Hot Summer Night Ch. 18

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Hot Summer Night Ch. 18 – Vacation Day 4

As a refresher, my name is Mark. I am 43 and in great shape with ripped abs, pecks, back, arms and legs as I work out in my basement gym on a daily basis. I am 6’5″ tall and weigh 230 lbs. My hair is dark brown cut short with blue eyes. My wife Carrie is a smoking hot 43 year old blue eyed blonde who stands 5’10” in her stocking feet. She has a 38-26-36 figure with large full and pert DD breasts. She has long legs and slim waist and curvy hips. Her hair is shoulder length and is full and wavy. Our daughter Julia will be 19 years old in a couple of weeks and is about to enter college as a freshman next week. She is very slim standing at 5’7″ and weighing around 100 lbs. She has a 32-A bust but has very sexy puffy tits. She has narrow hips and slim waist with long thin legs. She has shoulder length brown hair that is thick and wavy like her mothers. She has huge green eyes and a pouty Angelina Jolie mouth. She is extremely attractive as is her mother.

Julia and her best friend initiated sex with me several weeks ago during the early morning in my bed while my wife faked being asleep next to me (see ch 1). Carrie had been having sex with Julia for some time and felt guilty about that while leaving me on the outside as our sexual and marital relationship continued to erode. I’m not on the outside anymore. Our family relationship is unbelievably strong even if it is unconventional. Read the previous 14 Chapters to fully understand the events of the past several weeks. Chapter15 starts a very hot vacation. Enjoy.

I hadn’t had a good workout all week so when I woke I rolled off the bed to my left and pulled on a new pair of workout shorts and my sandals and a tank top and went to the gym. I grabbed a coffee on the way. Luckily, no one was in the gym. I did my normal one hour routine, toweled off and went to get some breakfast. I was famished. It was still only 6:45 AM. I gathered a couple bowls of cereal and a large plate of various fruits, some milk and orange juice and grabbed some utensils on my way out and returned to my room. I set the tray on the table and went to the bathroom. The hot shower was delicious. The entire bathroom was fogged up when I stepped out. As I was fumbling for some clothes Carrie woke up and swiveled her feet to the floor. She just sat there with her head low and her hair hanging forward over her face. I looked at her and said, “Are you ok baby?” She didn’t immediately respond as though she were taking stock of herself first.

Finally she looked up at me. She was a mess. Her hair was bedraggled and her makeup was all over her face. She whispered so as to not disturb Julia’s sleep, “Holy Shit Mark (she never calls me Mark). Where the fuck did that come from last night? I am a quivering mass of jelly this morning.”

I whispered back as I was pulling my speed-o suit, “My apologies my dear lady for leaving you in such a state but you did order ravaging for two.” I bowed as I said this and stood back up grinning. My flaccid cock was sticking out the top of my suit. I sat on the bed beside her with one foot on the floor and the other curled up on the bed behind her. I pulled her into me and massaged her face and head messing up her hair even more. I kissed her on the back of the neck in a caring fashion. She turned her head back to kiss me on the lips and I leaned in to complete the contact.

She pushed herself off the bed and headed for the bathroom. I whispered to her as she was walking away, “Honey. Don’t look in the mirror when you get in there. OK?” I knew that would be the first thing she did. I was grinning broadly in anticipation.

Her voice was an octave higher than normal when she yelled out, “Holy fuck. Look at me. What a mess. Jesus Christ.”

Julia roused up and in a sleepy voice said, “What’s all the noise?” She crawled out of bed and headed for the bathroom and I grinned again when I heard her say, “Mom. What the fuck? You’re a mess.” To which Carrie replied, “Yeah, well look in the mirror girl.” Julia yelled, “Crap dad. What did you do to us last night? It looks like we were dragged behind a pick-up on a gravel road for a couple miles.”

I came into the bathroom as they were standing at the double sinks pulling their hair back with looks of horror on their faces. I told them I was heading for the pool. I knew they would take quite a while to get themselves back together. I also knew they would be stunning when they appeared.

I found our usual chairs and I saved two for my girls with beach towels. It was only 8:00 and other than staff people cleaning the pool and spraying down the deck I was the only person there. Watching them I thought, ‘I wonder what they do to the water with everyone cumming in it all day.’ I put that thought away immediately. I stripped off my suit and tipped my chair all the way back and laid down flat. My cock lay on my left thigh. I drifted off to sleep with only the sounds of the working urfa escort staff around me and the palm fronds whispering in the light breeze.

Meanwhile, Olivia and her gang were in the Buffet Restaurant having breakfast. They were badgering Olivia about introducing them to the ‘big-guy’. Olivia didn’t know his name. The head bully said, “We are going into Mo-Bay for some shopping.” They all agreed except Olivia. She said, “I’m sorry Gwen. I have other plans. What time do you think you’ll be back?”

Gwen looked at Olivia with a sneer wondering what her ‘other plans’ could be. She said, “The bus back gets back here around 1:00 PM. We’ll find you back at the pool I assume.”

Olivia said, “I’ll be around. I’ll look for you there at 1:30. OK?” Olivia got up and left them looking at her.

Olivia went straight to our Room B115. She had followed us home yesterday to see which room we were in. She knocked lightly on the door. I was 8:10 AM and she hoped the occupants weren’t still in bed. She knocked again a little louder.

Julia heard the second knock and grabbed her robe from the back of the bathroom door and went to answer the door. Julia was a little surprised when she saw Olivia standing there in street clothes. Julia said, “Olivia. Good-morning, how are you. Come on in.”

When Carrie heard the name Olivia she grabbed her robe and put it on. She was mostly put back together again. At least she wouldn’t frighten anyone.

Olivia was nervous and kept looking at her feet. She was mumbling something about the guy that lives here. Julia interpreted for her mother. “She is looking for da…err…Mark.” She turned to Olivia and said, “Mark is not here. He is either working out at the gym, having breakfast or he’s at the pool.” She knew he was at the pool.

Olivia said, “I’m sorry to bother you. I was hoping I could talk with him. He makes me feel so wonderful. Oh. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t say things like that to his wife and ahhhhh.”

Julia quickly and without thinking said, “I’m his mistress.” Carrie looked at Julia and raised an eyebrow and frowned.” Julia looked past Olivia and shrugged her shoulders at her mother and pursed her lips. Olivia looked right up at Julia and in complete seriousness said, “Wow. You aren’t any older than me. Boy are you lucky?”

Julia hesitated a moment and simply said, “Yes. I guess I am lucky.” She didn’t want to pursue that line of conversation any longer.

Carrie asked, “Olivia. Honey. What can we or rather he do for you?. He talked about you last night. He is concerned about you and your supposed friends bullying you.”

Olivia, with tears welling up in her eyes said, “That is what I thought he could help me with. I’ll look for him later and turned to leave.

Carrie said, “Olivia honey. We have a plan to help you with your friends but you play a big role and Julia was going to try to get you aside this morning to talk to you about it. But, here you are. Our plan is to make you the best sex partner of your group and they will recognize that fact. They won’t be able to label you a slut because they are going to be right there doing the same things as you. You will just be better than them. Then they can’t tease you anymore and on top of that you will get a free sex education class from Julia. There is no time to waste. Are you in?”

Olivia looked at Julia and then at Carrie. She nodded and said, “Wow, Yes.”

Julia ran into the bedroom and came back with a couple of silicone dildos. One was small and plastic and vibrated and the other was huge and silicone and didn’t vibrate. Julia said, “Have you ever seen a dildo?”

Carrie cut her off and said, “Olivia, are you ready to do this? It’s going to mean you have to engage in real sex with Mark. That means jerking him off. Sucking his cock and fucking him. This is an important cross-road in your life just as it is in every young woman’s life. Are you sure you’re in?”

She looked at the dildos in Julia’s hands and then back at Carrie and said exitedly, “I told him I hoped my first time would be with someone like him. I never even dared think the first time would actually be with him. I’m totally in. What do I need to do?”

Julia started to disrobe but Carrie stopped her and said, “Julia, I think girl on girl stuff is off the table for now. OK?” Julia pulled her robe back on.

Julia showed the small dildo to Olivia and said,” Take off your clothes and come over and sit on the bed.” Olivia didn’t hesitate. Carrie knew Olivia was in good hands so she went back to the bathroom to finish her resurrection. Carrie heard the dildo vibrator come on and shortly thereafter a ‘squeal’. She smiled to herself , remembering her first time with a dildo so many years ago.

When Carrie finished she came in the bedroom and Olivia was pushing the small dildo into her mouth. She pushed it in to touch her gag spot and pulled it out fast as copious amounts balıkesir escort of spit follow it. Julia had put a towel on Olivia’s lap to catch all the saliva she knew would be coming. Olivia put the dildo back in as far as she could and gagged again with the same results. Julia urged her on telling her she was doing great. Olivia said to Julia, “Can you put this entire thing in your mouth?”

Julia took the small dildo from Olivia and pushed it entirely into her mouth and closed her lips over the end. Then she pulled that out without the gag and picked up the huge silicone dildo and said, “Mark’s cock is about the same size as this when he is really hard.” She pushed the simulated head into her mouth and slowly pushed the entire thing into her mouth and throat until the simulated balls rested on her chin. She smiled at Olivia and then pulled the dildo out without a single gag and very little saliva.

Olivia’s eyes got bigger and bigger the deeper she went. “Holy shit! That is amazing. How long did it take before you could do that?”

Julia said, “It takes a lot of practice. You can do the same thing if you practice and that is what you are going to do all morning before your friends get back.”

Olivia put the small dildo back into her mouth as deep as she could over and over again. Julia and Carrie sat down at the table and ate their fruit and cereal and watched. They looked at each other and Carrie whispered, “Baby girl. I don’t know about you, but I am getting very horny watching this.”

By 9:00 Olivia was pushing the small dildo completely into her mouth without gagging. She was persistent and she was on a mission. Carrie and Julia looked at each other and smiled. Julia said loud enough for Olivia to hear, “Wow. She is a natural born cock-sucker.” The dildo was in Olivia’s mouth with her lips closed over the end when Julia said that and she gagged as she started to laugh at what Julia had said.

Julia went over and knelt down in front of Olivia and took the small dildo away from her. She picked up the silicone dildo from the bed and handed it to Olivia. “Ok. The next lesson is giving a handjob.” She said, “Put the balls end up against your pussy and pretend you are a guy. When Olivia had the dildo in place and her hands holding onto the balls to keep it there, Julia wrapped her hands around it and began jacking back and forth with a counter-twisting motion. She did that many times and then bent down and put her mouth over the head and clamped her lips over the simulated glans.

She pulled her mouth back and said, “Did you see what I did? That is the start of a blowjob. We’ll work on that next. OK? Now I will hold it and you do it just like I did.”

Julia sat down on the bed and held the dildo out like she was a guy with an erect cock. Olivia slid off the bed to the floor and crawled over between Julia’s feet. She placed her hands like she had watched Julia and started jerking the dildo up and down. She even remembered the counter-twisting motion. She did this for several minutes and then pushed her head down over the head and clamped her lips on the ridge. She looked up at Julia to see if she was doing it right. Julia yelled, “Yesssss. I was just about to tell you to keep eye contact with the guy you’re blowing. Always look like you are totally enjoying yourself. You are in control. Not him. OK?”

Carrie noticed that Olivia’s hand fall down to her crotch and began playing with herself. Carrie stood and walked over and sat on the bed beside Julia and added, “Olivia. I notice you are playing with yourself.” Olivia immediately pulled her hand back up to the dildo. “No. No. baby. The two hand handjob is fine when you have both hands available but sometimes you get so horny you need to address your own needs if he isn’t. So playing with yourself and finger-fucking and diddling your clit is absolutely fine. In fact anything you want to do is fine.”

Olivia smiled and put her hand back in the pussy. She continued jerking off the dildo and pushing her mouth over the head. Carrie said, “When you just have his cock-head in your mouth flick the head with your tongue. It is like velvet even when it’s hard.” Olivia started flicking her tongue on the simulated head.

Julia giggled and said, “Clamp your teeth at the ridge very gently just enough to hold it in place and open your lips so he can see what you are doing.” Olivia did as instructed.

Julia sat there leaning back on her arms as Olivia continued practicing all the pointers given by Carrie and Julia. Finally, Julia sat up straight and said, “Alright I think you’ve got that down pat. Now for the blowjob. With your mouth over his cock-head just start to slowly push his cock into your mouth and suck on it like a lollypop. You will feel it reach your gag point and you won’t be able to go any further than that. Mark that spot with one of your hands so as you go up and down you won’t gag on it. Some trabzon escort men like the gagging though. It gives them a sense of power over you.”

Olivia did as instructed and hit her gag reflex about a third of the way down the shaft. Carrie said, “That is actually pretty deep for the first time.” Olivia practiced this for about a half hour before her lips went numb. Before that Carrie noticed she had almost half of the dildo in her mouth without gagging.

She pulled the dildo from her mouth and said, “Why do they call it a blowjob if you actually suck on it?”

Carrie laughed and said, “Honey that has been a question for the ages.”

Olivia continued practicing for several more minutes. She stopped and said, “This is a lot of work.”

Carrie responded, “It is but you want to be ready for this afternoon. You’re going to blow your friends away-so to speak. Besides, if this dildo was a real cock on any guy he would have blown his load a long time ago.”

Olivia smiled and said, “Do you really think I am doing OK?”

“You’re doing fantastic. A real protégé. I’m very proud of you Olivia.”

Olivia rested for 10 minutes or so and worked her lips to get some feeling back in them.

Surprisingly, she said she was ready for the next lesson.

Julia picked up the dildo again and mounted it at her crotch and said, “Now that you’re an expert cock-sucker I’ll introduce you to the ’69’ position. Carrie smiled and thought, ‘I knew she would get around to that.’ Julia pushed herself up on the bed with the dildo in place. She shed her robe on the way. She said to Olivia, “Climb up here and take my cock from the other direction with your knees on either side of his head so your pussy is in his face.

Olivia hesitated and said, “Really. Men want to do that?”

Julia responded, “Many men love to do that and Mark is the best. Some men don’t like to do it and I don’t understand why but they don’t.” She couldn’t resist adding, “Many women like doing this as well but without the dildo.”

Olivia said, “OK.” and climbed up and took the position as instruction. She bent forward and bent down to put the dildo in her mouth. She pushed down over the dildo and discovered that she could take more cock in her mouth before gagging. She clamped her hand on the dildo at the gag point and started sucking and pulling back out. She repeated this action many times

Suddenly her head flew up and off the dildo. She yelled, “Jesus. What did you do? That was electric.”

Carrie settled her down and said, “That was the guy pushing his tongue into your pussy and lapping up your juices. Julia put her tongue tip on your clitoris again.”

Olivia said, “Julia. Do it again. OK?” Olivia jumped again. Julia did it several more time and started tongue fucking her.

Olivia was gasping for breath. Between gasps she said, “Oh my God. That is wonderful. Can I do that to myself?” Carrie nodded while smiling broadly. Carrie separated her robe and revealed her sopping wet pussy and reached down and pushed a finger into her pussy. She separated the folds with her fingers and showed Olivia where her clitoris was. Olivia reached down and touched Carrie’s clit with her index finger and Carrie’s head shot back as her hips rocketed forward.

Julia said, OK. Back to work. I’m going to do you while you are doing him.” Olivia buried her head on the dildo again and was giving it a commendable blowjob. Julia was working Olivia’s pussy over which Olivia was getting more used to. When an orgasm started building in her she didn’t know what it was.

She thought she was going to piss herself so she wanted to get up. Julia held her in place and kept on flagellating her pussy. She lifted her head off the dildo and groaned as her first ever climax rolled through her. Her hips fired forward and back several times as Julia held her hips in place. Her back arched up as her hips were coming down. Every muscle in her body was tense and quaking. When she recovered she said, “Holy shit. What was that? I was sure I was going to piss on Julia’s face.

Carrie spoke softly to her and said, “Olivia, honey. You just had your first orgasm. Congratulations!. Some women never have one their whole life. I would bet real money that none of your friends have ever had one. Your first one is a little scary but you will see that it is the most wonderful feeling and you can do it yourself anytime you want.”

Olivia smiled and said, “I won’t be able to do anything else.”

Carrie said smiling, “Maybe not for a while. You will get over it. You will come to know when you need to do it though.”

Olivia rolled over on her side and rolled onto the floor. Julia said. “OK. The last lesson is fucking.”

Olivia smiled and said, “That’s what I want to try the most.”

Julia laughed and said, “Well of course it is. This is something you can practice with the dildo all by yourself. When you are with a man fucking can go many different ways. It can be with him on top. It can be with you on top. I can be with you on your hands and knees with him entering from the back like dogs do it. In that position you can push back on him or he can push into you.”

Olivia frowned and said, “That’s a lot to remember. Can you show me each one?”

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