I can cum from head now true story


I can cum from head now true storyHello folks, I’m back after a long break from posting. I hope you enjoy and please comment. I don’t know why but for some reason I have always been very difficult to get off from a blow job. I absolutely love getting my dick sucked and have been with women who didn’t mind a mouthful of cum. Recently as I’ve gotten older,my dick has gotten more sensitive or the places that are sensitive have changed. Usually I can lay back and get head for as long as a woman can endure giving it to me. It always feels good and it has been what I consider a good way to start a fuck session. I usually like to eat her pussy first and then have her return the favor which gets us both wet and then I get to the fucking. My current wife told me the first time she took my cock in her mouth that ” if you cum in my mouth, it’s over” I didn’t think much About it since I knew how difficult it was for me to cum that way. konak escort Well here we are about five and a half years into the marriage so I figure whatever happens, happens. A few months ago my wife showered and began her woman, after shower ritual that takes forever. So I go get my shower, shave my face and balls, put on smell good stuff, then I wait and wait and wait. Dammit when I’m horny, I’m impatient! Finally she gets the picture that I’m ready to get it on. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m rubbing my freshly shaved balls, maybe it’s the big drop of precum on my cock head. Either way we end up in the bed making out with me playing with her tits and ass. Rubbing her pussy and asshole. She then makes her way down to my cock with her head joining her hands. She takes my hard cock in her mouth getting it wet slowly, licking it all over. She then begins a rhythm slow and steady, slightly sucking konak escort bayan my cock and playing with my big watermelons as she calls them. It’s the same blow job she’s given me many, many times before and it’s always good but somehow this time something is different in the way it feels to me. And much to my surprise and extreme pleasure, in less than five minutes I feel like I’m going to cum. I always moan and groan and usually tell her how good it feels. This time I moan and groan but no words. I start breathing harder and faster and think to myself ” I’m gonna cum in her mouth!” And within seconds I spurt and spurt and spurt. I think she will immediately take my cock out of her mouth and be pissed but no, she holds me in her mouth until I’m finished cumming! I’m in ecstasy and can’t put a sentence together but she gets what I’m trying to say. She drooled my cum run down my cock and balls. escort konak Swallowing would have been the icing on the cake but like I told her just as long as you don’t stop until I’m done cumming, I love it! As she pulled her mouth off of my softening dick she came up to give me a peck of a kiss but I grabbed her head an deeply tongue kissed her, tasting my own cum and telling her how much I loved what she had done for me. I don’t know if I believe it but she said I was the first guy to cum in her mouth. Either way I’m thankful it happened. I asked her did it taste as bad as you thought it would? And like I figured she said ” it actually wasn’t that bad” I said ” I tried to tell you it wasn’t that bad” Iguess she thought I was bullshitting her when I had told her I knew what my cum tastes like. I would never ask anyone to eat my cum if i didn’t know what I was asking of them. Since then of the last seven blow jobs, five of them ended up with cum in her mouth and she even tried swallowing and managed to get half a load down. I asked her, doesn’t it make you proud to know you can make me cum in a way you haven’t been able to before? She said ” well, now that you mention it… Yeah. I love it

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