almost in a daze and not even caring what she was doing. I had thought about what she would be like when I got home. I knew that it wouldn’t be all pleasure. I knew that she had a dark side.

“This collar is now irremovable by you, pet. I want to show you an interesting feature of it.” She said with an evil laugh that went through me like a cold December breeze. With that I felt a severe shock start between my legs and course through me like a dart inside my body. Landing in my brain and jolting my entire body. “That’s right, a shock collar on your cock and balls. This is going to solidify my control over you. I knew you wouldn’t mind. I picked it up at the same fetish shop where I got the boots. I even tried it out on the nice submissive boy. I know… I can get him to come and you can suck him off. I like that idea.” She laughed another evil laugh. “Just don’t give me too much of an excuse to use this collar. The voltage automatically increases with every use…. a devious little feature that I love. Just imagine when we go out together knowing that I could shock you at any time. You will always wonder when I reach into my bag if I’m reaching for the remote. Just to give you a wake-up call. Won’t that be great pet?” She then came around to the front of me, and attached a collar around my neck. “Mmmm… this one doesn’t shock you… or does it?” She laughed an evil laugh. It was the collar that she collared me with. I fantasized every night about wearing it again. It felt so good to feel her put it around my neck. Somehow I wasn’t whole without it anymore.

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