How dave fucked his hot new employee (mansi) in sa


How dave fucked his hot new employee (mansi) in saMansi came for interview dave asked her name and you said “Mansi”,Dave saw that she dont have any skills and dave seemed upset about how to say no, and said that “sorry” Mansi pushed her sarree pallu a little away and do I have really no chance?Dave licked his lips and said, come from tomorrow, we’ll see, and mansi goes back happily.Mansi came next day and they couldnt meet, and after 3 days, Dave call mansi “please come” from her desk,Mansi came and Dave saw her hot saree, but acted like he doesnt care. Asked mansi to finish some files by the evening and return them by next day to his office.Mansi got a lot of work, she saw here and there and day almost passed and then mansi started to work and it was evening’s 6:15pm and Dave came and ask Mansi “You haven’t gone yet?”Mansi said, “no, there’s lot of work pending”They both smiled and Dave gone back to office room, and mansi was feeling dizzy and hungry, Dave (boss) ordered food from online delivery service and gave mansi, Mansi said thanks and started eating food.Dave was watching her all over the day and got lot of erotic motion till now, and her sexy saree made him more horny, and boss Dave started watching porn on his computer and with a little volume, but it was quite so, mansi was able to listen “Ahh ummm” voices, and it made her also more horny.Due to being evening, istanbul escort half of the lights were off and only his desk and boss’s office was lightup area, Dave was horny as hell and he also dimmed the light to get more feel and look at mansi.Mansi feeling horny decided to make a move and come to boss office, and asked dave that were is the washroom, and Dave pointed his personal washroom instead of public washroom.Mansi took it as more green light opportunity, and changed the clothes, removed undergarments and placed it there on side and wore only a sarree she was wearing, and came outside, and saw that his boss was not there.She started looking around but could not found, and sat there, then the boss (dave) came and asked mansi if all right? she was trembling with horny and wet pussy and said in heavy voice “yes” and boss sitting on his chair, Mansi started to go back to her seat, and then boss called.”Mansi, please give me that orange file.”Mansi turned and gave file to boss, and boss catches his wrist gently and pulls her, Mansi shut her eyes off and boss made her sit on her lap and made her feel his cock on his buttocks.Now to Dave’s surprise as she was not wearing anything she felt it all and boss can feel it too, and boss stood up and started kissing her and started from licking her avcılar escort lower lips and toungue moving all the way on her lips and dave’s hand on her waist and back and then on side boobs.Boss starts to lick his horny employee’s sexy neck and white gray silk saree slips away, showing all his employee mansi’s boobs to bare nude to him and that hot and erotic brown fully erect nipples made him suck them allBoss turned mansi away and starts licking his back which was all nude and rubs his dick on her ass and licks neck and shoulders.and then turned mansi towards dave and taken mansi’s boob in my mouth and started rubbing other one, and started massaging mansi’s nipple on other side and sucking and licking one nipple on mouth side and mansi’s sexy neck licked hard and boobs groped, and now mansi is getting wet and boss got erection and gave mansi his cock to stroke, and removed mansi’s sareee by pulling it and mansi is helping by turning around all the way,now mansi is all nude before boss and he can see mansi’s wet pussy mansi, dave came to mansi and laid her to the table and started licking mansi’s inner thighs and licking from knee to pussy and backand pulled mansi to his cock and made her sit and you are wrapping me in your arms,now dave pulled her underwear down and got hude and rubbing clit area and clit to asshole with his şirinevler escort cock and mansi is loosing her senses and mansi grabbed boss (Dave) from his waist and boss slowly inserted his dick inside mansi’s sweet wet and pink pussyboss also felt high temperature on his cock, tight and wet pussy was most amazing, and now mansi is pushing her nail on bosse’s back and boss is reacting with even more deeper but more slower pushes, mansi’s pussy is sucking his dick’s all the cum after fucking her for 3-4 minutes and making here more hungry for cum, boss turns mansi to sofa nearby and makes her doggy style sex, boss feels her ass and pure white body, slim waist and a pussy which is full of juices and starts stroking her, inwards and outwards, mansi has lost senses and giving more response by moving her ass against the cock.and now boss turns her to sofa and made her lie and starts inserting again, and after 1 minute of sex, mansi changed position to, she sits on boss’s cock and moves herself down and up, and starts moaning faster, “aaah aahaa aaaah ujmmmm ummm aaaaahh aaah ummm ummmmmmmm” and fucks him lick crazyboss also about to cum and mansi lies on boss and takes deep pushes and the cumms all over the boss’s cum, boss is not satisfied yet, boss grabs mans’s waist and moves his dick inside and outside faster fasterroom sounds with “pach pach pach pach aaaha aaaah ummmm ummmm aaaa”and boss cums inside mansi’s beautiful tight wet most amazing pussy and mansi feels the warm load inside her pussy and then cock comes out and mansi’s pussy drips for so long time with Dave’s cum and it was mansi’s best sex till now.Thanks! let me know how it was on you, If it made you dont forget to subscribe and comment.

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