How to share your wife without her knowing (true s


How to share your wife without her knowing (true sA number of years ago I had a desire to see my wife stripping in front of other men or better yet having sex with them while I watched. She was an attractive 5″7″ blonde around 130 pounds with small B cup titties. Despite my best efforts she would not agree to stripping in front of other men let alone having sex.I pondered what to do about my dilemma as I thought about this constantly. Then I realized our 10th wedding anniversary was coming up. I asked her if she would consider making a porn film while we were staying out of town at the hotel. Surprisingly she agreed but we would only keep the video, which was VHS back in those days, for a few weeks and it would be destroyed. I went out shopping with her before our anniversary trip for a new sexy black dress and along a matching bra, sheer panties, garter belt and black thigh high hose. She knew those turned me on whenever she wore these while we had foreplay.As mentioned earlier this was the days of VHS tapes and digital along with high speed internet was not available. In packing for our trip I brought along our VHS record, tripod and several blank tapes while she brought along her sexy outfit, lube, dildo and vibrator.Upon arriving at the hotel we checked in and ate at a nice restaurant istanbul escort near by. I couldn’t wait to finish our meal and return to hotel but at the same time I wanted to make sure she had several glasses of wine to drop any inhibitions she may have. We returned to the hotel and we showed together and I asked her to shave her pussy for her performance. I then went into the bedroom while she prepared her makeup and outfit for the performance while I set up the camera and made sure the lighting was adequate.We had scripted the performance in advance and she started out with a slow strip tease. As she swayed to the music of ZZ Top her garments dropped to the floor. Eventually she laid down on the bed clad only in her garter, black hose and high heels. I remember one song in particular which was “She’s Got Legs” and she inserted the lubed dildo into her wet shaved pussy while showing her sexy legs. I zoomed into her luscious as she continued to probe herself with the dildo and she started playing with her clit. At that point she asked the cameraman to join in and I added to her pleasure with a carefully positioned vibrator. After a few minutes I zoomed the camera back avcılar escort out and joined in the fun. I started by licking her so ever wet pussy and started tongue action on her clitoris.After a few minutes of this she came to an orgasm and at that point I flipped her over and started fucking her doggy style. She begged me to stop as my cock kept ramming her sensitive pussy. I eventually had an orgasm as well and flipped her on her back and spread her legs. I jumped up and zoomed in on her well worked pussy with semen dribbling out of her vagina. I also did a close up of the face of a satisfied woman. I congratulated her on a great performance I shut the filming equipment down for the evening. We both fell asleep quickly as our performance had worn us out. The next morning she reminded me of the tape being erased after a couple viewings. After the next month we watched it several times and the more I saw it I did not want to erase it. I normally am truthful with the wife but this one time I could not do that.Unbeknownst to her I was able to make several copies of our sex tape. While she witnessed me copying over the original, and then destroying the tape, she was not aware other copies existed. At that part I started to work a plan to show the tapes şirinevler escort to other men.I traveled on a regular basis to overnight locations with my job and I started to make contact with other gentlemen who might enjoy my wife on film. Every attempt was made to remain anonymous and I only showed the tapes at district locations. I actually brought a VHS player with me and I was able to hook up to hotel TV’s or I would allow the viewer to watch it at home but I took the tape back with me.Allowing these other men to view my wife performing her striptease and sex acts really turned me on and I wondered if she thought something was up when I would come home from these trips and immediately want to jump the sack with her. One of the highlights was hooking up with a guy who had a large screen and projector. He invited a number of his buddies over that evening to view porn and my wife was the featured attraction. The gentleman hosting the stag party allowed me to slip in the back of the darkened room while during her performance and the comments made really got me excited. Several attendees commented how much they’d like to screw that bitch without knowing I was in the room. The whole time I really wished she was there and she was stripping for these horny dudes and perhaps having sex with a lucky guy.At one particular out of town showing one older fellow that watched the tape offered to pay several thousand dollars for her to put on a private show for him along with a grand finale at the end if you know what I mean.Eventually over several years I decided to quit my traveling porn show but still have fond memories. Especially while I still have sex with my wife.

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