Hotel sex – with an auidience


Hotel sex – with an auidienceA couple of days ago, I was contacted by this european guy who had read that I like to meet up with strangers in their hotel room. He had been visiting the city for about a week with his American boyfriend, both aged around 40. With only one night left before their flight home, they where both eager to try a danish boy like me. They asked if I would mind being blindfolded, or if I only wanted to do it without being blinded. Since I’ve tried being blinded while used by a stranger at a hotel before, I accepted to try it again with these guys.So, I went to their hotel, knocked on the door, turned around and closed my eyes so I wouldn’t see him when he opened the door to put the blindfold on me, just as the other time.The door opened and a blindfold quickly covered my eyes before I was pulled in to their room. One of the guys clearly talked with an American accent, while the other guy sounded more like english with a kind of German accent.They both started to gently slide their hands up under my t-shirt while one of the guy started to kiss me on my soft lips. I reached out directly to their cocks to try and get a feeling of what I had coming. They where both stripped down to their underwear and I could feel their bulges through it. At first I happily thought that both cocks where a normal good size for me to take, but as soon as I started touching them, the European guy’s (my guess) cock grew even larger and harder and I knew I would get a hard time taking his oversized cock.While i was stilling kissing with one guy, the other guy started to touch my cock and balls with his hand outside my light soft training pants, which I was wearing without any underwear, so he could easily feel every detail of me. He let his other hands slide down on my soft smooth ass, inside my pants, squeezing my buttcheeks a bit. Oh how it felt good to just stand there being gently touched with two hands on my stomach, one hand on my butt and the other one now sliding slowly down on my cock inside my pants and grabbed my semi hard cock and balls, while still being kissed.The guy kissing me stopped and pulled my t-shirt off. While the other guy was still having his hands inside my pants, the first guy pulled my pants all the way down to my feet, to reveal my private parts. My cock instantly got as hard as it can be and the American guy laughed a bit and said “Boy, you really like to show yourself naked, dont you?!”. I replied with a shy “yes” and smiled. Now I was sure that it was the European accent guy with my cock in his hands and the American guy who kissed.The American, who had been kissing me, went aydın escort to my back and I could feel his cock against my butt – sliding between my buttcheeks. I could feel his precum lubing me a bit already as he slides his cock on my butt. He felt big, but I was pretty sure that his cock was not the large one I felt before, so I grabbed the cock on the European guy in front of me and that was without doubt the biggest cock (not that any of them was small at all).The european guy grabbed my hard pointing cock firmly and pulled my cock to make me walk over to the foot end of the bed, where he pushed me down on my knees. The American guy, who had already taken of his underwear stood beside me and placed his cock in my face. I grabbed his cock and started to slowly lick his around his cockhead, sliding my tongue down his shaft and licking his balls, before going back up to his cockhead, where I placed my soft lips on his cock and started to suck him. The European guy came back and stood on the other side of me, as I could feel his bare cock touching my cheek while I was sucking the other guy, so I grabbed his cock with my other hand and now I switched between sucking both their cocks, as they stood on each side of me. From time to time I felt a hand pushing my head further down the cock I was sucking, but they where both too big for me to deepthroat all the way down, although they made me try hard.They asked me to lay down on the bed, on my stomach. I licked the last precum of their cocks and got up to lay on the bed with my feet in the foot end. However, they wanted me to lie across the bed instead so I turned around with my head to one side of the bed and my ass and feet to the other side. I could hear they started to move some of the furnitures in the room a bit – i guessed it was a rather small room.The American guy came in front of my face, placed my arms and hands under my body, grabbed my hair and pulled my head back a bit and started mouthfucking me. Suddenly, a cold lubricate was poured onto my ass and I could feel a finger playing my very tight butt hole while I was sucking cock. One finger turned into two, then three fingers up my ass, before he pulled out and I could feel his cockhead touching my hole. I was nervous about how painful it would be to take his big cock and if he would force it all the way up inside me.He very gently pressed his cockhead inside me and let it stay for a few seconds before he continued to press is cock up in me. I could feel how he filled me up with his cock. I tried to moan of pleasurefull pain but it was hard to do with the American cock afyon escort filling my mouth and throat. Just when I thought the European guy couldn’t push more dick up my ass, he just stopped for a while with his cock inside me, leaned over me and started to gently kiss my neck, while continuing to apply a little pressure by his cock in my ass. After a some seconds I could feel how his cock now continued up my ass with an extremely pleasurefull feeling I had only felt earlier from playing with large dildos. The American guy pulled his dick out of my mouth and I instantly gasped for air and moaned (in an almost yelling way) “Oh my god, you guys are soo big!!”, before I got a cock in my mouth again and heard the European guy respond with “Yeah, and you are gonna take it all, boy”. I couldn’t believe he made me take his very large cock all the way up my ass like that. I was in heaven!The European guy fucked my ass slowly at first but then began to pull his dick almost out of my ass and then quickly slammed it back up – all the way! It felt so good being fucked liked this by such a big dick.After a while they switched position so I would now suck the European guy’s cock while the American would fuck my ass. Although he was not as big as the European guy, he definitely gave my ass a hard time as well. He even smacked my soft ass with his hands while fucking me. The European guy however, was still to big for me to deepthroat, although he tried to push it down my throat as well. He smacked me in the face with his big cock and made me suck his cockhead while he was playing the shaft with his hand.The American guy was about to cum, so he pulled out of me to postpone it. I was push aside and the European guy laid down on his back and ask me to ride his cock with my ass facing the foot end of the bed so I would sit on top of him face to face. I climbed on top of him and placed my tight hole on his cock and slowly leaned back using my weight to slide down on him. My cock hungry ass slowly slided all the way down his cock, even the extra length he made me take when he fucked me before. And I started riding him while he had a firm grip of my buttcheeks. I could here the American guy walking around us in the hotel room, but he was not playing with me right now. While I was riding him, I could feel the precum dripping out of my cock and onto his stomach.”Turn around, boy and face the other direction so he can see your ass work his cock” the American guy said. I took my ass of the European guy’s cock letting it out slowly, and turned around to face the other way, riding him backwards, before sakarya escort sliding back down on him. I couldn’t help but moan while sliding my ass down on his cock and riding it.The European guy asked me to stop or he would be filling my ass with cum very soon, so I got off him and the American guy asked me to step out on the floor and bend over the foot end of the bed so he could fuck me again. I got on the floor and as I bended over the bed, I felt the European guy’s cock in my head – apparently he was still lying on the bed. I started to lick his dick that I had just been riding with my ass, while the American guy fucked med doggystyle.After a little while, they commanded me to sit on the floor with my back against the bed and looking up with open mouth. I could hear the furnitures moved around again, before they both stood on each side of me with their dicks next to my face and jerked off. I licked their cockheads while they were playing and now and then I gave them a little gentle sucking, until they both shot huge loads of cum all over my face and mouth, making it drip from my mouth and chin down on my naked body. It was in my hair and ear, over my nose and on my mouth – everywhere.The European guy said to suck them clean so I grabbed their cocks with each hand and squeezed the last cum out of them while I licked every drop they had not already shot on my face or into my mouth, and swallowed.The American guy fetched me a towel to clean up my face. I stood up to get my clothes and received a final slap in my soft butt.On my way out of the door, I thanked the guys for a good time. Their response choked me, as the American guy said “no, thank you for letting us try a such a slutty danish boy – from both of us – and from all the horny live viewers who just watched you online! Keep the blindfolds”. The door closed and locked before I had a chance to make any comment. I took the blindfold off. I was chocked – I had just been used by to guys while my cock, ass and cumcovered face was livestreamed online? I didn’t know if they where joking or what I should do about it. Should I maybe knock on the door again and asked what site it was livestreamed to?I decided to just leave as they where two big guys and I wouldn’t know what to say – and if it really just was a joke, I would just look stupid confronting them about it. But moving around with the furnitures in the room could have been moving around with a webcam, which also explain why they wanted me to face certain directions…So there I was, walking down the hotel hallway and couldn’t stop thinking about me sucking two cocks and my ass being used on live webcam, probably giving the viewers a clear look of my cumcovered face in the end. At first I decided to never meet up with strangers blindfolded again, but to be honest, I probably will be doing it again anyway after a while, if I get another opportunity…

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