How far do you go to close the sale?


How far do you go to close the sale?Keith Flanders was a really important client and for Jim, securing him as a client for the firm was a real feather in his cap. Now Keith wasn’t an easy customer to deal with he was well known in the industry that you didn’t say ‘no’ to him if you wanted to do business again. No definitely not an easy customer but a lucrative one. Operating worldwide he had one of the largest private firms out there and they needed lot of components with Jim’s firm was now supplying some of them. But you had to handle him with k** gloves. Once he had dropped a supplier who had been providing a good product at a good price for over ten years and why? Because when on his normal contact was on holiday, he had to give his instructions to the man’s deputy who had two major failings, firstly being inexperienced and secondly female.All in all, Keith was a bit of a bastard but he had a lot of money to spend and you did get paid pretty much on time. Yes, for Jim it was a definite plus point the day he took that first order. It was now Christmas and bonus time and yes, he was pretty hopeful.The firm ran one of its Christmas bashes to which it invited clients and a few wives so the gender balance wasn’t to one sided. Jim had his wife Mandy with him wearing the new dress he had got her for the occasion. Though why he had bothered escaped him it was such a boring dress. Fine it was well cut and in a colour that reasonably suited her but it was drab and staid All the other wives were wearing dresses that showed off a bit of their charms. not too much but at least some.The really stupid thing was, that Mandy was probably the prettiest one there. Long legs, good figure, glossy long hair and big boobs. The thing was, she refused to ever show it off. Well apart from the hair Mandy was rightly proud of that but even here a new style could do her a lot of favours.I introduced her to Keith and he was positively pleasant, Mandy was on her best behaviour because she knew full well how important this was to me. So, when Keith told dodgy jokes she laughed. I was amazed she did a pretty good job of looking as though she found them funny. I then realised that not only was he flirting with her she was flirting back.Others would have been jealous I was only relieved well that and amazed I didn’t know she knew how to flirt. I was going to have to be very nice to my wife she was putting in a lot of effort with this odious man who was really monopolising her. Of course, this left Jim rather alone. A tall elegant woman walked over to me, I didn’t know who she was but I asked her if she wanted a drink. Red wine please, was her answer. When she sipped, she nearly succeeded in disguising the shudder of distaste. I really wish the head of sales wasn’t a cheapskate the booze really wasn’t very good but he was a lager kind of man.“I am sorry. I wish it was better.”“I have had worse but I was a student at the time. Laura Flanders pleased to meet you.”Jim introduced himself back. So, this was the big man’s wife. What he would expect but again not. If Keith’s wife wasn’t a looker, he would have been flabbergasted but he would have expected somebody brassier, a bit more like him. Down to earth is what Keith would call it, but brash would be closer to the truth. This lady however was very sophisticated.“Do you mind my husband flirting with your wife?”“No as long as they are both happy. What about you?”“Wouldn’t matter either way if I did.” She shrugged her shoulders “I think you know what he’s like?”Keith kept talking to Mandy all evening. Jim didn’t don’t doubt that if her top had been lower, he would have looked down it but he was out of went right up to the neck. Jim kept Laura company the whole evening as well apart from a little chat with the Chairman. Jim got the better end of the deal as Laura’s dress was far lower cut and she had boobs to match his wife’s. They were too very attractive, big titted ladies.The bonus was nearly as generous as he hoped for and the Chairman had commented favourably on Jim keeping Laura amused, so all in all it was a good Christmas. They didn’t discuss the party that much but Mandy did comment that Keith didn’t seem all that bad.Then a week into January, Jim got an invitation to spend a couple of weeks at Keith’s villa in the Martinique. It was pointedly addressed to both him and Mandy. Jim of course went to his boss and showed him the invitation.“Bloody Hell. You know the guy has a private island out there. You have got to go. We can’t afford to lose the account and we might get more if this goes well.”So of course, Jim accepted and allowed Mandy üsküdar escort to go on a shopping spree. To have something to wear as she put it. All expenses were paid and they would be flying out first class via Paris. Keith would be going their direct from some deal he was involved in over in the Far East. So, Jim was asked if he could escort out Laura so she didn’t have to be on her own.In the end they went over to Paris the weekend before at Laura’s suggestion. For as Laura put it flying into Paris and then leaving again straight away is one of the seven deadly sins. Whilst there Laura took Mandy shopping and as it turned out a hair salon. Mandy looked a lot better with her hair re-styled“I like that style it suits you.”“Do you? I wasn’t sure but Mandy persuaded me to try it. Actually, she persuaded me on a few things this afternoon. I am glad you like it.” Jim was amazed she was almost preening. When the three of them went out for a meal, she was wearing a cocktail dress that showed quite a bit of her boobs. Now Jim had always been a boobs man and so was very happy that he had two busty ladies to look at over dinner.When they got to bed that night, he was feeling horny. Mandy always had to be persuaded to have sex but that evening he didn’t have to try very hard, even if like normal it was pretty vanilla. That was the irony, his lovely sexy looking wife was just that. Only sexy looking she wasn’t really that interested.When they arrived and got through the airport, a car was waiting for them which whisked them to a yacht haven, where they boarded a large power boat. It had a cabin and an area out back to sunbathe. Laura suggested to Mandy that since it was going to be an hour to get to the island that they get a start on their tans. Jim sat down with a beer and took a sip, whilst he was apprehensive where all of this was going to lead, it didn’t alter the fact that this was the life.Back came the girls and Jim nearly dropped his beer. Mandy was wearing a bikini, he didn’t know she owned one, certainly he had never seen her in one. The two women lay down and he was invited to put suntan oil on them. The shock got worse when he saw the backs of the bikinis, both women had tiny thong bottoms that barely covered their arse cheeks. Then he went hard at the thought that he was going to rub oil into both of them.It was a very horny Jim that arrived on the island he kept having to think of Mandy’s least sexy clothes to stop himself having a hard on. Laura suggested they have a lie down before dinner as it had been a long flight. Though thanks to the luxury of first class they weren’t that tired. This was when Jim had the third shock of the day.“Jim wearing that naughty bikini made me feel all you know.”“You know what?”“You know eh, randy. Would you make love to me?”Now usually when they made love Laura wore one of her unsexy nighties but on this occasion what she had on was that bikini. Jim wasn’t going to miss this opportunity and when he tried removing the top, she let him. In fact, she responded by kissing him with quite a bit of passion. A similar lack of resistance met the bottoms came off. Of course, they still fucked missionary position but at least they were both naked and he could see. Their he was, pumping away and not far from cummin when her breathing started to get shorter and she panted before giving a moan that she suppressed by sticking her hand in her mouth. Then Jim filled his wife up with jizz. They lay together for a while. Cuddling up it felt nice for both of them they weren’t usually this relaxed after sex, tired was more the norm“Jim, did I have a climax.”“I rather think you did.”“Oh, it was rather nice I wonder if I can get another sometime.”They had dinner just the three of them. Jim wore short and shorts the ladies were in short summer dresses again new in. Mandy’s case. It was very pretty with a low cut back and even a bit of boob on show. The trouble was she was wearing one of her granny bras. Mandy always insisted that they were needed to keep them from bouncing. Jim secretly suspected her boobs embarrassed her. Laura had no such inhibitions and was wearing a far briefer dress and very clearly not a bra. Jim could see an awful lot of what she had. When the meal was over, she told the steward that he and cook would not be needed any more. Just set up the coffee and go off to their bungalow.“The two of them are married, actually the whole family works for us and lives over the other side of the island. They have a nice little bungalow and it has the advantage that they keep themselves to tuzla escort themselves and give us privacy. Now that he’s gone get rid of that awful bra Mandy. Its only your husband an me and he’s seen it all before. Mandy went a bit red but still removed the bra.The next morning, we got up late, breakfasted and went down to the pool. Jim was pleased to see Mandy in the bikini again. When they got there Laura was already sunning herself lying on her front and she wasn’t bothering with a top.“Be a love and oil us both would you Jim. Of course, he obliged oiling down their backs and legs. When he got to Mandy’s bra strap it was q bit tight to get under so he undid it to get the lotion on. Mischievously when he had finished, he didn’t do it up and surprisingly neither did Mandy.Then Laura turned over and her wonderful tits were there for him to see. Mandy was wearing shades so he couldn’t see her eyes to tell her reaction.“Go on oil Laura’s tits as well you know you want to.”“Are you sure Mandy.”“Yes, and when you’ve finished you can do mine as well. Over she popped onto her front and pulled off the undone top.”When he had finished oiling those four luscious orbs of feminine flesh, he had to go for a swim to try and disguise the state he was in. Jim was fairly sure he didn’t succeed. When he got out, he saw the two women happily sipping drinks sitting topless side by side. Then Laura explained.“Whilst Mandy and I were shopping I did a deal with her. I promised that I could make her holiday a lot more fun if she did what I told her to. No pressure, if she wasn’t sure she didn’t have to, but she would miss out on the fun. Mandy agreed on condition that nobody knew. Even my idiot husband knows to keep what goes on here private so its all nice and discreet. Now I am going to take your lady wife inside and shave off her pubes. I can see them peeking out despite she says she trimmed them so she has agreed to see what being shaved is like.”Whilst out of site the two women were not out of earshot and Jim heard a lot of giggling, he had another drink, this was getting interesting.That afternoon we had a nap in when the sun was hottest. Mandy had not put her top back on all morning and when we got in the bedroom that tiny excuse for a bottom joined it and she turned round.“Do you like my pussy.”Jim looked and her lovely bald pussy and saw it properly for the first time as she had always been pretty hairy and hadn’t even trimmed it that weekend.“I want to try and have another climax I really enjoyed it. Laura suggested this might be a good way to get us going.” With that Jim’s naked wife bent down and grabbed hold of his cock and started to give him a blowjob. It wasn’t the finest bit of fellatio ever but neither was it the worst and it certainly made him hard and them both wet. Feeling brave he suggested they try something different and took her doggy style achieving the desire climax.When they got up Keith had arrived and Jim was glad that Mandy had her top back on by then. Mind you at dinner this time she didn’t even start wit a bra and the dress she wore was more revealing than the previous one. In fact, it wouldn’t take much for either women to fall out totally.In bed that night having screwed again and having got Mandy to have the biggest climax yet. They lay back and chatted.“You know that Keith wants to get me in bed with him.”“Do you think so?”“Oh come on, all four of here know it, why do you think we were invited. Keith likes big tits and he is not satisfied with just Laura’s”All right I had a pretty good idea and I am not looking forward to it when you say no. Keith’s is not a man who likes that word”“I know, so would you be very jealous if I didn’t say no. We both need you to keep your job. Incidentally I am fairly sure you can get to have Laura whilst he is screwing me.”To say that Jim was gobsmacked was putting it mildly but it did solve his problem. It happened the next day when they were all sunbathing the house had been cleaned and the staff were very happy to be given until the evening off. Both girls were topless and they were starting to get a very nice tan when Laura announced she wanted no tan lines and removed the thong Mandy just agreed with her and did the same.If Jim had been shocked and surprised before he was gobsmacked now particularly when both of the turned over and lay on their backs showing everything. Keith came up and gave him a nudge in the ribs,“That’s a nice sight isn’t it Jim boy. Do you think those two sexy tarts are gagging for it. What do you think of a bit of swapping?”There it was Keith pendik escort was saying he wanted to shag Mandy but seemed quite happy for him to do the same to Laura and he couldn’t deny that he wanted too. Jim had always been faithful but this was different if they all agreed.Then Keith asked both the girls and they said yes quite happily. Mandy was going through with it and didn’t even seem bothered. This was the start of the most bizarre and hottest day of his life.Neither woman refused the men anything. Mandy got taken doggy style with Laura beside her the two pairs of tits wobbling wildly. Then she went on top whilst Laura asked to be taken up the arse pulling out a tube of lube. Jim had never tried anal before but like most men wanted to try, so hoping that Mandy would notice he entered Laura’s back hole both he and she really liked it. However, any hope that Mandy wouldn’t realise what they were doing was dashed when Keith said he wanted to bugger her as well.“I haven’t done that before surely it hurts?”“Yes, it does but with plenty of lube and taken gently and even Keith is that much of a bastard, it feels really nice, sort of wonderfully full.”“Ooh in that case yes please.“ Jim watched his staid wife fucked up the bum and after the initial pain loving it. Jim renewed his efforts at Laura’s arse and watched both women collapse in quivering heaps as the enjoyed spectacular orgasms. As they started to recover a bit Laura lent over and kissed Mandy again, she didn’t recoil.When Jim and Mandy were cuddling in bed together that night. Mandy snuggled up and asked him if he thought she was a terrible perverted tart.“Of course, not you’re just discovering something that more women enjoy. Though I will admit that Laura is quite adventurous.”“Did you like buggering her.”Jim admitted that he had at which point she produced a tube of lube and asked he do the same for her. They decided to do it differently from earlier so the now adventurous Mandy was buggered in reverse cowgirl position and was a very noisy girl as a result.Jim was by now greatly enjoying himself but never forgot what kind of man his host was so when Keith suggested they go big game fishing he agreed even though he wasn’t that interested. When they got back, he found Laura and Mandy wrapped up in a sixty-nine with Mandy on top doing a good job of pussy munching.When they got to bed, she was unrepentant about indulging in sex with another woman.“You encourage me to be a tart so you have to take the rough with the smooth and Laura muff is very smooth.”Bloody hell he though she is even making dodgy jokes all he hoped was she didn’t revert back to the old Mandy when they got back home.Towards the end of the second week Keith had to leave to firefight some problem in India leaving Jim with the two women. That night and for the rest of the holiday he had a threesome with both of them. As a result, both he and Mandy were a lot better at eating a woman out. When it was time for them to go home, they were quite sad and both were very much more broad minded. Mandy quire deliberately didn’t wear knickers on the flight homeJim was hero of the hour at work because Keith placed several additional orders. Mandy style of dress had changed totally and Jim concluded that she really was becoming a bit of a tart but he liked it. Certainly, she was now very adventurous in bed.Then came shocking news, Keith was dead of a massive heart attack. Just keeled over stone dead. Of course, they both went to the funeral. Jim recognised a lot of colleagues and competitors but their did not seem to be any friends and relatives so he went over to Laura and checked she was all right. As he suspected she was very much on her own but did not seem unhappy.“Could I come home with you two please darling. Despite the fact I quite disliked my husband I am feeling a little lonely.”They ended up with the three of them sleeping together just for comfort that night. They did the same the next night but had a nice little threesome. Laura went to the solicitor about the will the next day but returned to their home. Jim came home to the two of them writhing on each end of a double dildo.Whilst they were eating dinner Jim had joined the others being naked rather than them getting dressed Laura put a suggestion to them.“As you may have guessed form the funeral, we are pretty much alone being such an evil bastard Keith didn’t have any friends and neither of us has much family. I got the lot, pretty much and that is a considerable amount. To be honest I don’t really know what to do with some the companies that I pretty much own. What do you think of being my business manager Jim and the pair of you living with me in the sun fucking each other’s brains out?”They both agreed that was a brilliant idea so a month later they were sitting by the pool where Laura with a strap on and Jim double fucked Mandy. The two tarts were considering having their tits made even bigger.

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