Hung Like a Horse

Black Cock

Since I last submitted to my life has undergone quite a few major upheavals. Firstly we got so busy with our antiques business that I had to leave my part time civil service post and that left little time for writing.

Tom and I still had the odd adventure but mainly with clients or other exhibitors when we were away at various antique fairs, but as we were more often home based and Tom did not want to be indiscreet on our own doorstep, this was quite infrequent.

I have to say I missed the thrill of dressing up and drawing the attention of younger guys with the buzz of not knowing what could happen. I also missed the excitement of making love to more than one guy at once and to be blunt the physical thrill of seeing young guys get erections over me and feeling of taking their hard young cocks. Tom is still fairly virile but there is a difference in the firmness of a guy’s erection after he reaches 40. I had really loved handling, sucking and being made love to by one or more young hard cocks.

We had settled down to a fairly work based staid existence when a friend from where I had worked invited me out with the girls for a Christmas drink in early December, I accepted with alacrity.

We met up with a crowd of girls for a meal and a few drink in a restaurant near the Grass Market , before going on to meet up with some of the guys out of the office in a late licence pub /club further up the street. As it was the first time I had been out for a few months I was really looking forward to it and dressed sexy/smart in a fitted leather jacket, with a black slinky top with no bra – not see through but you could see my nipples – shortish black tight skirt and long black leather over the knee boots.

There were about 20 girls present ranging from early twenties to my own age and we had a real laugh over the meal and lashings of wine and were all quite merry by the time we made it across the street to the modern car themed bar. There we joined a crowd of about a dozen guys all in their mid twenties to early thirties. Most of them were new to me but some had worked in my office.

I eventually ended up sitting at a table with a mixed crowd. More drink flowed and I was pleasantly merry when I was approached for a dance by Tim, a fair haired guy who I remembered as a relatively junior member of staff. After a few dances I suggested we sat down as it was getting quite warm and I was slightly surprised when he led me over to the bar and offered me a drink. When I suggested he might like to get back to his friends rather than spending time “with an old married lady”. He shocked me by saying the only reason he had come was because he knew I would be there.

He said that he and quite a few of the young guys had really fancied me and fantasised about me and had been distraught when I left. I have to say my heart and pussy had a little flutter when I realised that this handsome young guy in his mid twenties fairly obviously wanted me.

We had a couple of drinks at the bar before a slow number came on and he asked me to get up. I said I had better take my jacket off and leave it and my bag with the girls. As he helped me off with my jacket I noticed his eyes go to my breasts and his hand brushed against my right breast as he helped the jacket over my jewellery.

On the floor he pulled me tight against him – he smelt delicious – and I could feel his obvious excitement by the hard erection rubbing against me. As we danced he murmured that “this was a dream come true ” as he had always really fancied me. To my shame I told a little white lie and said that I had always thought him very attractive but a little young to be interested in me.

This seemed to encourage him as one of his hands cupped my buttock and pulled hard against him muttering ” all the guys fancied you and would love to have got you into bed”.

When I said “why would a really handsome young guy like you want to go to bed with an old married woman like me rather than a girl of your old age?”

He grated ” because you’ve got it all – you are beautiful and you have a really ripe body – with a great ass and superb tits. You have no idea how many times I have wanked over the thought of getting you in bed.”

The slow music came to a stop and I suggested sitting down and as we approached the bar to get another drink, a guy turned round to greet Tim and asked him what we wanted. He delivered the round of drinks he was getting and then brought ours over. This was Carl – he was a “drop dead gorgeous” black guy in his mid twenties – a little taller than Tim and impeccably dressed in a smart suit and white open necked shirt. In the UV lighting he looked absolutely stunning. He said “Tim, I have been wanting an introduction to your friend all night.” Tim introduced him as a colleague up in Edinburgh on a placement from London.

I have to say I was in heaven with two fantastic looking guys literally drooling at the mouth over me. As the drink flowed I danced with both of them in the faster dances Bostancı Fetiş Escort and noted the way their eyes never left my bouncing breasts and how whenever possible their hands were on my waist and hips. When we sat down their eyes moved between my breasts and my thighs above my stocking tops.

We were all quite merry and as I went out to the loo it amused me to hear a couple of guys discussing the really ” hot piece” that Carl and Tim were with. After a few more dances the club got unbearably warm and stuffy and I suggested that I wanted to go outside for some air. Tim volunteered to accompany me as immediately did Carl. I feigned amused surprise and said both could if they wanted to spend more time with an old married lady instead of getting better acquainted with girls of their own age.

We went outside and before I knew it they had pulled me into a wynd ( alley) near the entrance and both started to kiss me.

As the pair of them were snogging and groping my breasts I thought I would show them that they were not totally in control of the situation and I slipped my hand between Tim’s legs to feel a good hard young cock . However when I reached between Carl’s legs I couldn’t believe what I was feeling – it felt like one of the old policeman’s truncheons. I couldn’t help breaking off to murmur – “mmm- you’re hung like a horse”.

Tim replied “yeah – women can’t believe how big he is.”

Their hands that had been originally all over my breasts moved to ruck my skirt up over my thighs and I could feel their obvious excitement when a hand closed over my g string covered pussy and another in the crack between my hips. I sobered up slightly when I felt a couple of probing fingers go past my g string and as I looked down I felt Carl’s fingers go deep into my pussy. I think the two guys would probably have had me there and then – a fantasy of mine – but for some of the crowd leaving the club. I quickly pulled my skirt down and said ” guys – I’m as keen for it as you but we’ve got to go somewhere private”.

Carl suggested we go to his apartment and I phoned Tom to say I was staying over with a female friend before we quickly caught a cab. The two guys put me between them in the back and I’m sure the taxi driver got an eyeful as my top and skirt were pulled up and their hands were everywhere over my exposed body including them easing off my string to have easier access to my pussy. In fact the two guys were still busy kissing and groping me when the taxi driver announced we had arrived.

I saw him looking up my skirt as the boys broke free and I heard him telling Carl – “he hoped they had a good night” as he paid him.

Carl lived in quite a plush block and the boys got busy with me again in the lift on the way up to his fourth floor flat. By the time we reached our floor my skirt was up round my waist and, apart from my holdups, I was naked from the waist down as Carl had claimed my string as a trophy in the cab. Fortunately no one was about as we almost tumbled out of the elevator to the entrance of his flat.

There was little ceremony when we got in as I was pulled straight through to the bedroom and only had time to get my jacket off before I was tumbled on to the bed with my top pushed up to expose my breasts and my skirt pushed up over my thighs. They kissed and groped me as they pulled their clothes off.

As Carl pulled his boxers off I was amazed at the size of his cock – I had heard about how well endowed some black guys were and I had seen and indeed taken some cocks that I estimated were up to 9-10″ long but this looked bigger again. Especially as he had a very toned relatively slim body. In addition, I have fairly long fingers but I could only close my fingers round about 2/3 of it.

I hadn’t long to admire it as the guys pushed me down on the bed and I soon had my mouth full of Tim while Carl went between my thighs. In spite of Tim’s quite large cock pounding my throat I gasped as Carl started to enter the massive head of his cock in me – after two kids my pussy isn’t virginal tight but I felt stretched like I hadn’t been since my first time. I gasped even more as he started to push it home – no it wasn’t fantastic as some writers write about women handling large cocks – in fact it was quite uncomfortable initially and downright painful when he first thrust it fully home as hit the entrance to my womb. But when he realised it had hurt me he was surprisingly gentle and eased it in and out until I was able to accommodate him as I got more lubricated.

I had to turn my attention to Tim as he was thrusting very energetically and roughly into my throat. I concentrated on taking his whole length into my mouth and he was soon climaxing and pumping what seemed to be pints of semen down my throat. As he rolled off I was able to start concentrating on Carl and we soon got into a nice easy pattern of pelvic thrusts as he steadied himself by grabbing my bouncing breasts.

The sight of this beautifully built young guy, Bostancı Gecelik Escort the unusual sense of complete fullness in my vagina and his gentle thrusts eventually brought me to an unbelievable series of little orgasms which he enhanced by riding me gently until I had subsided before delivering his load into the deepest recesses of my vaginal channel – where literally ” no man had gone before”. As he leaned forward temporarily spent he murmured ” Babs, you are absolutely the very best – that was one of the best rides of my life”.

Tim was opening a bottle of wine when Carl rolled off and helped me to my feet but I couldn’t help noticing Carl’s semi soft erection was still as big as most guys full erection. As I straightened my skirt and top to take a glass of wine I noticed the two guys erections hardening again – that’s what I love about young guys – their quick recovery time.

Tim smiled as he saw me looking at his erection and said ” I have an awful lot stored up there for you!”

They both polished off their wine quickly and as I drained my glass Tim was helping me out of my top and skirt – ” to see the full beauty off you”. I expected the guys to be slightly disappointed at my mature and not as pert “as they once were” breasts but if anything their erections stiffened. I could not believe the size of Carl and as I bent to kiss his huge erection I felt Tim come up behind me and I heard him mutter ” what a superb fucking ass”.

I lowered myself gently on to Carl’s huge pole until it was once again filling me completely. He leaned up to hold one of my breasts, while his other hand gently caressed my clit. We were just getting in to a comfortable rhythm and I was enjoying the waves of pleasure emanating from his gentle clitoral stimulation when I felt Tim hands push me forward and part my buttocks to insert a probing finger in my anus. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling and as I raised my rear to accommodate this intrusion Carl thrust up hard in to me giving me a most exciting ripple sensation in the thin wall between vagina and anus. As I moaned with pleasure I heard Tim say ” I knew you would love it up that big ass” as he replaced his finger with the head of his cock.

I have taken two cocks like this on quite a few occasions – in fact I really love the feeling of being “fill up by two hard cocks moving against each other through the thinnest of body walls. But with Carl being so big and Tim not being small , his entrance was quite painful and I had to stop him entering me further.

When he tried to persist I had to break free of Carl and say “listen guys I’m quite happy to try to take you like that but you have got to lube me otherwise you will really hurt me which will spoil the rest of our night”.

As Tim went off to find lube Carl and I started to recapture the mood and we were once again really enjoying our coupling when I felt the welcome relief in my anus of some cold lube as Tim liberally lubed my rear and his cock. As I lay on top of Carl waiting Tim’s entry I realised that in spite of the lube I was so filled with Carl that Tim was going to split me. So I eased up off Carl to let Tim in before we both gently lowered ourselves on to Carl’s erection. I was totally filled to bursting and fortunately when I asked both guys to take it easy they gave me a chance to get used to these two large intrusions before they started thrusting in unison in their respective orifices.

Initially it was uncomfortable but as Carl’s clitoral attention helped relax me and my body got used to the unaccustomed taking of two such large cocks I started to enjoy the by now vigorous attentions of these two young studs. As I started into the first of a multiple orgasm the two young guys went at me in a frenzy until we were rocking in concert as I was hit by wave after wave of orgasms while they deposited their loads in their respective orifices. Eventually our three sweat drenched bodies slumped forward into one pile – all of us spent with the force of our orgasms.

Tim rolled off me and I off Carl and Tim went and brought us back a glass of wine and I lay relaxing between the two hard young bodies as they kissed and fondled me and told me how fantastic I had been. I have to say of all my encounters this was the most pleasurable as I genuinely felt that these two guys really appreciated my body and I loved the fact that they still wanted to be with me and cuddle me after I had already satisfied most of their lust.

Carl got up to replenish our glasses and Tim immediately turned me towards him and we were snogging when Carl came back and put our glasses on the bedside table. He slipped in behind me and I felt his erection start to stiffen against my buttocks. He snuggled up close and whispered in my ear ” I’d love to try to have your ass.”

I had been rather expecting this so I broke off my kiss with Tim , whose own erection was stiffening as he worked by clit with gentle fingers, to say ” OK, I’ll try it but you will need a lot of lube”. Bostancı Genç Escort As he went to get lube Tim went quickly between my thighs and by the time Carl returned he had a ringside seat at Tim rode me and himself to another climax. As Tim rolled off, Carl gently rolled me over on to my tummy and gently parting my bum cheeks I felt the most glorious stimulation as he rolled his tongue round my anus before teasing it with little darts in and out with his tongue.

As I moved my buttocks to meet this stimulation I felt the cold drip of lube between my buttocks and his gentle but insistent fingers working it around my sphincter. As I moaned and glanced backwards he was like the pictures of a Greek satyr as he lubed his massive rod with one hand while opening up my anus to take it with the fingers of his other.

He pulled me up into a kneeling position on the bed before entering the head of his massive erection into my rosebud. As he eased in I felt my sphincter open and then close after the large helmet had passed through. When I gasped at the enormity of the intrusion he gently whispered ” Don’t worry I will be gentle because I’ve been wanting to have this big rear since I first saw you”.

I tried to relax as he eased it deeper into my bowels. Since my first introduction to anal sex a few years ago I had not only got over my fear of it but actually started to enjoy it both physically and because I know most guys love it, but this was something completely different because of the length and girth of it. He murmured encouragement as he slipped it inch by inch and I was just getting used to accommodating it when he thrust the last three or four inches home and I screamed with pain as first my sphincter split and he hurt me both deep inside. As he started to ease out I cried out “No – just let me relax a minute” and I fell forward on the bed with him still embedded deep in me.

I lay for a few minutes as the worst of the pain subsided before I eased up against him and said ” Ok- I’ll take it but gently”. He gently eased a few inches in and out until I was able to take this before getting right up over the top of me to really mount me and give me full length thrusts, as I got more used to him and the lube got worked deeper in to me. I was soon pushing my buttocks up to meet the thrusts of his large rod. I felt and thought I heard the slap of his balls on my ass cheeks as I heard Tim exhorting him to “fuck the ass off her”.

In my mixture of pain and excitement I didn’t realise Carl was near to climax until I felt the soothing hot relief of his semen spurting deep into the innermost recesses of my body.

I fell forward on the bed with Carl’s softening cock still held by my rather ripped sphincter. It was quite some time before I could relax enough for him to withdraw it and it was rather excruciating as he did.

As I went to the bathroom to tidy up I felt quite decadent to see the mixture of blood, lube and semen seeping from my rear.

When I came out of the bathroom Carl went to wash while Tim made some coffee. As we relaxed over coffee Tim said he had never seen anything like Carl take my rear – he described it as like something out of “blacks on blondes” while Carl said I was the first woman who had been able to take the full length of his cock in her ass. Both had said that when they had seen me come into the club they had thought I looked absolutely fantastic from ” head to toe”. I sat back and luxuriated in their compliments as they said they thought my boobs were fantastic, they loved my legs and ripe thighs but most of all they thought my rear was superb and they couldn’t believe they had had it.

I thanked them for the compliments but said that for tonight at least it was off limits after the pounding it had taken from both of them! As I had an early start the nest day and the boys claimed I had “fucked them to a standstill, I suggested bed. And I remember falling asleep between them.

I awoke first the next morning and realised that we had all over slept. As I eased over a sleeping Carl I couldn’t help looking at his now flaccid cock and remembering how big it had been the previous night. Certainly my rear was aching from its persistent intrusion.

I went straight into the shower and as I was coming out of the shower met a tousled haired Tim stumbling in to the loo. I evaded his grab at my breasts and took a slap to my naked rear as a penalty before covering up with a towel and heading in to the bedroom for my clothes. Carl was just getting up and with a rueful smile said “that was some night Babs, you really are some woman – I really want to see you again.”

As I pulled on my clothes ready to run he passed his number into my hand and as he held the door open I got a peck on the lips and another slap on the rear. As I looked back from the elevator he was still standing with his long flaccid cock dangling obviously admiring my rear that had pleasured him so much the night before.

Thankfully Tom had gone by the time I got home and I was able to shower and freshen up before I joined him at the store. I am afraid I didn’t admit to the night before, when he asked me about my night. I think he was a little bit suspicious when I had to field calls on my mobile from both guys who wanted a repeat performance that evening.

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