How Much Do You Think I Would Bring Ch. 03


As November passed and the new year beckoned, I continued to think or Eileen. She would be returned to me in late June. Every day I crossed another box off the calendar. I made many plans for her return. Since she had promised to be my slave for a year after her return to me, I dipped into our windfall and bought a leather choker studded with diamonds and rubies. This would be her collar. It was far more subtle than the large brass alloy one about her neck now. Most nights I thought about Eileen and jerked off to one of her pictures every night before I closed my eyes and went to sleep. The affair caught me completely by surprise.

I had been at the local library researching something or other when this young mother caught my gaze. I would have left it at that but she took the initiative and began chatting me up. My wedding ring was obvious but she seemed not to care. Her name was Claire and she had just moved to town after a nasty divorce. She said that I had an honest face and she was sure that my soul would match. She wanted someone local to tell her the best places to shop and which restaurants to avoid.

“Why don’t you ask a local woman? I replied noncommittally.”

“Women are catty. I’m not looking for a shopping buddy or someone to exchange recipes with, at least not right now. I have an itch that needs to be scratched.”

My eyes drank her in, She had short blonde hair, sweet green eyes, crimson lips and a lovely face. I noticed that her body was rather nice. That it was every bit as nice under the jeans and sweater I was to learn a short time later. She corralled her kid, a nice enough seeming little girl, the spitting özbek escort image of her mother; we exchanged numbers and she vanished. I had for gotten what I had come to the library for.

The next night Claire and I met at an out of the way bar for drinks. We traded biographies and then Claire asked for a dance. I held her close, inhaling her perfume, with a start I realized that it was the same fragrance that my wife always wore! After a thoroughly enchanting evening Claire looked at me, her face oozing sincerity.

“George, this is not going anywhere, oh I want you to take me home and fuck my silly, but I just want to get my feet back on the ground. My ex-husband said some very nasty things to me about my personality, my body and my desirability. I KNOW that nothing he said is true but I need a another man to demonstrate just how big a liar he is. A married man whose wife is conveniently out of town is just the thing. I’m not interested in breaking up your marriage. I’m not after another husband. I just need about three weeks to feel desired and enticing again. If you expect or desire anything else George, just pay for my drinks and politely leave.”

I really did not mind, later that night, when I was dining on her lovely golden thatched box that she kept screaming the name of another man. I felt more than a little guilty the next morning when I woke up alone in my bed. Her perfume, my wife’s perfume clung to the sheets filling my mind with all sorts of conflicting sensations and images. In the end I justified it by pointing out to myself that Eileen was getting plenty of sex and, after all, I was mecidiyeköy escort a normal, red blooded male.

The affair between Claire and myself lasted just over a month, ending two weeks past the arrival of the new year. For Christmas, she gave me a coupon good for ten blow jobs and three sessions of anal and I gave her a very expensive watch. In a weak moment I ALMOST told her where Eileen really was but I maintained the fiction. I was also very careful, to make sure that Claire never found out about the millions I had in the bank. I knew instinctively as long as I was working schlep George, that Claire would tire of me. If I were a millionaire however, I would probably never be rid of her.

Make no mistake, it was absolutely wonderful having a beautiful woman to make love to regularly but Claire could simply not compare to Eileen. Claire has a nice body, Eileen’s is finer. Blonde Claire could never entirely seep into my brunette soul like Eileen did and always will. As enchanting as Claire could be at times, I knew that she would never win my heart.

Claire looked at me as though I were short term therapy. I looked at her as someone to help me over my loneliness. Our paths sometime cross. We might spy each other at the Food Lion or the K-Mart but no conversation ever springs up between us. Clare flashes me a wink and a wave and I return a nod and a smile and that is the extent to which our universes intersect. I note with delight however that Claire still wears the watch I gave her and I recall that the blow jobs and the anal were rather nice.

The second extensive note from Eileen arrived on the Ides of March. azeri escort No doubt The Company chose that date on purpose. I took it as a subtle joke, I’m sure, other husbands, more insecure guys, took it differently. As with the Thanksgiving missive there was a picture attached. I opened the picture before I plunged into the note. Eileen was spilling out of some rather skimpy, but obviously very expensive black lingerie. She appeared to be in her greatest physical shape ever. Her body was even better than when she left. My little man was erect immediately. I drank in every detail of the picture, I noted that in addition to her glittering collar, there was a very expensive looking, bejeweled ankle bracelet on her left leg. I wondered if it was a gift from her “Master” or a bauble as dispensable as the clothes. I knew it had to cost more than Claire’s watch!

I opened the e-mail, I read, “Dearest Husband, I am well and am exercising a great deal. The weather here in (Censored) is marvelous nearly all the time. My Master (Censored) is kind to me and his demands are nothing that I can not handle. I believe that instead of e-mailing you, my next message will be delivered in person. I really do think about you all the time. My Master says that you are a very lucky man. I can’t wait until I am in your arms again! Be a good boy … but not too good!

Love, (Censored)

I read and reread the letter. I printed out both the note and the picture. Feeling horny as hell, I stripped, got out Eileen’s favorite perfume and one of her sexy nighties. I doused the nightie in the perfume and jerked off into the garment repeatedly. I envisioned picking her up. She would be returned to me in the same condition I left her, stark naked. I decided that I would buy Eileen a really cute outfit to come home in. More than that I would dress her myself when the time came. “What color dress,” I asked myself,” is best for a homecoming?”

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