How I Became A Sugar Baby


How I Became A Sugar BabyI stepped out of the pool into the cool night air and wrapped my robe around my incredibly thin body. I looked at the lake and walked into the large house that I was now living in. I went through the enclosed back porch and into the living room area. Jim was sitting in the recliner as usual watching Thursday night football. I waited for a commercial and stepped in front of his chair and opened my robe showing him my beautiful thin body with my small tits and well-shaved pussy. Then I turned around to show him my incredible skinny well shaped ass. I joked and asked Jim “have I gained anymore weight”? He looked me over closely and said “yes, at least ten pounds, you look much better than you did three months ago when I first met you”. Your gorgeous honey. I know this may sound absolutely crazy but that was three months ago and now my whole life has changed. What started out as a casual friendship with a lonely old man had sprung into something wonderful. This old guy saved my life and I loved him for it. The trouble was before; I didn’t think I was gorgeous even when a man said I was. I thought I was too tall, to thin, had no tits and my face was not full, I had a very low opinion of myself which led me to be depressed, not eat and I was borderline anorexic. I developed health problems and was living on social security disability. I was in line at the Post Office and saw this nice looking very stocky guy with silver white hair standing in front of me. He was pretty good looking for his age. He was giving some advice on VA Disability to a friend and I joined the conversation about my social security disability case. I commented $840.00 is not a lot to live on. He looked at me and I could tell he thought I was attractive. Jim was parked next to me and as we got in our cars he joked with me and said “hey k**, don’t you ever eat”. He was complementing me in a nice way on my thin figure. The truth was, I didn’t eat because I had no money for food. But I said “I eat, just not often enough”. Jim laughed and said, “well let’s go to the Rib Shack down the street and I’ll buy you dinner, I’m canlı bahis going there anyway”. Jim bought me a huge rib dinner and I ate it like I hadn’t had a meal in days, which was true. During dinner he said he was retired and his wife died a few years ago and didn’t have much to do. He casually said, you ever need anything give me a call and he handed me his card. Well one thing led to another and like most young college k**s I had a shit load of problems. Jim seemed to be able to solve them all. He picked me up when my junk car broke down and gave me his second car to use, he corrected my college papers so my grades went up, he told me about Pell Grants and now I was getting more money for tuition. But most of all he took me to dinner three to four times a week just for good conversation, and it wasn’t to MacDonald’s!!! I went to the finest restaurants in town, usually the bill was sixty or seventy dollars, and he acted like it was nothing. Then when my girlfriends graduated and I could no longer afford my rent, I was on the verge of being evicted. So what did Jim do, he gave me a free room, with a private bath and walk-in closet in his big house with a pool. He got bored and liked to shop so now I was wearing clothes from Macy’s and Dillard’s not WAL-MART. I was really growing close to this old man and here he was old enough to be my grandfather.Then one night it happened. Jim was half asleep on the couch and I looked down at his beautiful silver hair and just lay next to him to feel close. Soon we began passionately kissing and holding each other. Jim was so good to me he deserved to be treated liked this. He was worthy of having a beautiful young women as a lover. We made love for the first time that night and it was wonderful. We both were starved for both sex and loving attention.Jim carried me to his massive bedroom and I whispered, “Jim it’s been years since I have had a man, I’m very petite, be gentle. I laid back and spread my long legs. Jim gently inserted his cock right into my wet pussy. Then we began a slow rhythmic fucking. I was so thin his cock filled me all the way as he fucked me. bahis siteleri I moaned softly as he increased his rhythm giving me full thrusts. Soon I was meeting each thrust at every turn. My ass and hips moved smoothly up and down Jim’s cock. I was not very experienced but I knew Jim was ready to explode and just could not hold it any longer, he shot his semen deep into my pussy at the same time I was having an orgasm. We had gone without sex for so long we continued to thrust our hips upward and downward to meet each other. We just kept fucking in a dance of intense love, both are bodies were in perfect rhythm as we made love together. Then my young body shuddered as I attained an orgasm. Jim still thrust his cock deep inside me and soon deposited all of his semen into my pussy. Then we both fell back exhausted.Now this is an example of our life together this evening we had dinner at the Fish Shack. We drove there in my new Ford Mustang. Jim planned to watch football. I was in my room studying. I said to him “let me know when its halftime, and he said sure Cindy, I’ll let you know. About thirty minutes later Jim called me and said it’s almost half-time. I had put on my silk Victoria Secrets short robe and matching panties. I came out to him and sat on the plush leather couch and lay sideways with a fuck me look in my eyes. He had been stroking his cock minutes before halftime so it would be nice and hard for me. Being older, getting hard was a problem for him, although it never bothered me. When it didn’t get hard he just ate my pussy and he certainly knew his way around a woman’s pussy. I knew Jim liked it when I was a little crude, so I opened my robe. My little tits were fully visible to my much older lover. I said “do you want to fuck my skinny ass, or do you want a blow job”. He came over to the couch and stood up and I knew just what he wanted. I sat up and reached out and grabbed his hard organ and put it into my skinny mouth. It looked huge compared to my thin face and small mouth. But I would do anything for Jim so I began sucking his cock. Jim’s cock was long and the head was perfectly shaped, bahis şirketleri his skin was so soft. As usual I began sensuously kissing and licking his shaft as his cock twitched in response. Then I worked my way down to his large soft balls, I could tell by the way Jim reacted that he enjoyed this. I concentrated on each ball, licking and softly sucking it in my mouth. I had learned from Jim to be a great oral lover and I lingered over his balls licking them and then drawing them into my mouth and slowly sucking each ball. Then I put the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked it hard. Soon his whole cock was getting really hard. I thought to myself maybe I could get him to cum tonight?I decided I would use all the limited sexual skills I had to please my man tonight. I began moving my lips up and down his shaft. I began sucking just the top of his cock in a rhythmic up and down motion. Then I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took the whole thing in my mouth. Jim said “my god I can see the head of my dick in your throat”. I knew I had made Jim happy which had become a big part of my new life. I began moving my head up and down his cock, it went all the way past my throat every time. Jim was in ecstasy, moaning loudly and saying “suck it, suck it, Cindy, my God this is fucking incredible”!!! Then I felt his back arching and I knew this was a sign that Jim would soon cum in my mouth. I decided to stroke his cock and only suck the top half; this would ensure a more sensual release. Soon I began to taste that familiar salty taste of a man’s cum entering my mouth. Jets of his hot sperm entered my mouth and traveled down my throat. I sucked on his head until he had expended all of his semen into my mouth. Because he is so much older I was careful and gently and slowly sucked on Jim’s cock until the last of his sperm oozed out and I swallowed it down my throat. Then I softly kissed his organ until it became flaccid. We sat on the couch together as usual for at least a half an hour. He held me close, stroked my hair and told me how beautiful was. I was just what I needed to hear. I looked up at Jim and said “did you enjoy yourself? Jim said that I was so beautiful and he loved me so much. We sat together and basked in the glow of our intimate encounter. I had become a “Sugar Baby” and I was loving every minute of it.

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