How to Stop Smoking Ch. 15


I called Ann and someone else answered the phone. I almost hung up when I first heard the voice. I thought it was a man.

Then realizing that the husky voice belonged to a woman, I asked for Ann.

She introduced herself as Sherry and told me that Ann was in the shower. She asked if she could have her call me back.

I told her who was calling and she got hostile.

Before she ran out of breath, Ann came out of the shower and took the phone from her.

As soon as she heard my voice, she said goodbye and started to hang up. I begged her to listen to me a minute.

She told me the clock was running and I started talking.

I explained that I had been quite troubled by the way my cock had been reacting after the first treatment.

I had tried to discuss this with Mai Ling in the office. Mai Ling was scheduled for another appointment, so she invited me to dinner so we could discuss my problem in detail. I also told Ann that I wouldn’t lie to her. Mai Ling and I had gotten pretty heavy into sex with some help from Tai Soo.

I told Ann that she had been a good friend when I needed one and I didn’t want to lose that friendship. Hell, I could find a good fuck anywhere, but friends are hard to find. Ann settled down.

When I asked if I could come over, she said she was busy. I began to suspect Sherry had something to do with it and I said so. Ann told me the reason she hadn’t called all week. Ann said I was right. She and Sherry had been lovers for a year or so and it had been an off and on thing.

Right now it was on and she wasn’t too sure how Sherry would take to me. I told her to take a chance and asked her to talk to Sherry and call me back. We hung up and I asked Suzy what she was going to do.

She had been listening to the conversation and overheard the part about Ann and Sherry. Suzy had experimented a couple of times. The girls that she had tried to make out with were as green as she was and it hadn’t been much fun. She said two “more experienced” women might teach her something. Not only about her own body, but other women’s as well.

When Ann called back, she said they had talked and Sherry was no longer mad at me. In fact, she was looking forward to meeting me after hearing how big my cock was.

I asked them to come over since I had a lot more room and no nosy neighbors. Ann said they would, but she wanted to stop and get something for dinner on the way. She said they’d be here about 1 P.M. I told Ann that Suzy was here and asked if she could stay. Ann didn’t object to that. In fact, she wondered where Suzy had disappeared to yesterday. I told Ann to be sure that they brought their swimming suits. It was getting hot and the pool would be a relief from the heat.

We hung up and Suzy was ecstatic. She asked if she could borrow the car to run some errands. I almost said no after the way she treated it last night, but I gave her the keys telling her to be back by 1 o’clock.

She took off and I settled down on the couch for a nap. If the evening and night went like I thought, I’d need the extra sleep and energy. I never could figure out how women managed to keep going until the wee hours.

Suzy woke me up when she came back. One of the errands was to pick up a swim suit. She woke me up by tickling my nose with one of the strings. When I saw her suit, I asked if she was going to wear it or mail a package.

She stuck her tongue out at me and proceeded to show me. Suzy put a tape on and began to strip to the music. Not a professional strip, but a pretty good one just the same. As she got down to her panties, she turned around and offered her ass to me. What a nice ass.

My cock was beginning to stir. I couldn’t resist reaching out and planting a juicy kiss on it. Then, I bit her. Suzy yelped, reached around and playfully smacked me on the top of the head. Then, she stripped her panties down and mooned me. When she did, I stroked her pussy.

I glanced at the clock and decided it was too close to 1 o’clock for us to fuck so I stopped working on her. Suzy saw my glance and put her suit on. First she put on the bottom. Not much material and it barely covered her ample cunt hair. I told her that she needed a shave.

Then, came the top. It was some sight watching her struggle to get those massive tits contained in those two little pieces of cloth. Hell, they just barely covered her nipples and areolas. As she was tying the last string, the doorbell rang. I went to answer it.

Ann and Sherry were standing there loaded down with groceries. I reached for a bag and told them to come on in. As we traipsed through the living room, I introduced them to Suzy. Neither Ann nor Sherry was disappointed in what they saw.

Everyone quickly said “Hi” and we headed on to the kitchen to put away the groceries. I told them to get their suits on – the pool was waiting. I headed for the bedroom to find mine.

Ann knew her way around so she could show Sherry where to change.

While I was putting on my suit, they Bostancı Esmer Escort passed by the doorway, each carrying a suitcase. Apparently they planned on staying the night. Should be interesting.

Ann stuck her head in and asked how secluded the pool was.

When I told her “Very,” she said “good” and left. I had planned on putting on my regular suit, but my cock had grown so much it would have shown. Instead, I chose a bikini-type suit that had a lot of stretch. As I put it on I realized that I had some shopping to do.

I went on out to the pool, grabbing a drink on the way. Suzy had already been in for a short swim and was relaxing on one of the mattress floats.

I sat down on one of the pool-side lounges and started soaking up the sun.

Ann and Sherry arrived, drinks in hand and settled around a table.

As I watched them arrive, I took a good look. Sherry had dishwater blonde hair. She was about 5’6″ tall with a nice ass and large tits. Her suit wasn’t there. What she had was three pieces of material in strategic places. If you put all three together, they couldn’t cover a large olive. That suit was small!

As I stared, her eyes met mine as if to say, “hands off, I don’t like men.” We’ll see. Maybe I could give her a new outlook on life. There’s something about lesbian women that make men want to conquer them.

Ann, on the other hand had been very inventive. She had taken a red and black polka-dotted handkerchief and made her suit. The piece that covered her pussy didn’t. Instead, it covered her clit. The material was buried in the folds of her pussy lips.

The pieces covering her tits were about an 2″ in diameter. Ann had cut out one of the dots in the middle of each and pulled her nipples through the holes. It had a very erotic effect.

Ann saw that I was staring and licked her lips. Then, she rubbed one of her nipples with her drink. As the nipple stiffened, she blew me a mock kiss. Sherry hadn’t missed this exchange.

I asked Ann if she would do the honors and put some lotion on me and she agreed. I unfolded the lounge chair flat, lay back and rolled over on my stomach.

Ann said that she didn’t want to ruin my suit and asked me to take it off. I figured, “Why not” and pulled it off.

Ann poured some lotion in her palm and began to rub. As she worked on my back and shoulders, I was getting drowsy. Then, she reached between my ass cheeks and began to massage oil on my ass hole. My cock began to rise. After she had finished with my legs, she asked me to roll over. Then, she began to work on my front.

She started with the shoulders, working down the chest and down to the stomach. As she reached my stomach, she sharpened up those long nails and scraped my chest with them. My cock was getting stiff. Then, she started on my legs. Starting just above the feet, she rubbed up my calves to the thighs. My cock told her that I loved it. Picking up one of my feet, she started sucking on my big toe. My cock was getting harder and harder.

Taking another palm full of oil, she moved to my side. Working on the upper thighs, up past my cock to the pubic area, back to the thighs. She shifted my cock out of the way. My cock twitched every time she touched it.

After working me over pretty good for a few minutes, she applied some oil to my cock and balls. As she stroked my cock, my ball sac began tightening. I guess Ann figured it was time to quit. She gave my cock a couple of quick sucks, got up and went back to her chair.

Sherry was cracking up. When I asked her what the hell was so funny, she told me. It was the pained expression on my face when Ann stopped sucking my cock.

I told her to go ahead and laugh, I’d get the last laugh. As we were talking, I noticed that Ann was looking elsewhere. Sherry and I followed her gaze and watched as Suzy finished fingering herself to orgasm.

When she finished, Suzy saw that we were watching her and blushed. She explained that watching Ann massage my cock had turned her on. She couldn’t resist fingering herself. Besides, no one was paying any attention to her. Sherry muttered something about she could fix that and headed for the pool.

As she passed me heading for the ladder, I watched that tight little ass swinging. You never would have known that she is a lesbian.

Ann and I watched with interest as Sherry went down the ladder into the pool. After she got wet, she raised up out of the water. Her suit had melted. Her tits were every bit as big as they looked. Her nipples weren’t anything special. The cool water had hardened them and they looked very suckable.

Sherry waded over to Suzy. Suzy watched her every move. As Sherry came closer, Suzy removed her suit.

When Sherry reached the mattress, Suzy shifted hanging her legs over the side. Sherry moved between them. Ann and I watched as Sherry started licking and sucking Suzy’s clit.

I told Ann that Suzy had a lot of juice. When she started cumming she came until you got Bostancı Eve Gelen Escort tired and stopped. Ann told me to shut up, she’d find out for herself later.

Then, she untied her suit and got up. Coming over to me, she took my cockhead in her mouth and gave it a couple of sucks. My cock responded by getting harder. She straddled the lounge and aimed my cock at her pussy.

When she had it past the entrance, she eased down on it. It took a little wriggling, back and forth, but she got it all in. She said my cock wasn’t as large as she thought it would be. That’s when I told her about Suzy’s secret herb. It left it smaller than when I left the office, perpetually horny and I could cum every time.

Bracing her feet on the pool deck, Ann began to raise and lower herself on my huge cock. Moving slowly at first, then faster when her pussy juices started to flow. The more they flowed, the easier my cock slipped in and out of her steaming pussy. Finally, she increased the pace until that ass was working at a fever pitch. She began to cum.

Her pussy started to contract, milking my cock. As her pussy was milking it, Ann stroked my balls. They tightened even more. The more she rubbed, the faster her ass moved up and down on my cock. Keeping my cock fully imbedded in her, Ann turned around to face the pool.

She watched Sherry sucking Suzy’s hot cunt. The pool mattress was making waves as Suzy’s ass was moving in tune to the Sherry’s sucking. I reached around Ann and took hold of her nipples. They were hard as rocks. She was getting more turned on as she watched the action in the pool. My cock was really getting a workout.

As Ann watched, her pussy began to contract and release around my cock. Suzy looked up and saw us. As she watched Ann moving up and down on my cock, she raised Sherry’s head and pointed at us.

They watched Ann as she continued to fuck my hard cock.

Soon, I was coming. Ann couldn’t believe I came the first time. As my cock began spurting into her pussy, it made it easier for my huge cock to slide in and out. Ann fucked my cock until she was sure my balls were empty.

By this time, the two girls had gotten out of the pool and come over to watch. I found it very erotic for two beautiful women to watch while I was fucked by another. Ann reached another orgasm. After she had rested and her legs were no longer rubbery, she climbed off my cock.

Suzy came over and began licking and sucking my cock until it got hard again. Sherry and Ann went into the house. Suzy sucked and licked until I was ready to cum, then she mounted me.

After she had my cock buried in her hot pussy, I turned around on the lounge and got in position so I could stand up.

Grabbing an ass check in each hand, I began to rise. Suzy put her arms around my neck and locked her legs around my waist.

As I rose, the weight of her body forced her pussy tight against the base of my cock. The movement of walking caused her pussy to rock back and forth on my cock. I carried her into the house and sat on the recliner.

My recliner is one of those one-piece jobs that glides when you switch it on. When you turn it on, the back lowers as the footrest rises.

I swung around and settled back. Suzy had untangled her legs and straddled the chair, still embedded on my cock. I lay her down with her head between my feet and hit the switch.

As my feet rose, the back tilted down. The center of gravity shifted, forcing Suzy tighter against my cock. The vibration of the movement got her ass working again.

The chair has two other controls. One turns on a vibrator in the seat. The other turns on a motor that makes it pulse. If you get the adjustment just right, it gives you the feeling of a slow steady fuck and you’re not moving at all.

I turned on the first one and set it to a slow, speed. Suzy’s ass began to move. Then I turned on the second one, adjusting it to a moderate pulse. Suzy became frantic.

She started wriggling her ass, trying to fuck me. Gravity and the position she was in wouldn’t let her move. She began to cum.

As she began to cum, I flipped the switch on high. The chair began to pulse at maximum speed.

Suzy started screaming with pleasure. The rapid vibrations caused her pussy juices to flow even more. Ann and Sherry had been watching from the couch.

They got up and came over. Sherry straddled the foot of the lounge, lowering her pussy to Suzy’s full lips. Bending over, she started to tongue Suzy’s clit. Ann straddled the chair facing me and pushed her bare pussy into my waiting mouth.

I took hold of her 1″ clit and began to work it over, pausing to lick her pussy lips, then back to the clit. Before long, she began to quiver and buck. Grabbing my head with both hands, she held it tight until she reached orgasm.

Suzy had been having mini-orgasms ever since embedding herself on my hard cock at the pool. She had a couple of big ones before Sherry came over. Now, she was really Bostancı Evi Olan Escort moving.

Sherry raised up and, reaching for my head, kissed me. As I massaged her tits, she began to shake as she climaxed.

I began to cum. When I finished cumming, I turned the chair off.

If you’ve ever had a massage, you know the vibration stays with you for a couple of minutes. It was the same way with the chair.

My balls had been resting on the chair all this time and they could still felt the chair pulsing.

We decided to have a shower and spend some time in the sauna. After washing up and relaxing in the hot sauna, we moved to the Jacuzzi.

Sherry remarked how well laid out and equipped my house was.

We all made small talk for awhile, then decided it was time to get something to eat. The girls favored those bikini panties. After they had put theirs on, I put on a pair of sexy nylon jockey shorts.

We headed for the kitchen, stopping to mix a drink on the way. As they cooked, I wandered around, coping a feel here and there.

When I planted a kiss on Sherry, I put a hand on each tit and squeezed gently. She kissed me back. Deep and soulful. She put her tongue deep into my throat and I sucked on it as she ground her hips against my stiffening cock.

Ann told us to either cut it out or leave the kitchen. She was getting hot just watching us. I looked at Sherry. She nodded yes and we left.

We went to the living room and sat on the couch. Then we started some real heavy petting. The hotter we kissed and fondled each other, the hotter we got.

Sherry had repositioned my cock in my shorts so she could rub the entire length of it. She had me stiff as a board.

She wanted to try the lounge chair so we got up and moved to it taking our underpants off on the way.

I sat down on the chair. Sherry straddled my legs and took hold of my stiff cock. Holding the massive cockhead against her pussy lips, she spread them wide and began to force my cock inside of her. She was hot and juicy, but could only managed 3 or 4 inches before she had to rest. She said she hadn’t fucked a cock in a long time. That was why her pussy was so tight.

After a moment or two, she began her descent again, this time taking about 9 inches. She rested some, then started again. Working up to 13 inches or so. Looking down and seeing some 3 inches to go, I thought she’d faint. She rolled her eyes.

With a grim smile, she placed a hand on each arm of the chair. She lifted her feet off the floor and lunged downward. My cock slid in to the hilt. Sherry lay back on the foot of the chair and rested. Saying that she didn’t have the energy to fuck, she asked if I’d turn the vibrators on. The first vibrations got her ass moving, but the pulsing one drove her wild.

As her juices began flowing, they were spilling out of her hot pussy and I began to cum. Spurt after spurt until my balls were completely drained.

I turned the chair off and we rested. By this time, Ann stuck her head in the door and told us to clean up. Dinner was ready.

After we finished eating and cleaned the kitchen, we sat around sipping coffee and brandy.

Suzy and Sherry were on the love seat. Ann and I sat on the sofa. We made small talk as Suzy idly played with Sherry’s breast.

Ann was running her hand up and down my thigh. Ever so often, she’d rake me with those long fingernails. I took hold of one of her long nipples and began rolling it around between my thumb and forefinger causing it to stiffen.

We all moved to the bedroom and that king sized waterbed. Sherry and Suzy began making out. Ann pushed me onto my back and took my cockhead in her mouth. As she licked and sucked, it got harder and harder while, I was fingering her pussy.

It began to get slippery and her hips began to move. Lying back, Ann asked me to give her a good old-fashioned fuck. Mounting her, I aimed my cockhead at her pussy and began to work it in. I had most of my cock inside her when I felt someone rubbing some jell on my asshole. I looked around and saw that it was Suzy. I wondered what she was going to do.

Suzy began to push her finger inside my ass, telling me to hold still. As I did, my asshole relaxed and allowed her finger to penetrate me. After she had my asshole well loosened, she withdrew her finger and began to insert something else. She had knotted a silk kerchief every 3 inches or so. It was the kerchief that she was forcing into my asshole. As she forced each knot inside, my ass was beginning to fill fuller and fuller.

Finally, she had the kerchief inside except the last knot. Then, Suzy told me to go on fucking Ann. I began to stroke rapidly. As Suzy had been inserting the kerchief in my ass, I was getting hotter and hotter and I was ready to cum. I stroked back and forth. Ann was moving that fine ass, about to cum. When my balls tightened, Suzy took the knot on the kerchief and jerked.

With the first spurt of cum, Suzy pulled hard on it, withdrawing another knot. With every spurt, she’d withdraw another one. She kept this up until my balls were empty. Then, since there were still more knots inside, she began to withdraw them slowly, one at a time. My cock stayed rock hard and began to twitch some more. There was no more cum to give, but my cock didn’t know that.

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